Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Most of you are familiar to some extent with your own homey little universe, its planets, galaxies, comets, that are within your limited ability to see them with your eyes, or you eyes aided by instruments.. You can’t hear them, you can’t reach out and touch them, and you certainly cannot taste them, so your assumptions about the universe is limited to what you can see and you cannot see much with your eyes alone. Through the use of more sophisticated scientific instruments, you can extend your visual perceptions to extraordinary distances, bringing into view, exciting new objects and cosmic events.

Everything you see and everything you now perceive and everything that exists even in what is now unperceivable distant space is part of your “System of Reality”. In that respect, your own system, the Earth system of reality consists of the discovered and the as yet, undiscovered. Physically speaking, as your universe seems to expand, your system of reality seems to grow, ever becoming more. It is becoming more, but not in terms of expansion in space, it simply isn’t happening that way. Just as time is an illusion, space is also illusion. It is expanding in psychological intensity and depth, and you mistakenly interpret that as physical distance.

Many of you think that if you could just peer into the furthermost reaches of your universe, that you would be perceiving the beginning of everything. You look out and see stars seeming to recede into the distant galaxies at unbelievable speed and you think you are looking back in time, but you are only looking back into the appearances of time. Time is an illusion created by your species “specifically tuned perceptive mechanisms”, so it works for you now, but it gives you a distorted picture of what the universe really is. We have talked of this before, but must do so again. Your system of reality is the only one, and there are many, that deludes itself into believing in the reality of minutes, hours, days and years and you project this distortion upon space, so it looks like time is passing as the universe speeds into nothingness.

Now, there is no harm really done operating under these assumptions, since you are now bowing to those pervasive divisions of time that you always seem to be running out of. Most advanced systems of reality are NOT physical, or at least they do not view objects to have a reality of their own as you do. Your kind of physical reality is not the norm by any means. These other non physical systems are not as you may suspect, lacking in any way, in fact, they offer more freedoms and opportunities for advancement than you can now imagine, and they manipulate images, knowing full well that they are their own creation.

The problem is, you have deceived yourself into believing that if something is not materialized by atomic structure, you do not consider it real. These non physical systems abound in and out of your universe, and even broad classifications cannot contain them within any particular classification. Time exists for you for one simple reason and it is as follows. In your physical system, one bound by physical materializations, especially your physical body, you require time, and you wouldn’t be caught dead without it. Actually, you could not perceive anything without time since in your system it takes time for things to materialize.

Time and space require one-another, without time, space could not exist and without physical space, time could not exist. Time was created by the very nature of your physical body and its requirements utilizing its sensual apparatus to perceive, then sending those perceptions along the nerves, jumping the synapses, and continuing on to the brain, where the perceived information then builds up a mental picture of reality based on what you believe is possible.

This traveling through the nervous system obviously takes time. So, since this telling of information itself takes time, it is hard for me to convey the concept of “non time”. Events in your dreams seem to happen instantaneously, and they do indeed, since the perception is not dependent on a nervous structure and a physical brain. You do, out of habit in your dreams, continue to drag along some semblances of objects and time. We are dealing then in the dream state, with a more direct method of perception not so dependent on time, since there is no physical body and you do not need to be bothered with perceptions traveling at a snails pace along nervous pathways.

Even the physical senses are tuned to pick up much more data than you now suspect. The brain has been conditioned to only accept and interpret data that it receives that has been sifted through your belief system, and your belief system will censor what you percieve and will pass nothing along to the conscious ego, that the ego does not consider relevant to manipulation in the physical system in which it is lord of everything it surveys. There are other systems swirling around and through you and your system, yet you necessarily ignore them.

What you see of your universe is only a PART of your universe that intrudes into your realm of perception, and a very small portion to be sure. Your own little universe is only so cozy because your senses are unable to follow its reality beyond the physical part of its materialization. The same stuff of your universe also protrudes into other systems in totally different form that would not be recognizable by you.

This is only one of many universes. If you are to get any real conception of what universes are and what they mean, you must divest yourself of thinking of the physical characteristics of distance, dimensions and mass. Your universe looks immense to you who are so small in comparison, but your universe is also a part of something else much grander, and in comparison, based on your perception of size, would also be small in comparison to that which contains it. As an example, you think a universe must exist in space, but you give no consideration to the space itself, which must be created to contain the physical universe. It cannot exist in space until the space is created to contain it, and that space must be able to expand to hold an expanding physical universe, so I ask you to consider, in what medium does the space occupy that contains the universe?

We reach here concepts which go beyond the ability of the human brain to understand, so we will move on to the “Multiverse” which contains all universes. This Multiverse is actually one of the main causes for the birth of universes, dimensions, planes and countless other platforms for consciousness to find the necessary favorable conditions for development and fulfillment.

Timothy Leary envisioned something like the multiverse in some of his “out of this world” psychic journeys. I will try to give an analogy here, which is not perfect by any means, but it will lead you closer to understanding why and where universes exist and how they are formed.

Imagine if you will a two dimensional grid of squares where the connecting lines are thin wires defining the individual squares. Now imagine adding a third dimension by adding depth so now the thin wires define square like boxes all connected by the thin wires, stretching out into infinity. Now imagine what would happen if someone would try to spray paint the wires, imagine how the paint would build up, thicken, collect and solidify where the wires intersected each other. Now imagine that the wires do not really exist, but the imagined grid structure does exist, just without the wires. Imagine that the wires are of mental construction and not physical. By the way, if the wires were physical, the true underlying reality behind them would be psychic.

Now imagine that instead of paint collecting at the intersection point of these wires, instead you have unimaginable buildup of energy at these intersection points where the psychic wire grid structures intersect. These grid intersection points represent fantastic energy collection points that are latent harbingers of probable universes to come. Each intersection point on this cosmic energy grid is an incipient universe in the making and these energy rich locations are used by entities to form the countless universes according to their visions and needs for development.. You can see from this hypothetical structure, how some universes would be closer to yours than others, and here we would find the probable Earths psychically close to your universe. Overlapping and permeating these probable Earth cousins in ways hard to explain you would find the dream universe. Somewhere on the other side of this imaginary grid structure, you would find the universe of negative matter. The distances involved in this structure are immense, yet no space is really needed to contain them.

You can also, by considering the grid structure I have described, somewhat understand, although I’m afraid not too well, that some universes would be easier to contact than others as they would be in your same psychological neighborhood. Speaking of contact, you will never travel to these other universes in space vehicles, because of the separation is not by physical distance but by psychological distance. There are ways to travel between universes mentally, and in truth, all universal travel of the future will be mental and in most cases instantaneous. It is possible in mental universal travel, to slice through universes, worlds, planes and dimensions to arrive at a more distant universes but this can be accomplished by personalities much more developed than yours or mine.

You do stumble into some of these universes, purely by accident in some of your dreams, and that is why some dreams seem truly “out of this world”, because they are. The dream universe is shared and used by the probable universes and probable worlds that are home to some of your probable selves. Other versions of YOU, other probable selves exist NOW in other probable worlds, and someday you will meet them.

Now, I know all of this challenges the boundaries of conceptual thought patterns, as it challenges mine, but if you don’t learn this now, you will languish in ignorance, still believing in child's nursery rhymes and simple myths perpetuated by the ignorant who don’t know any better. This knowledge, all inclusive, at least what I can convey to you, will, if nothing else, bring you to the understanding that you and you alone create your reality, and you will benefit from this information given here as it eventually dawns on you that what YOU create YOU can change, and that is why you are here. You are truly in control of your life and you can change what you control.
Now isn’t that a refreshing thought?


ruthciara said...

Stumbled across your blog completely by accident. It's fascinating! Hope you don't mind but I've subscribed to your posts!
Really interesting stuff, thankyou. : )

W. Allan said...

Dear Ruthciara,,,,,,,,,,,,
I am pleased to have you along on the journey. An inquiring mind is truly a beautiful thing.