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You have all heard about the use of will power to get something you want. I hope the information contained in this article will help you to fine tune this use of “will power” to steer your life in the direction you want. Will power comes from the ego centered portion of the self as it consciously exerts itself to achieve a pre determined goal, and so it tends to be, by its very nature “assertive” when projected outward. It is a commonly held belief that will power can be effective when the ego is determined to attain a specific result in the physical world.

Unfortunately, the use of will power does not always work as it is supposed to and as is the case in other conscious attempts to “get what you want”, the personality often falls short of its goals. The use of will power simply means that the personality really wants something badly enough to concentrate on it intently for an extended period of time, and that often is the precise reason it doesn’t always work as hoped. The anticipated positive results of the use of concentrated will power will only be achieved through the intricate balanced co-operation of the exterior ego self and the inner ego through the auspices of the sub-conscious. In other words, getting what you want cannot be forced, and when too much mental force is applied, it sets up barriers to the natural flow of the creative processes originating with the inner self.

If you have read previous columns on “creating your reality” you will remember that I have stressed when concentrating on what you want, it is important not to overdo it because of the negative connotations of doubt that will surely set in as it becomes apparent to you that “what you want” is not immediately popping up in front of you. I have also said that creating what you want is achieved because you believe that it is possible and through the intensity of thought, idea and imagination over a necessary period of time that we will call duration and above all through expectation. By inference that means that in the most simple terms, you will only get what you think you can have. If you want something but don’t believe it is within your reach, you will probably not get it. Period!

Here is the logic behind these statements; you only get what you concentrate on and you can only concentrate on what you believe is possible within the spectrum of your life. You do not concentrate on or expect that which does not seem possible to you and what does not seem possible, you will not EXPECT.

It is true that WILL POWER enters into the creative process and if fact, is an important part of the process, but only to the extent that it is used as “catalyst” to jump start the process, but once used, it must be set aside because after this initial “oomph” of assertive will power, it will act as a blockage and hinder, if not actually abort the creative process of consciousness.

You should know by now that physical matter is a natural by-product of consciousness residing in the physical systems, of which Earth is one. There are other physical “world systems” besides yours where matter is expressed much differently than yours, just as valid, just as vivid, but experienced in different ways by different perceptive mechanisms of the civilizations involved. As you know, there are spectrums of color and spectrums of sound, but there are also spectrums of matter that you are not yet aware of in other physical systems that exist where matter is thicker, more dense, more concentrated than yours and the inhabitants of those systems are learning to manipulate what you would consider “heavier objects’ and more “intense and thicker”events .

This of course, infers that there are also systems that are not as materially concentrated as yours, their objects and events, less intense and vivid in physical terms with less mass, but still falling into the physical category. Your dream universe is one of the less physical universes. Matter in your dream world is still created in the same manner as matter is created in your physical world. This Dream Matter is still of the cellular and molecular kind, but not expressed in the same density as yours, resulting in experience with many freedoms that you do not enjoy in your world, and though to you, it appears transitory in duration with no rigidity of its constructions, this is not the case and only appear that way to the waking self. I only mention this in passing to point out that these dream objects and events in other physical systems are still created in the same way as yours, except that the atomic structure differs in some important ways.

It may also surprise you to learn that these other physical systems utilize the SAME electrons and atoms that you use in your constructions. In some ways, thoughts that you have that seem to fade away and disappear, emerge and materialize in other systems as components of their physical landscape quite observable to them, but unknowing to them as to their origin. A thought that you consider gone, could emerge and be admired in another system as a beautiful cloud formation and they would have no idea of the source of these formations. In reality, all things are connected and nothing goes to waste. What is not materialized here is materialized somewhere.

Now, back to understanding the judicial use of Will Power in the creative process. In a nutshell, here is how you create your reality, and so there is no mistake, let us consider an analogy, you wanting to go on a long anticipated trip to the Caribbean . First you consciously get the idea, you then imagine yourself sitting on a white sand beach drinking a tropical drink and getting a tan. The idea becomes more real as you imagine yourself there. You make the conscious decision to try to go on the trip and you begin to concentrate on how you are going to get the money together and time off of work. You now begin to exert the use of Will Power by consciously thinking intently about it every day. (It is important to know that your first thought or idea actually begins the creation of the object or event.) It exists in actuality the instant the thought enters your mind.

Here is where the problem occurs and it occurs because you do not consciously know how long it would ideally take for this event to actualize in your life, and the time between your first thought and visible actualization differs widely depending on a variety of circumstances. So, if it doesn’t happen right away, you then begin to doubt its validity and doubt is your enemy in creating your reality. Doubt, in a very real way short circuits the creative process and hinders the free and unobstructed flow of energy causing a psychic detour, thereby sending the once possible idea into other levels of reality, actualized, but not in any way that would be useable by you in your system. It is important to understand that ALL ideas and imaginings will appear somewhere since no energy once actualized can ever be negated, and a thought is just as real as your physical objects, although it may not seem that way to you at this time since you are prejucded toward physical constructions.

There is a point in all creative endeavors, where non-physical units of consciousness approach the barrier between non-physical (psychic) particles and the physical threshold forcing their way through that barrier, gathering about themselves the smallest imaginable electro-magnetic units that will attract like units, each knowing its own potentiality for grouping into physical objects and events. Obviously this process goes on smoothly below your conscious attention level and in fact, only works smoothly in the creations of objects and events when it is left unobstructed by the conscious ego. Once the ego tries to influence this process by forcing it, it stops working.

Have you ever wondered why (psychics or mediums) have such difficulty proving their paranormal skills in the arena of public scrutiny when challenged to prove their ability? Because psychic phenomenon by its very nature works best when it is spontaneous and you least expect it and cannot be forced to perform demonstrations at the will of the outer ego. For this same reason, the more you try to force something to happen through use of the ego and will power alone, the less likely it is to happen. There is a way around this obstacle, and I have discussed it before. You must pluck the event out of the “Inner World” of thought and idea, consider it with great intent utilizing the outer ego, then drop it back into the inner world, where it will find fertile ground for growth and will eventually bloom, emerging into the world of physical objectivity.

In a sense, you must originate the idea in the world of objectivity, then toss it back into the world of subjectivity, give it time to germinate, and it will then grow into the world of concrete fact. The duration required refers not to the length of time you spend at thinking the thought, but that you persist “over time” repeating the thought in your mind for a short time every day. The duration then, means daily continuity of the same thought.

You cannot, by WILL POWER alone make anything happen. Use Will Power sparingly, perhaps for a few minutes in the mornings before your day begins, but no more. Toss it back into the inner world of psychological underpinnings and it will come back to you in due time in the form of your original idea made solid in the world of physical fact. Don’t be worried that it has been forgotten, lost in some intricate maze of dream like chaos, because there is order where you do not perceive order and remember, no thought or idea goes unrealized. The real trick is to make it realized in your life so you can enjoy the fruits of your mind made physical.

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I have just stumbled upon your blog and may I say having explored your points of views here that you make a great deal of spiritual sense! Thank you and I do resonate with what you are writing about. One thing I have learned today, mustn't push my willpower!