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This will be the first of many subjects that I will address as we go along. I must admit, the questions that I have tried to answer have sparked some interest as I hoped they would. If you are still with us, then you are one who is ready to step out of your comfort zone and are serous about understanding the true nature of reality. We will continue to answer questions as usual, but there is only so far we can go without delving into some serious concepts that I prefer not to address individually rather than to answer them in one specific question. Most of you are already on your own journey or you would have already dismissed many of the things I have said here and moved in a different direction. If you are reading this and find it of interest to you, then you have lived many lives and are well along in the evolution of your consciousness. Others not in the same position as you would have long ago dismissed these writings and would still, out of fear, be clinging to old, worn out false beliefs and myths. So, as we go along, I will discuss certain theories again and again because they are necessary foundations of other concepts that we will be discussing. The God Concept is one in particular that is not understood.

I think I can safely say that you know there is something out there; you just don’t know what. That is why I am trying to establish some understanding of the reality that underlies your everyday physical existence. You all know something is behind, underneath or supporting everything you experience in your daily life, you just don’t know what that something is. Obviously, because of the limiting space of this type of format, I cannot go into deep philosophical discussions that I could in a book form, but I can at least tweak your interest by trying to explain some of these almost unexplainable truths in a series of articles instead of a long one. In the meantime, this “Knowledge” about God and other difficult subjects will be posted in concurrent daily posts. I wish there was a better way to do this, but in keeping with blogging protocol, I will keep each post as short as practical, but will continue to post daily until this series is complete. I have been asked many times; “is there really a God”? Because of the difficulty in answering in any meaningful way, I have waited until now to answer them together. Most of you will intuitively know the answer before I tell you, but you may not know what the answer means.

The answer of course is No and Yes. And simply because you are reading this material, I know that most of you suspected that would be my short answer. Unfortunately short answers won’t suffice when discussing this subject so we will address it in a more delicate way. You want more and you shall have it. This material is difficult but I will not water it down or simplify it, simply because the God stories of beginnings and endings that you have been told since you were children were so utterly simplistic that you already know they are of no help in any real understanding of God, the God reality and how it relates to your reality. As you have suspected, God did not create the world in six days and get so tired that he had to sit down and rest on the seventh day and catch his breath. But you already knew that.

Many of you will notice that I have pretty consistently used the designation God when referring to the prime Deity. I have done that for the simple reason that there are simply too many distortions in your understanding of the true nature of a Prime Energy Entity that comes to mind when using the term God and I needed time to wean you from that almost meaningless term since it carries too much official God baggage that you are accustomed to. You will often think of some majestic, humanistic being with long flowing white hair, looking suspiciously like your Charleton Heston, carrying a scale to judge you and a lightening bolt to smite you with when you miss a day of church. This is of course, the most recent and prevailing version of the Jehovah or Yahweh, the benevolent but angry and jealous God figure who somehow lives somewhere on three dimensional, physical clouds in a physical sky in a physical universe which is truly ludicrous when you think about it.

I am sure you understand when I say God did not by any means create you in his image, but you create your God in your own image with your own imagination and that image changes as civilizations change and evolve. That is precisely why the God image has changed and evolved over the centuries. Having said that, I prefer the term, “All That Is” and when you have a fuller understanding of this Prime Energy Being and what he represents, I am sure you will agree that my term is more appropriate. For the present I will continue to alternate between God and All That Is, using both terms until you become more comfortable with All That Is.

Your civilization is just barely waking up from a long period of drowsy acceptance of false beliefs, religious dogma, mythology and legends that really have no basis in true reality and that were given to you exactly as they were handed down to them, with no one bothering to attempt to discover if they were indeed true beliefs or not. I know this will be hard to accept, but you are essentially a civilization that has embarked on some truly advanced technological achievements but you have put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak and you have ignored your social, emotional, psychological and spiritual development so you are practically ignorant of all information that would give you some hint of your true eternal affirmation and validity of your own universe. You have concentrated your attention on the outer and ignored the inner. If you can’t objectify it, you don’t consider it real and for that reason you perceive a rock as real, but an idea or dream as unreal, when in truth, they are one as real as the other. You have a heritage that stretches back before even the beginning of time and I tell you, you weren’t born yesterday, so now you must begin by taking the necessary steps to learn about that heritage. You are much more than you know and you must now begin to widen your perspectives and step out beyond the fences of your past limited beliefs and learn of your true potentials. If you do not find what you read here believable at this time, you will at some time in the future. There is no harm done by postponement and in truth, you will not be ready until you are ready.

I would be the first to advise you not to automatically believe what others tell you, even if they happen to wear the necessary garb and sport the impressive credentials of your learned professional organizations. A priest, a scientist, a doctor and a teacher are no more valid than the quality of the information they possess. Remember, your civilization is just beginning in terms of evolutionary time and you are babes in the woods in your understanding of the complexities and extent of realities that are so diverse and intricate that you would in some cases, not even be able to recognize them as legitimate life forms. I would also advise, do not automatically believe what I tell you either simply from the nature of the words I speak. Real truths will always ring a bell of affirmation within your heart. Words can lie and often do, but your inner feelings cannot because they are activated not from any outside stimulus but from the deepest recesses of the inner self.. Trust your feelings and intuitions over words always and you will never go wrong. If you do not find a ringing affirmation of truth in what I tell you, then go elsewhere. It is absolutely impossible for your intuitions, emotions and deepest feelings to lead you in the wrong direction if you keep this in mind.

Finally, do not expect me to offer you fine examples of concrete proofs of the validity of what I say, expect instead that inner affirmation that you are on-to something that you didn’t even know existed. Most of you thought that this kind of knowledge was to remain forever hidden and never to be known by man. You live in a world of concrete objects and events and for that reason you will erroneously expect concrete proofs of inner truths. The God Reality does not originate or exist in a three dimensional, physically manifested world, but is the source of it. The God Reality exists in other invisible dimensions, but splashes out through every identity and every aspect of your everyday physical world.

The information, truths and proofs given here will never be totally explained in physical terms but will be recognized and felt through your subconscious and inner self. The knowledge that I offer will be as elusive as proofs of some of your historical biblical events, scientific treatises on the origin of your universe or a search through your physical body for your soul. This true knowledge does exist and in a way is not new to you, and I am reminding you as much as enlightening you. That is why, on some occasions, when contemplating a new concept you will be overcome with feelings of “I knew that”, and the truth is “you did”. In a very real way, and in a way that I am not prepared to explain at this time, you were present when your Earth was formed.
Here is a hint: no new consciousness is now being formed and never was.
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Anonymous said...

In your explanation I notice you don't mention the aspect of the Divine that is feminine energy. I suppose you are saving that discussion for a future blog post? Of course we cannot prove the existence of God or the Deity or whatever you want to call the higher consciousness that loves us and supports us and is with us always - that's part of the mystery and the beauty that is Divine!

W. Allan said...

You are right and it was my intention to point out that in refering to the God Essence, we could just as well use the terms, She, He or It and that God transcends all genders and more. The point I wanted to emphasize was that God is not human in humanistic terms. I try to be careful to only offend as few people as necessary as I tiptoe around these somewhat esoteric concepts.