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I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed a reporter interviewing Stephen Hawking a few days ago. Since Mr. Hawking is usually so focused on theoretical and mathematical proofs of some of the most enigmatic truths of black holes, time and other peculiarities of the physical universe, I was pleased to hear his answer, when asked what mystery he would like solved, what would it be?

Now, since Mr Hawking cannot speak in the normal context of speech and must do so mechanically through of a computer, the question was asked in advance and played back during the interview as were other aspects of the interview. I recently wrote an article about the practicality of aliens invading our planet for nefarious purposes since Hawking had said that arriving aliens could possibly be unfriendly to inhabitants of our planet and out to exploit its resources since they had quite possibly exhausted the resources of their own planet, which may I remind you, is the all too familiar plot of an abundance of sci-fi dramas.

He was wrong on that one, and he is also wrong in one of his other assumptions that man is accidental and insignificant in a vast universe. Mr. Hawking is without question, the greatest living scientist that the world has produced in this century, but his intense focus and assumption that all truths must be arrived at with observation of hard, solid physical facts and proven with mathematical equations is a handy but flawed scientific method if you truly want to get to the heart of your system of reality. All that does is prove the reality that you know, and doesn’t really do all that good of a job at that either, since it fails to recognize the exceptions to the laws that you consider irrefutable. You focus your attention on the convenient facts that fit any hypophysis, and discard or at least ignore the facts that just don’t seem to fit in. If just one physical law can be ignored, broken or negated in your earth system, then all must be held suspect. If one miracle occurs, then all miracles are possible, anytime.

You, your world and your universe will never make sense unless you consider the deep psychological origins hidden within, beneath and underlying all physical systems and until you sense the illusion camouflaging the true heart of reality that exists within the physical cloak that atoms take in your system and all appearance systems. So, when I heard Mr. Hawking’s answer to the question, I was surprised and at the risk of seeming presumptuous, I would like to offer some other thoughts on the matter.

Mr Hawking’s question was the following;
"I want to know why the universe exists, why there is something greater than nothing."

Mr. Hawking could have asked, and I must say that I would have assumed he would ask “What is the universe?” and not “Why is the universe?” and in this case the “Why” must always precede the ”What”, because unless you know why it is, you will never understand what it is.

A silly sounding but truthful answer is “ The universe exists because it was needed and desired. Of course, this implies that there was someone or something that existed at that time, in what you would call pre-universe history, that did the desiring. “The universe is actually nothing in certain terms, and much in other terms”. It all depends on the perspective of the perceiving consciousness. Your universe seems like, is, and is perceived as something totally different by other, what you would consider alien civilizations. The physical universe was something before it became physical, but it existed on entirely different terms than your usual requirements for something to be “something”.

An idea is something, a dream is something, an inspiration is something, all quite as real and meaningful as the “Rock of Gibralter” in very real terms, but you will not accept these realities as valid since they lack the attributes that you usually assign to physical objects and events. An idea or dream can have duration far longer than some physical constructions and can remain a part of your heritage long after you have exited from this physical body. A fond memory will stay with you for an eternity of lifetimes as will the memory of good friends and family, and yes, loved pets too.

In ways that I will have trouble explaining, the universe has always existed in one form or another and this was long before the need and desire of the entities involved reached such a feverish pitch that the breakthrough was attained that allowed the universe to begin to take on physical attributes and materialize in the space prepared for it. There is a widely accepted axiom among almost all religions, that God always was and always will be, and this is true. I wonder sometimes how many people even give that statement a second thought. It’s just that you have trouble dealing with such a concept when you are living in a “Time and Space” oriented world.

In truth, time does not exist as you think it does and space is an illusion, but it is extremely hard to accept this since it even takes time to read this article. From your perspective, God, and all Entities always were and always will be. These entities/identities needed and desired a release from the psychological universe within the mind of God/All That Is, and that intensity of desire was the initial impetus for materialization of the first minute particle of physical matter. The three dimensional Universe of matter then did not explode, but impressed itself as consciousness wed itself with matter. It, entity consciousness has always existed as a part of All That Is/God, but, in order to achieve a release within a platform for a new kind of experience, the universe needed to be IMPRESSED from non-physical, psychological existence into a new form of physical expression never before realized.

We will discuss the true reality of “Time” in other articles to come after more groundwork has been done. From the time perspective, which you pay homage to at this time, there was a time, far more ancient than is suspected, when all psychic entities strived for a kind of experience that could not be fulfilled within the mind of “All That Is” and clamored for release in a more “Sensual” world of physical material and a physical environment. The original “BIG BANG” was not an explosion of a small amount of matter into an every expanding universe, but the cataclysmic psychic release of entities into something that had never occurred before, a universe of material constructions. These ancient entities, in those terms, always existed and always will exist. There is NO NEW consciousness formed either then or now. All That Is exists now and existed then, and the implications of that statement is meant to include All That Is, Entities and personalities that will ever exist. Your consciousness existed then, although not in a form you would recognize or remember. You weren’t born yesterday.

So, in concluding, the physical universe came into being because All That Is and the Entities that were inherent within the original energy Gestalt called God were desirous of a new kind of experience. There was a striving beyond anything imaginable that allowed for this breakthrough from psychic reality into physical material. Now, you can call this Original Energy Source, God, or All That Is or the One Universal Consciousness, but whatever designation you choose, you must always remember that consciousness preceded the first physical particle and if science just understood that one truth, they could hypothesize a better approximation of the true nature of the universe and its source.

The true nature of time, its simultaneous and spontaneous ever-renewing aspects in the expansive present would become self evident. Only in your world does time hold sway in an unrelenting way as it does, and because of the present self-inflicted limitations of your type of ego consciousness it seems to you that one minute must follow another, when in the true nature of inner reality, time is meaningless and everything is occurring in the expansive NOW. We shall discuss this in due time.

Mr Hawking is right that it is easy to get lost in the enormity of unlimited worlds and a multitude of universes, all expressed in different ways, but you must understand these massive Entity, psychic and intellectual Gestalts that would seem to be Gods to you, rest on and achieve their evolved natures through individual identities such as yourself that are a part of All That Is.

In answer to the question; why there is something greater than nothing, I will say at the risk of sounding crazy, that depending on what you are and where you are, the universe can indeed be nothing or something. Perspective is everything, and my universe is not necessarily your universe, since we each create our own version of the universe with sensual perceptions. In that respect is CAN BE truly said that to some, the universe is nothing, while at the same time, to others it is something quite splendid.

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