Thursday, July 22, 2010


What I really enjoy about writing this column is that because I am (at least temporarily) a resident of the Earth System as you are, I am uniquely positioned to expand on ideas that, at least to my knowledge, have never been adequately explained. As I have said, I have no exclusive ownership of the information that I pass on to you, since this knowledge has been given time and time again over the eons and is made available again now to those who will listen. Some will not listen, as they simply are not ready to leave the comfort of their current beliefs handed down to them by dear old mom and dad. They would never question the beliefs that were given to them by their parents, and they would never utter those dreaded words “mom and dad were flat out wrong”. But enough of that, I want to speak here about dreams, the dream universe and its relationship to the physical universe and how you can better utilize this dream state for your own benefit..

You can find any number of books on esoteric concepts that sometimes leave you stranded, intellectually hanging, wondering about the real meanings underlying the flowery rhetoric. I, on the other hand, am sometimes presented with unique opportunities to clear up some things and relate these difficult concepts, truths and knowledge in relationship to current events when the opportunity presents itself. In this case I have another unique opportunity due to the popularity of a recent movie to hopefully clear the air on dreaming and the construction of the dream experience. Thanks to the new movie “Inception” and its sometimes close and sometimes far fetched ideas about what is possible and what is not possible to accomplish while dreaming, and it is much more than you think, maybe I can shed some light on the subject.

The movie was very close in its assumption that the dream reality is a continuing reality, actually an independent, stand alone universe that does not begin and end with your awareness of yourself dreaming. The dream universe exists in full flower even when you are not consciously involved while asleep. You dream while you are awake and you dream while you sleep, but you are not consciously aware of the awake dreaming experience due to the blotting out effect of the ego, not wanting to be bothered with experience that it does not fully understand and what the ego, the “I” part of you does not understand, it fears.

When you arrive late to a play or a movie, coming in somewhere in the middle, you do not assume that the drama has just begun, but are well aware that the action has been ongoing and you are simply becoming aware of the continuing action due to your late arrival. When you go to sleep, you slip into awareness of an ongoing dream reality that has in a true sense of the word, been continuing since the original creation of the physical world. You are simply inserting your dreaming self into the ongoing drama. It seems to you that the dream has just begun, but it is far from that, and when you wake up, you normally think that the dream has ended, but the dream continues without your conscious knowledge. There are some levels of your subconscious that are aware of the continuing dream reality.

Your total identity is fragmented into many separate and independent aspects that inhabit many reality systems, one of those systems being the “probable system universe”, which we have discussed to some limited extent. Another is the Dream World which is actually a Dream Universe. I have said in the past that time and space does not really exist as it seems to exist in the physical system, so do not take the following comparison literally or it could be misleading. In what you would call “the Beginning”, there were three universes formed simultaneously, the physical universe, the dream universe, which was actually a by-product of the physical universe and the universe of Anti Matter, or the negative universe. From that statement you can infer that your physical universe is then, what we will refer to as the positive universe. Of course, to the inhabitants of the Universe of Anti Matter, their universe is the positive universe and yours is the negative universe.

Energy pulsates and this pulsating energy forms your physical universe, the dream universe and the universe of anti matter. In simpler terms, when your universe is switched on, the negative universe is switched off and so on. It would be entirely correct to say that when the physical universe exists, the negative universe does not exist. Of course these pulsations in time terms would be infinitesimally brief, brief to the point of being simultaneous actions. We will discuss this in detail at another time, but I did want to make the point that in spacial terms, and again, don’t take this too literally, because time and space are illusions that you use to position and locate things, the dream universe would be located on the other side of the physical universe and on the other side of the dream universe, you would find the negative universe or the universe of anti matter. Another aspect of your total “Whole Self” exists in the Universe of Anti Matter, but you will never make contact with that portion of your identity while you are in a physical body, since that universe does not exist at the same time that yours does.

The dream universe is independent and appears to be separated from your physical universe, but you could say that it intrudes into and affects the physical universe and the physical universe intrudes into and affects the dream universe in some very actual ways. It is easy to assume, due to the seeming chaos of dreams, that the dream universe lacks any real meaning and cohesiveness, but that is only the appearance from your physical perspective, and to the part of your identity that we will call the dream self, residing in the dream world, trying to make some sense of the limited portions of physical reality that it can perceive, the physical world would also seem chaotic from its perspective. Because dream objects are fickle, appearing and disappearing, transforming themselves into something entirely different, you can assume that they do not have the enduring quality that physical objects do, and you would be right, but they do have form and some limited mass, just not a mass that would be valid in the physical world.

Your dreaming self is real, it is also another aspect of your total personality, and it would be a mistake to assume that it is simply a psychological fantasy self that exists only when you sleep. You are by now well aware that you create your physical reality using atoms and molecules that are available to construct the physical images that you then perceive and interact with. These very same atoms and molecules are not limited to one physical form, in fact they are not limited to the physical system either. These same atoms and molecules that form your concrete physical image, your table and chairs, also form other constructions in other universes and there is no conflict of form. Your scientists only are able to perceive a small part of the whole atom as it intrudes into your system, but there is much more.

Dreams possess form and dream objects have some limited “physicalness” about them. Your dream bodies and objects have what you would think of as a less distinct, somewhat more transparent form, but still constructed with atoms and molecules, but possessing much less mass that physical objects. Here is the interesting thing about your dream bodies, your dream images and your dream locations; they are made up of the very same atoms that make up the bed that you sleep on and the body that sleeps on the bed, while you interact in your current dream. When you wake up, these objects continue to exist in their own dimension and do not fade into oblivion as you might suspect. Once created, a thought, an idea or a dream cannot be negated but live on and settle into an appropriate system of like constructions. The dream universe is as real or unreal as the physical universe, but it does not operate under the same rules and parameters for its existence, but operates under quite different rules. To visitors from another alien world using different means of perception, your world does not exist either. All species from all systems, are only able to perceive their own constructions.

Dreaming has purpose, and your dream self has his purposes in supporting and adding to your identity. It has been said, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but it is very true that if you did not dream, you could not live. Dreaming is a requirement for physical reality and I know this will sound totally “off the wall”, but electrons, atoms and molecules also dream in a somewhat trance like state. In fact, to them, dreaming is analogues to “self awareness” of the other species. A flower dreams. A tree dreams. In dreams you throw off excess chemicals that build up during the waking hours, chemicals that would cause imbalances and obstructions in the physical system were they not ejected in the dream state.

In getting back to the idea that time and space do not really exist as most people think; then consider lying in your bed asleep and dreaming , imagine experiencing a trip on an ocean liner, the ocean liner, the vast expanse of the ocean and the sky reaching to the horizon are all constructed of the same atoms and molecules that make up the form of your bedroom furniture while you are asleep and dreaming and this entire seascape then exists in the space of your bedroom. Your ocean trip, though you experience the entire trip to many countries, takes up virtually no time and even though you may have visited France, Spain and Portugal and seen all of the interesting attractions, when you awake, you will have not have aged at all and even though these travel experiences traversed many countries, you walked many miles, viewed endless landscapes, all within your own dream space contained within your own personal space, there was no lack of room to expand. Distance is expressed as psychological depth in the dream state.

There are personal dreams and there are mass dreams and here I have to explain. No one can penetrate or affect another’s dreams, but there are mass dreams where many participate. Just as you create the necessary space continuum when you create an object in the physical world, and only you can perceive the object that you create, so you create your dream objects and events in your own dream space continuum and no one else can enter that personal dream space continuum. Through the continuous use of unconscious mental telepathy among all physical personalities, others can get an idea of the dimensions, color and placement of physical objects and come to some agreement on their reality, even though each person creates his own version of each object. In creating physical objects, then there must be some leeway and these agreements are mandatory if there is to be any shared cohesiveness of mass reality.

In the dream experience, the rules are different, and the dreams you dream are yours alone so there is no need for them to have continuity or duration as they are only experienced by you. It is true, in the laboratory, under intense scrutiny by some instruments, certain types of brain activity can be detected during a dream, do exhibit certain identifiable patterns that can be roughly translated into broad particular types of dreaming experience. This is a far cry from some outside influence intruding into any persons dreams, stealing dream secrets, altering or surreptitiously implanting ideas into another persons dreams in order to elicit a particular type of behavior upon awakening. In short the ideas put forth in the movie inception, are simply fantasy, making a good movie, but far from possible.

It would be far easier for you to transmit a thought using mental telepathy to another person, living or dead, with whom you have a close, emotional relationship, and of course, this happens continuously and most of you have probably received this type of thought message when someone else was thinking of you or when a survival personality was trying to make contact with you. Many people have experienced these type of communications from beyond the grave with survival personalities no longer focused in the physical system. They still exist and are able to communicate mentally to those who pay attention.

Finally, there are mass dreams, but this does not infer that many people invade the same dream, it does mean that many people “dream their own version of the same dream” and that is different indeed. Half of the world sleeps and dreams about world problems and the other awake half uses the solutions arrived at in the dream state to materialize them in the world of physical matter in much the same way you work out many of your personal challenges first in your dreams, trying out different solutions, choosing the most suitable one to make physical in your personal life. Many great ideas and inventions originated in the dream universe.

Since there are so many facets of dreaming it is impossible to talk of all of them in this one short space allotted, but let me say that there are also “consciousness projections” in your astral body made from or through the dream state and we will address these in more depth in future articles.

If you want to enhance your dream production, give yourself a suggestion about what you want to dream about before going to sleep and suggest that you will remember your dreams in the morning when you wake up.

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Ace P. said...

Hi, I also watched Inception just two days ago and I'm intrigued myself. I just have one main question about the film though;

You said that our "objects [dreams] continue to exist in their own dimension and do not fade into oblivion as you might suspect" and they are made up of the same molecules and atoms from that of our physical universe when we wake up, then are we living a double reality?

I always thought that our dreams were our imaginations and fantasies that never materialise in our reality. So what goes in our dreams are just mere creations of our subconsciuos mind trying to convince our consciuos mind to be satisfied of what actually happened, perhaps to avoid intense emotions of regret, loneliness or losing a love one like in the film. Or trying to find the most suitable solution from the probable universe that we can conceived real and ''suitable in our personal life''.

W. Allan said...

Ace,,,Dreams take many forms and are important in many aspects, and fantasy is one of them. Other types of dreams deal with probabilities, giving us the advanced opportunity to ascertain possible future events, try them out to see if they are suitable for actualization in our physical reality. They are also helpful as a release, giving us the opportunity to live out events that would prove harmful if we actualized them in our awake life. Dreams are actual constructions, made up of the same atoms that exist in the physical space of the sleeping area where you lie. They are constructed in their own space/time continuum and an entire universe can exist in the room where you lie. Now, they are of course also psychological constructions, but they are as real or as unreal as the physical universe, just of a different consistency. The important thing to understand is that they are purposeful and needed as an adjunct to the physical personality in support of its everyday activities.

sune said...

Wow...It seems to me that your wisdom and knowledge is directly from SOURCE as you are a BEING of Infinite source that may never stuck into this earthly limited system as a resident..
Though you're writing here to us, you're One with the Source in your Being, in your Consciousness....Am I correct??
You're way ahead of the limited Human Mind can perceive..I'm so glad that you are here teaching us ideas, that we do not see in our Reality..THANK YOU SO MUCH..Bless you!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allan,
In the above article you wrote about the existence of three universes, physical, dream and anti matter.In other articles who wrote about parallel universes.Bit confusing, can I assume that there are multiple reality systems and each system has three component(physical, non physical,ant matter) and these reality systems exists parallel to each other without interfering.As you said the space we are occupying now is also being occupied by some other reality system but not colliding, not interfering and not aware of the other one.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
You might find it less confusing if you would read my article on Multiverse Grid, which explains the existence of universes in a 5th dimension type of configuration. While immersed in the physical system, it is impossible to rationalize the existence of more than one universe, but in truth, there are literally countless universes, some with which you are more familiar than others. Remember, size is irrelevant in these matters. Size is interpreted in depth intensities. All universes, even though in one sense have physical size, are mental in construction. There is a dream universe, and an anti-matter universe that were created, one from the other. There is an electrical universe, where things like thoughts, emotions and ideas exist and since you are what you think you are, you also exist in the electrical universe. In some cases, you might be more comfortable with the term worlds/ There are probable universes where other portions of your greater identity exist. New universes are constantly being formed. Your physical universe is vast in its own terms, but it only appears vast to those who exist in it. To other alien beings from other dimensions, your universe does not exist. Entities, Souls and Self Personalities like yourself, form reality systems creating their own worlds and universes, which they then inhabit, experience and evolve.
I know this is difficult, but you must understand the reality is so rich that every possible path will be created and explored, somewhere, sometime. There is no lack of space, should there be thousands more universes formed.