Sunday, November 9, 2008


The question as it is posed; my daughter was watching a show on TV about exorcisms last night. I would like to hear your thoughts as you expound on that subject.

First of all, you should know by now that there simply is no real devil or Satan to cast out. There is what could be considered satanic qualities that can arise in the form of multiple personalities in some people who display symptoms of possession.. Of course, these are secondary personalities and are not real in the sense that they are psychological constructions only and cannot gain reality within the physical system.

All physical personalities, when they are born, adopt one of several probable identities available to them at birth, finally selecting the one that best offers future characteristics along the chosen lines of development anticipated by the new identity before physical birth. .This leaves the others not selected, to continue their existence as subordinate egos, buried deep within the subconscious, not rising to the level of adequate physical construction but containing enough self awareness to exert varying degrees of influence on the main ego personality. While remaining hidden, they can influence the main ego in a good or detrimental way, exerting psychological pressures to affect the actions of the main ego in its daily pursuits.

These secondary multiple personalities usually remain in the background exerting a kind of psychological thickness to the main personality that can amount to enlarging the scope of the main identities reality in a beneficial way. Under normal conditions, these subordinate identities do not rise to the surface and are held in reserve, reinforcing and supplying information as it is needed that it may possess, that information/data would then be assimilated by the main identity who may never know where it came from. In some cases these hidden secondary personalities can become stronger, gaining strength and challenging the dominance of the prevailing identity, exerting more influence on the main personality and rising to the surface push the main ego identity aside for a length of time, assuming virtual control over the ego centered reality. The personality will then seem to be an entirely different person and indeed he will be. These secondary egos that never rise to the surface to become a primary ego self, (human being), will continue to exist and will find other avenues of expression in future lives, where they may very well become primary identities in their own right, finally expressing their own characteristics and leaving behind their own imprint on civilization..If this description sounds like possession, that is exactly what it may be, but not with the intent of emerging as an evil entity but simply asserting itself and can in some cases, indeed, shove the main identity aside and take over the dominant position of the outer ego.

This would be more a case of “inner possession” rather than possession from any “outside agency or Satan”. If there is something to be gained when a secondary personality achieves some sort of control, there may be instances when deviant, evil like tendencies could manifest if the motivation were there. As simply as I can say, and I repeat, there are no real devils, demons or Satan, only the ones you create and their power and influence is thereby limited by the amount of energy you give to them. By simply turning your attention away from them, you destroy any reality it had gained and it or they will soon disappear. It follows then, that if you believe in devils, you will create devils, real enough to cause you some harm, even though they have a different source than the human personality which is a primary identity, infused with all of the inherent abilities of the soul/entity.

Those who believe in Satan will of course unconsciously create Satan and will also believe in the possibility of possession and exorcism. An exorcist performs exactly the same functions as the ancient witch doctors, shaman, and voodoo priests and in some respects, even your present day doctors. In all cases, if you believe in the condition and if you believe that you can be cured through some incantation, application of herbs or drinking of potions, then you can be cured.

If it were truly known, those ancient and not so ancient witch doctors were quite as successful as the medical profession today; you now have simply put aside the chicken bones and use different procedures. Pills that you take today only work because you have been convinced that they will bring relief. Even your eminent physicians are still scratching their heads trying to figure out why placebos work almost as well as the real medicine. In an absolute sense, what you believe will work, will work.

The job of the exorcist is to create a fear induced trance like state and scare the pants off of you. The perception of possession by devils is of course a serious psychological state and help can come through introspection, psychological counseling or personal illumination. Treating the condition by submitting yourself to a priest exorcist or voodoo doctor can sometimes bring a temporary end to the seeming possession if you believe it can, but it will not address the underlying psychological problems which will eventually have to be addressed.

The fact that most exorcisms are closely associated with the history of the Catholic Church, which is deeply rooted in mysticism, incantations, dogma, Satanic cults, legends and myths about a powerful God that will descend from the clouds on a white, gold winged horse, trumpets blaring, just in time to save the righteous and smite the devils, is not surprising in the least. I know some of you have already thought of this, but the exorcism will always be most effective when not only the unfortunate possessed person believes in the power of Satan, but also when the exorcising priest is thoroughly indoctrinated with the same belief system. There is a kind of telepathy at work here between subject and exorcist, not unlike between hypnotist and subject.

Inasmuch as you now have exorcisms performed on your television, only deepens the hypnotic state of the subject and the exorcist/hypnotist and will increase the intensity of the experience of both participants, the subject wanting to please the exorcist, will usually go to new lengths to exhibit extravagant behavior before the occupying Satan is cast out. The fact that millions of people could be watching only increases the obligation of the subject to comply with the exorcists expectations. This in not unlike a morality play and the more people watching, the more it will influence the obligation of the subject to play their part well.

In an aside from all of this, and I know this may seem scandalous to some, but the very people who hold the strongest beliefs in Satan and devils will continue to create them for at least some time after their physical death until they finally discover that they are simply creations of their own sub-conscious. Then, who would be most susceptible, who will encounter the most powerful and lingering images of Satan and devils in this life and after?

Of course, it would be your religious icons, the priests, the rabbis and clergy of all faiths, after all they are the biggest believers in the power of Satan. If you do not think about, concentrate on or give credence to any Satan, devils or demons, if you do not include them in your belief system, you will never encounter them and you will never need an exorcist.

Can an exorcist cast out Satan? NO! There are no real devils or Satan to cast out. Can an exorcist temporarily rid you of feelings of possession? YES. But so can you if you believe you can.


Karel said...

Yes, and if they don't perform exorcism, they diagnose them as schizophrenic and dope them up on lithium which can cause manic depression. All these people need is awareness and knowledge that they have the power over these voices.A good way to help them gain that power is to have them shut their eyes and imagine that all those voices are coming through a radio and they can turn down or off the stations that they don't want to listen to - they have the choice if they want control or not.I think sometimes people choose the voices as they feel weak in themselves, it costs less and takes less time to teach them to empower themselves.These people are not stupid they just dont realise that they have the power to control their own life.

W. Allan said...

Indeed, you will see what you believe you will see and you will hear what you believe you will hear. Bottom line, in all systems of reality, you create your own reality, then you experience what you create. Reality is the visible symptom of the inner state of being, it is the physical evidence of a healthy or distorted belief system.

Anonymous said...

Dear William,
What about the scenario where the departed personality attaches itself
to the physical body of the living personality.Some say it is possible and
some say it is not.Could you share your thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

Like thought forms I understand that we can also create what you call secondary constructions which has its own consciousness and go about in its own way.But there are also other beings in other worlds/Dimensions which are
not our creations and may possess or harm the personalities in this
dimension.If benevolent beings like spirit guides exist and protect us, influence us positively, then it is possible for malevolent beings affect us in negatively.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
I am having trouble understanding your question, but I will say this.
When a person dies, he sometimes does linger in the physical world longer than he should, failing sometimes to realize that his death has really occurred.

Sometimes he just isn't ready to accept the fact that he has died and will linger around familiar places and familiar people, trying to maintain some semblance of existence that he must leave behind.

In some of these cases, the survival personality's obsession with the physical system and his physical body, will be so strong that he will still create an apparition form, similar to his now dead physical body. These you call ghosts or spirits.

They can affect some aspects of the physical system, but this ability is not conscious on their part, and they have no knowledge of how their presence is affecting physical reality. In a greater sense, they are lost between dimensions, but eventually the truth will set in and they will depart. So, if a picture on your chest falls on the floor, the apparition has no knowledge of the action that his lingering and misdirected energy has caused.

Now, in the case of ghosts, lets say, hanging around what you would call a haunted house. Many cases of ghosts inhabiting a particular house for hundreds of years, may seem to be a contradiction to what I just wrote, but you should understand, that the dead (survival personality), does not experience time as you do, and to them, their presence may only seem to be equivalent to a day of your time, but to you, the haunting would seem to last for hundreds of years. Time does not exist as you think it does, beyond the physical earth system.

These disembodied personalities can do no harm, and they cannot affect any other physical personality, nor can they in any way enter into their body or possess their consciousness. They cannot attach themselves to any living or dead person, so you are safe.

If you read this article, you will already understand that Satan, Devils and such do not really exist, and their existence would only seem practical from your perspective in a beginning reality system such as earth.
I hope this has helped,

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
You have been seeing too many "Alien" movies.
There are indeed many other worlds, many other dimensions and many, what you would call alien civilizations, but don't lose sight of this fact, which I have tried to talk about before in a variety of ways.

Amongst, these countless civilizations, there are limitless more advanced and developed beings who are intent on teaching other less developed civilizations such as Earth. They help through communicating their knowledge. Why is this? Because, some of them have been where you are now.

Because Earth is a very young world, and your civilization, is very un-evolved. In the pile of consciousness, earth mass consciousness is still near the bottom of the pile.
There is no other civilization that "Kills", no other civilization that "Hates", no other civilization that "Ruins" the actual environment that supports its numerous life forms.

There is no other civilization that believes they have right to experiment on and use other species for their own purposes. What advanced world would believe that any good could come from torturing chimpanzees or mice for the sake of medicine. Real medicine comes from the mind, not from harming other species. Not one life has ever been saved from medical research involving harm to other species.

Ok, so, I am not picking on you in particular, but wanted to point out that people from other worlds or other dimensions, are so far beyond those kinds of actions, that they would not understand the motivation. You have nothing to worry about.

No other civilization in your universe or any other has bad intent to you or any other civilization. They are so far beyond those primitive human characteristics, that they would not understand your questions.

Mr.K said...

Dear Allan,
Thanks for your explanation.I fully understand what you say and later when
I reflect on this, lot of questions pop up in to the mind and then I come here and ask you regarding the same for better clarity.

I have seen both kind of scenarios, spirits of dead humans and beings who
were not humans attaching themselves to the physical body of the humans.It's neither terrifying nor scaring as seen in the movies(as far as I know), but the victim is in a pathetic and distressing situation.

I think that some are vulnerable and some are resistant.There is a protective mechanism inside us just like the Immune system of the physical body.There should be some ways that one can make the protective mechanism
stronger and I felt that you can explain much about that and hence posed
the question.

After reading the articles on this subject I come to the understanding that there are secondary constructions created by the human mind individually and collectively(Demons, deities, angels, satan, alien beings etc) and there are primary constructions which are as real as the humans and not created by humans(Deities, spirit guides, alien beings, evolved personalities, malevolent beings etc).

Please correct if I have misunderstanding regarding this.

As you have said in many articles, some of the concepts need a whole book
to be explained and I think you have done so in your recently published
e books.