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Healing, curing, Health, Wellness, any of these is an interesting enough topic and one that will always be relevant, because no matter how much you know and how much you learn, you will never be totally free of such bothersome inconveniences as headaches, stubbed toes, colds, flu and some of the more serious illnesses. In general, and only in general, if one has few, shall we call them mental difficulties, he will have few medical difficulties. I am well aware that this is a general statement, so you probably shouldn’t take it too seriously, but you should give it careful consideration if you ever want to get a handle on problems with your health, especially reoccurring problems and even, yes, even seemingly incurable afflictions.

It is important to understand that the human body usually comes into this world with a very reliable immune system under normal conditions, but unfortunately normal is the exception in most cases. What really happens, is that you are born with, (you create for yourself in advance of your human birth) a relatively normal, unimpaired body and a normal functioning immune system, which is quite capable of maintaining a healthy balance in the physical world under varying conditions, but it can be degraded, not so much from the outside as from the inside, and ALL illness stems from internal, psychological roots.

I want to explain that when I say you created your physical body in advance of your physical birth, I am not referring to the ego part of your consciousness, since the ego portion of your future physical structure does not exist until after physical birth. What I am referring to is the inner ego, your inner self, the part of your eternal identity that you are not as familiar with. Many would call this part of the self as the subconsciousness, but the part of your identity of which I speak here, the inner self, is a far deeper portion of your reality and under most condition, is beyond reach of the conscious or subconscious personality.

Illness is the symptom that this knowing inner self uses to communicate to YOU, the physical personality, that there is something wrong in Denmark, so to speak. All realities are mental, some are mental, thrust into physical manifestation such as yours, but there is no reality, no alien civilization, physical or otherwise, that is not inherently mental in origin.

I write about illness since it is so, well, so common and so misunderstood and can be a real pain, if you will excuse the feeble attempt at humor. It is important to say that while you are part of the physical system of reality, including your reincarnated lives in the Earth System, you will always be touched in some way by illness or temporary indisposition. After you discard the physical body, illness then is represented in different ways. So, even though you evolve and expand your fields of perception, this avenue of expression used by the inner self to relay alerts to the outer self will remain a valid method of communication although in the future you will be much more able to understand and utilize this information in more practical ways than to catch a cold or develop an ulcer or cancer.

I don’t often like to paint a picture in such broad strokes, but if your society seems to be undergoing an unusual amount of stresses, and problems, wars, famines, overpopulation, weather anomalies, floods, ecological disasters, political upheavals, then, has it ever occurred to you that there would also be more illness around the world? You would probably agree with that statement, and I can understand why, because you can equate with problems causing stress which you know can cause illness. But would you agree that illness and the accompanying related psychological discord causes many of the worldwide troubles and catastrophes that you are now experiencing?

Probably not, but it will help you in understanding the source of illness if you understand that a personal illness to the ego conscious personality is basically no different in origin than an Earth illness is to the world population en masse. The Earth has its own overall consciousness and human mass mental instability is of no different origin than a destructive thunderstorm or devastating flood. A flood of emotion carries more energy than a flooding river and mass emotional stress can cause rivers to flood.

Illness, sickness, world problems along with stress, hates, discordant or false beliefs, all feed off and interact with each other and in many ways support each other. These fields of interaction and resulting effects are not predictable other than to say, and this is a generality, that peace, tranquility, happiness and wisdom gives birth to similar qualities projected into physical events. You will never find one of these groupings without finding the other. The Earth has its own overall Earth consciousness which is a gestalt composed of all living consciousness, such as humans, flowers, trees, animals and insects. Everything is related and “screwed up” is screwed up whether it be the human personality or the earth consciousness under assault from inner human instability.

In a very real way , you begin to create your body, even before it takes form in the mothers womb, your personality, existing before your physical birth, directs energy into a body pattern that you create for your use in the coming life, and that body pattern is chosen with some discernment and much contemplation of the future challenges that you will want to meet. The point I want to make here, your personality and your life is not an accident, and if you have a defective body, it is because you made that choice for reasons known only to you before you ever took your first breath.

Except in cases where you bring a pre-existing affliction, such as a “missing limb or perhaps a mental deficiency” into this life with you, ANY ILLNESS CAN BE CURED. There is NO physically contracted illness or disease that is beyond cure, after all, you created your body, so it follows, that since your body is not a finished thing, you can to some extent, alter and manipulate what you created, except in those few conditions just mentioned above.

I want to touch on something here that is very important, and that is “belief and expectation:” trumps everything. There is NO predestination, so don’t believe for a minute that God gave you an illness for a purpose. If you have an illness, indeed, you do have it for a purpose, and that purpose was self inflicted, so, the good news is that it can be UN-inflicted by you. No illness contracted after birth was intend to be permanent, it was meant as a notification to the outer ego from the inner ego, to make the necessary adjustments, so the illness can abate and natural balance be restored to the body.

No illness has ever been cured of anything by the administration of pills or the amputation of organs alone without the belief in the cure itself or the doctor. Now, some of your televangelists, repugnant as their motives are, can do some good here, just as witch doctors and shamans elicited cures before formal medicine substituted scalpels and stethoscopes for chicken bones and drug enhanced fireside dances, expelling evil spirits. In short, if you believe it, either method can indeed work miracles with pretty much effectiveness. The “now in vogue” method of one of your most prominent TV personalities, that of requesting the audience to place their hands on the television set and pray with him, could actually affect seemingly miraculous cures, that in some cases do stick since it’s all about beliefs, and if you believe strongly enough, any remedy can be effective, but in this case, they may not be permanent, since the root cause was not addressed.

Again, it is the initial and enduring belief and the continuing, non wavering expectation in a CURE that coaxes miracles out of the shadows of the sub conscious mind into the world of physical actualization. For that reason, a dream or a sub conscious, earth shattering illumination can sometimes affect an instantaneous cure of the most dreadful of your diseases such as cancer, overnight. These are, as you know so called miraculous cures, sometimes referred to as SPONTANEOUS REMISSIONS are the result of dramatic changes in a complete belief structure, where the consciousness of the personality receives a jolting change of inner perception, drastically altering the physical body and eliminating the need for the previously reinforcing illness. Remember, the illness was there in the first place to reinforce the need for change of previously held beliefs.

Nothing in the universe and beyond is permanent, and indeed, a certain instability is a built in pre-requisite for all reality. Every action, every interaction that you have, including one simple thought changes everything, including the stars and the planets, and that my friends, is why in studying astrology, you must understand that you have an influence on the stars, just as the stars have an influence on you. There is a connection and these interactions are mutual, each affecting each other, so to ignore your effect on them would be a mistake.

Your identity is two part, but of course there is no perceivable division. The ego part of your consciousness is the part that confronts, interacts with and enables you to manipulate and negotiate your way in the physical world. It is specialized, but it is not equipped to look inward and if you could ask your ego, how does my heart beat, it would answer, “I do not know, but I just trust that it does”. The inner ego, is the opposite of the exterior outer ego, and it is eminently equipped to perceive the vast inner reality that escapes the outer ego. The outer ego does not like to admit the existence of this inner self, so it mainly ignores it. That is why the inner ego must resort to a subterfuge to get its messages through to the physical personality through the use of illness.

This inner self is the ONE director of the automatic bodily functions that you so much depend on, like breathing, bodily locomotion and projecting the outer ego’s desires into physical materialization. The inner ego is the director then, of the molecules, cells and bodily organs, and were this not so, you wouldn’t be able to even scratch your nose or lift your arm. All of the actions that you take are made possible by this inner ego, directing these inner body functions.

I have said many times that the body is a gestalt collection of all of the individual consciousness that make up this marvelous construction, and from the cells to the heart, liver, skin and all other organs, each is conscious in its own generalized way. They are of course, not consciousness that you would consider self aware, but they do possess a knowledge of their being and each seemingly insignificant consciousness that makes up your “BODY CONSCIOUSNESS” is to some extent aware of its being and derives satisfactions from its materialization even though it may be only a small part in forming the nail on your big toe.

All of the cells in the body co-operate and operate in a gestalt configuration, within the awareness of the inner self or inner ego. The inner ego, is in that respect and organizer and a doer and it does what the outer ego directs it to do . So, there is an outer ego and an inner ego, both facing in different directions. The inner ego needs the outer ego so it can perceive and operate in the physical system and the outer ego needs the inner ego to help it in its physical experience. The outer ego, which is the part of you that you know best, facing the world, the Jane, the Bob or the Frederica, Hans, or Juliette would be impotent were it not for this inner ego. The outer ego doesn’t even want to admit that the inner self exists, but still the outer ego senses that its very existence is dependent on the support of the inner ego. The inner ego is that which is permanent and enduring, when outer ego falters and fails.

Now, to the heart of the matter. Each cell knows much that your superior intellect does not know. It perceives much more of invisible realities, through its inner ego source. Each cell knows and remembers the immaculate state that allowed it to originally break through the barrier between physical and non-physical reality and though its form may be altered, degraded and affected by discordant, faulty or false belief systems of the personality (that’s you), it never forgets that perfect state. Now, I don’t particularly like the term perfect, since nothing is really perfect, but I am limited by my and your vocabulary here.

The cell knows its potentials, even in light of its UNNATURAL degraded state brought on by illness. Its health, its true reality is inflicted upon it by the overall body consciousness and the overall body consciousness under the auspices of the inner self, receives its marching orders by the outer ego self.

I know this is confusing, so lets go over this again.
You, the Bob, June, etc., personality is made up of your physical form and your psychic self but this is not all of your total identity..
Your personality is also made up of your inner self which is not so apparent and is of another dimension entirely.
The inner self is the driving force that exists out of your system, but influences matter in the physical reality at the behest of the outer self.
The ego self desires something and the inner self creates it and projects it into the physical world of hard, concrete facts.
Both, acting in concert, form the total gestalt of your being.
The cells are influenced by the beliefs, thoughts and expectations of the outer self and then forced upon the physical world by the inner self.
The cells are precognitive, in that they juggle future probabilities and are aware of all of your past and future states of health. They know what you don’t know, since in psychic terms their perspective is more expansive. Even though they may temporarily become defective or damaged and project themselves into an illness gestalt, they remember what they were and LEAN toward that remembered state of health in their original NATURAL STATE of perfection.

A defective or damaged cell alone will not create a defective heart, but enough unhealthy cells can contribute to an unhealthy heart. and the heart has its own consciousness and knows what it is supposed to be. Every living particle, every atom, every molecule, every cell, is to some extent conscious of its own being and inclined toward good and not bad. That is your ace in the hole, so to speak. When you know this, you will sense that you have a valuable ally on your side in your quest for a cure, this inner knowledge of the cell of its prior state of being. Since all illness begins as mental and since all illness is in some way connected to cells that you now know are inclined toward good health and under the right conditions, there is no person in your world who has greater healing abilities than your cells and the body that they compose..

What I am inferring here is that left alone, and with no physic roadblocks, blocking the free and unobstructed flow of healing energy to the body, it will begin to correct itself. Of course, it doesn’t always work this easy in your system since these roadblocks will not be apparent to the casual observer. If you can discover the root psychological cause of your present affliction, then it can be removed and the illness corrected.

And finally to be the redundant self that I am: There is NO ILLNESS that cannot be cured, but you have to do the groundwork and the body will take care of the rest.

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