Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In the past I have devoted much time dwelling on the processes involved in creating reality that you want and somewhat neglected talking about why you get “What you don’t want”. I have tried to make clear that you and you alone are responsible for what surrounds your immediate life, your body, your personal environment, your love life, your health, your family, your personal financial status and everything else reflecting on your life. Look around you, you created everything you see in your personal experience, initially through thought projected into meaningful reality, at least meaningful to you. If you don’t like what you see, the only way you can change it is to change how you think about it. Your natural surrounding environment, like it or not, is a perfect mirror image of your inner state of being. It is that inner state projected outward that is living evidence of your inner reality and if you don’t like the outer, you wouldn’t like the inner and in order to change the outer you must change the inner first. If your physical life is in a shambles, you can take it for granted there is something amiss in your inner psychological state of being.

Most of the important psychological work in creating your exterior personal reality is of course done automatically in the background of your inner mind, so you probably weren’t at all aware that you were the artist that created your life and its contents, unknowingly. I have tried to make clear how concentration and expectation are the most important parameters for the actual emergence of physical reality upon the world system. Thought and desire are important, but no object or event will ever happen without concentration and expectation. They give the final push that propels these concentrated upon and expected objects and events into physical matter. This is not hypothetical, new age rhetoric, but absolute truths that can be proven if you are willing to apply the principles to your life situation. But that is not what I wanted to talk about here either. You might wonder then why your life is in such disarray, since you will undoubtably say that you certainly would not purposely create the bad things in your life.

I want to talk about “What and why you sometimes seem to get what you don’t particularly want in your life”, because of your attention being focused in the wrong areas, and this misplaced, sometimes absent minded concentration on destructive information is so pervasive in your society, that it pretty much accounts for many of your disappointments and lacks. There have been many books written about acquiring money and a few unscrupulous religious charlatans, will tell you that God wants you to be prosperous. If you would just use your intellect and some basic logic, you would realize the almost ludicrous nature of these statements, so I won’t belabor the point. This article has to do with what could be called “natural negative meditation”, which is prevalent in your society today and is the cause of many of its problems..

Because of the proliferation and dissemination of news of the world, you are constantly inundated with mostly negative news, not only of your own neighborhood, but of your state, country, continent and even world wide. If it seems to you that the world is going to “hell in a handbasket”, you are partially right, but there are many good, positive aspects too that are mostly ignored in the daily news. You have many more problems to face on a daily basis than your ancestors which more or less confined to their local areas and thereby contained the bad news to who raided their neighbors chicken coop. Now though, because of the advent of the internet, television, cell phones, and other communication innovations, you must bear the brunt of negative narrations on a worldwide magnitude and it is hard to escape from the negative noise.

If you are becoming increasingly aware of the mounting problems of your world, that is a sign that you are evolving in a positive manner, but you are also adding to the intensity and depth of those problems by merely noticing and thinking about them. When you think about a problem, you add to its validity and duration and this is true not only of your own personal life, but on a mass basis, humanity through focusing on the many problems, add to the worlds problems quality. I am sure you will see but maybe not understand as I don’t understand, how most of the daily news that is reported happens to be negative. How does one remain aloof from this worldwide atmosphere of negativity? I am not sure that you should remain aloof from the worlds problems, but you must maintain some semblance of balance in your everyday experience and that may require some conscious effort to direct your attention to the positive aspects of your life instead of dwelling on the calamities occurring around you.

When you really want something, do you really concentrate on it? When you concentrate, do you spend hours concentrating on what you want? Probably not, and that is part of the problem in not getting the positive things that you want in your life. Anyone who has achieved any lasting notoriety or wealth in any field of endeavor did so by being totally immersed in their field of interest. Money, if they acquired it, was a by product of their vivid concentration on a particular skill or knowledge. Concentration takes dedication and intensity of desire focused in a small area of interest and that creates reality in line with your expectations. On a much grander scale, unconscious concentration following your personal beliefs is your psychic contribution that helps create the worlds mass reality.

Then what creates all of the bad stuff that besieges you and causes you so much difficulty, suffering and pain throughout your life journey? Please understand that I speak in generalities here and some or all of these words may apply to you and some may not. In general, if bad things are happening to you, especially on a regular basis, it’s because you are a victim of a kind of “natural negative meditation”. It is important to remember that “You get what you concentrate on” and that rule is followed throughout the physical world, universe and beyond and if what you concentrate on, even though it is unconscious concentration, becomes real in your world.

I want to propose an idea here about “purposeful thinking”. You have two choices in your world where beliefs become reality and that is; create your own reality through your thoughts, beliefs and desires or accept a reality foisted upon you by your contemporaries, and here is where the difficulty lies. There is a kind of hypnotic, subliminal brain washing going on constantly in the background in your information laden society. If you are not being instructed to check your breasts regularly for tumors that you will probably get anyway because of the constant warnings or being informed of starving peoples who are following Holy advice to mindlessly continue procreating even though there is no way to feed or care for the new born infants, then you are at least tangentially affected by world wide wars, natural and man made disasters, starvation, floods and recessions.

Here is the truth about the insidious nature of creating reality; it works just as well when you don’t know you are doing it as when you are conscious of your attempts to create something worthwhile in your life. You have been creating reality since the beginning of your time and yet, you still believe that physical objects are totally independent of conscious identity, that they are permanent and that you have no part in their creation. You create objects and events like the proverbially “absent minded professor”, conveniently creating then ignoring that you were the creator. No matter the source of the “data input”, bad or good, thoughts will materialize in line with your expectations in due time depending on the duration and intensity of the data content. “Natural negative meditation” is the constant bombardment of subliminal messages that are unconsciously heard and absorbed and accepted into your belief system by a process akin to osmosis. You don’t know it’s happening because these detrimental messages are below conscious recognition, falling between the cracks of cognition, so to speak.

You don’t have to be consciously aware of this happening. If you live in this age, you are probably subject to this unfortunate process, but remember it is a natural process that has perfected itself over millions of years of your time and it works very well. It is YOU who places yourself in the neighborhood or vicinity of these sometimes dangerous, prejudiced and pervasive viewpoints. If you keep your radio or TV tuned to a particular station of certain political leanings, if you associate with people of certain beliefs, then these type of beliefs will materialize in your life for good or bad even though you may not have purposely planned it that way.

This “natural meditation” can be positive or negative depending on your perspective, but if you are not content with your life as it is today, it may not be entirely your fault. I hope you understand that “natural negative meditation” could just as well be called “natural mass hypnosis” except usually in directed hypnosis, the subject initiates the process and in “natural negative meditation” the subject is usually unaware of what is happening. Your Drug companies, Auto Dealers and Attorneys surely know about natural hypnosis since their advertisements proliferate your television ads on a daily basis. There is one other important point to be made here and that is when you are concentrating your attention on negative events, it diminishes the time left available to you to concentrate on your own positive thoughts that can change your life and the life of the world for the better.

If you really want a more fulfilling life, more in tune with your inner desires, target what you want, set some goals and then think about it constantly. Concentrate on it, visualize it 24/7 and above all, expect to see it in your future, and it will come. Remember, in the dream world objects materialize instantly, but in the physical system, it takes more time, so don’t be impatient, it will come. This is not an arbitrary rule, but an accepted parameter for life in the physical world and were it not so, there would be no physical world as you know it.


Anonymous said...

I've read through most of your posts, now. I was wondering, since reincarnation (in the human world) goes until you become fulfilled, what are the requirements to move on? Is it dealing with all facets of life? Is it finally understanding the truth behind the human world? What does it take to move forward in consciousness?

W. Allan said...

You are partially right,
We are all here to learn some very important lessons before moving on to more challenging reality.
You must indeed deal with all facets of earthly life, that is the reason behind reincarnation.
You must also finally begin to see that physical reality is illusion, and that all reality is mental.
You must begin to notice and understand the connection between what you think and believe and what appears in your life
You must realize that you are indeed creating your reality from your thoughts and beliefs.
You must begin to see the connection between all things
You must revere all life and realize that all comes from One source
When even killing a fly seems difficult
You are in your last incarnation.
You utilize energy in creating your reality
You must learn the "responsible" manipulation and creative aspects of energy
In short, you must create a reality that is beneficial to yourself and all living things.
There are wonderful realities that lie ahead that are beyond explanation

Karel said...

The object of the game of life is to find ourselves - when we do we can pass Go ,so to speak.
Hi William, I enjoy your work it requires thought. I am not sure about being in the last incarnation though - I do not kill any animal or insect intentionly and lately I even feel for the weeds as I pull them out.But you know it does not matter one bit whether we come back or not what is of the only importance is what we do Now - because Now is all there is.

karan said...

Hi Alan,

Thanks for this wonderful blog. You have the example of not looking at a mirror while trying to lose weight as it would reinforce the negative beliefs. While that might work in this scenario, what should I do if the task at hand requires constant review if its working or not.

For example, I'm trying to get a specific job. While I can visualize and do positive mediation on it for weeks before attempting to interview, I'm bound to see some setbacks. Curious what you recommend in such a scenario. Maybe just keep positive despite the setbacks, or do you recommend visualizing for months before even attempting to interview?

Thanks so much again

W. Allan said...

You should not be concentrating on what you want to the exclusion of all else in your life. You should not be delaying a job search since you learn as much from failure as you learn from success.

You should also consider expanding your job search into other fields that you have not previously considered, fields where you may have hidden talents or abilities that you are not consciously aware of or utilizing.

There is no magic potion when it comes to creating your personal reality, but you should occasionally review your progress and make sure you are not concentrating your attention on negative aspects of your life to the exclusion of positive achievements.

Remember, you chose to be born in this time and place in world history in order to deal with challenges inherent in this era. Your life was not meant to be a free ride with no difficulties, no challenges and no learning opportunities.

The one main rule in all reality systems throughout the universe is "You get what you concentrate on", that means both consciously and unconsciously. Said another way, "Immerse yourself in what you want, both mentally and physically"and it will become real.