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I ask you to try and remember that you have many times in your life experienced falling into one of those very deep sleeps, usually much more profound than the normal nights sleep. Of course, you don’t know this as you are falling asleep; but it may happen when you are exceptionally physically or mentally tired and when you lie down, your body feels like it weighs a thousand pounds and the act of lying down is in itself a great relief from the pressures of the day. It is not unusual then, that the awakening processes from one of these very deep sleep events usually is much longer in duration and there is an accompanying disorientation involved. Many times while you are waking up there is a temporary loss of identity and there may be no feeling of time and space. In other words, you may not know where you are, whether it is day or night or what day of the week it may be. Sometimes this awakening process takes a very long time and it may seem impossible to move your body as you try to sort out conflicting thoughts and make some sense of your situation. Fortunately, eventually you become aware of whom, what and where you are as you awaken to a new day of ego interaction with the complexities of the physical world surrounding you.

Imagine now, waking up and finally coming out of this deep trance-like sleep state and finding nothing. Looking around and seeing nothing, trying to remember if it is day or night with no confirming lightness or darkness. Imagine now, upon awakening, that you cannot even remember anything about yesterday, or last week, or last month or last year. Imagine waking up to nothing, no memories, no close friends, no environment, no pets and no real memory of your continuity of being and most perplexing, no past. Looking about, you see no environment, no weather, you feel no hot or cold. There are no storms, no wind and no sunshine. There is only what originates within the psyche, thoughts, emotions, ideas, imagination and a sense of self awareness, but nothing else.

This is the situation that existed when God (All that Is) attempted the first perception of it’s own Being and you can imagine the feelings of desolation, isolation and abandonment felt by this first One. All That Is, is most accurately described as the Creator and for good reason as it is innately endowed with an ever present striving toward creativity and this state of being, but non-being and lacking the ability to create could be compared to the frustration of Michelangelo would have felt without stone or chisel with which to create. This then, was the ultimate quandary that All That Is faced upon awakening……….a climate of pure nothingness.

It will be helpful here to remember that God is not a human and never was in your terms, he does not have human form, but is an Energy Personality and is in a very real way, manifested to some extent in all forms. He is a conscious energy being, self aware, and although he has no real form and in truth, is far from your conceptions of any actual being although He has passed through all phases of being. He assumes and has assumed all forms in different aspects of himself throughout human history and all histories. For the purposes of these discussions, I mention this to help you discard old images of the courtly old gentleman you have been taught to envision in your simplistic myths and tales. In this awakening story, then All That Is has not yet reached that state as this is a story of emergence, an emergence in larger terms, that will never be completed.

The All That Is of which I speak is not human, has no physical form but is the Prime Energy Personality from which all identities, realities, galaxies, universes and worlds are formed, but still has personal recognition of itself as individuality. All energy is conscious of self and all conscious selves are pure energy. In other words, from the earliest beginning, from that period of awakening, All That Is, is all that was and is All that will ever be. You will recognize that truth from the Bible and you will also deduce that everything that now is, originates and comes from the One, All That Is. No universe, stars, planets or worlds existed before All That Is. Consciousness always comes first and the reason obviously is that the consciousness of All That Is, is the source of all physicals constructions, not the other way around. Fortunately, from the unimaginable scope of this first original consciousness, the creative processes that were to bring life and being to everything, learned and began to manipulate creation from the first original thought.

Obviously, we are trying here to paint a picture of that indescribably distant past where not even this or any other universe existed. There was therefore no benchmark, no touchstone reality from where to get your bearings, no sun or moon, no Alpha Centauri, quasars or black holes. There would be no criterion by which to measure the extent of your reality because there was nothing to measure. There are no friends or acquaintances, people and no other gods to help clarify this existence found in a pristine, pure nothingness.

Of course, in order to realize the God Reality today, you must have some understanding of what existed when the first cosmic breath was breathed into the original state of non-being. This original state existed in what could best be described as a state of eternal presence of the moment, devoid of our conception of physical time and space. Time and space only predominate in your particular world and are not even experienced in other systems in your own universe. They only apply to Earth reality. In other systems, time and space, past, present and future are meaningless and everything occurs in an expanded present. This is not the place to discuss time and space other than to say that a physical body such as yours, demands space and where space is found, time will always be its handmaiden.. Having said that, the basic invisible universe that is the underlying reality beneath your system of reality and all other realities does not pay homage to distances and fleeting moments. All realities are psychological constructions, some gather other components about them to give the physical appearances and characteristics that your senses recognize as matter and then construct into what you call physical objects and events. The physical universe is no different.

This then is an attempt to describe the initial dilemma that God faced during the awakening time. I speak in terms of time, as I said, although time is essentially an illusion, it is a necessary illusion in your world. So, here is the bottom line. All That Is, in the beginning had nothing to work with except his own thoughts, so in a very real way, he had to create a way to create or he would face eternity in a state of non-being. From this position of initial anguish, the anguish of being, but finding no way to actually Be, he would learn how think his thoughts, using imagination to manipulate these thoughts into countless, viable forms, then infusing and dispersing portions of his own consciousness into each and every one of his creations, in a sense, in this ultimate altruistic act, losing a part of himself in each of his creations.

Before we move on it is necessary to stress that in this partitioning of itself, All That Is could not separate his own characteristics and abilities from his creations, so inherent in every “self aware” consciousness are the full abilities of the Creator. I am not inferring Divinity on all consciousness, but a touch of the Creator, an ancient, distant link that can never be broken. You are just now beginning to become aware of your potential and just recently learning to use these latent, inherent abilities that are your birthright. It is not my intention here to get into religion or spirituality as they are concepts must stand on their own rights until they are no longer beneficial, but the realization of the true expanse, complexity and diversity of the nature of All That is would dwarf any concepts now held of a human like God creating a living being then applying rules of limitation, guilt and punishment. Those characteristics are no where to be found in the ultimate pyramid construct you call God. This awakening of God as it became aware of Itself, in your terms took millions of years. This awakening is still occurring today and All That Is continues to renew itself, spinning off realities, universes and identities, increasing itself exponentially in each nano-second of your time. There is much more to be said.
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