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The question as it was posed; I read your article on Caylee Anthony, how everybody chooses when to die. Wanted to ask what you thnk of a situation where a by passer sees someone in trouble, possibly about to die...Shouldn’t we help that person and not assume that they choose to die this way?

Nothing is pre-ordained! There is no reality to the term “death” except from your personal frame of reference from inside of the physical system of reality. For others that have gone beyond your system, viewing it from the outside, so to speak, death does not make any sense at all. Time is only a necessity in a beginning physical system because of a variety of reasons inherent with a limited ability to deal with and effectively encounter the full impact of challenges with full intensity of fucus. Since you cannot stand the impact of even a small portion of reality that exists even in one small area of your perception, you divide it up into smaller segments and experience them in a series of consecutive smaller events in a time context. To the Entity and to those on other more advanced systems, the beginning and the ending happen simultaneous, so you could rightly say that the birth and the death exist side by side at the same time.

Death of the physical body usually comes as a surprise to the ego since it tries to remain aloof from the more knowledgeable inner self, but this inner self fully recognizes the true inevitable nature of death, the time and the means, even from your first entrance as a fetus in the physical world. The inner self is the deepest layer of your consciousness that lies beyond the subconscious, the subconscious being the intermediary between the ego and inner self. The ego is occupied with manipulation in the physical world and is usually not concerned with inner perceptions, including knowledge of its future dissolution, which it would consider a needless intrusion and quite unbearable
Your world is founded on two most basic principles, reincarnation and probabilities, and those insure that within your world and beyond, there will be an eternal continuity of consciousness and that every possible action will be explored. That means that your consciousness will be reborn again and again in physical bodies until you evolve out of the physical system and into other more developed systems where death is unknown. It also means that every possible ramification of each individual act will be experienced, if not in your world, in another, by a probable self, which is just another aspect of your overall identity. As an example, if you got married to your high school sweetheart and later divorced, then another probable self, existing in another probable world, stayed married. There is no possibility that is not probable, and all probabilities will be probed and experienced somewhere and all probabilities that are experienced are known to the overall whole self. The true nature of consciousness is that no possible act will be unused or not experienced somewhere.

No death is not known in advance by the inner self, but no death is predestined to happen to you either, because what doesn’t happen here, will happen somewhere. Let me make this clear, one event spawns other probable events, so no probability exists that is not, at least in your system, a future possibility of another preceding event. The act of a marriage, then automatically creates, among others, the probable reality of a divorce sometime in the future. Now I know this sounds incredible if you are thinking in terms of a concrete reality, solid, static and unyielding, but remember, these probabilities are of psychic origin and psychic reality is the only true reality. These probabilities are then, just as real or as unreal as the physical universe, and their existence is eternal. Some of them will be actualized by you in your world, the others will be actualized in various other systems that are not dependent on physical reality at all. They all exist as probabilities until you choose one of them to actualize into physical form expressed in atoms and molecule.

As your consciousness expands and grows, you will be able to grasp this concept better than you can at this time. Now, I will say this and since we have not yet discussed in any detail the true nature of time, all probable events exist NOW, but in your system, you must experience them in the context of consecutive minutes and hours, slowing down the flow of reality in psychological terms. You are then choosing the probable event that best suits your interests, materializing it, experiencing it, and because of your choice, adding to the probable field of possible future events. In a very real way, you play “catch up” with what already exists, until your seemingly logical choice seems to “fit into” your idea of rational continuity extending outward from your present, then you materialize it and experience it as a physical event. Because you chose it, does not make it the best choice you could have made, but you always have the option for change, even in the choice of “DEATH”.

No death is preordained and no probable death is beyond change. Your soul/entity will reach a point where it chooses to focus its interests in other directions, His inner knowing sensing that your involvement in life’s pressing problems is beginning to wane. Your inner self also senses the time for closure is drawing near, and begins to bring about the circumstances where your departure from the physical system is facilitated by less vigorous materialized events and mental realization on the part of the personality. In that respect, the personality begins, to some varying extent, to sense a need for rest and a new beginning. At some point its need for the necessity of completion of present endeavors may diminish with for no apparent reason, since the ego is still unaware of any real urgency. Of course, this knowledge is mostly kept from the ego’s awareness, otherwise the ego would panic, not understanding that its existence is not threatened, but is eternal, as it changes and adapts to new circumstances after it vacates the physical form at death..

In the case of Caylee Anthony, which was the impetus for your question, the real identity, the inner Caylee self, realized the moment of death was imminent, but she had consciously chosen before being born into the physical system, to only experience a short life, not being interested in the involvement of adolescence and all of its trials and challenges. Caylee Anthony was far older than her few earth years would indicate. She lived because of the needs of others around her and died to help others as was her original plan for this life. In doing so, others will learn more than Caylee from her short life and death. Her death was not premature, but brief and successful in light of psychological concerns and her mission in her short life.. No one could have changed her wishes, because if her death as it was, had been averted, she would have chosen another method to leave the world under her terms at a still young age.

I know this sounds preposterous, but NO ONE dies who has not chosen and ready to die, and conversely, NO ONE lives who has not chosen to be born. It is because of your short sighted beliefs of an accidental world created by accidental encounters of stray chemicals and electrical charges, populated by accidental births, resulting from bumbling, rambunctious, hook ups in the back seat of cars, that you assume that some births are accidental. In truth, there are no accidents. Unconsciously, if no children were wanted as a result of these one-night-stands, then no offspring would result from these amorous flings.

Since the beginning of your time, no one has ever died that was not informed and ready to die, and no death is an accident. Some deaths are accidental it is true, but the accidental nature of the death was known in advance and accepted. This does not mean that a pre-known death cannot be averted or changed, either by the desire of the personality or the entity. This happens often when the personality is enlightened by an illumination of a sort that changes life circumstances to such a degree that the personality is infused with new impetus to live. In these cases, the Entity usually acquiesces and provides the additional energy for a renewal of the spirit to continue. There will come a time when the Entity begins to once again withdraw the necessary energy to continue a fruitful life and there be no further reprieves given. Then you will know who is running the show.

If you see someone in their death throes, it always behooves you to lend all assistance at your command to save them. If the dying person is intent on death, you or a platoon of doctors with a plethora of diplomas, white coats and stethoscopes, will not be able to save them, but an attempt should always be made. Of course, the attempt is sometimes more for your benefit than it is for the person doing the dying. I am sure some of you will understand that statement.

Those who have made the choice to die, will die despite valiant efforts to avert the inevitable. Those who decide to prolong this life, will recover, almost miraculously to the slightest help. It is not the quality of the assistance offered to these dying people, you see, but their inner intent and needs of the expiring person and the Soul/Entity. Keeping and maintaining a dying person on life support with tubes and sedation is only prolonging and extending the inevitable. Those persons are already laying the groundwork in another dimension, being very involved in their future departure, rekindling old friendships with those who have gone before, even in physical terms, what you would call a state of coma. Even though the body is unresponsive, the spirit is busily active.

Remember, every ending is a beginning, and I ask you this; If you really knew, if you were really sure, if you really believed that after your last breath in this life, that you would awaken in a new and beautiful landscape, meet those who have gone before and reconnect with parents and lovers who you may have stronger feelings than those recently left behind. If you realized that you will still have a body, but a body more flexible, more adaptable, with no aches and pains, with no afflictions, with more freedoms than you do now, my guess is that you would not be so reluctant to face death.

If you realized that your new environment is not the traditional sterile heaven that you might suspect, but another pre-existence where you will learn, be instructed, and make future choices from a multitude of new life choices. Life is eternal, the only thing that changes is action itself and you are action personified. Nothing remains static, and all lives continue, and in that continuous continuing, there is always growth and evolving, new associations and new satisfactions and fulfillments. Don’t get scared at this, but time does not really exist, as you think it does, so I can confidently say that life will continue as it always has, but with increasing knowledge and awareness, and there will never be a sense of having done that before and each new life is a new exciting adventure that is a bridge leading to growth and expansion of your consciousness.

Now here is the interesting thing about all of this. You all want to know about ESP, Paranormal Happenings, Ghosts, Extra Sensory Perception, Mental Telepathy, other worlds, alien civilizations, Atlantis, life after death and so much more. These understandings are not available to you now except on occasion as little blasts of intuitive awareness. This kind of awareness is a natural attribute of all consciousness to varying degrees. All of the above things do exist, and they are not purposely withheld from you. It’s just that you have not yet developed your latent natural abilities to make use of these traits that are inherent in the human race. You are evolving toward increasing awareness and utilization of these now unused paranormal abilities. I should mention that these aforementioned abilities are not just latent in the human race, but in varying degrees in all living consciousness.

In some respects, a tree understands more about the true nature of time and death than you do.


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Answers can be incorrect. They are not equivalent to truth.

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Very True!