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The question as it was posed; I have always been fascinated about the beginning of the universe, how and when God created it and I know many people have speculated how it will end. Can you shed any light on this?

To even begin to get into explanations on this subject would require much more preliminary discussion and background than we have had, but I cannot let this opportunity slip by, even though there is probably no chance that anyone will understand since I am also limited in the words that are available in your and my vocabulary to explain that which to some extent will always remain unexplainable. I will however begin our discussion and continue it in future articles since there is much territory to cover and new concepts to present on the appearances of “Time” on your plane if one is to even grasp the intuitive glimpses into the beginning of the universe and frankly, I am not sure I can verbalize this knowledge in words and phrases that will make any sense, but I will make an attempt. My limited attempt to convey the concepts that I would like to convey is not your fault, but mine, since words are not the ideal medium to deliver information on beginnings that never began and endings that cannot possibly happen without a formal beginning.

I would ask that you set your brain aside and forget logic, since the physically materialized brain cannot understand the full scope of non-physical reality and must to a large extent rely on the use of intuitive knowledge. I am not minimizing the wonders of the physical brain, but it’s development is in its infancy in its development, with latent potentialities still unused exist, that will be activated in the future that will allow understandings that are now impossible. There will be some of you who will call me crazy, and many who just won’t get it at all, but if only few can grasp the implications of this, we have gained some ground and we can revisit this subject again and again.

I must first begin by asking you to do something quite unusual in your world of minutes, days, weeks and fleeting moments. I will ask you to imagine that you had never been born into a “time oriented” system of reality where cause and effect rule and one act leads to another, where beginnings happen and endings seem inevitable. I will ask you to imagine a world more like the dream world, where time is negligible and the past, present and future rub elbows in one basic expanded present. I have talked briefly about the dream universe before and explained that the dream world is actual, has continuity and continues whether you are involved in it in one of your dreams or you are awake, and although you don’t realize it at this time, you also dream when you are awake.

You dip in and out of the dream universe as you sleep and wake, but the dream universe does not end, your awareness of its reality ends as you wake up in the morning. This does in no way affect the continuity of the dream universe, that goes on quite well with or without your conscious awareness, thank you. The experience of the expanded present is experienced by your inner self, but obviously not the ego. If the ego could perceive the expanded present, it would be overwhelmed with what it would consider chaotic, rambunctious, vast amounts of seemingly conflicting data that would totally escape its comprehension.

You cannot pinpoint the beginning of a dream any more than you can pinpoint the end of a dream, you simply ease in and out of different intensities of dream awareness, inserting your own contributions to the overall dream drama, affecting it in personal ways that add to its overall depth and intensity, playing out a dream scenario that will in very real ways eventually affect the physical world and its events, just as the physical world affects the contents of the continuing dream drama. You do not, having entered into a dream, wonder about when it began! The reason that you don’t wonder about it is simple, it is intuitively understood by the subconscious, that it is and was forever eternal and had no real beginning at any particular time, since time is an illusion and only a reality on your plane.

The subconscious is aware of its connections to the inner universe, and the inner universe also had no beginning as you understand beginnings and endings. The dream universe was created at the same time as the physical universe as a by product of that creation, but you see, even trying to convey this information, I am also mired in the “time” perspective, since I must use words, linear concepts, that are detriments in explanations of this nature. The irony is that the more you concentrate your attention on examining the outer reality, exterior facts, dimensions, distance, mass, etc., the further you get from the truths of the real universe. Physical dimensions, distance and mass are surely usable information while you are living in a physical world, subject somewhat to universal laws, but these attributes are physical characteristics only, and have no relevance to the actual universe. You cannot apply your laws to other planes of existence.

Your senses tell you what you want to know about the physical universe, but your outer senses are not equipped to give meaningful information about a universe that is supported by psychological reality wearing a cloak of physical matter in a somewhat permanent appearance. The permanence of the universe is an appearance only and if you could (See) what the universe really is, you would be totally overwhelmed and confounded to the point of insanity. For practical purposes in this article, we will ignore the actualities of the universe and concentrate on what you perceive and what you know of the universe up to now.

Dreaming, is natural by product of life itself, and the physical self could not live were it not for the dream interactions and reactions when you sleep. You dream, animals dream, trees dream and flowers dream and in this kind of abundance, even atoms dream. If you ask, when did the dream universe begin, then I must tell you that it does not require a beginning, and only in your system of “Time Oriented” reality does time tick by minute by minute, but I understand the question, and in your terms the dream universe was created simultaneously with the physical universe, and although we won’t be discussing it at this time, the universe of negative matter was also formed at the same time. The statement “The universe began tomorrow” is probably more relevant than at some time in the ancient past. The Universe is constantly beginning in each and every moment of physical time.

Time is an illusion and is only relevant from your limited perspective and most other historical reality civilizations would not understand your version of time since their history would be in their present or even in their future. I must use time terminology in speaking of these beginnings or nothing would be understood. So, lets move on, and please remember, I admit that I am not going to be very good at explaining this concept and you are probably not going to be very good at understanding it. That is not meant to be an insult to your intellect but there are limitations to what you and I can understand at this point in the evolution of the human brain.

The universe has ALWAYS EXISTED and because it had no beginning in your terms, it simply cannot have an end. It has changed and will change as all things change, as all energy demands change of form. The universe that you know is but one camouflage appearance that energy adopts, but the practical universe being an energy manifestation, cannot end. It can change form since no form is static or eternal. There was a time when the physical universe emerged from a purely psychological state, impressing itself, utilizing atomic structure, changed or assumed form, emerging from the inner non-physical universe, from the mind of All That Is, much as it is now, fully developed in form and function, a subjective creation learning as it struggled to become objective, as conscious entities who would be the first identities to occupy that completed physical universe, developed in a parallel way with the environment they would inhabit in a new world of experience, never before available.

There was a time in which” that which was” was not perceivable with physical senses became perceivable, but at that time there were no physical beings and no physical senses to do the perceiving. In other words, if you mean, when was the “physical universe born?”, then I would say, in your time terms, a very, very long time ago, but not to be too cute here, it would also be correct to say the universe begins in this very instant, and drags along the dream universe and the universe of anti-matter as by products, a part of the objective universe, but still in their own dimensions.

I think I might just stumbled on a good analogy here in that time is linked to the concept of the continuity of events, one event leading to another following event, one triggering the next. This is a misleading concept, linking you to the time continuum, and the fallacy behind that link cannot be penetrated from your standpoint. In other words, while you are a human being, the illusion cannot be penetrated.

All events stand alone and one event does not cause or trigger a following event, since in the inner universe of the expansive present all events exist and are occurring simultaneously. Events do expand in a psychological way, like an idea would expand, the physical representation being like a cloud would appear to grow and expand if you were watching the skies in a state of reverie where the clouds move grow and expand, but seemingly without a “series” of events. In that vein, consider that everything THAT IS NOW, is simply the expansion of the first creation of matter within the universe, one really, really big event, beginning then and continuing today.

Matter and events change, must change because of the very nature inherent in matter itself, but no matter or event once created is ever lost, but lives on in a reality of its own sympathetic nature and those fields of varying actualization are unlimited. A thought is a reality and once a thought is thought it does not die, but falls into its own dimension of activity. This is similar in concept to the independent dimension of reality that your dreaming self exists, while it still is a part of and affects your dimension.

The point is this, and it is a difficult one indeed, and I must first ask you the question: Would you naturally believe in time if you were not born into a time system? Basic reality ignores time and everything happens spontaneously and simultaneously and cause and effect does not exist as a valid concept. In most ways a dream ignores time in the same way. For those of you who know my sneaky ways, you have probably guessed that I am again going to say again that the universe had no beginning, and this statement although seemingly scandalous to one embedded within a world of passing years, birth and death, dusk and dawn, it is unbelievable but nevertheless true.

This article in many ways must shock many of my readers since I have not yet talked of the true nature of time, or better still, the absence of time in expansive basic reality, other than to touch on it in our talks about dreaming. In time terms, which again, has no validity outside of your system, the introduction of the first infinitesimal speck of matter took place simultaneously with the introduction of the first entities into the physical system. The Bible says that God always was and always will be, and it should be added that entities always were and always will be and entities were present in the beginning. Entities have their part in the creation of all systems.

I realize that it may seem like I am playing word games here, but that is not the case. I explain what I can explain, but there is much I do not know and there are some things that I know, that I can’t explain, but I do my best. The creation of the universe is not beyond being understood. The origin of the ONE SOURCE or ALL THAT IS, is beyond intellectual understanding by the physical brain and must always be grasped from the inside out through the mind and intuition. The ultimate purpose of these articles is to introduce you to new, yet ancient concepts and truths and make you wonder and search for your own understanding.


sune said...

This is one of the BEST sites that I've come across in my entire life..teaching about inner Self and Creation..!
What you've done here with "Source" is so touching and so direct to the point ...
Clarity and Wisdom pouring from these statements are from the Eternal Fountain within All that is..Thank you for being such a Great interpreter to convey the messages from the ONE!!

W. Allan said...

Thank you so much for the nice comments. It's comments like yours that make this endeavor so satisfying.

Anonymous said...

What is the real reason for a materialistic attitude towards life ? How is it connected with the Newtonian Paradigm?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
It is said of Newtonian Paradigm that mechanism stresses an unbridgeable gulf between human beings and the physical world and that human consciousness has no role or place in Newton’s vast world machine and mechanism stresses an unbridgeable gulf between human beings and the physical world. Nature is perceived as wholly ‘other’ than ourselves, a force to be conquered and used. Please understand that I am not a scientist by any means but I will attempt an answer; But first I have my own question; How can one use something that you are? One must always remember, consciousness came first. The natural world is an extension of the conscious self, not some independent machine-like alien creation. Humans are the thinking part of nature. You and I are nature personified.There is no separation between man and his environment, although for practical purposes, it must seem that there is. Man exudes his environment in a very intimate way, so if you know the environment, you will know the man. Man creates the machine in somewhat the same way, and sets it into motion, but the machine and the motion originate in the mind of man. In this respect, the machine is also a part of man's nature. Man is a creator and tyrant over atoms, molecules and the smaller particles, forming them into objects and events, but no atom ever assembled itself, like little mechanized soldiers into any structure at the unconscious behest of man in which it did was not a willing participant. Man and nature are one on the micro and macro level, and I am sure you can see the larger implications of this statement. I know, Newton is probably rolling over in his grave now. I am sure this was probably not the answer you were looking for, but my knowledge of such things is rather limited.