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I hope you will forgive me for interrupting the flow of our articles, but sometimes things change on the world front that present a great opportunity for me to talk about and reinforce a topic that we have already discussed to some extent. The recent claim that scientists have “Created Life”, is indeed a juicy topic and has many implications that I am not able to comment on at this time, since we have not discussed other preparatory material that would be need to have a better understanding of the creative process. But we can discuss some of the aspects of whether or not this is actually “Creating Life” as we think of it is a moot point, because if this recent discovery is not actually creating life as you think of it, that reality will come some time in the future, and we should look ahead at what would happen if it becomes possible within your framework of relevance of “What life really Is” and what is actually alive and what is non-alive inert matter.

“A well known scientist, famous for his work in mapping the human genome, Dr Venter, who has been working on synthetic life for a decade, claims “It is our final triumph. This is the first synthetic cell. It’s the first time we have started with information in a computer, used four bottles of chemicals to write up a million letters of DNA software, and actually got it to boot up in a living organism. “Though this is a baby step, it enables a change in philosophy, a change in thinking, a change in the tools we have. This cell we’ve made is not a miracle cell that’s useful for anything, it is a proof of concept.”

We have learned, hopefully, that consciousness resides in and is an absolute underlying factor inherent in all matter. Matter is another form of energy and all energy is conscious of itself, yes, maybe not possessing the kind of consciousness of more organized conscious gestalts such as found in higher forms of“living matter”, such as plants, animals and humans, but a more generalized, non-self aware flavor of consciousness. Remember good old Albert Eienstein? E=Mc2, or Energy equals matter x velocity squared or put another way, matter is simply another face of energy in motion. All energy is to some extent conscious, so the inference from that statement is that all matter possesses energy consciousness. Please understand that I am not inferring that a unit of energy is somehow a “little person”, but that it is aware that it IS, that is all.

We have also discussed and hopefully learned in our continuing journey, that consciousness always comes first and using its unique abilities, using its inherent capabilities, projects its energy into matter that you call objects and events, then name and catagorize them as your own. Not even the smallest speck of matter will ever beget consciousness, but the smallest unit of consciousness will gather about itself other like units, to form matter, and this is how the first atom appeared in the physical universe.

Now, here is the important stuff that you need to know, and somehow, many of you already sense but need reminding. You create your own matter with your beliefs, thoughts, imaginings, ideas and expectations. Those attributes are the propellants that consciousness uses to form and fill in psychic patterns for matter that will then be recognized as objects and events in your world.

So, your scientists, in their investigations and experiments, using more and more sophisticated instruments, will continue to find smaller and smaller particles under their microscopes and will find more distant planets, almost ad infinitum, until they finally stumble on one simple fact, that in their intensive searches, they are actually creating the particles and planets that they are so feverishly trying to find. You now create such realties but don’t realize that you are doing it subconsciously, just as you create your dream images and impart a small portion of your own consciousness into the dream bodies that you then experience. You were created in much the same way by your soul/entity, but with one important difference.

The entity creates its personalities (You), and other such personalities, carrying ALL OF THE ATTRIBUTES of the entity/soul. You create images, dreams, imaginings, thought forms, you might call them psychic children, quite as real but with this one important difference, your creations are similar to giving physical birth to an infant, the infant and your creations DO NOT carry all of your creative characteristic abilities as your children do not carry all of your inherent abilities. These psychic children, so to speak, are actual and real, they do exist in their own level of reality and once created, they cannot be recalled or negated. They will find their sympathetic level of reality and evolve as you evolve in the physical system.

If scientists seem to be creating something that could spin out of control, it is not so, since they have been creating particles all along in their pursuits. The big difference here is that they have observed the physical creation and you do not consciously observe the creation of your particles, objects and events, but that does not negate the fact that you indeed are still their creator, albeit unconsciously at this stage of your evolution. Science will NEVER create what you refer to as“Self Aware” identities/personalities, since this ability lies only within the scope of the entity and the entity is not of this world, nor this universe. A self aware personality is a “fragment” of the soul/entity and this ability can never be accomplished from within the physical system. Period.

Just to make it perfectly clear, it is not unusual for mankind to create particles, molecules and cells, since they are simply the physical buildup of a camouflage nature, an overlay of the inner reality that lies within the outer psychic pattern. There is an outer pattern for all objects and although this is hard to imagine, but there are also inner psychic patterns projected outward for all events, that the actual physical version of the event will eventually materialize around.

It is important to realize that physical objects, bodies, structures composed of atoms and molecules are the result of inner energy projected outward, so in this case the scientists are in their investigations, focusing their inner energy outward and creating physical forms, something that has been going on since the beginning of your universe, just usually unknown to the creating personality. Science will eventually come to the realizations that creating outer reality is an inherent characteristic of all living consciousness, and that includes the plants and animals to lesser extent.

Have scientists created life? No, but again, don’t forget that creating generalized matter is not the same as creating “self aware life” forms and these scientists must realize that they are simply, using their inherent creative abilities are doing consciously what they have been unconsciously doing for eons. They have in a way caught the creative process in its growth, and that is an accomplishment, but not anything new or shocking. You do the same thing every day, but the process escapes your attention. Also you must remember, it is YOU who draws the line between Living and Non-Living categories.

Finally, whether something is “Alive” is for another article, since it would not be incorrect to say that you make arbitrary decisions as to what you want to classify as alive or not-alive. Since all matter is created from conscious energy, then to some extent you could say that all matter is alive to varying degrees, and a ROCK IS ALIVE, since even the consciousness of a rock, generalized, dull and in a trance-like state in comparison to your self aware, vivid and acute consciousness, it still knows that it is a rock and not a chicken. We will discuss this further soon.

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