Saturday, November 29, 2008


Since I have been writing these articles for some time now and have fortunately found many interested readers, I thought I would begin including from time to time, some more personal notes. I have said before that in your search for inner truths, there are many out there that would mislead you, maybe not on purpose, but unintentionally, simply because the content of their information is just not valid.

My advice is not to follow those who ask you for something. Be observant of their agenda and motivations. I have said that words can lie, and often do, but your inner emotions and intuitional feelings cannot lie. When you search for your path, follow your most intimate, inner feelings about what is right. I can tell you that much of what you will hear in religious and scientific institutions is simply wrong in such a profound way that you could waste a lifetime on your knees, worshiping and praying to whoever or whatever and never get one inch closer to the real truths and true spirituality. Most of this will do you no real harm other than to waste a valuable lifetime and sometimes draining your own energy and bank account while believing what others tell you instead of following your own path. Only you know what is right for you.

I have no agenda other than to make you think when you have been used to blindly accepting what others tell you. I am not any esteemed guru and I don’t do séances. I do not predict the future and I will never stick a collection basket under your nose and tell you to tithe in my church. If I had a church, it would just as likely be on a warm, sunny beach as some lofty edifice or in a cave on a mountain top. Organized religion is but a step, and a well needed step as mankind began to seek something larger than itself. Religion is something that was meant as a stepping stone as man evolved and was meant to be evolved through and beyond and not to cling to like a baby clings to its security blanket. It is important here that I point out the vast differences between organized religion and personal spiritual growth. I will never tell you that the way to enlightenment is to walk lightly, speak softly with head lowered in reverent submission in some spiritual daze. I may suggest that your shout out your displeasure in moments of anger or that you dance in a field of daisies when you are happy and express exuberant joy at just being alive.

Jesus was real as was Buddha and other teachers and their messages were valid to the point that they were interpreted and understood in their times. Jesus has appeared in other times and places and will appear again, but not for the reasons given. He will not appear to save the righteous at the “end times”, but to usher in a new era as there will be a momentous expansion of consciousness as mankind takes an enormous step forward. The world will be a better place. I mention this now so you will know that I am not a complete heathen.

I ask not that you join anything, but only that you begin to consider a world and universe far more expansive in scope than your brain could now comprehend or endure. I offer you the opportunity to learn from what I know, although I really don’t know that much considering the enormous complexity of creativity. On an imaginary scale of about 1 to 100, 100 being “knowing everything” there is to know, I am probably at about a 5. The vast depths and richness of reality is beyond your comprehension and mine, but I do not let that hold me back from pursuing knowledge and insights and it should not hold you back either.

Whatever knowledge and wisdom I possess, I freely offer to you. You must then consider my words and concepts, not by sifting them through your intellect, but pondering them in your mind and heart, trusting your emotions to verify their veracity. I would never intentionally mislead you, but neither would some others, and many times their beliefs are just flat out wrong, so with this in mind you must be diligent that you recognize frauds and charlatans.

There are far more advanced personalities that have evolved through your world and now exist in other dimensions, but still concerned with your world and they are watching and learning from what you do. They cannot and will not interfere but will attempt to communicate their knowledge to those who will listen.

I am not sure of the exact source of my information, but I know it comes from a teacher far more advanced than I, and I know how it comes and I expect it to come. I know this may sound strange, but when I am puzzled by some difficult and elusive concept that I have been mulling over, I know that the answer I seek will come to me soon and much of it comes in the dream state. I do not originate the concepts I write about, they are given to me, not to keep, but to disseminate to you and others like you. I simply write them down and invite you in to play. Here’s the thing; when you seek information with enough fervor, you create what could be seen as a psychic whirlpool of attraction, and given time and impetus, the information will be drawn to you. Your intents, desires and concentration of interests, literally suck up knowledge otherwise not available through normal channels.

I will say this; I know that in all I write about, there simply is NO bad news, there is no sin, no judgment and no punishment and once given, life is eternal. There will always be challenges in every life you live, and you will live many, but the good news is that you have nothing to fear since it is you that creates the challenges that you then encounter. You are always protected even though it may not seem that way. If life did not take on the appearances of serious consequences for your actions, you would never learn that you are indeed creating your reality and you would never learn life’s most important lessons.

The main object of these articles is to make you increasingly aware that you create your reality and from that one simple truth, you will finally come to the understanding that if you create your reality, then you are in control and if you don’t like what you have created, you alone have the power to change it. Nothing ever really happens TO you, but in a real way, everything happens BY you. You ultimately get what you concentrate on, so if you are not satisfied with your life as it is, the only way you can begin to change it is to change how you think about it. There is no other more important rule anywhere in the universe and this rule applies to all worlds, dimensions and universes.
We will discuss the nuts and bolts of this creative process in more detail in future articles and I hope to be able to show you how, through thought, idea, imagination and expectation, you propel atoms into structural forms that you call objects and events and then perceive them as such. You have then, learned to create solid objects in a universe where nothing is inherently solid. The objects and events that you create out of nothing are quite functional for practical purposes and where you perceive nothing, there is still consciousness that you call space. Quite an achievement!

The path to God, Spirituality and Universal Knowledge is not easy; in fact it’s very difficult. Conversely speaking, no matter what you do, you cannot separate yourself from All That Is. At this point I must tell you that if you are contemplating in some distant future, an annihilation of your identity with a final dissolving into some mindless state of nirvana, assimilating your consciousness into the consciousness of God, it’s not going to happen. I understand that in “time” terms it is hard to imagine living forever, but that is exactly what you are committed to do and there is nothing you can do to negate that commitment. There will be periods of rest and new adventures in realities beyond anything you can now imagine.

If you are reading this, you are beyond simple children’s tales. It would be much easier for you to just sit in a pew and listen to repeated, old worn out myths, legends and tales of sin, despair and punishment. You will find that fewer and fewer people will find what they are searching for in this dogmatic environment. You would be far closer to All That Is if you were to sit on the seashore and watch the waves and sea gulls on a misty morning.
William Allan

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