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Sometimes the current news is a good source of material that can be used as examples of some of the more difficult concepts that we have discussed in previous articles. If you have been reading this column for some time, you are aware that I have discussed “Illness” many times before, simply because so many are inflicted with a variety of personal challenges with their health. Recently, a popular radio and television personality Glenn Beck made a tearful announcement that he had been informed by his doctors that he has a disease called macular dystrophy, a relatively rare genetic disorder that causes a progressive loss of vision. Not too long ago another radio personality, Rush Linbaugh experienced sudden hearing loss. In his case, it was due to autoimmune inner ear disease and a cochlear implant was the solution.

Now, I have a question for my readers; Does anyone see any kind of significance here between the kind of illness that has recently affected both entertainers and their particular brand of media communication? I don’t want to go too deeply into the varying kinds of illness, but I will simply say this, the root cause of all illness is mental, beginning with a psychic blockage, a mental obstruction of the free flow of the creative energy emanating from all living consciousness. First I want to make it absolutely clear that the following information given here has nothing to do with Mr. Beck’s or Mr Linbaugh’s political views, but as most of you know, both are well known as conservative talk show hosts with large audiences. Faulty, tainted or defective beliefs, strongly held, will project themselves on the physical landscape in “imperfect reality”, and in many cases, that results in illness.

I recently posted an article on “Mass Meditation” and the effects that negative messages can have on your health and life. Unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and a negative environment can be inconvenient if not disastrous to your good health if it is continuing and unrelenting. It behooves you to be careful what and who you surround yourself with, and of course that includes your thoughts, ideas and beliefs, because in general terms, you will become what you associate with, either mentally or physically. If you are constantly in the company of negatively thinking individuals or listening to negative news stories circulated by an angry, critical mass media with a negative take on current news events you will inadvertently absorb those unhealthy views and accept them as part of your world view.. If you choose to listen to this type of news, it is a certainty that these messages will be assimilated into the psyche of the personality and reproduced in your physical experience. No one can remain immune from absorbing this kind subliminal imagery of negativity if you are immersed in it on a daily basis, and so it will be manifested in your environment, your daily life and especially in your physical health.

I again must emphasize that it is not the actual content of the news, right, left, liberal or conservative, nor is it the nature of the viewpoint of the newsperson that is important here, but the constant and continuing immersion in the taking of a negative stance about the unfolding world dramas. The entire staff of the stations, the researchers, the assistants and the personalities themselves, are all intent on burrowing into the daily news stories and searching for the tiniest negative aspects of the daily world news to elaborate on, amplify and express outrage, when indeed, all reality is made up of both positive and negative aspects. When these personalities concentrate their attention to infusing reality with a negative slant on everything they encounter, the positive aspects of world reality get lost in the shuffle, and actually become invisible to them and everything gets shrouded in a pall of gloom and despair.

One of the problems inherent in this type of news gathering and dissemination is that these people, because of their beliefs and their occupation of ferreting out negative aspects of news, will not see the good side of the stories they report on, and in time, the good aspects of daily reality become transparent to them, and in a true sense, the good aspects of reality, for them, ceases to exist. It has been said that “You become what you think”, and that is very true, even more so when what you think about is usually geared to finding and thinking about the negative side of everything within your domain.

Look around you. Yes, you will see negative things, but you will also see many positive things too, and to concentrate your attention on just the negativity, will cause you to become what you concentrate your attention on. Another problem with this is that because of their popularity, these personalities inflict the same kind of psychic damage on their followers. This is akin to writing a book of world events containing everything bad and forgetting the other good side of reality as it actually exists.

The inner self creates the reality that the ego self concentrates on! The inner self, does not discriminate when creating what the ego deems correct, acceptable and desired, unfortunately, what seems acceptable to the ego, can sometimes be flat out wrong and detrimental to your physical health. I have said again and again that all illness is the result of misdirected inner energy as it is thrust outward into the world of physical matter. This obstruction of the free natural flow of positive energy, backed up and blocked from unimpeded flow into the world of physical matter is the root cause of all illness. The inner self, which is the most inner portion of the identity that lies beyond the subconscious recognition, tries to alert the ego as to the causes of the illness in a symbolic manner.

The inner self does not play favorites in that respect , and will make physical whatever the exterior portion of you personality (the ego) concentrates its attention on, and it does not judge right or wrong, good or bad, liberal or conservative. If you want good, concentrate on it. If you want wrong, concentrate on it and it will manifest just as readily as good or evil. The danger lies in the nature of the thoughts and beliefs, the duration and the intensity, and believe me, right or wrong, the two aforementioned personalities are certainly intense in their beliefs.

Negative beliefs, long held and unwavering, will usually be materialized as “illness, sickness or affliction”manifested by the personality on its own corporal body. It always tries to leave hints to its nature and to its potential cures. These negative psychological energy distortions and blockages try to right themselves by leaving hints as to the remedies available. The natural state of the human body is pure health, and make no mistake, it wants to be well, given the opportunity, the body will cure itself when the psychic blockages are removed. The human body always seeks what I would call an immaculate state of balance, given a natural healthy psychic environment. The continuing and relentless pursuit of negativity is NOT a healthy environment.

Now, the inner self does not try to create illness, it is an automatic process as creative energy is projected outward into the physical world. If a dam is placed in the flow of a stream, its course becomes fragmented and less defined and if a mental blockage is placed in the flow of energy on its journey outward into physical matter, that matter also becomes fragmented and distorted. The inner self has nothing to do with this distortion, to it, energy blocked equals a barrier to the natural flow, the resulting illness is meant as a bellwether that something is wrong, the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. It leaves hints as to the inner problem and tries to leave clues to the personality as to the affliction, to its nature and to its cure. The form the illness takes will usually be as close of a symbolic representation to the nature of the “Root Problem” as possible. It only follows if the problem originates with communication, the illness will likely affect the means of communication. Another example might be; if a person has deep fears of success in business and is reluctant try new ideas, he could perhaps be afflicted by an illness affecting the legs and physical locomotion, meant to symbolically represent the persons denial of forward motion into new business ventures.

By now I hope it has dawned on you why I chose Glenn Beck and Rush Linbaugh as examples for this article. Both personalities have unknowingly chosen illnesses that best emphasize the nature of the inner problem, but I doubt that either will ever notice the clues. Both have chosen illnesses related to communication, blaring out for all to see, the nature of the inner problems to be dealt with. Rush Linbaugh, was the recipient of a cochlear implant, temporary remedying the hearing problem, and we all know that illness can sometimes be cured using conventional medicine. If, on the other hand, the inner “root problem” is not discovered and addressed, the personality will soon adopt another illness until they are forced to realize that there is something very wrong internally.

Now, Glenn Beck has proclaimed that God had this illness planned for him for some pre-destined but unknown reason according to some divine destiny. For those who believe likewise, there is no pre determined future to relieve you of your “God given” natural responsibility for what you create in and about your life. You are on the planet Earth because you chose to be here, free and independent, and you are now responsible for creating a reality for the mutual benefit of yourself and your contemporaries. No God on high, ever inflicted His will on anyone, and the sooner you accept responsibility for the events of your life, your health and illness, they better off you will be.

There is NO ILLNESS and NO AFFLICTION that cannot be cured, or should I say that cannot cure itself through the workings of the inner self, given the right frame of mind, the right assumptions, thoughts and beliefs. The really good news is that action is always in a state of change and there is always the possibility of a change toward a healthy body given a level playing field. You created your body so you can change it given the correct knowledge and right impetus.

Now, this not as easy to do as I might have made it sound, and the key here is BELIEF. Acceptance of these truths is only the first step, but until you really believe that you have the power to change your reality, you will forever be at the mercy of ignorance, lack of knowledge and otherwise unexplainable illnesses. This is a true statement; A person who does not believe in sickness or illness is immune to sickness and illness. No illness can be permanently cured without finding and addressing the inner source, exterior cures by themselves will seem to work for a time, but true health requires a healthy belief system. If the belief system is flawed, the body’s health will be flawed. Doctors, especially doctors who recognize the mind/body connection can be of great assistance in affecting cures, so at this point you cannot disregard them totally, but bear in mind, no doctor ever cured a broken personality that did not participate in the cure, and there is where the search for the origin of illness must begin. No despicable little bug or organism ever attacked and laid asunder anyone who was not an unconscious willing victim, and in fact, your immune system, operating within a healthy belief system is perfectly capable of curing ANY affliction. If the belief system is distorted, the immune system is operating under a handicap and is blocked from doing its job, its defenses are lowered and the little critters are invited in to wreck havoc, or at least get your attention.

Finally, if Glenn Beck in particular believes as he says, that God has a reason for his affliction, he is way off base, and until he understands the inner psychic reasons underlying illness, he will never take personal responsibility for what he has himself created. The good news is, once he realizes the connection between negative thought and illness, he can begin to affect a cure, and a complete turnaround can begin. The human body is constantly in a state of change, and these changes are initiated and influenced by inner balance or inner psychological storms. The choice is yours.

The healthy mind is like a fertile field, waiting to be planted today with the seeds of your thoughts and beliefs. What you plant today, you will harvest in the future, so make sure what you plant is good for your growth and does not become an impediment. Inner psychic negativity creates outer physical negativity as atoms coagulate around negative thoughts and beliefs to form your personal reality. A life dependent on conflict and a constant search for negativity, will materialize negativity. Please remember the one universal rule that I have stated many times in the past; “You get what you concentrate on”. There are no exceptions

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