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It may seem that we fight tooth and nail against death, and it may seem to friends and family that someone close on their deathbed does not want to die. But this is an outward appearance only known to the ego consciousness and not shared by the inner self. That inner self, the inner consciousness knows when it is time to live and when it is time to die, and the inner self sees what the ego consciousness cannot. When the inner self, (soul) begins to sense that the ego itself has lived it's life to the fullest extent possible within the present life, it begins to withhold the boundless energy that it once supplied in abundance to the personality without which that personality cannot survive, the life force is bound to diminish to the point of death.

It is not "Absolute" however, and if the personality should for some reason experience a life altering event, then the personality can and often does through it's own exuberance, persuade the inner self that the quality of the continued existence would be such that extending that life becomes possible and indeed beneficial.
The word DEATH would be better described as the end of life in our physical realm for life in another reality. The body dies, the personality, the identity does not die. You will always be you as you become more. You will never lose sight of your present identity. Upon death, you will retain your personal habits that you have now, you will know yourself as the you that you are, but you will become more than you are. In other words, you will never lose awareness of the you that is you.

Once an identity has been formed, it is then indelible in the universe and out of the universe. Consciousness is forever and forever is timeless. There is nothing you could do that would make it otherwise. Even if you committed the most horrendous crime, the most deplorable act, it will in no way affect your existence throughout eternity as we know it. You have been given the God-like quality of eternal life and it cannot be withdrawn for any reason.

We all to some extent have a belief in the soul, even though very few of us could provide a good definition of the soul. Most would agree that the soul resides somewhere else in some other medium, but not here on earth with us. The truth is that the soul does reside or exist in another medium but it also exists as and in you. You are a manifestation of your soul, your soul while you are in human form, resides within and a part of you in an indistinguishable way, but not all of the full soul can be ensconced in human form.. It would be utterly impossible for the full spectrum of the soul to inhabit such a limited human body construction. It would be unbearable to the identity.

Part of the soul, (a much greater part) remains separated from it's creation, the human identity. It resides in another reality entirely, the true PRIME REALITY that contains the potential reality of all identities, worlds and universes. This area of Prime Reality could never be mistaken for some imagined sterile, limited Heaven like existence for it is the true source of all realities and the number of realities is limitless. Prime Reality, Basic Reality is the source of everything both physical and non-physical.

The soul creates a personality (you), cleverly melding itself within the human body, entwining itself throughout your corporeal self, merging itself through the nervous system and the physical brain through the non physical mind and incorporating itself throughout the cellular structure so it is indistinguishable from you. And should you go looking for the soul with even the most sophisticated instruments, you will never find even one iota of soul stuff. While you exist, you are soul stuff in physical clothing and the physical body is sacred. The physical clothing is of course, an overlay of particle structure upon psychic patterns for the living form.

Compare it with an astronaut preparing for a journey into space. He cannot enter this other world of outer space without a space suit that allows him to function in an otherwise strange, hostile environment. You adopt a human body for your trip on Earth, through physical birth. The body you adopt for this venture is well equipped and superbly tailored to operate in Earth environment. The astronaut plans his journey in much detail in advance. You planned your birth into this world with more detail and care than any astronaut preparing for a trip to the moon.

When the trip is over for the astronaut, the space suit is discarded and the information garnered from the trip is analyzed and added to our bank of knowledge for future space exploration. When you die, you discard your body and you too will also ponder the lessons learned in that most recent life and be able to learn from them and put some of them to use on future life expeditions.
Life cannot be extinguished, consciousness is eternal and cannot be negated, diminished or ever become less. Consciousness can only become more, and you are consciousness in human form.

YOU were NEVER your human body, you are using human form for a limited time within certain precise co-ordinates of time and space to create, learn and deal with certain physical challenges that could only be experienced with physical existence. Your identity exists before your physical body and it will exist long after your body has been returned to it's source, the natural Earth. Here is the beautiful part. Long after your physical body has returned to it's natural environment, it will once again provide the necessary minerals, chemicals and elements for other living forms. In that sense, the atoms and cells that make up your body will also live again as will you.

There will be no lapse of consciousness at death, death being simply the change of focus of your consciousness from physical reality to other endeavours in another reality. Other endeavors, by the way that are quite as real as the ones you now experience. Immediately upon physical death, you will experience some disorientation as you will be entering a new environment. You will see past parents, sons, daughters and other family members who will be there to greet you. You will also see others that you have known before that you had strong attachments to in physical life.

The word DEATH could better be defined as such:

The point in life where we choose to leave our physical body behind and turn our attention to our next adventure, bidding a temporary fond adieu to family and friends until we meet again.

For those you care about, you will ALWAYS meet them again and again.
Finally, life is important for sure, and death is a sad parting, more sad by the way, for those left behind than for the departing personality. Death is easy, everybody does it and when you look at it in the perspective that: If you want to live again, then you must leave this life first.
Death is not a travesty of a mindless Universe. There is Divine Purpose behind Everything That Is !

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You must have really done a lot of experiments and collected a lot of evidence to so confidently make these claims! I was just wondering if I could see your data? It's not that I don't believe all the miraculous claims that you make, it's just that I've been trained in this pesky little discipline called SCIENCE that demands this annoying little thing called PROOF before accepting such fantastic claims as fact. Oh but I forgot, all this comes straight from GOD right? Yeah never mind then. Silly me.