Tuesday, September 21, 2010


James Randi is the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation and a professional skeptic and debunker of many outlandish paranormal claims. He has performed as a stage magician has appeared on numerous television programs, one of which was the Johnny Carson show where he embarrassed magician Uri Geller, by exposing his spoon bending routine as being nothing but stage illusion.

Now I must say that I have nothing but respect for the service that Randi provides, especially in exposing many televangelists and their seeming miracle cures for what they really are, con artists preying on the ignorant who, because of their beliefs and personal problems are vulnerable to their elaborate and sometimes very convincing lies, deceit and distortions in the name of God. Randi has been instrumental in exposing some of these charlatans for what they really are, bandits in golden vestments confusing the public by emphasizing cunning distortions of religious doctrine.

Randi’s foundation has established a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event. Now this offer has never been successfully challenged for one simple reason, paranormal events are usually only possible if they are “spontaneous”, otherwise, even the most accomplished psychic or medium will have trouble producing provable evidence. For that matter, these kind of phenomenon, must by their very nature, be random, unplanned and fueled by strong emotional impetus. That is why communications between the living and survival personalities are common. Paranormal events, then, cannot be forced, or demonstrated on command because the more you try to force them, the more you push them away from you.

It matters not one whit whether you can prove a paranormal event to the one who has made contact with a recently passed relative, because to them, they KNOW and could care less if you believe them or not. Take reincarnation for instance. There are countless examples of reincarnation with ample solid evidence, but to the non-believers, no evidence will be sufficient. What they are asking then, is that hard, factual, concrete facts be shown to prove the existence of something that is not of facts, but cause facts. They are the reality behind facts without which facts could not exist. Paranormal events are concrete to the person who has been on the receiving end of them, and no amount of criticism or doubts will ever convince them otherwise. The lack of physical proof is not surprising since these paranormal events arise out of inner desires and expectations reaching an emotional intensity that propels them into the physical system, while they remain invisible to physical perceptions.

The real reason that I am discussing this at this time is that it is good to remain a little skeptical when dealing with people who make ludicrous claims of being able to produce psychic phenomenon at will. It simply can’t be done, and when you see it on stage or in the guise of a religious leader promising wealth, health and love, if only you will “Sew Your Seed”, translation, (give them money), run for the exits. Psychic events do happen, but usually when they do happen, you are looking in the wrong direction. I have said this before, it’s kind of like experiencing deja vous, not knowing intellectually, but really knowing inside. Paranormal psychic events are far more common than you know, but they are usually only experienced by those who believe and expect them and pay attention.

If you were to follow Randi’s beliefs, then you would not believe in the existence of the Soul, for the Soul cannot be proven any more than an idea can be proven, but no one would deny that an idea exists. The Pyramids exist, and no one would say different, but not one pyramid would exist if it were not for the idea and imagination behind it. This is the truth you are to learn from all of this; the true reality is not the physical object, but the mental act behind it. That which endures is not the objective reality, but the subjective source. A thought/idea sparked the creation of your universe and your world and the energy of your inner self supports you, your world, your environment and your universe. Were it not for the energy of the self conscious being, projected outward, the environment would not be sustained. This natural projection of energy is the supportive foundation for mountains and rivers, trees, flowers and the animals and when directed toward specific constructive materialization by self aware consciousness, results in cute little things like buildings, cars, wedding receptions and world wars.

I would then offer to Randi, the Universe, as proof of a pretty grand paranormal event of gargantuan proportions that not even Randi could deny, but he would probably say “Prove It” and this, I nor anyone else as far as I know, could do to his foundation’s satisfaction.

By the way, if you can replicate the creation of the universe from psychic origins, contact Randi’s foundation. The million dollar prize awaits.

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely.
One question that I wanted to ask was, where does our 'will' come into the picture. I often hear that we are puppets in God's hands and everything is destined... What should direct our actions? And are they our actions at all?

W. Allan said...

My Dear Anonymous,
God has nothing pre-planned and pre-destination does not exist. Spontaneity and free will is the rule. You direct your actions and you create your reality. There is no other rule. If you are not happy with your life, you cannot blame God, the Entity or the Soul. While you are here, you are the creator and director of your experience. You have been given the power of creation, so you can learn to create responsibly for yourself and your contemporaries. Your slightest thoughts become real somewhere.