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This is the story of an emergence, not of a beginning in terms that you usually use. I have said that in the larger basic reality that underlies the physical system of reality, there is, as simply as I can put it, no time and no space. The closest analogy I can use that would be understandable would be that of your dream reality. In a dream, you seem to experience time to some extent and you travel down roads that lead to far off and distant lands. You and I know that indeed, you have experienced dream trips that seemed to have taken weeks or months when in your waking reality, only few minutes have passed and your dream roads stretched great distance into dream horizons, yet a dream takes up no physical space. This then, is an approximation that we will use in describing the basic reality of All That Is and to a lesser degree, the reality in which your inner self dwells. This basic reality is every bit as acute, real and experiential as the one you now inhabit. The fact that it does not materialize through the collection of atoms and molecules adhering to mental patterns as yours does, in no way makes it less valid. Remember, physical worlds such as yours are the exception and not the norm.

This basic reality, existing as it does in the perspective of non-time and non-space is the birthing place for all systems, and the number of individual, distinct but different systems of reality is truly countless. I realize that what I say now can be very confounding and will in some cases scandalize the intellect but there is no other way to make the point than to say that in basic reality and in most other realities, even in those somewhat similar to yours, time is not experienced as absolute, but as the illusion it really is, if it is experienced at all. The fact that time does not really exist in this prime reality, means that many of your words become meaningless. In this timeless reality, beginnings and endings and cause and effect have no real meaning and inhabitants of these other realities would not understand the concept of consecutive moments.

Imagine if you will, that you were never introduced to the words “beginning or ending” and could get beyond expecting one thing to happen as a natural culmination of something else that previously happened. It is of course impossible to do that in your world, but if you could, you would soon learn that “beginnings” are not required because all things in a strange way are continuations and not new events with formal beginnings and certainly with no predetermined or expected endings. You can infer from this, that in this basic, prime reality and in most other viable realities, most of which are far more advanced than yours, all events happen at once, spontaneously and simultaneously, with each new event creating countless new probabilities which will all be experienced somewhere as natural extensions of one continuous event. Cause and effect are also meaningless because the cause and effect happen simultaneously.

These is an oversimplification of course, but try and imagine that in Prime Reality, all events happening today are continuations, offshoots of one first emergence and all of these probable events exist now in psychological fact and can be materialized by your inner self for the ego to experience as physical events in a physical time scale We will not dwell on this at this time, but I will try to make it more understandable in the future. Suffice it to say now, that you live in a probable reality, where all possibilities exist, and your inner self chooses the ones that best fit its purposes and needs.

So the emergence that we postulate actually did not begin, but emerged. Here we get into much more than I am able to explain at this time, but as you become more familiar with certain concepts, these ideas will not seem so strange and my ability to explain them will also improve. These concepts that I hope to make more acceptable are difficult not only because the physical brain is not yet grown in capacity enough to understand them, and my ability to explain them is also limited by the lack of adequate words to explain concepts that originate outside of your system of physical reality. As another analogy, imagine that you sat by a swimming pool and observed someone diving deep into the pool. A new observer approaches the pool as the diver surfaces. To the new observer, not understanding that the swimmer had already entered the pool, seeing him or her break the surface, and having no previous knowledge of his dive below the surface, would assume that the surfacing was a new event, a beginning. To the observer that was sitting by the pool and had observed the diver enter the water, the subsequent surfacing would be an emergence from the previous event of the dive. I realize this is a stretch, and not a very good analogy, but the point I am trying to make is that God always was before he surfaced or emerged and in Prime Reality, beginnings simply do not exist as we think they do. These misconceptions are then more a matter of limited perceptions.

The God reality, being the source of all identities and all things that you can perceive is all inclusive, meaning that All That Is, is a psychological gestalt composed of the consciousness of everything that is, ever was and ever will be. Since time as you know it does not exist the way you think it does, and since consciousness, once formed into identity, cannot die, be diminished or negated, it follows that everyone and everything that ever existed, still exists. Once an identity has been created, it is eternal and can never die, energy can only change and you are energy.

This is a very simplified example, but may be useful in helping you to understand the reality of God. There is a psychological composition of energy, a psychic pyramid, with the most developed identities near the top and newer, less developed personalities nearer the bottom. God consciousness is an energy gestalt and occupies the lofty position of the top of the pyramid, and from this position, perceives everything that happens beneath it on or within the pyramid. It is said that God knows every sparrow that falls, and how could it be otherwise if that sparrow is a part of All That Is? Here is something you should know. It is believed that God concentrates its attention on every small thing that happens within every one of its creations. This is not accurate in that God, while in not concentrating on everything, still knows, feels and assimilates, almost by a process familiar to you called osmosis. All information leaks up to All That Is and becomes part of Her reality.

God, of course, is at the top of the pyramid, you are somewhere near the bottom, since your civilization is in its beginning stages of development. There are of course, those of you within your system that are more advanced than others, finishing your earthly challenges, preparing to leave the system and to progress in other more sophisticated and advanced worlds and realities. There are also others entering your system for the first time and they have much to learn. They will not be the typical readers of this material since they would not be ready.

This leads us into one of the most misunderstood spiritual enigmas of all time in your world. Where did the universe come from and when did it originate? Your scientists still scurry around, gazing though their telescopes and microscopes into the deepest reaches of ancient galaxies and the insideness of the smallest particles, hoping to find some hint of a beginning. They continue to rationalize a big bang being caused by an explosion of matter, whether it is a large amount of matter or as one of the prevailing theories now explains a very small, dense, miniscule particle of matter exploding and expanding into everything you call your universe. From there they extrapolate that at some unexplainable point in some ancient past, consciousness burst forth in lilting song. It didn’t happen that way and for purposes of this discussion, if we are to understand the true nature of your universe and source of everything you know, it is helpful to understand the dream universe. We will discuss this and try to relate it to the emergence of God. Also, I hope you know by now that God is He, She and It, all genders and all races, and only for convenience sake do I use the term He. I will try to be fairer about that in the future.

By the way, not one iota of matter could or would exist if consciousness did not precede it. I have said this before; consciousness always comes first and then creates matter. Time does not exist as you know it, consciousness has always existed and that primeval consciousness as it awakened and experienced its first awareness of its “I” self, knew that it was “All That Is”, and wondered what was to come next.
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