Monday, November 24, 2008


In this discussion, we have talked about the emergence of an “All That Is” from a timeless dimension, a basic, prime dimension of reality which does not recognize beginnings and endings and is always beginning in the NOW. Likewise, the universe is as much beginning now, in this very instant as it was, in time perspective, billions of years ago and as it will be created tomorrow. All That Is, in its first throes of aloneness, realizing for the first time a sense of self awareness, had a longing and necessity to create something where nothing existed. God is driven to creativity and having nothing with which to create, the feeling of frustration was overwhelming. There was a profound initial striving that would finally result in the first breakthrough into physical materialization. There was no Home Depot in the sky, where God could go to get the materials from which to construct a universe. Remember, at this point, no universe existed and there was no such thing as physical matter. All there was, was “All That Is” and from that initial consciousness, that first striving, all planes, dimensions, universes and worlds would be given reality.

All That Is, then existing in this prime reality, would then dream its dreams, imagine its imaginings, and among those dreams and imaginings, other self aware identities began to awaken and emerge into new individual psychological personalities. The power and scope of such a unitary meant that its dreams instantly became self aware and were able to interact. In time terms again, All That Is, dreamed and imagined for billions of years, but in larger terms, this all happened in the twinkling of an eye. The God singularity was creating conditions that still within its drowsiness, gave birth not only to new consciousness of individual, aware personalities, but also gave birth to many other dimensions of dream universes filled with galaxies, quasars, stars, planets and environments, all remaining in his immediate attention, yet also being multidimensional in scope. God, then, was not only a Singularity, but was also a Unitary in that all that He created still for lack of a better word, remained captive in the mind and dreams of All That Is. You also create other consciousness in your dreams that in time will also emerge somewhere and go their own way. The dreams of All That Is achieved conscious life and reality instantly, but at this point they still existed in psychological fact, but not in physical actuality.

In time, the Creators creations ached to create themselves. I am back to using the time reference out of necessity to make this understood, but please bear in mind that the passing of moments had nothing to do with creation. The newly self aware dream creature consciousness, which included not only humans, but animals, birds, insects and all living things including all of flora and fauna, began to stir, still within the dream, becoming restless, longing for freedom to create as their creator had created them and they communicated that desire with All That Is, not with words, but telepathically, with their urges, intent and a desire for a new freedom that did not yet exist. This was a time hard to imagine and impossible for me to adequately explain, as all consciousness sensed that some release was necessary and destined to happen.

This consciousness of even the smallest particles, electrons, protons, atoms began to sense the unlimited potentials of the myriad of images that they could and would in their co-operation form as they would group together to form the earliest physical matter. They sensed the unlimited potential of their manifestations in the micro and macro worlds of physical reality.

All That Is, sensing the restlessness and discontent of its progeny, began to consider possibilities that would allow for them to further express themselves through a new freedom that it had never before considered. All That Is, knew that this would require a “new platform” containing all of the necessary ingredients for future development and value fulfillment for each and every minute portion of consciousness to experience a new kind of reality. All That Is also sensed the unlimited possibilities in exponential multiplication of experience that would be available with the release of its untold new creations that would in their own turn, create and multiply. As these thoughts and imaginings dispersed throughout the dream universes, worlds and environments of God, the restlessness grew as all creation anticipated a coming release and their imminent freedom of life and expression.

It is important to understand at this point, that these dream universes and all they contained were by this time complete, although they had not yet attained a physical breakthrough, but still existed in what could be described as a very real inner production of a fully functioning and operational universe.This universe was as real as the one you know, and is the actual underpinning of your physical universe now. This psychic universe was the original pattern that atoms and other physical phenomenon would use as their blueprint of the inner structure in their first attempt to actualize inner idea and thought into a physical materialized universe. When All That Is finally realized that there must be an exterior manifestation of inner reality into physical form in order to provide satisfaction and fulfillment for the emerging consciousness, it realized that the inner world would become the outer world, while still retaining the inner basic reality as patterns for future developments.

In the last moments before the initial “breakthrough” from conceptual thought, idea and expectation, there was a fervor, excitement and anticipation that had never been experienced before as even the smallest particles began to recognize the imminent explosion of creativity that was about to happen. God realized that in this ultimate altruistic act, he would be giving total freedom to all of the individual consciousness that had heretofore existed in the only in his dreams and imagination, thereby releasing a very real portion of itself. This of course, was an initial breakthrough of what you know as atomic structure from non-physical inner reality into outer physical form.

In that final release, a psychological explosion of immense proportions that still resounds throughout the universe today, all inner consciousness was liberated from an eternal dream into a new universe of possibilities. Remember now, that this universe and all conscious identities were already real, complete psychological patterns, ready to take on physical properties of a new matter based reality. Electrons, protons, neutrons and other much smaller particles, pushed through the physical barrier forming their non-physical counterparts, began to wrest themselves free from this dream state and form new materializations for the first time.

This was a time of initial frenzy and chaos as newly formed atoms formed molecules, attracting and joining with others of like intensities and potentialities and combining into areas of significance that would or could offer them a new kind of value oriented state of being in a universe that had not yet attained solidity. All particles are energy, and in some the available amount of energy was less than others. Their potential for materialization was somewhat limited in the complexity of form that they would be able to materialize. They formed about them the environments. The more energized particles, more developed and able to materialize complex organizations gathered about themselves, combining, accumulating, utilizing like attractions and filled out patterns of the first living organizations including plants and animals. This process of combining, filling out patterns, each to its own fulfillment and potential, took millions of years in time terms. In greater terms, is still happening today and will happen tomorrow and it was and is not exclusive to your universe alone. There were many universes formed in the beginning. It is not the purpose of this article to go deeper into the original creation processes, but to mention it as it refers to God / All That Is.
There will be one more article discussing the God Pyramid Gestalt.


Anonymous said...

A very interesting and intellectual description of the beginning of our universe, described in almost clinical terms without any hint of humor or warmth! The most glaring piece that appears to be missing is the highly significant and essential element of femininity, often referred to as the Goddess. It's the interaction, a beautiful dance, the combining of the very action-oriented masculine energy with the receptive, lyrical energy of the feminine that makes up the All That Is - which you describe as God/All That Is. But it's God/Goddess/All That Is! Without the compassionate feminine creator of space, the feminine energy, God comes across as cold and unfeeling - where's the fun and the joy? All That Is embodies warmth and connection, that magical dance that includes playful laughter, fun, excitement, and the closeness and intimacy of dreaming together!

W. Allan said...

Ahh! The feminine perspective, exactly why the libido emerged in both male and female form, expressing the more magical aspect of reality that sometimes escapes the male view of things. Of course, God is not only Her but also He and It.