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This is an outline of the story of the Hundredth Monkey.
It states that unidentified scientists were conducting a study of macaques monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima in 1952.[2] These scientists purportedly observed that some of these monkeys learned to wash sweet potatoes, and gradually this new behavior spread through the younger generation of monkeys—in the usual fashion, through observation and repetition. Watson then claimed that the researchers observed that once a critical number of monkeys was reached—the so-called hundredth monkey—this previously learned behavior instantly spread across the water to monkeys on nearby islands.

Rather than all monkeys mysteriously learning the skill it was noted that it was predominantly younger monkeys that learned the skill from the older monkeys through the usual means of imitation; older monkeys who did not know how to wash tended not to learn. As the older monkeys died and younger monkeys were born the proportion of washers naturally increased. The time span between observations was in the order of years.

Claims that the practice spread suddenly to other isolated populations of monkeys ignore the fact that at least one washing monkey swam to another population and spent about four years there. It is also to be noted that the sweet potato was not available to the monkeys prior to human intervention: it is not at all surprising that isolated populations of monkeys started to wash potatoes in a similar time frame once they were made available.

Now this is an interesting story that has been mutated and passed on for some years now, especially by “New Age” enthusiasts postulating that when any behavior reaches a certain “critical mass” in the mass consciousness of any population, it is then spread to all facets of society, distance seeming to be no factor whatsoever. This was pretty much accepted until the real facts began to emerge in the Hundredth Monkey story. Although there are some misunderstandings concerning this particular story, there are some deeper truths that can be learned from the newer version.

One thing this story tells us is something that most of our readers already know or at least suspect, and that is: the newer “Inner Knowledge” that we talk about here will be accepted and understood by the younger people more readily than by the more mature adults already set in their ways. These older adults are so indoctrinated in their accepted dogmas, that it is extremely difficult for them to break free of these learned ideas about reality and many of them will retain the beliefs given to them as infants by their parents, as adolescents by their teachers and clergy, without question throughout this life. The above Hundredth Monkey Legend is not so cut and dried as the article may make it seem, and here is why.

There is some truth that mass knowledge and acceptance of new ideas are “broadcasted” telepathically, below the conscious awareness of societies, countries, and in some cases, throughout entire civilizations. Now, these new ideas, new behavior patterns and new experiences will be easier assimilated in people or populations already primed and prone to those new ideas. In other words, to them, these new ideas have already become known in dreams and intuitive insights and have been implanted in their probable field of possibilities for future materialization. To those who are far enough advanced, these truths become known in the dream state, almost by a process akin to psychic osmosis, remembered and retained as intuitive knowledge, and can be accessed when needed in the future. To some others less developed psychically or too deeply involved in current dogma, the new knowledge will never be noticed. It will totally escape their attention, since they are not prepared to receive it.

Anyone of you who has read our articles here are aware that you literally create your own individual reality through thoughts and expectations that manifest through atomic structure, the thoughts being the initial patterns around which physical material solidifies. As you dwell on, think about and expect something you want or have interest in, it will gradually emerge into the physical stuff of your reality system. The same holds true in the materialization of “mass reality” of societies and the human species in a more generalized basis. When more and more people begin to believe in something, the new idea slowly builds up inertia, deepens psychic intensity, collecting more and more energy, finally materializing into a new paradigm of commonly held beliefs which become a part of your daily accepted experience for some time until a new paradigm once again emerges.

If enough people believe that a high protein diet will aid you in losing weight, it will do so. If enough people should change those beliefs to believing that a high carbohydrate diet helps you to lose weight, it would become true to the population until the mass belief system changed again. If you wanted to do some research, you will find that many, some opposing idea weight loss regimens all have their day, some more effective than others, but one rule always holds true. “Reality always follows beliefs, not the other way around. Of course there are other factors to consider, but here I am strictly trying to make a point that mass beliefs and expectations DO BECOME REAL when new ideas reach a critical mass and are accepted by large segments of the population.

One thing that is not mentioned in the Hundredth Monkey Story, is that common behaviors can sprout up in countries on different sides of your world, not entirely because of critical mass, but because of the simple fact that certain segments of populations in many areas of your world have reached a similar level of development and understanding at about the same time in history, and the emergence of similar new ideas and behavior patterns is a natural evolution of consciousness and knowledge. Another factor and possibly the most important is a constant dissemination or perhaps murmurs of telepathic knowledge that are a natural emission of all living consciousness, including the plants and animals. In this method, knowledge is spread throughout the natural world beneath conscious awareness by a constant and pervasive stream of telepathic communications going on underground, so to speak..

So, the reason the monkeys on the other islands learned to wash their potatoes cannot be so simply explained, but the explanation will do for some less demanding minds. Imagine if you will, and I know you will say “Here he goes again with that imagining thing”, but imagine a sky filled with clouds, clouds of different kinds, different colors and hues, different heights, different transparency, all being moved by tumultuous winds, causing them to intermix, reform, gain in thickness, change appearances and intensity, forming new images against the blue sky. In a very general way, I have just explained how the Soul Entity, the personality, the inner self, the dream self and all probable selves, combine knowledge, energies electrical fields and create enormous psychic gestalts of knowledge that to some extent is available to all. In this example, all of the clouds would exist within the larger overall cloud (conscious Entity) . All exist within the Entity, and what is available to the Entity is somewhat available to all of its segments, at least to the personalities that are part of its greater reality, and that are able to access and understand it.

Information learned by one probable self in one particular reality system, such as your Earth, will be sensed by your other probable selves in other probable Earths. And that, my friends, is how some of the information that your get, not knowing its source, comes to you in an intuitive illumination by the same osmosis type of reality sharing with your other selves in other systems. In other words, on an unconscious basis, probable selves are able to help one another in other probable systems in various ways. It is entirely possible that you have met one or more of your probable selves in your dreams or dream projections, since contact is facilitated in the dream state. You also pick up on available knowledge from your dream self, experimenting with new concepts while dreaming, trying on new ideas and new behaviors where no harm can be done if something goes wrong. In a very real way, the dream state is a fail safe system, where the future is tried on for size.

Finally, you are not alone, even if you live in a remote location, although it may seem that way. Knowledge, new technologies, new concepts and new behavioral patterns are shared to some extent between all aspects of the self through the support of the inner self. The information is then, made available to all selves, but not all aspects or your personality are at the same level of development, so not all will be psychically sensitive enough to notice the subtle signs of intuitive information that seems to come from nowhere, and does not seem to fit into your daily reality perceptions. This kind of knowledge becomes available to those who LISTEN and those who PAY ATTENTION. It is constantly being disseminated through the Entity and all of its personalities, but will be perceived and acted upon by those who are AWARE.

The Hundredth Monkey Story, while not being entirely true as told, is accurate inasmuch as there ARE many ways in which civilizations share knowledge and technologies even across continents and oceans without so much as a telephone, I-pad or computer. And as for speed, there is no word, phrase or byte of information that travels as fast as a thought.

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Karel said...

I heard the magic number is pi 3.14? for transformation into the oneness belief.Maybe we are nearly there.

W. Allan said...

There you go "thinking again"!
and that's a good thing.

Karel said...

Thinking helps me remember the truths already somewhere in me.Thinking is good, but beyond thought is better. That knowing that arises from no-thought is amazing.I appreciate you sharing your wisdom.

W. Allan said...

What wisdom I have I readily share with those who seek knowledge.