Saturday, August 14, 2010


Every life has a theme, sometimes more than one. Don’t believe me? Actually it’s not too hard to discover what your life theme is. Everybody has one that they chose before physical birth. Now, from that statement you should gather that you were alive and quite vital even before you were born into a physical body. As you should know by now, consciousness exists when it is ensconced within physical form or out of physical form. It does not require a physical body to manipulate in its environment. Before you are born into a new life, you would already have abandoned your physical body and entered a new dimension, actually this new environment would be much more familiar to you than your earth environment since you had been there before. In a very real sense, it would be your real home, a resting place, a respite from the rigors and challenges of the physical earth. Of course, we are not speaking of a physical environment here, but a psychic one.

This new environment is an “In Between” dimension that is not a permanent new destination, but a temporary, pleasant and worry free place to collect yourself, examine your immediate past lifetime, make certain determinations about your performance and try and access areas where you might want to focus your attention in the next reincarnated life. I am aware that some of you may not believe in reincarnation, but luckily for you, it is a reality for you whether you believe in it or not. Life is eternal, so if you are of the lazy persuasion, better get over it because there is no end to it all.

There is rest and there is peace and tranquility in this “In Between” dimension, but it is also a time for consultation with others on similar journeys. It is a reunion with your inner self and other portions of your identity that you may not have even realized existed. There will be advice from other more advanced teachers, education and instructions about your newly anticipated life. There my be discussions with some of the other supporting participants your past life, who have gone on before you. This is where you will consider the general theme of your new life. Notice I said “general” for no life is set in stone and no future is pre-determined, but an outline is developed that will, in time, be actualized in the physical landscape of Earth.

You will make selections of Time, Place, Friends, Parents, Future Challenges, Etc. These decisions are all made in advance and events are not accidental and certainly NOT pot luck as you may think. This does not mean that they are etched in stone either, for they are meant as guidelines which to follow, but changes and adjustments can be made, while still staying within the overall script.

I have used this analogy before and it is pretty accurate with a few exceptions. Imagine writing a play, a period piece, taking place at a certain time in a certain town, in a certain country. This is to be a drama, containing specific challenges to be faced and dealt with by the participants in the play. You choose certain other actors to participate with you in the general outline of this drama, your parents, your friends and potential adversaries, and they either accept their roles on not based on their own needs and inclinations. After the ground rules are accepted by the participants, the play in set in motion by your birth into a physical body that you have chosen and will occupy within the play. There is one last thing however, you must forget that you wrote the play otherwise the seriousness of the life endeavor would not be taken seriously.

You must become so enraptured and captivated within your life drama, that you cannot see beyond the props, and everything is/are props. The physical environment would be the props for this life drama, and the environment is as much illusion as your physical body is illusion.

This acceptance of a new life, a new ego, sometimes has a profound effect on the reincarnating consciousness since the ego, after enduring a past life of successes and failures, challenges met and some postponed, knowledge gained through a lifetime of experience, must now step aside, retire and accept a new beginning as a helpless child, seemingly devoid of this hard fought for knowledge and experience. This is not the time to discuss in any detail the role the ego plays in a succession of reincarnated lives, but suffice it to say, the ego is not recycled over and over, but after aiding in the plans for a new personality to enter the Earth plane, then takes a place in the inner psychic environment alongside and within the knowledgeable inner self, eventually to pursue other journeys. The new born personality is not the old ego, but a newly formed personality, reincarnated with all knowledge and experience retained and latent within its genetic structure and electrically coded within the mind of the personality.

From this you can infer that the “ego” is not the personality, but the alive physical focus the personality uses to manipulate on the physical plane. You have other egos operating in other planes in other probable worlds, and even though we have not discussed this, you have other reincarnated selves operating in the “now” as you know it, and even in what you consider the same time and space. New egos are formed around the new personality and when the new personality finally releases the physical form again, it also retires and becomes a part of the inner self. This is not stagnation by any means, and the retiring ego has many future options available to it that we will not discuss here.

Your probable selves and reincarnated selves live now, but due to your time and space assumptions, you are practically kept from meeting any of them. This “Keeping From” is a result of your own self placed limitations inflicted on you, by you, because of your present beliefs. There is actually no imposed isolation of these different probable and reincarnational ASPECTS of your personality, but your present beliefs in successive time and spacial distance makes these meetings unlikely, at least to your waking ego. It has something to do with, you cannot see what you do not believe exists. You do meet them on occasion in your dreams, or at least, made aware of their existence, and although their worlds are totally different than your own, pathways are always kept open for communication. Worlds, planes, dimensions and universes seem to be closed systems, but that is not the case and the illusion of separation is only a lack of perceptive abilities on your part.

Now may be good time to answer one of the most frequent questions I get asked; If these inner dimensions and other worlds and universes exist and if other portions of my personality exist in some of them, why don’t I know it?
And here is the answer; Here in this “In Between” dimension, you will possibly meet your other reincarnational and probable selves but you must remember, these personalities are simply other aspects of YOU focused in other worlds. I know that is hard to swallow for some of you, but you exist in other worlds, planes and dimensions simultaneously, just as you exist in the Earth System.

When the time of planning is over in the “In Between” system, when plans have been made, when the future life drama has been decided upon and it is ready for actualization, you will set out on your next journey into the physical world. You, in your spirit form (astral body) will once again enter the Earth system, beginning to hover around and close to your future chosen parents in the agreed place (city, country, etc), awaiting the time of your pending physical birth as you enter a new fetus. As the time of birth draws near, you will remain closer and closer to the area of your future parents.

It should be known that you will have already come to a psychic agreement with your future parents on these inner arrangements, and they are willing and knowing participants in the future birth. They too, of course, will not be conscious of these inner plans. Your entrance as a spirit into the physical fetus will be of your choosing, depending a lot on your fondness and anticipation of the new emergence once again on the physical plane. If you were not too well adapted for physical life in your last incarnation, you may wait until the last moment to enter the fetus. If your past life experience was a good and positive one, you may enter the fetus well before physical birth.

For those interested, it is unlikely the new consciousness, new personality, will enter the fetus and become well seated unitl a month or two before birth and sometimes not until the moment of birth.

Once you are born into the physical world as a new personality, there is total freedom of expression, freedom of action and your entity/soul does not interfere. Life’s challenges can sometimes be serious, and this must be so, for you to meet them knowing that you can in some cases, live or die depending on your decisions. In that respect, there is always psychic support, but you are on your own to live your life as you choose, making your own choices, for better or worse. Your life theme always remains latent in the background of your inner knowledge, but as I said in the beginning, it is not too difficult to spot the general trends in your life and come to some understanding. If you have reoccurring financial problems, or successes along certain lines, that could be your life theme and there may be lessons to learn on the possession or lack thereof. If you have chronic health issues, your life theme could be along the lines of learning the inner origin of those health problems and correcting them.

I think you get the idea here, but there is one more thing that is not quite so apparent. If after examination, you cannot recognize or pinpoint a “Life Theme”, do not suppose that there is none, because that would be a wrong assumption. No one begins a new life without a plan and no plan is beyond change. There may be another explanation.

Sometimes, when no apparent Life Theme makes itself known, there is another aspect which must be considered and I call that “Reincarnational Drag”, meaning that unfinished business from a previous life is reinstated and once again encountered in the present life, and must be dealt with. I have said before, as you tackle life’s challenges in your present life, there is no urgency to finish what you started in this life. In essence, you have all the time you need since there are no limitations on the number of Earth lives you are allotted. But, the business you don’t finish in this life, you will still have to face in a succeeding life. A physical death, you see, is not really a death at all, but a transformation of spirit to a new form, so there is no real tragedy for lethal mistakes that may be made in pursuing your life’s work.

There is one other consideration that I should mention. Some personalities, simply are not as developed and not as well suited for physical life in the physical system, some flourish in Earthly life, some do not. Those that repeatedly do not acclimate well to earth existence, will opt to be reborn in another less challenging system, going back to the bush leagues, so to speak. Although the Earth system is a beginning system, there are others less developed and requiring less of their inhabitants. This is a decision made by the personality, the inner self and the whole self. If the situation should change in the future, then another Earth existence is always a possibility.

You may choose to skip a life challenge for several lives, but eventually, when you are more prepared, you must revisit and once again face the same problems until they are solved. It’s called Karma, and although the real meaning of Karma is grossly misunderstood, it simply means that what you don’t do now, you must do later. Karma is not punishment. In greater terms it means what you do to others, you will have to experience yourself. It means that life’s challenges, once selected, will have to be faced, sometime, somewhere. The piper must be paid, but there is no punishment in usual religious terms.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering, is it possible that I could basically relive my life that I'm in now with some modifications in the next life which supposedly exists in a probable world as of right now? If that is so, that would probably mean that I exist in a similar Earth, but different dimension with virtually the same physical laws which govern the universe I currently live in.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
You live one life at a time, but other aspects of your Soul/Entity supports other personalities (other yous) in other worlds simultaneously.

These other facets of your personality and you, comprise your WHOLE SELF/SOUL. In other words, your personality is split between a group of selves of which you are one. You are all working toward becoming that one future whole self.
You are the probable self that you chose to make physical, the others remain probable in an inner psychic dimension. In that respect, before your birth, you delved into the field of probabilities, and chose the probable self that you are now.

All dimensions have their own unique physical laws which insures diversity. If all worlds were the same, it would negate the whole purpose of "probabilities", since the soul desires "all possible experience" and a universe with no probable reality systems would be stillborn and destined to repeat itself over and over.
I compliment you on you good thinking.