Monday, July 7, 2008


As I have been saying, we (Earth civilization as it it at this particular time) is a very young un-evolved civilization in terms of value growth and maturity. Obviously, some personalities here are more evolved than others. Some of these present personalities will not return to Earth reality as we know it and some will return as often as needed to finish out their apprenticeship in our system, learning from what may appear to some to be all too obvious errors.
Other more advanced personalities will look on in horror as countries go to war, desecrate the Earth's environment, degrade the quality of other species ability to survive, driving some to apparent extinction, but the process cannot be short circuited and must run it's course. First failures to some extent assure future successes. If we were not allowed to fail, we would never learn how NOT to fail.
There have been Earth civilizations before that either evolved beyond our reality into more advanced civilizations or destroyed themselves in physical terms. In certain terms, this would seem tragic, but life cannot be annihilated and what dies, lives again. You can do nothing to not live.
We are the new kids on the block so to speak. As realities mature and advance, the participants in that system of reality work through challenges and progress to the point that further existence in our frame of reference is no longer required and individual choices are made for further future experience in more challenging systems of reality favorable to the development of the individual personalities involved, each to its own inclinations.
Your "life" heritage is ancient, your consciousness affiliations extend historically speaking backward in time for eons. You, of course cannot be made privy to all the information that is latent in your very being. It would simply overwhelm the beginning consciousness to the point of madness. There is a part of your being that has access to Knowledge reaching back before this present Earth was set in place to be used as a platform for a certain kind of experience. There is no barrier between you and this Knowledge.
Why do I mention this at this time? Because I want each person reading this to understand that they have access to this good and enduring ancient Knowledge that can benefit them greatly in living their personal lives. You are not a victim of random circumstance of a chance Universe accidentally combining innumerable chemicals and elements, ignited by some cataclysmic event that resulted in a fusion of inert matter into LIFE.
LIFE was always intentional just as it is now. No matter combining itself forever could result in conscious life. Conscious life could and does create matter as we perceive it. There is a vast inner purpose in all living things and that includes animals and plants and more.
There is an intimate connection between you and the first living physical thing that our Universe knew. Your access to Universal information is intimate, real and enduring. When you begin to actively seek information, you create a psychic whirlpool of intent that will literally begin to suck up (attract) the very information you desire. When this process has begun, and I know you have heard this before, "when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive".
You cannot actually know what is latent in the memory of your inner self because that would circumvent the process of evolution and growth within the physical system. Just knowing that Knowledge is to some extent available to you begins to actually make it available.

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