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The question as it was posed; Is it possible to go hunting for "ghosts" for lack of a better word? I believe there are personalities that don't move on the way they should and we interpret them as ghosts. Can we find them or become in tune with where they are?

Ghost hunting has become fashionable recently and a subject of interest more and more on current television shows. You can always tell when you are tuning into a ghost hunting show, because usually their exploits are depicted with a “green tint” to the color, and of course, they are mostly filmed at night with the hunters whispering to the mike as if to some confidant lurking in the darkness, since the common assumption is that no self respecting ghost would go afoot during daylight hours and ghosts, as you probably know, have good ears. (Smiling). As you know ghost hunting has become a big business, since all it takes is a few good (wannabe) actors, a night vision camera, a really big imagination and a somewhat gullible audience.

Ghost Apparitions; Not that ghosts do not exist, but as the question infers, the ghosts must be few and far between since you need to hunt for them. Actually, there is some validity to this question, since ghosts do exist and the questioner has at least got it partially right as far as the question goes. Since we are going to be talking about ghosts and apparitions, we might as well include THOUGHT FORMS, and IMAGE PROJECTIONS to boot. All have some similarity and some reality in their own right and are acute and real on their own terms and on their own level of actualization, and they do exist, although not as physical manifestation as you think of them.

They all appear on the physical landscape in what you might call a somewhat watered down form, since their perceivable image is rather more nebulous than yours to one degree or another. In other words, they are not physical creatures in the usual sense of the word, but they are what you might call secondary psychic projections originating out of primary consciousness, and most do not bear the weight of full ego centered, primary, conscious self aware personalities, but are offshoots of those primary personalities. (Such as you.) You might unknowingly create any or all of these images at one time in your life, or after your life in your physical body is over. None of the above, ghosts, apparitions, thought forms, image projections are “self aware” in the way you are, and none have your full conscious abilities, but in varying degrees they are conscious in their own right. You impart consciousness to them unknowingly. You might say that you give birth to psychic children who you will never meet, but they will continue to exist and develop. Once created, you cannot call them back.

But first and foremost, to get to the question as it was posed and correctly surmised by the questioner, that ghosts are usually the result of a recently departed survival personality, having died in earthly terms, but instead of taking the customary step into the next level of reality, for various reasons refuse to leave the Earth plane and complete the transition process. You could hypothesize many reasons for this behavior but for all practical purposes, it is usually someone who simply refuses to believe that they are dead. By now, I hope you realize that upon physical death only the body dies, and the personality lives on, adopting a new image, as real to them as the body they have just vacated, the new body being so real, except for the lack of substance, that they just can’t fully accept their death on its terms.

Sometimes, these personalities are obsessive, compulsive types who were totally engrossed in a lifelong project that they refuse to abandon and so linger in the physical system in hopes of completing the project before moving on. In other terms, an obsessive love affair of another person could be their lifelong project, so to speak. If they had a favorite place, location, home or business, they could love that environment so much that they will remain there as long as practical to them. There is another aspect that wasn’t mentioned here and that is the “Time Effect” when dead personalities are encountered in the same locations century after century.

Remember, time as you know it, use it, organize your life by, does not exist in the same way outside of the physical system of reality, so to the recently dead person, the survival personality is simply operating in the expansive present, and he/she, although they remember time, it does not affect them in their new environment, even though that new environment has not been fully accepted by them, until they finally give up the ship and move on. There are teachers who are on hand to give them help and advise and explain the actual situation, but here again, from your perspective, it may appear as centuries in your time, before help arrives and is accepted, before they end their ghostly vigils intruding into the physical system. To you it would seem to be centuries that they have endured in this in-between environment, scaring the pants off of everyone who encounters them, but to them it would be perceived as in the blink of the eye time wise.

By the way, these ghostly apparitions are usually not fully conscious of their whereabouts or their encounters with those still living on earth. They could just as well be flitting through an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of a prairie as a spooky mansion in a thunderstorm. To them, encountering a “living person” is like your shadow bumping into another shadow. Their predicament is brought about by ignorance, confusion, a lack of understanding and fear of the unknown, but in no way can they harm you, and since they have no inner intent to harm anyone, they usually do not notice those that notice them at all.

Thought Forms; are another story. Everyone who is reading this article has at one time or another created countless thought forms of yourself and unconsciously sent them merrily on their way. Secondary thought forms of yourself are created any time you think of or fondly remember an extraordinarily pleasant time in your life, maybe standing on your favorite beach on a misty fall morning on a vacation years ago. When this happens and you are in a state of reverie, imagining yourself enjoying the misty morning, emotionally remembering yourself there and listening to the surf and the seagulls overhead, you can almost taste and smell the flagrance of the salty air.

I know this is hard to believe, but nevertheless it is true, that in some cases when your emotional involvement is strong enough, you create and send out a secondary personality of your own, a dream like portion of your being, who will then be instantly standing on that very beach, usually unseen by anyone. This personality thought form of yours generally has no conscious motivation of its own, but still exists and does have actual form, yet will be withdrawn from the location when you cease to concentrate your attention on the beach. In some cases, where the emotional content and your feelings are strongest, a certain amount of your primary consciousness is actually imparted to this thought form, and in some cases their urethral body can actually be observed by other beach goers since it constructs its perceivable image in much the same way as you construct yours, by utilizing atoms, although in a very diluted way, otherwise it could not be perceived at all. It has no power to operate on its own. In these cases, the experience will be very vivid and acute and you will have the feeling that you were actually there.

If others were to approach and try to speak to or engage this apparition, it would disappear. When you turn your attention from the beach, it must withdraw since it has no real independence from its creator and draws its energy from you, but it does not cease to exist, but settles into a dimension of reality of its own level and continues to grow and develop along its own lines. It has cost you nothing in lost consciousness that you have given it, and what consciousness that is fragmented into the thought form personality is replaced.. These thought forms do have bodily form, but not have mass or weight and exist in the physical dimension only as long as you give them your attention.

Astral Projections; are not what we refer to as dream bodies, which you create and use while in the dreaming state and we shall discuss these in another article.. Dream Projections are actual extensions of consciousness in its astral form, separated from the physical body, venturing out into areas of the physical landscape or into other dimensions. These projections, usually accomplished from the dream state are different from the dream bodies that you inhabit and use in your dreams in that in them, you are limited to the dream universe itself. In dream projections, the astral form, your true inner body identity, is projected away from the sleeping physical body and for innumerable reasons, is able to actually travel to other locations in your own neighborhood or to the other side of the physical universe, depending on the abilities of the traveling consciousness facility to manipulate in multiple dimensions.

Of course, this type of projection of consciousness goes on without your conscious knowledge while you are dreaming, but it happens even below the area of the sub-conscious, so your dream projection travels are hardly ever remembered on awakening. You have all had the feeling, on rare occasions, when you awake and have the feeling that you have had a very memorable dream of acute clarity and lucidity, one that leaves a long lasting impression and impact on your psyche, this then was probably a projection of your astral consciousness into other realms and dimensions. This ability is one that must be developed, but there are some who have become quite proficient at this kind of travel.

At first, the timid psychic traveler will only stray short distances from the room where they sleep, testing their abilities and experimenting with using their astral body outside of the sleeping physical body, sometimes fearful that the physical body will not be there when they return. This astral form is not an apparition, but the true psychic body that you will inhabit for eternity, so better get used to it. Unlike conscious projections and what you refer as ghost apparitions that are somewhat automatic and are given impetus and temporary freedom through your feelings and emotions, the astral form can be consciously utilized when the proper techniques are learned and applied. Suggestions must be given before sleeping at night, suggesting travels by projection and to what location, at what time and for what purpose.

For instance, it is entirely possible for two people trained and proficient at projecting their consciousness from the dream state, to plan in advance to meet somewhere of common interest at a pre selected time. This kind of pre-planned meeting will have more chance of success if the chosen meeting place has strong emotional ties and is familiar to both persons. As an aside, this is the reason that the Nasca Lines in Peru could be drawn with such precision when no air travel was available at the time. Using the same techniques, ancient civilizations drew detailed maps of Earth and planned migrations of thousands of miles well before flight was possible. People with more developed psychic abilities, can also project from the trance and meditative state, and even on occasion from a state of reverie, but most will find that separation of consciousness from the body more easily accomplished when launched from the dream state.

Finally, in the “out of body” projection experience, the astral form carries the full consciousness and intellect of the sleeping personality on its journeys. This projection using the “astral body” cannot be detected as missing from the sleeping body and cannot be seen by inhabitants of the physical world, but can be seen, perceived and even interacted with by other traveling conscious beings in whatever dimension. It would follow that the only kind of communication that would be possible between traveling personalities would be mental and the “Do not Touch” and “Intend No Harm” rules always apply. There is one other thing that I should mention, and that is; the more you experiment and learn now, the more you learn about what is possible, the easier the transition to a new system will be at physical death. In this state of projection of consciousness, there are no limitations except for the abilities of the sleeper and what he believes is possible, for you will never achieve anything that you do not believe is possible.

The physical body cannot exist without consciousness, so projection travel is somewhat limited to brief excursions, but remember, consciousness can get along quite well without the physical body and does so in most reality systems. Physical materialization of form is only pervasive within the Earth reality system and is not the rule by any means.

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