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The questions as they were posed:
I really enjoyed reading your article. What I get confused about is that if everything is an illusion, than wouldn’t aliens be an illusion as well?
If you could shed any light on that, I would greatly appreciate it. PS. the reason I ask about aliens is because I really do believe that some of those people are getting abducted on some level, whether it is physical or mental.

I do not always respond on this site to personal inquiries, but as many will affirm, I do answer all inquiries, although most are simply posted on the site as comments, but sometimes a question or questions fit in so well with an intended article, that I use it as an entrance into new subject matter.
This article is in response to the above comments received recently and it made me think that my explanations of both aliens and reality illusion could use some clarification. I have said before that because of the nature of the material we try to cover here, explanations that can be easily understood are sometimes almost impossible since we are dealing with ideas and concepts that do not originate in this dimension, but I sometimes find the use of analogy helpful in illustrating something I have difficulty putting in words.

So, lets discuss what I mean when I refer to physical reality as being an illusion. An illusion, by definition, is something that deceives and that IS the case with your physical appearing reality system, since what your senses tell you are beautiful lies about the true nature of physical reality. It might be more appropriate to say that you hallucinate reality, creating an illusion of solidity, where in fact there is nothing actually solid in the terms you are used to. Physical reality is a camouflage, and overlay of atomic structure on purposely created psychic patterns. Here we have to be careful because we are once again tinkering with semantics and in order to understand the true nature of reality, both inner reality and its exterior effects, we must come to some agreement on some very important words, like “solid”, “real”, “exist”, “create”, to name few. The exterior effects of which I speak are of course, your everyday things, objects, events, worlds, people and planets to name a few.

I am pleased that even science is to some extent aware that objects are not “solid” but only appear that way due to your particular kind of perceptive devices, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and the extremities which are the preceptors of “touch”. If these quaint little physical devices of yours were different, then your picture of reality would be quite different. Your reality falls in line with your particular senses and their perceptive abilities. When I refer to creating reality, what I really mean is that your senses, including the “telepathic” sense, pick up vibrational patterns of energy data that has been projected into thought patterns, then filled in according with the creators (your) original thought, ideas and expectations. Try this analogy for openers. I think of a desk, my thought energy propels the thought through various stages of development, finally emerging into the physical system in a thought pattern, which is clear to me, the originator. You as the perceiving person, or the receiver, picks up this available (pattern) energy by using your available senses as mentioned, but this alone is not enough information or data for you to get a clear picture of the object that I have created, the desk, as I visualize it.

Here is something that is not widely known, in that you and I now communicate telepathically, you picking up my psychic thought idea pattern, rounding out and smoothing out any differences we may have in our joint conception of the desk image, so in the end, we come up with an object that we can both identify with and accept as our common perception of the desk. What really is happening is a melding of mutual thoughts, ideas and concepts. Of course, we are then both creating our own objects, using available atoms in our own object space continuum, based on our own interpretations of this outward projected inner data, but for all practical purposes, the desk that you create and the desk that I created, are not the same desk, but they are close enough to be understandable and usable by us both. Now, the desk is not really solid, but projects itself as if it were solid to our senses, and if it functions and has utility, does it really matter if we call it “REAL” OR ILLUSION?
Here we go with semantics again. The secret is that being illusion, it IS STILL REAL since it was created and exists for all to see and use.

This same process works smoothly whether it is just between two people or a thousand. Here is a rather ridiculous analogy within our previous analogy, if there were a thousand people in a field viewing one airplane in the sky, then there would actually be one thousand people creating their own airplanes and all people would be sharing and interpreting the same data to form their own personally created airplane. This is not an exact description and I don’t want to confuse things, but there would actually be one thousand airplanes created in their own one thousand different space continuums plus the ones created by the pilots and passengers aboard the plane. Here is the rule: You can only perceive your own physical constructions, which you create from your own senses interpretations of available sense data (energy formed into meaningful psychic patterns then filled in by atomic structure)

Solid and real are simply symbols that you use to describe something that you think is “hard, concrete and consists of weight mass and length, width and height. These things are again, appearances that atoms take in the physical arena. I have said this before and want to reiterate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, no bed rock, solid reality in the entire universe. You could say that the universe started as nothing and is still nothing, but that would also be a gross understatement as we shall see. I can also see that this article is close to becoming an exercise in philosophy, as I struggle to explain that which is unexplainable.

OK, how about this, what was originally nothing, learned how to become something significant to particular sensual perceptions, when consciousness realized that very small particles that could spin very, very fast could form bigger particles called atoms, and these atoms had the ability to give the appearance of what you are prone to call SOLID or REAL stuff. Of course, even the atoms, if you could capture one of them, hold it in your hand and bisect it, would not be solid and if it were stopped in its tracks, it would not even appear solid. It achieves its ability to appear solid when combined with others from its motion, and without the motion of its components, even the misleading appearance of solidity would vanish.

As to the idea that aliens are abducting humans or any other species for that matter has not, cannot and will never happen. I have said many times that the only aliens with the ability to even perceive you or your world are ones from your same parallel plane and they are so far away in distance that it is unlikely that you will ever meet one. It is possible in some distant future that civilizations could and will meet, but you needn’t hold your breath. Another thing you might want to think about is this: these aliens that you are thinking about would be so far advanced from your system of reality, it would be analogous to you traveling millions of miles through many galaxies to abduct a snail.

You would be better served worrying about mental abduction by the ranting and ravings of your clerics and religous leaders hawking their holy water and prayer cloths and extracting indulgences by scaring the devil out of you, convincing you of your guilt and then demanding payment for forgiveness of imaginary sins.

Also, as it was posed; Can you also address the issue of your statement that we are overpopulated...I think you are right, but if everything is an illusion, what does it matter? Aren't we all than part of "One" anyways, no matter how many of us are here?

Without doubt, overpopulation is the ONE BASIC underlying problem of your world today. All the apparent and imagined difficulties are brought about by distorted beliefs, political correctness and a gross understanding of the nature of reality. If you truly understood the unity that lies within all creation, you would drop these outdated assumptions that you are the top of the pyramid of life, standing in supreme governance of all other creatures and all nature. You are now an ego centered creature, seeming to stand apart from all that is NOT YOU. But if you truly knew that you are part of everything that IS, and that everything that is has its own rights for satisfactions, pleasures and value fulfillment just as you do, you would then begin to understand the problems involved with overpopulating the earth with your own species at the expense of others.

I know that you will probably quote religious dogma that tells you otherwise, but I tell you that religious dogma was written by humans, edited by humans, expunged by humans, deleted by humans and mis-interpreted by humans, yet you blindly follow these misguided beliefs as your world disintegrates around you. If you are waiting for Divine intervention to save your planet, it’s not going to happen. Only the use of your intuitions and intellect can you begin to take the necessary steps to bring your planet into a state of natural balance and equilibrium by limiting human expansion, restoring habitat for all species and cleaning up your mess.

Some of my readers may remember that I have said more than once, that there is part of you that knows and doesn’t know it knows, and there is part of your that knows and knows it knows? When you seek inner guidance about this subject, you will find that the part of you that knows it knows will offer the solutions, for they are not new or revolutionary to your inner self. I am not some tree hugging environmentalist, but I can tell you that you create your environment unknowingly just as your breath leaves your body and becomes part of something else. You create your personal environment unknowingly, but you knowingly destroy it. You, your environment, the animals, the birds, the reptiles and insects ALL are entitled to experience the same value experience that you experience, and to bring even one to the brink of extinction through your relentless pursuit for expansion of your species for the “sake of humanity” is not acceptable.

You must modify your and in come cases limit your reproductive habits, to reduce your human presence on the planet and return “natural space” to all species, if your planet is to prosper. When you are elbow to elbow in your cities and no natural habitat is left, when you oceans are polluted, your water undrinkable, your nature destroyed, you will be flirting with insanity. Earths have been destroyed before and can happen again if serious changes are not made. You are all part of one, and when you harm or destroy one, you destroy a little of yourself, and that is not a symbolic statement.

Finally, I did not mean to say that everything is an illusion. I meant, reality as your senses perceive it is an illusion, but frankly, since it is real, and since it’s the best thing you have going for you at this time, you need to pay attention. This is another way to look at it. If everything that is, is an illusion, and you were not, there would be a big problem. But my dear friend, if everything is truly illusion and you are also illusion, then there is great sympathy there and all can experienced and used for your enjoyment, pleasure and satisfactions. I dare say, there is not one of you who has not had a dream so wonderful that you wanted to extend and remain in the dream forever it you could. Is this wonderful dream solid, real or illusion? Then, imagine life as a superlative dream that you have total control over and many more freedoms than you have in your present physical body.

The illusion cannot be pierced or broken while you inhabit this body that you now have, but when you discard this body and change your focus to another reality, you will see the illusion for what it really is. If what is good brings growth, satisfactions and pleasures, does it matter what wrapping it comes in? Rhetorical question, of course.

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