Thursday, July 31, 2008


Two words we will be using often in this discussion are (Hierarchy and Gestalt). For our purposes, Hierarchy will mean the stratified organization and layering of consciousness based on it's abilities, maturity and development. Gestalt will mean an organized and united whole that equals more than the sum of it's parts, and cannot be defined by knowing and categorizing the totality of it's components.
When we think of consciousness in light of what we know and see in our everyday activities, we are presented with evidence that some living forms seem to possess more developed abilities than others. This leads us to the assumption that we are the living epitome of consciousness expressed in human form. We assume that we are the top of the pile of living consciousness, with all other living forms below us. Of course, the word "living" itself is arbitrary, as we all tend to draw our own line of demarcation between what is "alive" and what is not alive. We attribute consciousness to things that are alive, that move, that think, reason, etc. In other words we like to consider ourselves and some animals as possessing consciousness.
If we were able to trace the evidence of consciousness downward on the scale of "living things" we would be amazed to learn that birds, insects, flowers, grass, bacteria and even the cells that compose the human body have their own and value oriented type of consciousness. Their consciousness is not equal in egotistical development as ours, but it is not less in quality, it simply has not developed in the same way as our reasoning mind consciousness. The natural instinctive consciousness of the animals serves them well for their necessary interaction with nature and the environment. We humans are part of a beautiful tapestry of consciousness composing a system of reality rising out of need and developed with a purpose. All consciousness contained within our realty has it's purpose and that purpose is to BE.
What we don't understand as yet is that EVERYTHING possesses it's own type of consciousness. Consciousness is even somewhat aware of itself in the ubiquitous electron, the atom, and even the cells and molecules are aware of their motion within a life form. The American Indians knew only a few hundred short years ago, that there is consciousness in the tree, the rock, the river and mountains. It is rather easy to accept this premise in light of other spiritual enigmas that confound us. Unfortunately with the evolution of our precise physical manipulation in a three dimensional reality, it became necessary for us to focus intently on physical performance of the biological form and we lost some of the intuitive truths that were inherently ours from the beginning. These truths are not lost, they just became buried deep within our psyche waiting to be activated again, to bring about the natural blending of the physical reasoning mind and the inner knowledge that still awaits activation.
So if we were to attempt to stratify and categorize consciousness, we would probably put ourselves near to top of the ladder with a huge gap between ourselves and God. Why would we assume that there are unending gradations of consciousness below ours but seemingly none above ours until you reached that ultimate "God Reality"?
The truth is that there are countless gradations of conscious entities above us of such psychic sophistication that we could only contemplate them as godlike psychological structures and their reality would not be translatable in words. There exist countless very mature, sophisticated entities that we cannot perceive and never will be able to perceive. These are the entities, some of which have experienced Earth reality at sometime in the distant path, have evolved through Earth reality and gone on to other more challenging worlds. Because we cannot perceive these entities with our Earth tuned senses does not mean they do not exist. They exist more assuredly than you or I do in an actuality that is so evolved that even if I were able to explain it, you could not understand. To these "super entities" Earth reality was once their kindergarten just as it is now ours. Earth is the beginning playground for new consciousness. We are here to learn, create, experience, yes, make mistakes for sure, but to learn from our mistakes and create again and again, improving all the while.
Now finally, there is therefore a PYRAMID GESTALT of consciousness with newer consciousness on the lower levels, evolving and moving upward within the pyramid structure as they progress. Of course the very top of the pyramid is ALL THAT IS (GOD). This Prime Being is composed of all consciousness below on the pyramid structure. Conversely speaking if we were to carry that thought to it's logical conclusion, in some very real way, your existence NOW on the lower levels of the psychological pyramid structure speaks of your very real connection with Top of the pyramid. Everything is connected and part of another everything.
Everything is part of something else. Nothing in the Universe stands alone. You are a part of this Pyramid Gestalt, this Hierarchy of consciousness that and between you and All That Is are unimaginable sophistication that you can hardly envision. The fact that you are part of countless entities above and below you as they are part of entities above and below them. "I use the term above and below, when the meaning is more advanced in consciousness development". I am saying that within this Hierarchy, you are part of something else, that is itself part of something else and so on forever. In entity development there is no better or best, there is just more advanced, mature, developed, but all are of the same quality, as they came from the same Source.
This kind of psychic oneness should not in the least bother you or make you in any way feel insignificant. It is quite like the following analogy. You live within your family at the same time you live within your city or county. You also live within your country and live on your continent and there is no contradiction, no jealousy of one above the other even though you are part of all simultaneously. The entity of which you are a part, scarcely notices you, but it's development depends on the structures upon which it rests and give it strength. You are a part of grander entities, and you didn't even notice it. You are evolving in that direction yourself, and as your position on this pyramid of consciousness increases in depth and awareness, so will it increase maturity and psychic sophistication.
If you have been anxiously awaiting your unification with God, forget it. You are already as closely connected as you will ever be. As you increase and become more, All That Is increases multitudinous amounts multiplied by the number of all consciousness on this earth. From this you can see that as you increase, All That Is increases exponentially. As an example, as you progress an inch, All That Is progresses a million miles in terms of distance as an analogy. All That Is experiences through all entities beneath itself including you, as you to are also an entity of considerable worth and always becoming more. All That Is doubles itself in nanoseconds. So as there are countless layers of consciousness below yours, there are more above yours also. There is no huge gap between yourself and God and there are others that have gone before you. The more sophisticated and evolved the entity, the more entities involved with it and a part of it.

An entity can perceive dimensions of reality that are not yet as not as developed as it's own, but cannot perceive dimensions that are more evolved.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Sickness, illness, physical accidents and other bodily infirmities are some of the most difficult things to write about and even make an attempt to explain because if the reader attempts to prove the concepts given here by trial, they will most likely fail and perhaps make matters even worse. In a very important way, sickness is providing a very necessary service to the human body while at the same time making matters sometimes painful and downright dangerous to a patient’s survival if some correction is not made. Sickness is the bellwether, the canary in the coal mine, and is our obvious but almost always ignored sign that things are not exactly right in our lives.

In the evolution of the human consciousness there was a time when there was no real division between the body consciousness and the identity’s overall consciousness, but with the emergence of the ego “I” awareness, there began an every increasing division between the two. At that time, illness was nowhere near as prevalent as it is now, and frankly, witch doctors and shaman quite ably served the early communities with surprisingly good results. They had an innate understanding of the link between illness and the state of the mind. At times they would literally scare the illness out of the seemingly possessed unfortunate patient because in those early times, illness, sickness and infirmity was often viewed as being possessed by evil spirits.
In a sense, this was the earliest form of the placebo effect albeit used in a constructive manner, not to intentionally create mindless zombies. They were confronting illness in light of the wide held beliefs of the times. Instead of using scalpels, knives, and other useful paraphernalia to remove our appendages and some of our most beloved organs as is the practice today, the early healers used chicken bones, stones, eagle feathers and other less harmful implements to achieve quite similar results, leaving the organs intact.

Understanding the mind body link, the earliest practitioners, both healers and patients, did not need to have a Harvard education and a wall full of impressive degrees to know that one way or the other, almost all illness was the result of a discordant mental state whether it be from unhealthy beliefs, displeased spirits or psychological demons, projected outward from within. Here I speak in generalities to some extent, but under most conditions, the advent of modern day illness is the chosen method of the physical body to alert the ego consciousness (the exterior self) that something is wrong inside.

As the evolving ego consciousness began to focus more intently on our physical three dimensional reality, more and more it had to constantly assess and learn to deal with an ever more complicated world. Mankind was emerging from a time when the only things one needed to deal with in everyday life was the knowledge and location of the nearest hostile tribe, the timing of the next animal migration and where to find the sweetest fruit and tubers. In short, in those early times, living was a "no-brainer" compared to the vast amounts of stimuli facing today’s modern society. At least then, you knew who or what was going to kill you, now it’s a toss up, and the line forms to the rear.

Our civilization, as it became more complex, more intricate, more developed and more multi faceted, it required more and more concentration just to maintain a balance in a challenging system of reality like none other. It would now take every bit of our mental acuity as a civilization to maintain a psychological balance to hold our stance in this ‘Earth Reality”. Well, no surprise then, that in a way, sometime in the not so ancient past the ego began more and more to divorce itself from the concerns of the inner personality from which it had recently emerged.
The ego consciousness, feeling insecure in it’s new found physical state of control, began to ignore the very existence of the inner self from which it owed its very being. The ego was born from the inner self. The inner self can exist without the ego, but the ego could never exist without the inner self, evidenced by the pretty much ego-less animals sharing out reality, and getting along quite well I must say. Egocentric reality is just another way of doing it. The animals do not operate with a well developed ego to help them ascertain a healthy stance in physical reality, relying instead on ancient instincts guiding them in a state of natural grace.

It goes without saying that we are both psychological and physical beings, temporarily adopting human form, creating a psychological overlay of matter over form which permits the inner self to delve into a medium of reality previously quite unfamiliar to it. It has accreted physical matter upon and over psychological patterns, creating new form, in order to learn, grow, evolve and gain a different kind of experience than would be available without this quite unique adventure into consciousness.

In light of the advent of increasingly complex societies and accompanying inherent problems and challenges, the inner self began to feel an increasing need to find a way to alert and relay its distress signals to the attention of the ego consciousness so they could be addressed and corrected in a satisfactory manner. The method adopted could not be simpler. The inner self had to establish a link between mental and physical balance and bodily illness. The body would act as a flesh and blood barometer indicating the state of health of the physical personality.
Illnesses are in most part an indication of the mental blockage of the natural ebb and flow of psychic energy patterns within the subconscious. These blockages occur when one has adopted distorted beliefs and trying to assess reality in light of those beliefs, in order to react naturally, the physical body sets up unnatural barriers blocking these energy patterns physically. The human body, left alone, is immaculately equipped to take care of itself, to defend itself against any virus, bacteria or invading cancerous growths. By left alone I mean, not having to negotiate normal pathways blocked by negative beliefs.
A person who believes he is sick will be sick. A person who believes he is well, will be in good health. One of the problems with our society today is the constant bombardment of our consciousness with television commercials for drugs to cure illnesses that we didn't even know existted a few years ago. The drug companies know that if they hype a new drug for a new illness, describing the symptoms of the illness, they will create a need for their drugs where before no need existed. In other words they can essentially create the drug first and the illness will follow.
Many people adopt illness for social purposes, finding great comfort in the attention they get from their contemporaries discussing their drugs and doctors at cocktail parties. Some even find friendship, compassion and kinship with others who share illness in hospitals, doctors offices and in their daily life. There are some people who wouldn't be caught dead without the latest illness of choice, and will unconsciously sift through the most fashionable illnesses of the day to find one to try on like a new dress or suit before deciding on one and adopting it.
We now believe we can get ahead of the game by touting "preventive medicine", inspecting oneself, getting shots, taking certain pills during certain seasons to ward off the near certain onslaught of a dreaded flu or cold. When you believe in preventative medicine, you are establishing an inner fear of something that probably would not affect you anyway, and in concentrating on the feared illness, will instead invite it in. The body will acquiesce to your fears and beliefs, lowering it's defenses by disabling the immune system and inviting the culprit virus to do it's dirty work.
Illness serves a purpose, and that purpose is known to the inner self. What you believe consciously, the inner self will provide, and if you believe in illness, you will get what you concentrate on. If you find yourself succumbing to illness time and time again on a continuing basis, look inward for the solution, it will be found sometimes deeply rooted in your belief system. It involves much more than just finding and eliminating some negative belief, and can be far reaching in the unconscious mind, but it is not unavailable to the inquiring mind.
I am not in the least telling you to give up the health system that you have grown to trust, but to begin to look inside the mind for the deeper and lasting cures for all illness. If your doctor, doing his job well, cures your present illness without understanding and addressing the underlying source of the problems, you will simply adopt another illness again and again. The final cure must come from a careful analysis of your belief system, weighing it against the beliefs of your contemporaries, and rooting out unhealthy beliefs from your unconscious.
You are NOT under attack from a hostile environment and viscous, predatory viruses, in fact most viruses and bacteria live in perfect harmony within your body and without them you could not live. But when a psychic imbalance occurs do to discombobulated beliefs, they can run amok and cause great damage. You can begin now to try to understand your beliefs, looking back into the past, finding old worn out beliefs that still linger, that have never been discarded.
Your body is like a most intimate mirror, accurately projecting outward your inner state of being. If there is disharmony inwardly, the body will let you know. Your physical body is the living "RESULT" of your inner state of reality projected outward upon the stage of physical reality. You control what that outward RESULT will be with your beliefs, thoughts, imagination and expectation. You are in control unless you believe that you are NOT in control.

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is a great question and if one is to believe all that has been written about End of Times, it is coming yesterday, today and tomorrow. Some of our most illustrious theologians were telling us that the year 2000 was "The End". But they were wrong, it wasn't. Many used this prediction to write books about salvation, sin, damnation, lakes of fire and one of my favorites "hellfire".
Some of our most revered religious icons of every ilk have offered up such pearls of knowledge as: Aids was punishment for gay people's activities. That the voice of God spoke to him and said that if he didn't receive a lot of money for his college, God was going to kill him. That the purple Telletubby cartoon character was a secret Gay plot to influence our children. Of course the favorite of most has been the idea that the end of the world is near. Some of these religious fanatics gleefully anticipate the world destruction that is predicted so we can finally be absorbed into a sublime spiritual nothingness.
Who could not lay awake nights worrying that the end of the world was coming, but somehow you might be better off if you bought their book or gave to their church. Never mind that these charlatans were driving Bentley's, living in splendor, getting caught in brothels with ladies of the night, whose morals were surely more righteous than theirs. These supposedly religious Johns, carriers of our faith, were violating the principle they ranted to their followers to live by and some wonder why people are leaving organized religion by the droves.
This is not meant to be a rant against religion, but to show that if you believe the Telletubbi story, you will undoubtedly believe the End of Times legend too. What I say here will be hard for some to accept, and I will not be able to prove what I say any more than they can prove that the End of the World will come in the year 2000.
The truth is, the world can NEVER end. There was a time, so ancient that even God would be hard pressed to remember the first emergence of awareness that eventually brought forth in physical fact that which had always existed in the inner mind of All That Is. It is only in our limited physical perspective that we cannot grasp a reality where there is no beginning and no end. That which has always existed in Prime Reality, had no beginning and Always has been, therefore it can never end. Words are symbols of something else, and beginnings and endings are meaningless except in our material world.
Our perception of the World, the Universe and all of it's parts, the planets, the galaxies, the nebulae, the radio stars and the space in between that we so endearingly call the Heavens, are massive energy manifested into perceptual patterns that we interpret in our own way through the use of our physical senses. Our senses project themselves outward into space through the use of physical instruments to interpret these vast available energy patterns in a way that brings them into a physical a focus that is loosely accepted by everyone who is physical in our system of reality. Where you see planets you are perceiving more dense "manifest" energy pattern. Where you see nothing you are seeing less dense "unmanifest" energy pattern. Every hypothetical point in the Universe is aware with it's own kind of consciousness. There is no EMPTY point in space.
These energy manifestations, the planets, etc., are pure energy expressed as physical mass, material particles, electrons, protons, neutrons and atoms, gathering others of like expression around themselves to form Everything That Is. Einstein knew before most that energy and mass are one and neither can be destroyed, only change their form. In other words, conscious awareized energy at some ancient time was driven into Universal and Planetary form, including the Earth and it can never be destroyed. If you could perceive the world or the universe through a cat or dog's eyes, you would wonder if we were on the same planet observing the same universe.
Even our scientists know that the earth is surely not solid, neither is the chair you are sitting on at this time, but like any atom or conglomeration of atoms that group together to form significances to our perceptions, they seem solid and as we know they serve the purpose of supporting our "not solid" bodies well enough for practical purposes.
Energy cannot be destroyed, the Earth cannot be destroyed, but it can be rendered unlivable by those who inhabit it. (Us!) There are those who think that a caring God would never allow his people to perish in such a way. "All That Is" would not interfere with our actions but we could, through our own lack of foresight, ruin the quality of life on our planet to the point where the necessary elements were damaged in such a way as to make life unlivable and unsustainable. When this platform for experience that we so affectionately call Earth suffers such damage to make a quality life as we know it unattainable, two things can happen.
We could mutate to adapt to new conditions that we would have before been unable to tolerate in our past physical form, or the Earth could be re-organized, re-set, to something similar to it's original form that can once again support life that we are familiar with. This, of course would mean a new beginning, and is not entirely out of the question. It has happened before and could happen again.
God will never bring about the end of anything ! God (All That Is) thrives and grows exponentially on creativity, experience, joyful expression and love of life itself, and Can Not bring an end to consciousness in whatever form since in greater terms, He would then be destroying a part of Himself. ( I am using the male pronoun, but the term God is not gender specific and could just as well be She or It).
By inference I am asserting that you carry within the deepest recesses of your being the ancient memory of your connection with that Prime Being. God would no more destroy a part of itself than an angry parent would destroy their own children. God is creative, not destructive. God is not an angry, vengeful, destructive God, but a loving presence in all living beings from the grandest to the least and even a spider can rest assured of it's sanctity and safety.
If there is any destruction it will be visited on ourselves by ourselves, not by God !
We have the power to create constructively, all we need to do is realize it and execute responsibly.
Unfortunately that is not a quality that we have adopted yet.
But we will !

Sunday, July 20, 2008


It may seem that we fight tooth and nail against death, and it may seem to friends and family that someone close on their deathbed does not want to die. But this is an outward appearance only known to the ego consciousness and not shared by the inner self. That inner self, the inner consciousness knows when it is time to live and when it is time to die, and the inner self sees what the ego consciousness cannot. When the inner self, (soul) begins to sense that the ego itself has lived it's life to the fullest extent possible within the present life, it begins to withhold the boundless energy that it once supplied in abundance to the personality without which that personality cannot survive, the life force is bound to diminish to the point of death.

It is not "Absolute" however, and if the personality should for some reason experience a life altering event, then the personality can and often does through it's own exuberance, persuade the inner self that the quality of the continued existence would be such that extending that life becomes possible and indeed beneficial.
The word DEATH would be better described as the end of life in our physical realm for life in another reality. The body dies, the personality, the identity does not die. You will always be you as you become more. You will never lose sight of your present identity. Upon death, you will retain your personal habits that you have now, you will know yourself as the you that you are, but you will become more than you are. In other words, you will never lose awareness of the you that is you.

Once an identity has been formed, it is then indelible in the universe and out of the universe. Consciousness is forever and forever is timeless. There is nothing you could do that would make it otherwise. Even if you committed the most horrendous crime, the most deplorable act, it will in no way affect your existence throughout eternity as we know it. You have been given the God-like quality of eternal life and it cannot be withdrawn for any reason.

We all to some extent have a belief in the soul, even though very few of us could provide a good definition of the soul. Most would agree that the soul resides somewhere else in some other medium, but not here on earth with us. The truth is that the soul does reside or exist in another medium but it also exists as and in you. You are a manifestation of your soul, your soul while you are in human form, resides within and a part of you in an indistinguishable way, but not all of the full soul can be ensconced in human form.. It would be utterly impossible for the full spectrum of the soul to inhabit such a limited human body construction. It would be unbearable to the identity.

Part of the soul, (a much greater part) remains separated from it's creation, the human identity. It resides in another reality entirely, the true PRIME REALITY that contains the potential reality of all identities, worlds and universes. This area of Prime Reality could never be mistaken for some imagined sterile, limited Heaven like existence for it is the true source of all realities and the number of realities is limitless. Prime Reality, Basic Reality is the source of everything both physical and non-physical.

The soul creates a personality (you), cleverly melding itself within the human body, entwining itself throughout your corporeal self, merging itself through the nervous system and the physical brain through the non physical mind and incorporating itself throughout the cellular structure so it is indistinguishable from you. And should you go looking for the soul with even the most sophisticated instruments, you will never find even one iota of soul stuff. While you exist, you are soul stuff in physical clothing and the physical body is sacred. The physical clothing is of course, an overlay of particle structure upon psychic patterns for the living form.

Compare it with an astronaut preparing for a journey into space. He cannot enter this other world of outer space without a space suit that allows him to function in an otherwise strange, hostile environment. You adopt a human body for your trip on Earth, through physical birth. The body you adopt for this venture is well equipped and superbly tailored to operate in Earth environment. The astronaut plans his journey in much detail in advance. You planned your birth into this world with more detail and care than any astronaut preparing for a trip to the moon.

When the trip is over for the astronaut, the space suit is discarded and the information garnered from the trip is analyzed and added to our bank of knowledge for future space exploration. When you die, you discard your body and you too will also ponder the lessons learned in that most recent life and be able to learn from them and put some of them to use on future life expeditions.
Life cannot be extinguished, consciousness is eternal and cannot be negated, diminished or ever become less. Consciousness can only become more, and you are consciousness in human form.

YOU were NEVER your human body, you are using human form for a limited time within certain precise co-ordinates of time and space to create, learn and deal with certain physical challenges that could only be experienced with physical existence. Your identity exists before your physical body and it will exist long after your body has been returned to it's source, the natural Earth. Here is the beautiful part. Long after your physical body has returned to it's natural environment, it will once again provide the necessary minerals, chemicals and elements for other living forms. In that sense, the atoms and cells that make up your body will also live again as will you.

There will be no lapse of consciousness at death, death being simply the change of focus of your consciousness from physical reality to other endeavours in another reality. Other endeavors, by the way that are quite as real as the ones you now experience. Immediately upon physical death, you will experience some disorientation as you will be entering a new environment. You will see past parents, sons, daughters and other family members who will be there to greet you. You will also see others that you have known before that you had strong attachments to in physical life.

The word DEATH could better be defined as such:

The point in life where we choose to leave our physical body behind and turn our attention to our next adventure, bidding a temporary fond adieu to family and friends until we meet again.

For those you care about, you will ALWAYS meet them again and again.
Finally, life is important for sure, and death is a sad parting, more sad by the way, for those left behind than for the departing personality. Death is easy, everybody does it and when you look at it in the perspective that: If you want to live again, then you must leave this life first.
Death is not a travesty of a mindless Universe. There is Divine Purpose behind Everything That Is !

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


At the risk of losing readers, I will give a short list of subjects that will be discussed here in future postings. There is some background material that I hope will make it easier for you to understand the answers I give. You will undoubtedly consider my answers and explanations in terms of hard physical facts that we always look for in proving our assumptions in our physical Universe. I am hoping that you will at least begin to get glimmerings of the inherent truths in what you read here even if I cannot present you with rock solid physical proof.
I hope to make it clear that the physical Universe is an "overlay" of physical matter (atomic structure) over deeply embedded physic patterns emerging from a hidden inner reality. The physical Universe that we gaze out into to look for answers can only provide surface truths to inner questions. The vast inner "Prime Reality" is the incubator for all physical matter where living consciousness through intent, accelerates non physical particles to the extent that they literally emerge into physical objects and events that we can then perceive.
This inner reality cannot be understood in terms of size, for it has none. But in terms of actuality, it dwarfs the physical Universe in psychological richness and growth which is the medium that it emerged from.
The differences could be better understood if you can imagine the iceberg principle where the tip of the iceberg represents only about 10 % of it's size. The remaining 90% remains unseen below the surface of the water. Imagine then, this inner reality being equivalent to the hidden portion of the iceberg and the physically manifested part of the Universe being only the minute portion that we can easily perceive above the surface.
The good news is that there ARE answers to these spiritual enigmas that we have wondered about for centuries. We have been taught children's tales about the creation of man and Universes where God became so tired after creating the Earth that He had to sit down and catch His breath and in doing so mandated a weekly holiday. It is time for us to begin to explore and understand the very DIFFICULT concepts that will sometimes leave the brain grasping for something familiar to hold on to.
Consider this for openers: Have you ever considered that the physical Universe in all of it's vastness is a magnificent "RESULT" of information projected outward, detected and deduced by our senses, coded and then sent to the brain to decipher. Reality then being formed from a non- physical picture creating a physical manifestation in line with OUR senses inherent abilities? It holds then that for creatures not of our kind, perception would be of something entirely different indeed. So, if reality is created by our senses, does it hold that if one were born without sight, hearing, the sense of touch, taste or smell, that reality would cease to exist ?
One of my goals in this venture is to make you think. It is surprising how little we think sometimes. The brain grows in ability to understand difficult esoteric concepts, so what is difficult now will become easier in time. Please remember this: Always wonder. When you begin to wonder about why things are, understanding will follow ?
Here are some of the QUESTIONS WE WILL ANSWER in future posts.
I will also attempt to answer any questions that readers may have. Some answers will have to wait until enough preliminary information is given to make the answers sensible. Remember, I will be answering physically oriented questions with non-physical truths. The Universe could not create itself, it emerged from a deep, abiding, psychological, source of consciousness, somewhat as a dream emerges from your inner consciousness.

Monday, July 7, 2008


As I have been saying, we (Earth civilization as it it at this particular time) is a very young un-evolved civilization in terms of value growth and maturity. Obviously, some personalities here are more evolved than others. Some of these present personalities will not return to Earth reality as we know it and some will return as often as needed to finish out their apprenticeship in our system, learning from what may appear to some to be all too obvious errors.
Other more advanced personalities will look on in horror as countries go to war, desecrate the Earth's environment, degrade the quality of other species ability to survive, driving some to apparent extinction, but the process cannot be short circuited and must run it's course. First failures to some extent assure future successes. If we were not allowed to fail, we would never learn how NOT to fail.
There have been Earth civilizations before that either evolved beyond our reality into more advanced civilizations or destroyed themselves in physical terms. In certain terms, this would seem tragic, but life cannot be annihilated and what dies, lives again. You can do nothing to not live.
We are the new kids on the block so to speak. As realities mature and advance, the participants in that system of reality work through challenges and progress to the point that further existence in our frame of reference is no longer required and individual choices are made for further future experience in more challenging systems of reality favorable to the development of the individual personalities involved, each to its own inclinations.
Your "life" heritage is ancient, your consciousness affiliations extend historically speaking backward in time for eons. You, of course cannot be made privy to all the information that is latent in your very being. It would simply overwhelm the beginning consciousness to the point of madness. There is a part of your being that has access to Knowledge reaching back before this present Earth was set in place to be used as a platform for a certain kind of experience. There is no barrier between you and this Knowledge.
Why do I mention this at this time? Because I want each person reading this to understand that they have access to this good and enduring ancient Knowledge that can benefit them greatly in living their personal lives. You are not a victim of random circumstance of a chance Universe accidentally combining innumerable chemicals and elements, ignited by some cataclysmic event that resulted in a fusion of inert matter into LIFE.
LIFE was always intentional just as it is now. No matter combining itself forever could result in conscious life. Conscious life could and does create matter as we perceive it. There is a vast inner purpose in all living things and that includes animals and plants and more.
There is an intimate connection between you and the first living physical thing that our Universe knew. Your access to Universal information is intimate, real and enduring. When you begin to actively seek information, you create a psychic whirlpool of intent that will literally begin to suck up (attract) the very information you desire. When this process has begun, and I know you have heard this before, "when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive".
You cannot actually know what is latent in the memory of your inner self because that would circumvent the process of evolution and growth within the physical system. Just knowing that Knowledge is to some extent available to you begins to actually make it available.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


In order to understand our world, your place in it and and why you are here, youneed to first understand where your world really is in it's present state of evolution. It would be relatively easy to isolate different aspects of our world progress (reality) and make the assumption that you are a very evolved civilization.

If we considered your technological progress over the last century, you could point with pride at your abilities to send expeditions to Mars and the Moon. Men have walked on the moon and stared back at Earth in amazement, never thinking that they were peering out at a beautiful blue planet where people were murdering each other, engaging in wars in the name of God, hoping to bomb each other into submission because of differing beliefs.

This alone should give you a hint that your evolutionary progress is spotty at best and although technological achievements cannot be denied, your understanding of some of the most basic principles of existence are far from acceptable. Some of your most basic beliefs are so distorted that it is a wonder that anyone with a sane mind could accept them as logical or beneficial to society. You pride yourselves that you are religious civilizations under God, even though you don't agree who or what that God is. And if you don't agree who exactly God is, you are only too anxious to kill others who do not accept your beliefs in the name of your own God.

You continue to build nuclear weapons in the thousands in the belief that this approach will bring peace. How many nuclear bombs are enough when only one can devastate an entire city killing thousands? Guns never have brought anyone true peace. Only the elimination of methods of killing and a true understanding of the oneness of life itself will stop killing.

The point I am making is this, and it is important that even if you do not believe what I say, that you at least accept this proposition in sake of understanding what is to come here. You are indeed a very young civilization, yes, quite advanced in certain areas, but very un-evolved in others.

In terms of time, and evolutionary progress, you are just barely beginning. Earth is in a sense, a proving ground, where new ideas and new experience is tested, tried on for size so to speak and mistakes can be expected. You are babes in the woods, just beginning to understand the reasons for your existence and struggling to know why you are here and what lies in your future, if indeed you have a future.

Much lies ahead that cannot even be imagined at this stage of your development.

Earth experience (reality) is like kindergarten and you are like children, building blocks into edifices then tearing them down in delight. You are learning from your experience of seeming destruction and it will eventually teach you not to destroy. In truth, you can do no real harm, you can destroy nothing although on the surface it may seem that you can as you see your creations crumble and lives lost. Reality cannot be destroyed, it can only change form, and in the end it is all good. Lives that are lost will live again and civilizations that perish will flourish again.

You are here to create your reality, experience it, evaluate your experiences of your creations and then create again, all the while learning and making a better world in the process. You are all here to evolve into something more, never less. Some personalities are here to help or teach those who are ready to understand. I am one of those. I am far from All-Knowing, but what I do know I am willing to share to those who are ready to listen.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Answers to your questions in 48 Hours

If you are like me, you have many questions that you thought never would be answered. The good news is that Answers do exist. The universe contains all of the knowledge ever known about subjects that have long been off limits. In a sense the universe is composed of data that is then interpreted by the senses and relayed to the physical brain to decipher the meaning in light of the kind of consciousness perceiving it.
Obviously what I mean by this is that the same psychic data will be interpreted in different ways by the divergent types of consciousness that perceives it. In other words, "TREE DATA" means something quite different to a bird than it does to us. If we could perceive what a bird perceives of tree data, we would be very surprised that the bird can land of the same limb that we perceive.
Having said this,,,,,,,My Knowledge comes from other sources than the usual source of physical data. It is given to me and claimed by me, added to by me, even though it comes from other sources that can not be perceived or understood by the intellect. The intellect deals most exclusively with physical data, and spiritual truths come from inner sources not easily picked up by the physical brain.
As we go along I will attempt to answer any questions about spiritual reality as I know it. I will not be able to prove to you with physical facts, the truths of my answers to your questions, but you will certainly feel the proofs of the heart if you will trust your intuitions and set the intellect aside for the moment.
I will attempt to answer your questions posted here within 48 hours. Sometimes I do not know the answers at the time the question is posted. The answers will come to me from other sources and I have no control when the answers will be given to me, other than to say, usually it is within a few days.