Saturday, July 5, 2008


In order to understand our world, your place in it and and why you are here, youneed to first understand where your world really is in it's present state of evolution. It would be relatively easy to isolate different aspects of our world progress (reality) and make the assumption that you are a very evolved civilization.

If we considered your technological progress over the last century, you could point with pride at your abilities to send expeditions to Mars and the Moon. Men have walked on the moon and stared back at Earth in amazement, never thinking that they were peering out at a beautiful blue planet where people were murdering each other, engaging in wars in the name of God, hoping to bomb each other into submission because of differing beliefs.

This alone should give you a hint that your evolutionary progress is spotty at best and although technological achievements cannot be denied, your understanding of some of the most basic principles of existence are far from acceptable. Some of your most basic beliefs are so distorted that it is a wonder that anyone with a sane mind could accept them as logical or beneficial to society. You pride yourselves that you are religious civilizations under God, even though you don't agree who or what that God is. And if you don't agree who exactly God is, you are only too anxious to kill others who do not accept your beliefs in the name of your own God.

You continue to build nuclear weapons in the thousands in the belief that this approach will bring peace. How many nuclear bombs are enough when only one can devastate an entire city killing thousands? Guns never have brought anyone true peace. Only the elimination of methods of killing and a true understanding of the oneness of life itself will stop killing.

The point I am making is this, and it is important that even if you do not believe what I say, that you at least accept this proposition in sake of understanding what is to come here. You are indeed a very young civilization, yes, quite advanced in certain areas, but very un-evolved in others.

In terms of time, and evolutionary progress, you are just barely beginning. Earth is in a sense, a proving ground, where new ideas and new experience is tested, tried on for size so to speak and mistakes can be expected. You are babes in the woods, just beginning to understand the reasons for your existence and struggling to know why you are here and what lies in your future, if indeed you have a future.

Much lies ahead that cannot even be imagined at this stage of your development.

Earth experience (reality) is like kindergarten and you are like children, building blocks into edifices then tearing them down in delight. You are learning from your experience of seeming destruction and it will eventually teach you not to destroy. In truth, you can do no real harm, you can destroy nothing although on the surface it may seem that you can as you see your creations crumble and lives lost. Reality cannot be destroyed, it can only change form, and in the end it is all good. Lives that are lost will live again and civilizations that perish will flourish again.

You are here to create your reality, experience it, evaluate your experiences of your creations and then create again, all the while learning and making a better world in the process. You are all here to evolve into something more, never less. Some personalities are here to help or teach those who are ready to understand. I am one of those. I am far from All-Knowing, but what I do know I am willing to share to those who are ready to listen.


sune said...

I salute to your direct messages from the ONE..
I am speechless..You are talking the TRUTH that hidden beneath the psyche of mankind..

Anonymous said...

r u an alien ????? the kinds of answer u post can't be done by the most enlightened living being
on earth . anyways good job . ur post r mind opening , if only everybody could see the world ur way we would then evolve as u r . dont stop posting on my account . i also want to know how and what r the material advancement and physical advancemaent and social relations in other evolved planets .??

Anonymous said...

hi what exectly is gods . simple defination?????

W. Allan said...

OK Anonymous, you've got me. In your terms, I am certainly an alien if you interpret that definition meaning that my beliefs and knowledge is different than that held by most. But bear in mind, that most people are wrong, and I am doing my best to enlighten them, and you too.
Woooo Wooooo

W. Allan said...

Anonymous, In answer to your question about; What is gods? and then ask for a simple definition, maybe you should ask Franklin Graham or Richard Roberts that question. I am sure you would get an answer more to your liking and understanding.