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Part 1

I talk of reincarnation often, simply because so many of you either are not familiar with the concept or they just don't believe in it at all, and that's OK too. I have said before, it really doesn't make any difference whether or not you believe in the reality of the concept of many successive and continuing lives, you will perhaps admit that the concept does add some sense of continuity to the theory of evolution. If you are reading this column, which you are, you have probably lived before and will do it again and again.

Of course, you may not believe in evolution either. No matter, if that is the case, I will not be able, to convince you nor would I if I could, since all persons must develop their own belief systems at their own pace. You just can't rush those things, you must put in your time and learn at your own speed, unfortunately, sometimes that speed is painfully slow.

If it were my desire to convince you of something that you were not ready for, it would be the proverbial “putting the cart before the horse” situation and that is not a good thing. Most readers of this material have put in their time, so to speak and want answers, they not only want answers, they demand answers. Their minds are clear in that respect, and they are vehement in their pursuit of inner knowledge. And to those, the knowledge will be given as the desire to learn creates something like a psychic whirlpool effect, attracting and assimilating information that once was ignored.

Look around you at your present life, in totality, it is the result of countless electromagnetic fields, psychic in nature, initiated by your thoughts, desires and expectations, all made physical in the world of three dimensional reality. But your reality is much more than this, because of your history and that history is older than you suspect. You did not enter this world as a new personality with a blank slate on which to write a record of your present activities, your loves, your challenges, your failures, your successes and your acquired knowledge, only to be annihilated upon your death.

So, when, in times of introspection, you look at your life wondering what this is all about, you must at least suspect that there is more to this picture than meets the eye. Every man and woman is born into a world with a mother and father, and yet, there seems that there must be meaning and purpose beyond this to your life, but that purpose escapes you, and you wonder. You look into the heavens and gaze at the stars in amazement and find some measure of reassurance in the immensity of it all, and you know that there is meaning behind the stars too that you don't understand. But it is one thing to know, another to know that you know what you know and to know that the knowledge acquired is valid and true..

Your life as you know it TODAY, is a result of the electromagnetic realities that we spoke of but also a result of a past history that you are presently unaware of. This life that you know so well, is as it is, not only due to your present day beliefs, activities and striving, but because it carried over a vast wealth of knowledge, characteristics, habits, and propensities from previous lives. That is partially responsible for the YOU that you are today, and that my friends is why there are some things in your life that you can't explain, things that don't seem to fit into the present context of what you know you are.

Things that you were not in your past lives, you will be in your present life. If you are a female today, you probably were male in one or more past lives. If you were a scoundrel in a past life, you may be deeply involved in religion as a priest in this one. If you are plagued by illness in this life, it could be that in a previous life you did not learn of love and affection for your fellow man, so you have adopted illness in this life as living evidence manifested in the flesh, as a symbol to to learn a more responsible use of the creative energy of the spirit.

Much of what you are today, is the result of what you were yesterday, so to speak. If there are things in your life that seem totally out of synch with your present life situation, with what you know yourself to be, then look deeper for the reasons, and don't confine your search to just this one life. Karma operates, straddling many lives, but not in the way most think. Karma is not a comeuppance punishment as many would believe, but is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and it does operate to your benefit. So when you are finished with the cycle of reincarnational lives on Earth, spanning centuries, you will be a well rounded personality, psychically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally, eminently qualified to progress on to other more advanced systems, and those choices are many.

As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain't over till it's over” and as I say “It ain't ever over”.

Karma simply means that you will be given another chance to correct your mistakes in areas where you missed the mark in life's opportunities and this option may be exercised within the current life or within future lives, but there is no escaping the fact that you will, in some way, experience what you have inflicted on others whether it be love or hate. Most people equate karma with payback for unjust acts perpetrated on their fellow man, but it works both ways, so if you have given love and respect, that is what you will experience in this life and in future lives. For one who kills another man, he must in some way experience the same thing, otherwise he would learn nothing, and Earth is a learning system. The way karma is structured, it gives you ample time, actually all the time you need to “see the light” make beneficial changes to enhance you life and make amends to others. There is no punishment as usually thought of in religious terms, and failures and successes are seen in the same light, as leading to improvement of the personality, sometimes over a series of lives spanning many centuries.

Life is eternal for all living things and that infers that animals reincarnate too, so you don't have the kettle all to yourselves. The consciousness within seeds, germs, cells and molecules is also eternal, meaning that they die, fall away, and are reborn almost instantly, and each reborn cell, even though it is an entirely new cell, still carries the memory of all of the physical manifestations that it has participated in during its history. A cell, is in a most distant future, an incipient human personality.

In terms that can boggle the mind, every living speck of consciousness, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, lives again and again and there is nothing they or you can do about it. All life is conscious to varying degrees and consciousness is indelible and eternal. As an aside, animals do not reincarnate into humans, and man (women too) do not reincarnate as animals, ever! Obviously, and I am sure that I don't need to say this, but when I speak of reincarnation, I speak of the continuity of consciousness only, not physical form. Consciousness evolves form, but physical structure never evolves anything. Consciousness expresses itself by impressing its idea form that it holds of itself into the physical system, through a peculiar use of atomic structure that we have discussed before.

So, among other factors that we will not discuss in any great detail here, this life represents not only a collection of your current experience, emotions, memories and knowledge, but the similar characteristics from past lives are projected into the future personality, imprinted in the genes themselves and in many cases, can be accessed and retrieved through hypnosis and sometimes in the dream state.

Unconsciously then, the record and memory of all of your past selves is electrically coded and impressed into the physical genetic structure when you are born and is also retained in the non physical mind, which as you suspect, is a necessity, since the body comes and goes, dies and is reborn, but the intimate knowledge of multiple lives is never lost and is added to and built upon as your psychic identity survives the specter of the grim reaper again and again.

Just as much of your past life experience was carried over, in a way projected forward into the future into this present life, and is used as a basis for establishing the new personality at birth, with many of its past quirks, eccentricities, and karmic baggage if it exists, then this life is in a very real way, an audition and practice for your next life. Furthermore, in searching for reasons for failures, problems and challenges in your life today, you cannot limit your explorations to this life only, for many of today's problems may have been initiated centuries ago.

As you can understand, this is not an easy job, since you must become a psychic time traveler and look from the present into the past. Now, this is not always the case, but when you are truly seeking answers that seem to evade you as you ponder your present life, then consider the problem in the context that maybe, just maybe it was first encountered by a past self. I probably shouldn’t mention this here since you will once again be tempted to have me committed, but I will not water down these truths for the benefit of the ignorant, but will clearly state them to the best of my ability, and I believe I have given you sufficient evidence of the validity of this material.

Since the experience of time is a result of limited perception, demanding that you perceive past events, lives and experience in a continuous manner, this will not make much sense, but you can use the knowledge whether you understand it or not at this time. All of your past selves still exist. Because of your version of time, you must see them as dead and gone, but these personalities still exist and are as vibrant and alive as you. The reason I mentioned this, is that in many cases, just by asking for the sought after knowledge before going to sleep at night, the answers you seek will be given to you by your past self in a dream. Communication with past reincarnational selves is often carried on below the conscious awareness of the ego during the dream state, and more than likely, you have already had communication with a past self and have no conscious recollection of the event.

Here is where you have a chance to anticipate your next life situation by living this life as if you are auditioning for a play, understanding that the script you write and the advance preparation that you do here and now will in many ways give you foot in the door of your next existence. By living this life in a way beneficial for your personal development, you will alleviate many future problems in lives to come by setting up the groundwork, a positive foundation here in the present for your next life.

Once you enter the reincarnational system in your first earthly life, you are committed to finish a series of lives that are meant to bring you to a certain level of experience and knowledge, preparing you to enter other more challenging environments. This is of course called “evolution of the spirit” and adds to the development of the personality but also to the depth experience of the Soul. The minimum requirement of the number of lives you must live is three, but this depends much on your own personal development with rest periods in between

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I said that a past self may speak to you in your dreams, but a future self may also whisper back through the mists of time and give you advice on a problem you are facing in the present, since they have already encountered the same problem and solved it in your future. All past, present and future selves exist simultaneously in their respective reality systems.

There is much more.

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