Sunday, November 28, 2010


I started writing this article a few months ago, and like I do with many articles, set it aside until I felt the inspiration to go ahead, and now I do, so you’re in for big trouble. I write this column joyfully because I know that maybe in some small way I can help others to understand those elusive hidden realities that they always knew existed, but never knew how to find. In a way. It’s like unconsciously knowing there is a Supreme Being, knowing that a God exists, but not being able to understand who or what He, She, It is, how and where does He exist, and many other aspects of this Divine Energy Source. If you are like most people, you probably never expected to find answers to many of the secrets of God, the universe and beyond.

In these articles, you will finally find some answers and some of the answers you find will not be easy to understand since they will be unfamiliar concepts for the human brain to grasp, but even though you may not totally understand what is said here, you will find some affirmation of its truth in your heart. I cannot prove what I say here in terms you are used to, with scientific facts backed up by hard physical data that you can empirically dissect, measure, weigh and analyze, but I have an advantage over scientific facts, and that is, I pass on knowledge that has existed since time was originally formed, when matter was more fluid and plastic, when gravity was not quite so pervasive and when living consciousness was still in the sorting out process, and I will try to explain why this knowledge is not new to you.

In reading what is written here, bear in mind that I do not claim originality with this material and never did. It was given to me, and as I begin to understand it, I give it to you, and as it has changed me by my possessing it, so you will change it by reading and becoming part of and making that knowledge yours. As you will find, this material is difficult, sometimes almost to the precipice of the ability of the physical brain to understand, but understand you will in time, and in so doing, will expand the reach of your consciousness, opening new doorways to worlds you never knew existed before.

As many of you know, I don’t speak symbolically, so you won’t find those willy-nilly, so called spiritual exclamations here that leave you wondering what the hell did he just say. You will not be asked to tithe as I direct heavenly ushers to pass the collection basket. I promise not to attempt to sell you holy water, prayer cloths or indulgences and I certainly won’t pray over thousands of letters you write before I toss them into the dumpster and promise cures that never seem to manifest or wealth that never seems to appear.

I will never ask you to touch your television screen while I pray to Deities in your behalf as I invoke their name and demand a cure, even for the little lady in Omaha who is now developing arthritis in her third vertebrate. Now, there is a cure for that little old lady, and as most of you suspect, it lies within her own being and she must learn to access her own inner healer and utilize the Helper within, and I hope to be able to show you how working through your own God given life, you can learn more about the workings of your inner world.

You will read and begin to understand the grand design of nature as it co-operates with itself to bring about the best possible outcomes to all problems, given the leeway to operate unimpeded by distorted and faulty beliefs, within the current probabilities available to you at any time. You will begin to sense your integral part in nature itself. You will begin to understand the natural aspects of your life, and know that YOU are at the very center of the universe, as is every other living identity, and so being, that universe is at your disposal when you know how to navigate within its parameters.

There are universal rules that are inviolate within your world, and operating within those rules, everything that is possible is probable to some extent. You have a responsibility to live your life in Knowledge, to search for it and to learn to speak for nature itself as all of nature dreams for the entire world. You may seem to stand apart from nature, but you cannot stand apart from that which you are. Knowledge is not given to those who do not look for it.

You were not given the awesome gift of life to squander it, but if you choose to do that, you lose nothing more than time, oh, and one life. (smiling). You were made “consciousness living in matter” by your Soul/Entity and there was no instruction booklet given, lest it compromise or color your life experience. You are bound to learn that operating confidently within the natural world, you will find that life flows easy and to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of mankind. I have said this before, and I am sure some cringe when I say it, but I can assure you what follows is true and not some Pollyanna statement, and it is not one of those “Symbolic” statements that are just too good to be true.

You are given the gift of the Gods, but why shouldn’t you, since you are a distant descendent of All That Is (God). When I said that you were privy to this Knowledge, I meant it. Your consciousness, the same consciousness that is intertwined throughout your being today existed before your “Earth” was in place, maybe not in the same form, certainly not self aware consciousness, but still eternal, ever changing, every growing and expanding into new worlds. There was only a given amount of consciousness that was available in the beginning, before universes, worlds and time itself, and that consciousness is still fragmenting, dividing and expanding, yet we are still dealing here with the same identical consciousness that saw the beginning of the universe. In a very real way, you are “Soul Stuff” in physical garb, operating in time and space for a given length of time. What you do with it is purely up to you.

So, that is why occasionally you will catch yourself saying “I KNEW THAT” as you read these articles, because indeed you did, but you have just forgotten your Divine heritage. This division of consciousness has of course, expanded to create countless universes, dimensions, worlds and planes of existence, yet not one speck is watered down or less than it was originally. I am then, more of a “reminder” than a teacher, since I am hopefully bringing to the surface, information that you have long ago forgotten and helping you remember who you really are.

As in so many computer operations today, there is a back-up system, a protection, so no data is lost, and do you think for a moment anything you have known in the past is lost. I think not. All data of all reality systems, all worlds and all universes since the first speck of matter was formed is still flawlessly, electrically recorded in an inner electrical field so precisely configured that should the physical universe that you know today be destroyed, it could be reconstructed with this existing electrical data. That data is also a part of the inner psychic genetic structure of each and every minute speck of consciousness that is part of every electron, that is part of every atom, that is part of every cell, chromosome and by inference, every insect, bird, mammal and human today. (A Human being a specialized mammal for our discussions).

So, you are not some accidental physical creature in a universe formed by chance, but a purposeful creature in a purposeful universe that sought physical life to venture out into a strange new world like no other, encounter challenges, gain experience, grow in knowledge and wisdom and evolve into more that you ever thought possible. This could not have been accomplished if you had retained full knowledge of your heritage and protections. In order to learn the “Earth” lessons, you, in a way, had to be set adrift in an unknown world and learn to fend for yourself. If you were consciously aware that you were protected, that your identity was eternal, then no lessons could be learned in precisely the same way.

In a way, “All That Is” had to figure out how to bring about a sense of separation from His creations, or knowing their heritage, the created identities would have never ventured out into the true First Frontier of a newly formed universe, alone, but unknowingly, not alone.

Knowing this, you can get a better perspective on living your life in a much more relaxed way, knowing that you simply “Can’t do it wrong”. You’re only requirement here is TO BE. There are no other rules to follow, and the BEING itself is the reward. The real secret is to learn enough that you can begin to trust your own inner feelings and emotions and live with the knowledge that there is nothing to fear you are always protected. The intellect is a wonderful adaptation for the human species, but it alone cannot navigate the inner passageways of the mind, and all realities are mental.

You must learn to trust your inner feelings and emotions and not what others tell you. Do not listen to teachers, clergy or scientists that tell you things that just don’t feel right in your heart. Words can lie, and often do, but your inner self, simply put, is not capable of leading you in the wrong direction. I have recommended before; Do not believe what I write here unless it has a ring of truth from your inner self, the inner self doesn’t make mistakes. As you learn, this trust will increase as you become more aware of your abilities. It is also likely, that as you learn to trust your “inner nature”, you will find your “extra sensory” experiences increasing.

When you finally learn to trust that “Inner Voice”, you will begin to steer your life in the right direction and resistance will cease. Sure, there will still be challenges, but their significance will be minimal and best of all, answers will be forthcoming, and you will be able to live your life without fear. Life really is easy, when you know how to do it, and when you are done doing it, you get to do it again.


Anonymous said...

I find your articles fascinating. What's your take on 'auras'?

W. Allan said...

Auras are the physical radiance emitted by all consciousness. An aura, should it be perceived is a clue to the nature of the consciousness that emits any particular aura. Some people are more adept at perceiving auras than others, and some auras are more perceivable than others. Usually someone who looks for auras has a better chance of seeing them than those who don't believe they actually exist.
If you want to see auras, start with noticing the colors that someone chooses to surround themselves with in their environment, homes, cars, and especially clothing they wear. Green=soothing, peaceful, mellow. Blue=healing, compassionate, caring. Red=volatile, rambunctious, action. Yellow=bright, friendly, outgoing. These same colors worn as clothing choices would coincide with the persons aura, should it be seen. You can tell much by the color of a persons aura, and also by the colors of their clothing choices. Consciousness is energy aware of itself, and all energy emits a glow, perceived or unperceived.

John said...

I landed in your blog today. The past week for me has been unprecedented - don't know why, but after 57 years of circular, dysfunctional self-deception; I now appear to be waking up... Where do you speak of addictions?

W. Allan said...

John, I have not talked about addictions and have said that I am not a psychologist and I think it's best to leave some things to them. I can tell you that the dominant personality is the one that succeeded in being the YOU that you are today. There are other less dominant personalities, submerged in your subconscious that are always ready to surface, either temporarily or permanently. They represent latent but not expressed possibilities inherent in the whole personality. In other words, they are the other faces of John that could have been the predominant one. When any of these does emerge, a totally new personality becomes the real one. In a way, it's like personality hide and seek and sometimes the differences are great. YOU, any one of you, are creating your own reality and no one is foisting it on you, so you must look within and take ownership of your problems. They are not outside of the scope of your understanding. It is a strange thing when you look to others to tell you about You,,,,,,,,don't you think?

John said...


Yes, it's the same ol' spin on thinking our problems (and solutions) are without - therefore many seek and do not find - they may be "looking for love in all the wrong places", as the old song says...

The dark personalities seem quite real at times when one continues to dance with them, however, I agree with your assessment on the dominant personality. It may take some time (perhaps a number of different lives or visits), but when the dancing stops the darkness evaporates.

Today has been another amazing day.

Many thanks for your efforts - keep it up for there are many who do, and will, benefit.


Anonymous said...

Dear William,
It is very difficult accept the idea that life is easy while observation and experience shows that it is not.Yes, the difficulties, hardships, challenges and the problems are part of life and will be beneficial in the long run to the Entity, BUT.. there is more to it, at times it is cruel and creates extreme suffering.Free will alone cannot be blamed for this!For example take the wildlife, there is no choice for the predators, they commit the act killing instinctively.Why should the victim experience the cruel death? Of course it can be explained as a mere transfer of energy, but the reality is, there is pain and suffering.Then can we say that there is a fundamental flaw in the mechanism in which THIS reality system operates? Thinking further, The advanced entities have faced this, the evolving Entities are facing now and the emerging Entities will face it in the future, so there is no end to this.

It seems that, Worlds come and go, universes come and go but the pattern remains the same. Bliss -> Incarnation(Multitude of experiences in different realities which includes horror and suffering) ->Bliss.

Could it be said that "Infinite" is one of the attributes of THAT.So when IT desires to have infinite experience, the experiences includes the above mentioned negative aspects also.

Advanced Entity or Entities might have created this Reality system out of its/Their free will and Intelligence.It is complex but flawed.

Sorry for the long post.Unable to grasp what is really happening!
Could you please throw some light on this!

Thanks in Advance

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
All reality systems evolve in their own unique way. The Earth system includes the predator and prey aspects of evolution. Since there really is no death, only a migration to new dimensions, it's really not all that bad. You are learning from the negative aspects of reality. If there were only good events, you would never learn that you are creating your reality, and that is the paramount lesson you must learn.
Negative events are created or attracted to the negative atmosphere created by negative thinking.
There will come a time when indeed, the lion will lay down with the lamb,
You should always try to remember that the thought creates the event, not the other way around. As an example, a fat person is not fat because they eat too much, they are fat because they first perceive themselves as fat, and because of that they eat too much. Apply that to all aspects of reality and maybe it will make more sense.

Kaits said...

Dear William,
Thanks for the response.After posting the question I was reflecting about this aspect of reality.A small incident happened which made aware of the cruelty that exists in my mind.Though the act is only mental, it was strong and uncontrollable.
Now I understand that almost all humans have this aspect.Some indulge in the physical
act of cruelty and rest were able to control themselves with the mental act alone.
I understand that even the act is mental, it has its implications because its as real as the physical act.Its really bad on the part of the humans to have these qualities inherent in their nature.

One more clarificatin needed regarding the idea of learning.Frequently I come across the concept that we are here for learning, its more like a school and some are here for teaching and guiding.But when you consider the attributes of the Entity, IT is part or spark of the WHOLE, it is SELF AWARE and already KNOWS, then what is there to learn?

Can we say that there is nothing to learn and everything to experience? Ofcourse the WHOLE/UNKNOWABLE desires to experience and hence can we say that we are here just to experience alone? We can also say that learning itself is an Experience and so the act of EXPERIENCING is the purpose?

Could you please clarify regarding the above.

Thanks and regards

W. Allan said...

Dear Kaits,
One of the hardest to understand ideas is that the Earth physical reality at this point is a very young, civilization, in the process of learning through experience. The personality is part of the Soul/Entity and the entity knows what the personality does not yet know. The entity is part of other intelligence gestalts more evolved than itself. The personality has access to the knowledge of the entity, but is not intellectually or emotionally developed enough to access this knowledge. The entity knows and it knows that it knows. The personality knows, but doesn't know that it knows, at least not yet.
The physical system offers a unique type of experience to the personality and the entity that is not available anywhere else. To the entity/soul, all experience is good from a larger perspective. Thoughts of cruelty are natural at this point in the evolution of mankind, but that will pass.
Of course, given the choice, one is to learn, how not to have thoughts of cruelty, but thoughts that are of benefit to you and your contemporaries. The other side of cruelty is compassion, any you are here to learn the difference through experience. Thoughts are real, but they are not the experience.
Keep wondering,