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You live, you die and everything in-between is yours to experience to the best of your ability while you are in a physical body, the joys and disappointments, loves and hates, smells and tastes of the sensual world of which you are an integral part, knowing that it all adds up to what you are, and most important, what you are becoming. If you have any responsibility, it is to utilize all of your potentials to BE who you are to the best of your abilities and in the being, to expand your consciousness, not necessarily in knowledge, but in your ability to perceive more of your available field of reality. Your consciousness in now tuned to perceive only a bare minimum of what is out there and even though other systems impinge on your own, your ego ignores their existence. It seems to you that the space around you is empty, but in truth, it is filled with other data representing other fields just as real as you own. You have chosen to define your reality system by drawing certain arbitrary boundaries, excluding all that you consider not you.

The experience that is available to you is varied and multi dimensional and there is no limit to who you are and what you can become. The only limitations on the expansion of your (personality), is your own idea of what is real and available and this is the fabric that makes up your belief system at this time. You belief system can be expanded to include much more.. Believe that more exists and is available and more will become available to your perceptions since much more already exists within your range that you choose not to recognize. With practice you can open up greater chunks of the “present”, incorporating more of the past and future data into the present field of reference and to some extent, begin to peek into other closely related systems, thereby enlarging and intensifying the quality of your overall life experience.

Or, you can choose to remain ignorant of what is out there, so to speak, hunker down, bury your head in the sand, hang on for dear life to old, erroneous and defective belief systems based on myth and misinformation, and refuse to participate to any great extent, opting out entirely by leaving the system by ending your life. It really matters not one iota whether you choose to do the deed yourself or have someone assist you. Suicide is suicide and the real act of suicide is primarily a mental act, not in the actual physical action resulting in death.

It is very true to say that all deaths are suicide. I have said before that no personality is born that does not desire to be born and no one dies that is not ready to die. Your inner self knows the time and place of death of each of its personalities, and if you could see beyond the veil of time as the inner self can, you would also know. But that kind of information, were it readily available to you while in the physical world, would as you can suspect, put a real crimp in the actuality of your daily life, for who would take life seriously if they knew they were going to die tomorrow.

There is no such thing as punishment after death for any action as you have been taught, and this is one of the tidbits of knowledge that you know but don’t know you know. There is no hell that you can be sent to for transgressions, but on the other hand, the good news is that there is also no heaven for you to languish in for eternity in a sterile trance like existence. But I hope many of you are beyond those outdated and almost ludicrous beliefs. You are in this Earthly life because you and your Soul/Entity was desirous of the sensual kind of experience only this Earth System can offer. So, lets get to specifics if we can here. If you pick up a gun and shoot yourself in the head, you actually kill nothing or no person. What you do is eliminate your present life, interrupting the continuity of your experience and pursuit of challenges on Earth, but you cannot kill your personality since it is eternal and cannot be diminished in any way.

This act of killing oneself, in itself is NOT A SIN, since sin as such, does not exist. Sin, damnation and punishment are not universal laws and only make sense within certain dogmatic religious segments of your society. In greater terms, time does not exist as you think it does, and in the greater reality of the expanded present, that gives rise to all fields, dimensions and systems, the act of murdering yourself would happen simultaneously with the punishment, and realistically speaking, the punishment could in fact come before the crime, and we can all agree, that wouldn’t work very well. There is no eternal punishment as those who have learned to capitalize on the concept of sin and punishment would have you believe, but there is a violation of purpose here, and this must be addressed before you will be allowed to return to your next life and the resumption of previous life works.

The act of Euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is simply the another side of the coin of killing yourself or convincing someone else to do it for you. Neither option is a sin to the dead personality, it certainly isn’t a sin to God/All That Is, and it is not a sin to the assisting party either, since it was not done out of malice. In a way it does present a moral dilemma, since the Soul gave you life and then joined with you on a mission and on that mission, you chose ahead of time, before you were born, to work on one or more specific challenges during this lifetime.

Suicide, in a way, short circuits that jointly aspired to goal and only postpones the challenge to a later date. You can rest assured, all challenges not adequately faced head on in this life will be faced in another. There is no escape through suicide or assisted suicide. At best they offer only a temporary respite. There will then be further education, advice from others more advanced than you and then a ticket to return through a new physical birth of a new ego, and resume the previously aborted purposes. Of course, there will be no conscious memory of the previous aborted life for practical reasons, but those memories can be accessed through hypnosis and in the dream state.

So there is no misunderstanding, I do like to cover all the bases, so let me just outline a few of the moral implications inherent in killing in general. I will be using the term “violation” instead of sin, since violation does not carry the religious implications that “sin” does and simply means an act that does not benefit your development and personal progress. Remember, good and bad are simply differing perspectives or moral judgments and are purely arbitrary. What seems good to me, may seem bad to you. To the entity/soul, all experience is good in that it expands knowledge and since you can destroy nothing through your sometimes despicable acts, no real destruction is done, and lessons are learned. There is no such thing as eternal punishment, but those who kill will have to experience killing up close in another time and place. There is no karma as you think of it either, as punishment, but there is a reciprocity of a kind, in that you must experience that which you inflict on others whether it be love or hatred or death.
If you swat a fly that bit you and kill it, there is NO violation, since it is done out or a reflex to pain or suffering.
If you kill a deer, dress it and eat it, there is NO violation, since to kill to eat is an inherent characteristic of your system where meat eaters predominate. That will change in time.
If you kill a squirrel for target practice, that IS a violation, whether of animal or human.
When you kill a human in a fight or a war defending yourself, that is NOT a violation, since it is self defense.
If you execute a prisoner under the auspices of a government death penalty, that IS a violation, since, when you kill a killer, you become a killer yourself, rationalizing good motives do not make things right.
If you kill yourself, believing that you end your life and terminate any current problems, it IS NOT a violation, because you have acted under false assumptions out of ignorance and in truth, you have not eliminated the problems, for you will face them again.
If you help someone kill themselves, it is NOT a violation, since it also was done out of ignorance and mistaken beliefs and was done as an altruistic act.

In a nutshell, if you kill in a malicious way or in the commission of a crime against your fellow man or animal, it IS a violation. Intent is the important qualifier here.

Violations are not dealt with by punishment from moral religious authority, but with understanding and compassion from those more advanced than you. After death, the moment of killing can then be relived at your leisure, reviewed and different decisions tried out, different actions taken and outcomes studied and discussed with your peers. I emphasize, if you kill yourself, in a very real way, you only kill yourself in Earth terms. You still exist intact, without a physical body, of course, but with a body quite legitimate, quite vital and functional and in greater terms, you are temporarily returning to your real home. Earth, you see, is just your temporary field of endeavor and you will enter and leave it many times before there is nothing to be gained by returning, then you will have evolved considerably beyond where you are now, and will progress on to other more advanced systems.

Speaking of bodies, it is a well known fact that the physical body does not die immediately either, but the occupying consciousness (that would be you), deserts the ship, so to speak, and the smaller individual consciousness that make up the actual structure of the physical body, the molecules, the cells, live on for some time as evidenced by rather ancient corpses unearthed, especially in cold or dry climates with the hair, finger nails and toenails are still growing after hundreds or in some cases, thousands of years.

Bodies are another form of energy. Consciousness is energy aware of its self. Conscious energy projects itself into structure and form since one of the inherent driving characteristics of consciousness is that it wants to be known. This energy essence of the universe cannot be destroyed regardless of the form it takes. It can and will change form since nothing is permanent. The predator of today will some day be the prey, so a balance and comprehension and continuity is always maintained. Consciousness has freedom of choice to experience any possible version of any event before its work is done on Earth.

It might be of interest to as a side note, that Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe, are more alive today than they were before they left the earth system. Of course, they will return for another go-around, and some of them have already been born again, in different areas, in different sexes and races and with different purposes. There is no end to it all. The creator creates and the created also creates, so consciousness expands exponentially and there is no shortage of time or space, since they do not really exist in spacial terms, but the illusions of such are real, so they do exist for you in the physical dimension and you CAN run out of space on Earth.

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