Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Part 2

As you will recall from our last article, I became a bit loquacious and got carried away with the telling of the story of reincarnation, and it is some story to tell. Of course, no short article, even in hundreds of pages can relate the intricacies and complexities of the true reality of multiple lives, but we will try to give what could best be called a synopsis of a process that spans centuries, has been operating quite well for eons and most of you haven't even noticed.

I can tell you this, the material that we discuss here may be elusive now, but will in time begin to fit together like pieces in a puzzle, and even though it may not register with you now, one day the psychological door will open, the light will shine in and much of what we talk about here will begin to make perfect sense, and you will say “I always knew that!”.

This is not knowledge that you can learn as you can learn mathematics, language or logic, for as you have already learned, true multi dimensional reality in many cases falls flat on its face when considered in the light of human reasoned logic. You can never use the intellect alone to reason yourself to understand the beginning of the universe or whatever else we discuss here, but intuitively it will begin to make sense over time. The human brain is simply not equipped to handle multi dimensional conceptual thinking at this point in human evolution. But it can learn.

Reincarnation only seems so strange because you have indoctrinated yourselves into believing that time is a series of moments strung out with one event leading to another until an end is reached and you, especially in Western society have been taught that the end is one lifetime. As I began to explain in our last article, time only seems to exist in that manner because of your limited ability to follow events beyond their entrance and departure of energy from your system. You only perceive bits and pieces of events that manage to rise to the perceivable range of your physically oriented consciousness. Data that does not reach your species range or pitch, is out of your reach of perception and falls into other systems where it becomes part of their reality and not yours.

This is working out pretty well, if I may say so myself, because I wanted to begin our discussions on the true nature of “ Time” as you know it and this is a perfect launching pad for our time discussions. As a teaser, let me reiterate a short analogy that I have borrowed from the Seth Entity, then I'll get back to our present train of thought..

Imagine if you will a string of Christmas lights, strung out in a straight line and you are small enough to walk along that string of lights, from one light to the next light. We are here comparing the series of lights to a series of lifetimes, each light on the string representing the brilliance of one lifetime. Now, as you walk along the string and approach a light, you are approaching your birth. While in your present lifetime, the brilliance, the complete and utter focus of that light which is your present life, blinds you to the presence of the light behind you and the light shining before you.

When you die, you leave the brilliance of your present light, entering an area of neutrality as you begin walking along the string again, and as you do so, glancing back you can barely see the past light fading and looking forward you can begin to see the light ahead. As you enter the light ahead, you are born again in a new physical body and the brilliance of a new present life becomes overwhelming and you once again lose sight of the light now behind you as you enter into the light of life renewed. You are transfixed, mesmerized by your total concentration on your present life, to the point that you cannot remember even the most recent past life. The past life personality still exists as does the future life personality, it is not dead and gone, but from your point of view, your total concentration must be on the present life and that concentration is riveting.

Now here is the important point; the Entity/Soul views this picture as if from above, although you know by now that reference to “above or below” is meaningless. The Soul sees all of the lights on the string existing at that same time, it sees the whole picture and there is no confusion, but your Soul/Entity knows that all such lives, all of the personalities involved are living simultaneous lives and views all of its personalities in what can best be described as an expanded present.

I realize that this concept defies the intellect, but my friends, the intellect is ill equipped to rationalize the existence of multi dimensional reality. At this point, it does not matter whether or not you understand the illusion of consecutive time that you pay homage to, in order to understand reincarnation. One reason for reincarnation, is that the world that you know is a beginning system for emerging personalities into the three dimensional world of physical matter. You are on Earth to learn the creation, direction and manipulation or thought and emotional energy into matter, and from your time oriented system, there just isn't enough time in one life to learn the lessons that you must learn to continue your journey.

For a personality to evolve through various systems, multitudinous worlds, both physical and non-physical, many lives are needed to acquire the necessary knowledge to manipulate in those more advanced, complicated and complex realities.

Yours is a beginning system, and before someone yells at me that you have sent men to the moon as proof of your technological abilities to navigate the universe, let me remind you that you still kill each other because they worship in a different way than yourselves. You desecrate nature, slaughter and extinct the living portions of your own environment while you so self righteously claim the God given right to “go forth and conqueror the earth”. You torture and kill the animals to test perfumes and prove other scientific data in the mistaken belief that this is justified if it saves just one human life. This is a false assumption, since any life you save by experimentation on animals carries with it unforeseen psychic repercussions that can never be justified.

You are blindly multiplying yourselves out of a place to live by overpopulating and taxing your planet's ability to provide for its own and ruining your own lands and the lands of others. God never gave any society, any race or any country any rights that supersede those of the animals, since humans and animals alike share the same source, and most of you realize this, yet you shudder at the thought of giving up the products that are derived at the expense of animal testing. Did it ever occur to you that your body is made of the same elements as dirt, rocks, iron, water and air? You are the living, breathing and thinking earth and no one can deny the connection. This most intimate connection between all things must be realized before you will be allowed to move into more developed reality systems.

I do not mean this to be a lecture on ethics, but only to point out that there is much to learn before you are ready to progress on to other more advanced systems, systems where killing does not exist and death as you know it is unknown. Before you can leave the Earth system, you must learn what it means to be a male, a female, a father, a mother with living children. You must learn the lessons of illness and splendid health and understand the complications and comforts of both. You must learn the hardships of poverty and wealth, of beauty and homeliness and be comfortable with each. You must learn that to help your fellow man, and woman is to help yourself and to harm another will in the end harm you.

You must also learn the most evasive secret of the centuries, that your thoughts coagulate into objects and events and understand their potency in improving life's conditions for yourself and your compatriots. You must at least begin to understand the you not only create your own image, but the environment that en mass, you call your world. You exude your own personal environment as easily as you breathe, but in this case you breathe the breath of atoms and molecules and the grass and flowers seem as though they have been there forever.

This cannot be done is one paltry lifetime, but through the accumulated experience and knowledge of many lives. Some will be more adept at physical life than others, quick studies, they will manipulate well in your world and move to other challenges in only a mere three of four physical lives, others will not do so well, and for those, many lifetimes are ahead, perhaps in the dozens. There are some people who are stubborn who will refuse to make an effort to learn, to accept the challenges given, will be uninterested in progress along these lines, and for them, it will be a long road ahead, but not a dead end. No one remains ignorant forever.

Some people will, as I have suggested, want to force the issue, by what I call forced self evolution. They are relentless in their pursuit of knowledge and for those a way will be shown. There is unlimited knowledge that exists, most of it beyond yours or my reach at this time, but what can be known and understood, will always be given when you are ready. It is not that any knowledge is held back, and knowledge is available to all who are peeking around the psychological corners and trying to understand. What you cannot understand today, you will be able to tomorrow, and in the unseen reality of non-time, that tomorrow could be centuries from the present day. The responsibility is with you to pursue what you know exists but have not yet captured, and if you pursue with honest desire, you will be rewarded with the Knowledge you seek.

Next Article Preview; Turning your Life around when Everything Seems to Go Wrong.


izzy said...

Thank you, William, for your valuable teachings.

I have a small question with regards to reincarnation, are you sure there is no transfer between realms ? Buddhism been telling me differently.

For instance, a man with accumulated dark deeds could possibly be reborn into an animal next life.

I really enjoy reading your blog.



W. Allan said...

There can be no transmutation of species. Animals will always be ONLY animals and humans will ONLY be reborn as humans. Buddhism is wrong in that teaching as many religions are wrong in their teachings. Sorry Izzy, no matter how many dark deeds you commit, you are destined to always be human.

izzy said...

Then, how do you explain the mushrooming population of mankind ?
Where do "new players" to Earth come from ?
And what happened to those "graduated". Will they be humanoid again but in another world ?
Can a good player who stays above the string of lives be aware of the unstoppable cycle and choose to deny reincarnation after clearing all karmic debts ? If yes, what do you categorize him ?

W. Allan said...

Izzy, In answer to question #1
Every invisible smallest particle of consciousness that existed in the beginning, still exists. No new consciousness is being added to the mix. The Soul/Entity splits off a portion of itself to create new personalities, it does not create new consciousness. My next article deals with this fragmenting of consciousness to create new personalities.