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Have you ever been in the position where everything that touches your life turns to junk or at least it seems that way? Are you like the little man who always carried an umbrella and had a cloud overhead that follow him everywhere? If so, you are like many others who seem to attract negativity and misfortune but in many ways it's not your fault, in other ways it is precisely your fault since it is quite possible that you are attracting negative events into you life.

I would like to explore this a bit deeper here, but I don't want you to be misled into thinking there is nothing you can do about it. It has nothing to do with what you call bad luck, it has nothing to do with being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it has nothing to do with or lack of having some deeply held religious beliefs and you'll have to trust me on this, but no God punishes you for your misdeeds. But rather than dwell on what is wrong, lets discuss why these unfortunate things may seem to be hounding you, sometimes permeating every aspect of your life and in many cases, making your life miserable and making life unpleasant for those around you.

At a point some time ago now, I gave advice to someone that I knew personally, and would like to use this example as a launching pad to get into the meat of the subject. This person of whom I speak, seemed to have everything going for him in early life. He was blessed with good looks, a quick wit and an above average brain. He went to college, got a degree in marketing, and graduated with not only the degree but unfortunately with an addiction to drugs that he just couldn't seem to break. He is from a good family who cared about him and tried to help, but he went from one negative life experience to the another, ending up in jail/rehab situations again and again, from which he is yet to emerge.

This person of whom I speak, perceived himself as a victim of his parents, the system and any other scapegoat he could think of, except for years and still to this day he could never bring himself to acknowledge that he alone was responsible for his continuing problems. It doesn't take a trained psychologist to see who was causing the problems, but a person's beliefs can create a psychological blind spot in their belief system, a transparent fence around your personal reality and blind you to truths that are apparent to everyone but yourselves.

Negative beliefs are like a psychic albatross around your neck, constantly with you and the unfortunate thing is that these beliefs, even though they are not really truths, but beliefs about truth will always seem to be indisputable evidence in your experience. Your thoughts, emotions, desire, imagination and your expectations will be flawlessly manifested in your life experience irregardless whether they are true or false, good for you or destructive and that is why it is so hard to convince someone that they are causing their own problems. Your subjective state whether right or wrong will become real and it will, from your personal viewpoint usually appear to be good.

So considering yourself or someone else that is having a tough time of it, you must keep in mind that to them, they are not inflicting these negative wounds on themselves and they will be horrified that you would even suggest such a thing. They will suspect that the source of their problems originates elsewhere, to be found on the outside, never suspecting that the problem is one of internal origin. They have become transfixed on the negativity and can see no way to change the momentum that they have built up so at times their situation will appear hopeless. It would be like trying to stop a freight train set in motion, building up momentum and requiring extreme force to offset the inertia.

One of the main reasons this happens is that most people, when presented with the idea that they create their own reality, believe this to be a “symbolic” statement and not one based on an actual process of subjectivity coalescing into objectivity in the form of physically perceived objects and events. One problem with this kind of thinking is that until now, no one, to my knowledge, has presented this concept in the light that objects are actually “object events” and whether they are aspects of the natural environment or manufactured objects, still, they are their own unique type of events made physical.

A car then is the result of a chain of events that eventually ends up with something you can touch, hold and drive, that you have purposely created and a flower is the result of naturally created environment that you are unaware of your part in the creative process, but both are created following a process that works whether you are consciously thinking about it or not and so it is with the events, both positive and negative in your life.

A table is an event as much as a graduation party, a wedding or a funeral is an event.

When one becomes aware of this, and when it finally begins to sink in that reality is simply the result of an immaculate tangible and intangible confluence of electromagnetic, psychic and chemical processes resulting in sensual perception to form a psychological platform that you can use to express your creativity and also allows for fulfillment of your satisfactions and desires and pleasures not only inherent to you but to all life forms. These are your natural heritage as a member of the race of man and all other species share in this striving for fulfillment. They are not yours alone and all consciousness leans toward satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure.

There is something else here that is very important to know about your reality and to hypothesize the answer to the question, which came first, the chicken or the egg. The answer is always elusive since you don't understand the source of either, so it seems only natural that the question will remain an enigma unless you ask the right question. Obviously, the question as it was posed cannot be answered because you don't have enough information, but here is the answer.

The chicken did not originate within the physical world of electrons, atoms and molecules, nor did eggs. It gained it's physicalness from the inside out, so to speak. From an inner source, generalized energy beyond anything you now know, projected and thrust outward, gradually gaining form and self awareness in the world of matter, atoms building on atoms, assuming specific forms according to certain proclivities and areas of significance peculiar to each individual consciousness. In really simplistic terms, a certain type of consciousness finding value and significance in “chicken oriented reality” first mentally formed a physical idea of what you now have named “chicken” and developed its “chickeness” around that image over eons of adaptation.

The Chicken did not come from an outside source as the question would lead you to assume, but from the world of subjectivity into the objective world of appearance and solid matter. You would not be far off the mark if you said the the chicken dreamed itself into being through the adaptation of atoms to its dream body, then infused its conscious chicken identity as that dream body solidified over time. I did not want to get into “chinckeness” here but it is an interesting subject. The point I wanted to make is that you create your own reality, and when you try to assign blame for your circumstances on someone else, you lead yourself astray.

The problem lies of course, that nobody wants to admit that they unconsciously brought on their difficulties, whether it is physical, financial or other personal problems. Your challenges are assimilated from the inner world of beliefs, then made physical. If you believe yourself to be a victim, then you will attract around yourself all of the necessary components to produce the type of “victimness” that best exemplifies and demonstrates to yourself and the world your belief and to you it will all seem perfectly natural. All of the pieces will seem to fit together perfectly to prove the inevitable rightness of your beliefs of innocence in the whole affair, and you will perceive everyone else at fault except yourself.

This is why it is so hard for someone to “turn the ship around” and steer a new life course out of the storm of uncertainty, doubt and misfortune. The fact is that “you can't change it till you own it”. When the fog begins to lift and you begin to see through the veil of denial, you can then begin to make the changes necessary to alter the course in your life and life's challenges.

You must also get over guilt. If you believe yourself as sinful by nature or by your actions, then you will feel that you deserve what you have been getting and there will be no escape.There is no sin that you are guilty of, and there are no despicable acts that make you less than those around you, unless you think there is. There are some of mans actions that are heinous in nature of course, but no matter how you cut it, man is not at heart a sinful creature, he does make some pretty awful choices at times, but if God does not punish you, why should you punish yourself.

Finally, when you want to bring about a change in your life, you must; recognize that change is the way of the universe, of mice and men and you are one of these. The ONLY way to change anything is to change your beliefs and how you think about it. As long as you think about your problem, it will and must continue to gain strength since unknowingly you are, through your thought, contributing and exacerbating the severity of the problem.

A problem starved of the creative energy of your thoughts and beliefs, will lose its strength, lose its hold over you, dissipate and disappear, given enough time.

This is not metaphysical, spiritual psycho babble that you can't understand, so I take care in saying it clearly and concisely. Problems and challenges arise from a variety of sources and conditions, but even when a problem arises in this life from a past life, it can be changed, and should be. No matter where or when you created your present difficulty, you did not create it to frame and memorialize it forever. I don't have to know you to say with confidence, in this life or in other lives, challenges are instigators of positive growth of the personality, and growth requires change and all changes are mental in origin.

For those with seeming insurmountable personal challenges, I offer a bit of my own psycho babble; challenges are just solutions turned inside out. There IS an answer. Don't think about the problem, think about the future solution and Expect it. You create every aspect of your own personal reality and you in consort with every other living consciousness on your earth creates Earth reality in masse.

If your life experiences seem to be spiraling downward at every turn and you seem to be digging yourself into a hole, remember this, there is NO BOTTOM to the hole as long as you keep focused on the bottom. You can and need to establish a bottom by turning your attention in a more positive direction. (Quit focusing on the problem) The minute that you quit looking at the problem, the bottom is established and from then on, its all upward. You will not recover overnight, since you have built up a momentum of negativity, but you will turn the corner and begin your recovery, whatever its nature.


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W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
I am not sure if you are asking me to heal your wife, but if you are, I would ask you to read my many articles on illness. I am not a healer, I am a teacher, but you can learn about the true source of illness within the articles and maybe by using some of this information, begin to affect the healing process. I will say this, and have said this many times; there is no illness that is beyond healing.

Anonymous said...

I am a 22 year old girl....i have made to many mistakes in the past and its like my past keeps on hunting me nd i do not know what to do anymore.. I feel like i am going crazy and would love to be able to come to terms to what has happened in the past.


W. Allan said...

In a world like ours, meaning the Earth, it is all too easy to believe that the past causes the present. We live in a world of consecutive time, one moment must happen before the next, so the experience of past, present and future is illusion, but a very convincing one indeed. The idea of cause and effect is only valid in the world of appearances. No present event is caused by any past event, even though it may seem that way on the surface.
I know this may seem harsh and unrealistic, but you and only you are responsible for you life's events. Nothing can be in your life unless you put it there. You do that through your beliefs, thoughts, desires and concentration. You get EXACTLY what you concentrate on, you create and attract the events of your life.
Concentration causes Quality. The more you concentrate on something, the more intense, solid, lasting and permanent it becomes. That holds for things you consider Bad or Good. It makes no difference.
The only way to change your life is to quit concentrating on the negativity and concentrate on the positive.
A positive thought, in the absence of negative thoughts and beliefs can change your life in the twinkling of an eye.
You must first recognize the negative beliefs, root them out and replace them with positive things.
It is also important to remember that we are not here concerned with your ideas of "religious sins". They are not relevant and hold no sway over creating positive quality in your life or any life.