Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In my last part of this continuing material on the reality of God, I had discussed the emergence of the physical universe. Before I continue, there is something I would like to say. This material is very difficult and I am aware that some of you will be offended and some outraged that I would ruin your idealized picture of God, a triumphant yet jealous angry and vengeful old gentleman with a white flowing beard living in some sterile heaven up in the sky, watching and waiting to answer or deny your prayers and only too eager to administer your final judgment before he condemns you to eternal damnation and hellfire. This is not how it is and you will come to that conclusion now or later. The God Concept that I give you now carries some inherent difficulties in its explanation, as simply as I can put it, is that you probably now believe there is a God at the TOP, somewhere UP and you and the rest of humanity are DOWN at the BOTTOM of the pile of consciousness with an infinity of nothing in between. And herein lays the difficulty, because I am here to tell you that there are infinite levels of multidimensional, complex, intelligent, purposeful, conscious beings between you and All That Is and there is no separation

I now would like to consider something that is rarely discussed and that is the true nature of who, what and when God really IS. God is obviously not a man, a woman or in that respect, he is not human either and when we try to understand the God concept, we do ourselves a disservice when we try to understand what is not human through a human perspective. It would be easier if you could become comfortable with the fact that the God Reality is more of a Divine Process than a humanistic being. God never was human although he experiences himself through all phases of human and creature development. Every self aware identity, and that also includes animals, birds, insects, bacteria and even the smallest particles that form living matter, is connected through what could be called a Pyramid Gestalt, an organized psychological field of activity where the Unitary cannot be determined or defined by the summation of its parts. It is more than the totality of its parts. This is the God Gestalt that we discuss here. This hypothetical, psychological, pyramid gestalt is chock full of intelligent conscious beings from God on the top and newer consciousness entering their respective systems at the bottom or lower levels. They will be rising to more developed levels of this psychic structure as they evolve. One is not better than another as they are all from the same source. Some are more mature than others.

All That Is (God), of course is the top of this pyramid gestalt. Everyone and everything is part of something else. There is no “stand-alone” consciousness in the entire universe, even though it may appear that way. I must over simplify this to a great extent to make this clear. Picture then, a pyramid configuration with newly emerging, self aware conscious personalities on or near the bottom level of the pyramid. (Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of them always entering.)

Each of those identities are a part of their inner self which remains outside of physical form and from here on we are speaking exclusively of inner psychological identities. Inner selves are part of the whole self or your soul which would be on another more elevated level of the pyramid. Souls are made up of physically oriented personalities such as yourself and your inner selves which grouped together form an oversoul. Groups of oversouls are in turn assemblages, groupings of identities and souls that make up the entity. Entities would then be on an even higher level of the pyramid gestalt. By higher, I mean a more evolved, mature identity, not in any way better. An entity is made up of individual selves, whole selves, souls and oversouls. And all of this is part of All That Is (God).

In this configuration, one does not infringe in any way upon another. The Entity does not give orders to the soul or oversoul, but through what could be closest compared to intellectual osmosis, the entity is aware of and benefits from every action of the oversoul and its component, souls and independent personalities. In this way, you can see that every single action or event experienced by even the smallest individual, infinitesimal component of living consciousness is experienced through the interconnected chain of consciousness to the highest levels. In this way, it may bring to mind the very appropriate biblical saying that God is aware of every sparrow that falls. He cannot help but be aware since there is no real separation from the sparrow and All That Is. In this same way, you are connected to the furthest star in our perceivable universe. There is nowhere in the universe, no place and no space which in some way is not conscious and all consciousness is connected and originates with the same Source.

In all of this connectivity, there is always complete freedom given and although the entity gives meaning and life to its personalities, it is impossible for him/her to manipulate them in any way. The entity projects portions of itself into various reality systems because it desires experience in those systems, and as the independent personality learns and progresses, so the entity also learns and progresses. As entity experience from all entities progresses, so All That Is progresses exponentially, spinning off new worlds and universes in its wake.

Finally, All That Is, has not reached a state of perfection and will always forge new pathways into uncharted territory, and we can be thankful of that. If God were to finally be finished and completed, all progressions would stop and all universes would slowly grind to standstill and vanish. God exists in all probabilities and outside of probabilities but is never finished and there is always room for expansion. It should be understood that expansion and new developments with All That Is are measured in psychological terms of values fulfillment, achievements and emotional depth and not expansion in size, weight or physical growth as you know it.

This gets to a point where words become encumbrances and the underlying truths must be felt intuitionally when the intellect stumbles and fails. We will discuss this again.

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