Friday, July 30, 2010


Sometimes the current news is a good source of material that can be used as examples of some of the more difficult concepts that we have discussed in previous articles. If you have been reading this column for some time, you are aware that I have discussed “Illness” many times before, simply because so many are inflicted with a variety of personal challenges with their health. Recently, a popular radio and television personality Glenn Beck made a tearful announcement that he had been informed by his doctors that he has a disease called macular dystrophy, a relatively rare genetic disorder that causes a progressive loss of vision. Not too long ago another radio personality, Rush Linbaugh experienced sudden hearing loss. In his case, it was due to autoimmune inner ear disease and a cochlear implant was the solution.

Now, I have a question for my readers; Does anyone see any kind of significance here between the kind of illness that has recently affected both entertainers and their particular brand of media communication? I don’t want to go too deeply into the varying kinds of illness, but I will simply say this, the root cause of all illness is mental, beginning with a psychic blockage, a mental obstruction of the free flow of the creative energy emanating from all living consciousness. First I want to make it absolutely clear that the following information given here has nothing to do with Mr. Beck’s or Mr Linbaugh’s political views, but as most of you know, both are well known as conservative talk show hosts with large audiences. Faulty, tainted or defective beliefs, strongly held, will project themselves on the physical landscape in “imperfect reality”, and in many cases, that results in illness.

I recently posted an article on “Mass Meditation” and the effects that negative messages can have on your health and life. Unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and a negative environment can be inconvenient if not disastrous to your good health if it is continuing and unrelenting. It behooves you to be careful what and who you surround yourself with, and of course that includes your thoughts, ideas and beliefs, because in general terms, you will become what you associate with, either mentally or physically. If you are constantly in the company of negatively thinking individuals or listening to negative news stories circulated by an angry, critical mass media with a negative take on current news events you will inadvertently absorb those unhealthy views and accept them as part of your world view.. If you choose to listen to this type of news, it is a certainty that these messages will be assimilated into the psyche of the personality and reproduced in your physical experience. No one can remain immune from absorbing this kind subliminal imagery of negativity if you are immersed in it on a daily basis, and so it will be manifested in your environment, your daily life and especially in your physical health.

I again must emphasize that it is not the actual content of the news, right, left, liberal or conservative, nor is it the nature of the viewpoint of the newsperson that is important here, but the constant and continuing immersion in the taking of a negative stance about the unfolding world dramas. The entire staff of the stations, the researchers, the assistants and the personalities themselves, are all intent on burrowing into the daily news stories and searching for the tiniest negative aspects of the daily world news to elaborate on, amplify and express outrage, when indeed, all reality is made up of both positive and negative aspects. When these personalities concentrate their attention to infusing reality with a negative slant on everything they encounter, the positive aspects of world reality get lost in the shuffle, and actually become invisible to them and everything gets shrouded in a pall of gloom and despair.

One of the problems inherent in this type of news gathering and dissemination is that these people, because of their beliefs and their occupation of ferreting out negative aspects of news, will not see the good side of the stories they report on, and in time, the good aspects of daily reality become transparent to them, and in a true sense, the good aspects of reality, for them, ceases to exist. It has been said that “You become what you think”, and that is very true, even more so when what you think about is usually geared to finding and thinking about the negative side of everything within your domain.

Look around you. Yes, you will see negative things, but you will also see many positive things too, and to concentrate your attention on just the negativity, will cause you to become what you concentrate your attention on. Another problem with this is that because of their popularity, these personalities inflict the same kind of psychic damage on their followers. This is akin to writing a book of world events containing everything bad and forgetting the other good side of reality as it actually exists.

The inner self creates the reality that the ego self concentrates on! The inner self, does not discriminate when creating what the ego deems correct, acceptable and desired, unfortunately, what seems acceptable to the ego, can sometimes be flat out wrong and detrimental to your physical health. I have said again and again that all illness is the result of misdirected inner energy as it is thrust outward into the world of physical matter. This obstruction of the free natural flow of positive energy, backed up and blocked from unimpeded flow into the world of physical matter is the root cause of all illness. The inner self, which is the most inner portion of the identity that lies beyond the subconscious recognition, tries to alert the ego as to the causes of the illness in a symbolic manner.

The inner self does not play favorites in that respect , and will make physical whatever the exterior portion of you personality (the ego) concentrates its attention on, and it does not judge right or wrong, good or bad, liberal or conservative. If you want good, concentrate on it. If you want wrong, concentrate on it and it will manifest just as readily as good or evil. The danger lies in the nature of the thoughts and beliefs, the duration and the intensity, and believe me, right or wrong, the two aforementioned personalities are certainly intense in their beliefs.

Negative beliefs, long held and unwavering, will usually be materialized as “illness, sickness or affliction”manifested by the personality on its own corporal body. It always tries to leave hints to its nature and to its potential cures. These negative psychological energy distortions and blockages try to right themselves by leaving hints as to the remedies available. The natural state of the human body is pure health, and make no mistake, it wants to be well, given the opportunity, the body will cure itself when the psychic blockages are removed. The human body always seeks what I would call an immaculate state of balance, given a natural healthy psychic environment. The continuing and relentless pursuit of negativity is NOT a healthy environment.

Now, the inner self does not try to create illness, it is an automatic process as creative energy is projected outward into the physical world. If a dam is placed in the flow of a stream, its course becomes fragmented and less defined and if a mental blockage is placed in the flow of energy on its journey outward into physical matter, that matter also becomes fragmented and distorted. The inner self has nothing to do with this distortion, to it, energy blocked equals a barrier to the natural flow, the resulting illness is meant as a bellwether that something is wrong, the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. It leaves hints as to the inner problem and tries to leave clues to the personality as to the affliction, to its nature and to its cure. The form the illness takes will usually be as close of a symbolic representation to the nature of the “Root Problem” as possible. It only follows if the problem originates with communication, the illness will likely affect the means of communication. Another example might be; if a person has deep fears of success in business and is reluctant try new ideas, he could perhaps be afflicted by an illness affecting the legs and physical locomotion, meant to symbolically represent the persons denial of forward motion into new business ventures.

By now I hope it has dawned on you why I chose Glenn Beck and Rush Linbaugh as examples for this article. Both personalities have unknowingly chosen illnesses that best emphasize the nature of the inner problem, but I doubt that either will ever notice the clues. Both have chosen illnesses related to communication, blaring out for all to see, the nature of the inner problems to be dealt with. Rush Linbaugh, was the recipient of a cochlear implant, temporary remedying the hearing problem, and we all know that illness can sometimes be cured using conventional medicine. If, on the other hand, the inner “root problem” is not discovered and addressed, the personality will soon adopt another illness until they are forced to realize that there is something very wrong internally.

Now, Glenn Beck has proclaimed that God had this illness planned for him for some pre-destined but unknown reason according to some divine destiny. For those who believe likewise, there is no pre determined future to relieve you of your “God given” natural responsibility for what you create in and about your life. You are on the planet Earth because you chose to be here, free and independent, and you are now responsible for creating a reality for the mutual benefit of yourself and your contemporaries. No God on high, ever inflicted His will on anyone, and the sooner you accept responsibility for the events of your life, your health and illness, they better off you will be.

There is NO ILLNESS and NO AFFLICTION that cannot be cured, or should I say that cannot cure itself through the workings of the inner self, given the right frame of mind, the right assumptions, thoughts and beliefs. The really good news is that action is always in a state of change and there is always the possibility of a change toward a healthy body given a level playing field. You created your body so you can change it given the correct knowledge and right impetus.

Now, this not as easy to do as I might have made it sound, and the key here is BELIEF. Acceptance of these truths is only the first step, but until you really believe that you have the power to change your reality, you will forever be at the mercy of ignorance, lack of knowledge and otherwise unexplainable illnesses. This is a true statement; A person who does not believe in sickness or illness is immune to sickness and illness. No illness can be permanently cured without finding and addressing the inner source, exterior cures by themselves will seem to work for a time, but true health requires a healthy belief system. If the belief system is flawed, the body’s health will be flawed. Doctors, especially doctors who recognize the mind/body connection can be of great assistance in affecting cures, so at this point you cannot disregard them totally, but bear in mind, no doctor ever cured a broken personality that did not participate in the cure, and there is where the search for the origin of illness must begin. No despicable little bug or organism ever attacked and laid asunder anyone who was not an unconscious willing victim, and in fact, your immune system, operating within a healthy belief system is perfectly capable of curing ANY affliction. If the belief system is distorted, the immune system is operating under a handicap and is blocked from doing its job, its defenses are lowered and the little critters are invited in to wreck havoc, or at least get your attention.

Finally, if Glenn Beck in particular believes as he says, that God has a reason for his affliction, he is way off base, and until he understands the inner psychic reasons underlying illness, he will never take personal responsibility for what he has himself created. The good news is, once he realizes the connection between negative thought and illness, he can begin to affect a cure, and a complete turnaround can begin. The human body is constantly in a state of change, and these changes are initiated and influenced by inner balance or inner psychological storms. The choice is yours.

The healthy mind is like a fertile field, waiting to be planted today with the seeds of your thoughts and beliefs. What you plant today, you will harvest in the future, so make sure what you plant is good for your growth and does not become an impediment. Inner psychic negativity creates outer physical negativity as atoms coagulate around negative thoughts and beliefs to form your personal reality. A life dependent on conflict and a constant search for negativity, will materialize negativity. Please remember the one universal rule that I have stated many times in the past; “You get what you concentrate on”. There are no exceptions

Thursday, July 22, 2010


What I really enjoy about writing this column is that because I am (at least temporarily) a resident of the Earth System as you are, I am uniquely positioned to expand on ideas that, at least to my knowledge, have never been adequately explained. As I have said, I have no exclusive ownership of the information that I pass on to you, since this knowledge has been given time and time again over the eons and is made available again now to those who will listen. Some will not listen, as they simply are not ready to leave the comfort of their current beliefs handed down to them by dear old mom and dad. They would never question the beliefs that were given to them by their parents, and they would never utter those dreaded words “mom and dad were flat out wrong”. But enough of that, I want to speak here about dreams, the dream universe and its relationship to the physical universe and how you can better utilize this dream state for your own benefit..

You can find any number of books on esoteric concepts that sometimes leave you stranded, intellectually hanging, wondering about the real meanings underlying the flowery rhetoric. I, on the other hand, am sometimes presented with unique opportunities to clear up some things and relate these difficult concepts, truths and knowledge in relationship to current events when the opportunity presents itself. In this case I have another unique opportunity due to the popularity of a recent movie to hopefully clear the air on dreaming and the construction of the dream experience. Thanks to the new movie “Inception” and its sometimes close and sometimes far fetched ideas about what is possible and what is not possible to accomplish while dreaming, and it is much more than you think, maybe I can shed some light on the subject.

The movie was very close in its assumption that the dream reality is a continuing reality, actually an independent, stand alone universe that does not begin and end with your awareness of yourself dreaming. The dream universe exists in full flower even when you are not consciously involved while asleep. You dream while you are awake and you dream while you sleep, but you are not consciously aware of the awake dreaming experience due to the blotting out effect of the ego, not wanting to be bothered with experience that it does not fully understand and what the ego, the “I” part of you does not understand, it fears.

When you arrive late to a play or a movie, coming in somewhere in the middle, you do not assume that the drama has just begun, but are well aware that the action has been ongoing and you are simply becoming aware of the continuing action due to your late arrival. When you go to sleep, you slip into awareness of an ongoing dream reality that has in a true sense of the word, been continuing since the original creation of the physical world. You are simply inserting your dreaming self into the ongoing drama. It seems to you that the dream has just begun, but it is far from that, and when you wake up, you normally think that the dream has ended, but the dream continues without your conscious knowledge. There are some levels of your subconscious that are aware of the continuing dream reality.

Your total identity is fragmented into many separate and independent aspects that inhabit many reality systems, one of those systems being the “probable system universe”, which we have discussed to some limited extent. Another is the Dream World which is actually a Dream Universe. I have said in the past that time and space does not really exist as it seems to exist in the physical system, so do not take the following comparison literally or it could be misleading. In what you would call “the Beginning”, there were three universes formed simultaneously, the physical universe, the dream universe, which was actually a by-product of the physical universe and the universe of Anti Matter, or the negative universe. From that statement you can infer that your physical universe is then, what we will refer to as the positive universe. Of course, to the inhabitants of the Universe of Anti Matter, their universe is the positive universe and yours is the negative universe.

Energy pulsates and this pulsating energy forms your physical universe, the dream universe and the universe of anti matter. In simpler terms, when your universe is switched on, the negative universe is switched off and so on. It would be entirely correct to say that when the physical universe exists, the negative universe does not exist. Of course these pulsations in time terms would be infinitesimally brief, brief to the point of being simultaneous actions. We will discuss this in detail at another time, but I did want to make the point that in spacial terms, and again, don’t take this too literally, because time and space are illusions that you use to position and locate things, the dream universe would be located on the other side of the physical universe and on the other side of the dream universe, you would find the negative universe or the universe of anti matter. Another aspect of your total “Whole Self” exists in the Universe of Anti Matter, but you will never make contact with that portion of your identity while you are in a physical body, since that universe does not exist at the same time that yours does.

The dream universe is independent and appears to be separated from your physical universe, but you could say that it intrudes into and affects the physical universe and the physical universe intrudes into and affects the dream universe in some very actual ways. It is easy to assume, due to the seeming chaos of dreams, that the dream universe lacks any real meaning and cohesiveness, but that is only the appearance from your physical perspective, and to the part of your identity that we will call the dream self, residing in the dream world, trying to make some sense of the limited portions of physical reality that it can perceive, the physical world would also seem chaotic from its perspective. Because dream objects are fickle, appearing and disappearing, transforming themselves into something entirely different, you can assume that they do not have the enduring quality that physical objects do, and you would be right, but they do have form and some limited mass, just not a mass that would be valid in the physical world.

Your dreaming self is real, it is also another aspect of your total personality, and it would be a mistake to assume that it is simply a psychological fantasy self that exists only when you sleep. You are by now well aware that you create your physical reality using atoms and molecules that are available to construct the physical images that you then perceive and interact with. These very same atoms and molecules are not limited to one physical form, in fact they are not limited to the physical system either. These same atoms and molecules that form your concrete physical image, your table and chairs, also form other constructions in other universes and there is no conflict of form. Your scientists only are able to perceive a small part of the whole atom as it intrudes into your system, but there is much more.

Dreams possess form and dream objects have some limited “physicalness” about them. Your dream bodies and objects have what you would think of as a less distinct, somewhat more transparent form, but still constructed with atoms and molecules, but possessing much less mass that physical objects. Here is the interesting thing about your dream bodies, your dream images and your dream locations; they are made up of the very same atoms that make up the bed that you sleep on and the body that sleeps on the bed, while you interact in your current dream. When you wake up, these objects continue to exist in their own dimension and do not fade into oblivion as you might suspect. Once created, a thought, an idea or a dream cannot be negated but live on and settle into an appropriate system of like constructions. The dream universe is as real or unreal as the physical universe, but it does not operate under the same rules and parameters for its existence, but operates under quite different rules. To visitors from another alien world using different means of perception, your world does not exist either. All species from all systems, are only able to perceive their own constructions.

Dreaming has purpose, and your dream self has his purposes in supporting and adding to your identity. It has been said, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but it is very true that if you did not dream, you could not live. Dreaming is a requirement for physical reality and I know this will sound totally “off the wall”, but electrons, atoms and molecules also dream in a somewhat trance like state. In fact, to them, dreaming is analogues to “self awareness” of the other species. A flower dreams. A tree dreams. In dreams you throw off excess chemicals that build up during the waking hours, chemicals that would cause imbalances and obstructions in the physical system were they not ejected in the dream state.

In getting back to the idea that time and space do not really exist as most people think; then consider lying in your bed asleep and dreaming , imagine experiencing a trip on an ocean liner, the ocean liner, the vast expanse of the ocean and the sky reaching to the horizon are all constructed of the same atoms and molecules that make up the form of your bedroom furniture while you are asleep and dreaming and this entire seascape then exists in the space of your bedroom. Your ocean trip, though you experience the entire trip to many countries, takes up virtually no time and even though you may have visited France, Spain and Portugal and seen all of the interesting attractions, when you awake, you will have not have aged at all and even though these travel experiences traversed many countries, you walked many miles, viewed endless landscapes, all within your own dream space contained within your own personal space, there was no lack of room to expand. Distance is expressed as psychological depth in the dream state.

There are personal dreams and there are mass dreams and here I have to explain. No one can penetrate or affect another’s dreams, but there are mass dreams where many participate. Just as you create the necessary space continuum when you create an object in the physical world, and only you can perceive the object that you create, so you create your dream objects and events in your own dream space continuum and no one else can enter that personal dream space continuum. Through the continuous use of unconscious mental telepathy among all physical personalities, others can get an idea of the dimensions, color and placement of physical objects and come to some agreement on their reality, even though each person creates his own version of each object. In creating physical objects, then there must be some leeway and these agreements are mandatory if there is to be any shared cohesiveness of mass reality.

In the dream experience, the rules are different, and the dreams you dream are yours alone so there is no need for them to have continuity or duration as they are only experienced by you. It is true, in the laboratory, under intense scrutiny by some instruments, certain types of brain activity can be detected during a dream, do exhibit certain identifiable patterns that can be roughly translated into broad particular types of dreaming experience. This is a far cry from some outside influence intruding into any persons dreams, stealing dream secrets, altering or surreptitiously implanting ideas into another persons dreams in order to elicit a particular type of behavior upon awakening. In short the ideas put forth in the movie inception, are simply fantasy, making a good movie, but far from possible.

It would be far easier for you to transmit a thought using mental telepathy to another person, living or dead, with whom you have a close, emotional relationship, and of course, this happens continuously and most of you have probably received this type of thought message when someone else was thinking of you or when a survival personality was trying to make contact with you. Many people have experienced these type of communications from beyond the grave with survival personalities no longer focused in the physical system. They still exist and are able to communicate mentally to those who pay attention.

Finally, there are mass dreams, but this does not infer that many people invade the same dream, it does mean that many people “dream their own version of the same dream” and that is different indeed. Half of the world sleeps and dreams about world problems and the other awake half uses the solutions arrived at in the dream state to materialize them in the world of physical matter in much the same way you work out many of your personal challenges first in your dreams, trying out different solutions, choosing the most suitable one to make physical in your personal life. Many great ideas and inventions originated in the dream universe.

Since there are so many facets of dreaming it is impossible to talk of all of them in this one short space allotted, but let me say that there are also “consciousness projections” in your astral body made from or through the dream state and we will address these in more depth in future articles.

If you want to enhance your dream production, give yourself a suggestion about what you want to dream about before going to sleep and suggest that you will remember your dreams in the morning when you wake up.

Next Article Preview; On Glenn Beck Going Blind - Why it could happen.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In the past I have devoted much time dwelling on the processes involved in creating reality that you want and somewhat neglected talking about why you get “What you don’t want”. I have tried to make clear that you and you alone are responsible for what surrounds your immediate life, your body, your personal environment, your love life, your health, your family, your personal financial status and everything else reflecting on your life. Look around you, you created everything you see in your personal experience, initially through thought projected into meaningful reality, at least meaningful to you. If you don’t like what you see, the only way you can change it is to change how you think about it. Your natural surrounding environment, like it or not, is a perfect mirror image of your inner state of being. It is that inner state projected outward that is living evidence of your inner reality and if you don’t like the outer, you wouldn’t like the inner and in order to change the outer you must change the inner first. If your physical life is in a shambles, you can take it for granted there is something amiss in your inner psychological state of being.

Most of the important psychological work in creating your exterior personal reality is of course done automatically in the background of your inner mind, so you probably weren’t at all aware that you were the artist that created your life and its contents, unknowingly. I have tried to make clear how concentration and expectation are the most important parameters for the actual emergence of physical reality upon the world system. Thought and desire are important, but no object or event will ever happen without concentration and expectation. They give the final push that propels these concentrated upon and expected objects and events into physical matter. This is not hypothetical, new age rhetoric, but absolute truths that can be proven if you are willing to apply the principles to your life situation. But that is not what I wanted to talk about here either. You might wonder then why your life is in such disarray, since you will undoubtably say that you certainly would not purposely create the bad things in your life.

I want to talk about “What and why you sometimes seem to get what you don’t particularly want in your life”, because of your attention being focused in the wrong areas, and this misplaced, sometimes absent minded concentration on destructive information is so pervasive in your society, that it pretty much accounts for many of your disappointments and lacks. There have been many books written about acquiring money and a few unscrupulous religious charlatans, will tell you that God wants you to be prosperous. If you would just use your intellect and some basic logic, you would realize the almost ludicrous nature of these statements, so I won’t belabor the point. This article has to do with what could be called “natural negative meditation”, which is prevalent in your society today and is the cause of many of its problems..

Because of the proliferation and dissemination of news of the world, you are constantly inundated with mostly negative news, not only of your own neighborhood, but of your state, country, continent and even world wide. If it seems to you that the world is going to “hell in a handbasket”, you are partially right, but there are many good, positive aspects too that are mostly ignored in the daily news. You have many more problems to face on a daily basis than your ancestors which more or less confined to their local areas and thereby contained the bad news to who raided their neighbors chicken coop. Now though, because of the advent of the internet, television, cell phones, and other communication innovations, you must bear the brunt of negative narrations on a worldwide magnitude and it is hard to escape from the negative noise.

If you are becoming increasingly aware of the mounting problems of your world, that is a sign that you are evolving in a positive manner, but you are also adding to the intensity and depth of those problems by merely noticing and thinking about them. When you think about a problem, you add to its validity and duration and this is true not only of your own personal life, but on a mass basis, humanity through focusing on the many problems, add to the worlds problems quality. I am sure you will see but maybe not understand as I don’t understand, how most of the daily news that is reported happens to be negative. How does one remain aloof from this worldwide atmosphere of negativity? I am not sure that you should remain aloof from the worlds problems, but you must maintain some semblance of balance in your everyday experience and that may require some conscious effort to direct your attention to the positive aspects of your life instead of dwelling on the calamities occurring around you.

When you really want something, do you really concentrate on it? When you concentrate, do you spend hours concentrating on what you want? Probably not, and that is part of the problem in not getting the positive things that you want in your life. Anyone who has achieved any lasting notoriety or wealth in any field of endeavor did so by being totally immersed in their field of interest. Money, if they acquired it, was a by product of their vivid concentration on a particular skill or knowledge. Concentration takes dedication and intensity of desire focused in a small area of interest and that creates reality in line with your expectations. On a much grander scale, unconscious concentration following your personal beliefs is your psychic contribution that helps create the worlds mass reality.

Then what creates all of the bad stuff that besieges you and causes you so much difficulty, suffering and pain throughout your life journey? Please understand that I speak in generalities here and some or all of these words may apply to you and some may not. In general, if bad things are happening to you, especially on a regular basis, it’s because you are a victim of a kind of “natural negative meditation”. It is important to remember that “You get what you concentrate on” and that rule is followed throughout the physical world, universe and beyond and if what you concentrate on, even though it is unconscious concentration, becomes real in your world.

I want to propose an idea here about “purposeful thinking”. You have two choices in your world where beliefs become reality and that is; create your own reality through your thoughts, beliefs and desires or accept a reality foisted upon you by your contemporaries, and here is where the difficulty lies. There is a kind of hypnotic, subliminal brain washing going on constantly in the background in your information laden society. If you are not being instructed to check your breasts regularly for tumors that you will probably get anyway because of the constant warnings or being informed of starving peoples who are following Holy advice to mindlessly continue procreating even though there is no way to feed or care for the new born infants, then you are at least tangentially affected by world wide wars, natural and man made disasters, starvation, floods and recessions.

Here is the truth about the insidious nature of creating reality; it works just as well when you don’t know you are doing it as when you are conscious of your attempts to create something worthwhile in your life. You have been creating reality since the beginning of your time and yet, you still believe that physical objects are totally independent of conscious identity, that they are permanent and that you have no part in their creation. You create objects and events like the proverbially “absent minded professor”, conveniently creating then ignoring that you were the creator. No matter the source of the “data input”, bad or good, thoughts will materialize in line with your expectations in due time depending on the duration and intensity of the data content. “Natural negative meditation” is the constant bombardment of subliminal messages that are unconsciously heard and absorbed and accepted into your belief system by a process akin to osmosis. You don’t know it’s happening because these detrimental messages are below conscious recognition, falling between the cracks of cognition, so to speak.

You don’t have to be consciously aware of this happening. If you live in this age, you are probably subject to this unfortunate process, but remember it is a natural process that has perfected itself over millions of years of your time and it works very well. It is YOU who places yourself in the neighborhood or vicinity of these sometimes dangerous, prejudiced and pervasive viewpoints. If you keep your radio or TV tuned to a particular station of certain political leanings, if you associate with people of certain beliefs, then these type of beliefs will materialize in your life for good or bad even though you may not have purposely planned it that way.

This “natural meditation” can be positive or negative depending on your perspective, but if you are not content with your life as it is today, it may not be entirely your fault. I hope you understand that “natural negative meditation” could just as well be called “natural mass hypnosis” except usually in directed hypnosis, the subject initiates the process and in “natural negative meditation” the subject is usually unaware of what is happening. Your Drug companies, Auto Dealers and Attorneys surely know about natural hypnosis since their advertisements proliferate your television ads on a daily basis. There is one other important point to be made here and that is when you are concentrating your attention on negative events, it diminishes the time left available to you to concentrate on your own positive thoughts that can change your life and the life of the world for the better.

If you really want a more fulfilling life, more in tune with your inner desires, target what you want, set some goals and then think about it constantly. Concentrate on it, visualize it 24/7 and above all, expect to see it in your future, and it will come. Remember, in the dream world objects materialize instantly, but in the physical system, it takes more time, so don’t be impatient, it will come. This is not an arbitrary rule, but an accepted parameter for life in the physical world and were it not so, there would be no physical world as you know it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


The question as it was posed; I have always been fascinated about the beginning of the universe, how and when God created it and I know many people have speculated how it will end. Can you shed any light on this?

To even begin to get into explanations on this subject would require much more preliminary discussion and background than we have had, but I cannot let this opportunity slip by, even though there is probably no chance that anyone will understand since I am also limited in the words that are available in your and my vocabulary to explain that which to some extent will always remain unexplainable. I will however begin our discussion and continue it in future articles since there is much territory to cover and new concepts to present on the appearances of “Time” on your plane if one is to even grasp the intuitive glimpses into the beginning of the universe and frankly, I am not sure I can verbalize this knowledge in words and phrases that will make any sense, but I will make an attempt. My limited attempt to convey the concepts that I would like to convey is not your fault, but mine, since words are not the ideal medium to deliver information on beginnings that never began and endings that cannot possibly happen without a formal beginning.

I would ask that you set your brain aside and forget logic, since the physically materialized brain cannot understand the full scope of non-physical reality and must to a large extent rely on the use of intuitive knowledge. I am not minimizing the wonders of the physical brain, but it’s development is in its infancy in its development, with latent potentialities still unused exist, that will be activated in the future that will allow understandings that are now impossible. There will be some of you who will call me crazy, and many who just won’t get it at all, but if only few can grasp the implications of this, we have gained some ground and we can revisit this subject again and again.

I must first begin by asking you to do something quite unusual in your world of minutes, days, weeks and fleeting moments. I will ask you to imagine that you had never been born into a “time oriented” system of reality where cause and effect rule and one act leads to another, where beginnings happen and endings seem inevitable. I will ask you to imagine a world more like the dream world, where time is negligible and the past, present and future rub elbows in one basic expanded present. I have talked briefly about the dream universe before and explained that the dream world is actual, has continuity and continues whether you are involved in it in one of your dreams or you are awake, and although you don’t realize it at this time, you also dream when you are awake.

You dip in and out of the dream universe as you sleep and wake, but the dream universe does not end, your awareness of its reality ends as you wake up in the morning. This does in no way affect the continuity of the dream universe, that goes on quite well with or without your conscious awareness, thank you. The experience of the expanded present is experienced by your inner self, but obviously not the ego. If the ego could perceive the expanded present, it would be overwhelmed with what it would consider chaotic, rambunctious, vast amounts of seemingly conflicting data that would totally escape its comprehension.

You cannot pinpoint the beginning of a dream any more than you can pinpoint the end of a dream, you simply ease in and out of different intensities of dream awareness, inserting your own contributions to the overall dream drama, affecting it in personal ways that add to its overall depth and intensity, playing out a dream scenario that will in very real ways eventually affect the physical world and its events, just as the physical world affects the contents of the continuing dream drama. You do not, having entered into a dream, wonder about when it began! The reason that you don’t wonder about it is simple, it is intuitively understood by the subconscious, that it is and was forever eternal and had no real beginning at any particular time, since time is an illusion and only a reality on your plane.

The subconscious is aware of its connections to the inner universe, and the inner universe also had no beginning as you understand beginnings and endings. The dream universe was created at the same time as the physical universe as a by product of that creation, but you see, even trying to convey this information, I am also mired in the “time” perspective, since I must use words, linear concepts, that are detriments in explanations of this nature. The irony is that the more you concentrate your attention on examining the outer reality, exterior facts, dimensions, distance, mass, etc., the further you get from the truths of the real universe. Physical dimensions, distance and mass are surely usable information while you are living in a physical world, subject somewhat to universal laws, but these attributes are physical characteristics only, and have no relevance to the actual universe. You cannot apply your laws to other planes of existence.

Your senses tell you what you want to know about the physical universe, but your outer senses are not equipped to give meaningful information about a universe that is supported by psychological reality wearing a cloak of physical matter in a somewhat permanent appearance. The permanence of the universe is an appearance only and if you could (See) what the universe really is, you would be totally overwhelmed and confounded to the point of insanity. For practical purposes in this article, we will ignore the actualities of the universe and concentrate on what you perceive and what you know of the universe up to now.

Dreaming, is natural by product of life itself, and the physical self could not live were it not for the dream interactions and reactions when you sleep. You dream, animals dream, trees dream and flowers dream and in this kind of abundance, even atoms dream. If you ask, when did the dream universe begin, then I must tell you that it does not require a beginning, and only in your system of “Time Oriented” reality does time tick by minute by minute, but I understand the question, and in your terms the dream universe was created simultaneously with the physical universe, and although we won’t be discussing it at this time, the universe of negative matter was also formed at the same time. The statement “The universe began tomorrow” is probably more relevant than at some time in the ancient past. The Universe is constantly beginning in each and every moment of physical time.

Time is an illusion and is only relevant from your limited perspective and most other historical reality civilizations would not understand your version of time since their history would be in their present or even in their future. I must use time terminology in speaking of these beginnings or nothing would be understood. So, lets move on, and please remember, I admit that I am not going to be very good at explaining this concept and you are probably not going to be very good at understanding it. That is not meant to be an insult to your intellect but there are limitations to what you and I can understand at this point in the evolution of the human brain.

The universe has ALWAYS EXISTED and because it had no beginning in your terms, it simply cannot have an end. It has changed and will change as all things change, as all energy demands change of form. The universe that you know is but one camouflage appearance that energy adopts, but the practical universe being an energy manifestation, cannot end. It can change form since no form is static or eternal. There was a time when the physical universe emerged from a purely psychological state, impressing itself, utilizing atomic structure, changed or assumed form, emerging from the inner non-physical universe, from the mind of All That Is, much as it is now, fully developed in form and function, a subjective creation learning as it struggled to become objective, as conscious entities who would be the first identities to occupy that completed physical universe, developed in a parallel way with the environment they would inhabit in a new world of experience, never before available.

There was a time in which” that which was” was not perceivable with physical senses became perceivable, but at that time there were no physical beings and no physical senses to do the perceiving. In other words, if you mean, when was the “physical universe born?”, then I would say, in your time terms, a very, very long time ago, but not to be too cute here, it would also be correct to say the universe begins in this very instant, and drags along the dream universe and the universe of anti-matter as by products, a part of the objective universe, but still in their own dimensions.

I think I might just stumbled on a good analogy here in that time is linked to the concept of the continuity of events, one event leading to another following event, one triggering the next. This is a misleading concept, linking you to the time continuum, and the fallacy behind that link cannot be penetrated from your standpoint. In other words, while you are a human being, the illusion cannot be penetrated.

All events stand alone and one event does not cause or trigger a following event, since in the inner universe of the expansive present all events exist and are occurring simultaneously. Events do expand in a psychological way, like an idea would expand, the physical representation being like a cloud would appear to grow and expand if you were watching the skies in a state of reverie where the clouds move grow and expand, but seemingly without a “series” of events. In that vein, consider that everything THAT IS NOW, is simply the expansion of the first creation of matter within the universe, one really, really big event, beginning then and continuing today.

Matter and events change, must change because of the very nature inherent in matter itself, but no matter or event once created is ever lost, but lives on in a reality of its own sympathetic nature and those fields of varying actualization are unlimited. A thought is a reality and once a thought is thought it does not die, but falls into its own dimension of activity. This is similar in concept to the independent dimension of reality that your dreaming self exists, while it still is a part of and affects your dimension.

The point is this, and it is a difficult one indeed, and I must first ask you the question: Would you naturally believe in time if you were not born into a time system? Basic reality ignores time and everything happens spontaneously and simultaneously and cause and effect does not exist as a valid concept. In most ways a dream ignores time in the same way. For those of you who know my sneaky ways, you have probably guessed that I am again going to say again that the universe had no beginning, and this statement although seemingly scandalous to one embedded within a world of passing years, birth and death, dusk and dawn, it is unbelievable but nevertheless true.

This article in many ways must shock many of my readers since I have not yet talked of the true nature of time, or better still, the absence of time in expansive basic reality, other than to touch on it in our talks about dreaming. In time terms, which again, has no validity outside of your system, the introduction of the first infinitesimal speck of matter took place simultaneously with the introduction of the first entities into the physical system. The Bible says that God always was and always will be, and it should be added that entities always were and always will be and entities were present in the beginning. Entities have their part in the creation of all systems.

I realize that it may seem like I am playing word games here, but that is not the case. I explain what I can explain, but there is much I do not know and there are some things that I know, that I can’t explain, but I do my best. The creation of the universe is not beyond being understood. The origin of the ONE SOURCE or ALL THAT IS, is beyond intellectual understanding by the physical brain and must always be grasped from the inside out through the mind and intuition. The ultimate purpose of these articles is to introduce you to new, yet ancient concepts and truths and make you wonder and search for your own understanding.