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One of the great advantages I have in writing these articles in the present is that I have the opportunity to discuss ancient Truths and Knowledge from a new and unique slant as science, religion and philosophy evolves and makes advances. Once in a while such news emerges that absolutely forces me to set aside an article that I had been working on to address the new breakthroughs and evolving beliefs, and this one is a doozy.

It seems that scientists at NASA research have been studyings a microorganism from Mono Lake in Eastern California and have found that they seem to be the only organism on Earth able to grow and and reproduce using the very toxic chemical arsenic. Much to their surprise, instead of feasting on phosphorus as would be the usual case, it seems that the little buggers are substituting arsenic in the makeup of their DNA, and that's a no-no in the world of earthly life forms, where arsenic will kill you most of the time.

Well, the real game changer here seems to be the fact that this curious little habit of earth bacteria eating arsenic (big time poison) to most of you, proves that science may have overlooked many possible planets that were previously ignored in their search for planetary life outside of your solar system. Their yardstick for measuring the likelihood of life on other planets has always been based on the existence of life forms that more or less resemble yours and it usually ignores life forms that don't resemble yours. That is why most aliens that you have seen in the science fiction movies and TV series always seem to have one head, two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears and such. The ears may be pointed, the skin a green tint, but the similarities cannot be denied.

Funny thing about this is, they have pretty much stumbled on something here without knowing it. As consciousness evolves and grows in complexity, advances and evolves into new systems (worlds), it changes and adopts new forms, some physical like yours, but usually non-physical, and almost without exception, even to some of the most advanced entities, the idea of the human form is still retained, even though these entities can change form at will. If you will remember, solidity of form is strictly an appearance that predominates in the physical system, but is mostly a local phenomenon, being experienced in the probable Earth system but not in most others, and there are countless others where solidity as you know it is unknown.

Your habit of searching for other alien personalities based on your own reality is naïve and egotistical beyond belief, since yours is one of the most elemental systems. You would think you might have assumed that other civilizations after millions of years of existence, have evolved and adopted refinements beyond anything you can now imagine, but actually, your present beliefs should be expected since you still deny that there is “anything other that YOU out there”. You search the universe, the planets and stars for other “human like beings” that will tip their hats and say “Good Morning”, using the English language of course. Another funny thing, have you ever noticed how the Klingons and the Romulans of Star Trek fame speak the English language too. Rhetorical question.

Your time and space centered system of reality requires an intense and precise focus along certain lines and that very preciseness causes you to ignore other valid realities with their own civilizations, arts, sciences, and historical context swirling around you all of the time. Other beings in other reality systems (worlds) exist in the same spacial neighborhood as your planet and they may even pass through or overlap your earth with no interference. Some of these are three dimensional physical systems as real and solid as yours, yet they exist within and through your Earth, but you will never bump into them as long as you inhabit the Earth in your physical body. You simply are not tuned in to their range of reality and so their existence evades your perceptions.

In a very simplistic analogy, you are able to isolate one radio frequency out of thousands available and listen to only your favorite station even thought the atmosphere is full of competing radio stations on their own distinct frequencies. An interesting side note; occasionally you do pick up a stray station during what is called an atmospheric anomaly, and such is the case of alien worlds. Occasionally there is a psychic atmospheric anomaly, a psychological short circuit that occurs, and strange things happen between totally separate alien worlds that would usually not be possible..

Life abounds in the universe, in other fields, dimensions, planes and worlds, but each is separate and divided making communication difficult, but not impossible. All systems are ultimately connected in ways hard to explain, but there are psychic corridors between all systems making communication on a telepathic level not only possible but probable. I venture to say that you, I mean the YOU reading this article, have contacted beings from other planes in your dreaming state many times. I know each and every one of you has had meaningful contact with those of your loved ones who have transitioned out of the Earth plane, but that contact is not remembered in the morning upon wakening in most cases. These family members are certainly not alien life by any means, but they now exist on a plane that you might consider alien in nature, and still contact is possible and does occur. The secret behind these type of communications is strong emotional bonds.

There are alien life forms that do not have a physical body in the normal sense of the word physical, and should you be in the neighborhood of one, you would not even recognize it as a “life form” at all. There are life forms based solely on “sound or thermal properties” that would totally escape your attention. There are life forms scattered throughout the universe based on totally different assumptions than your own and indeed, if you were sitting down beside one of these, even though they may be far more advanced than you, you would still ask the question; Is there anyone else out there? Of course, being more advanced than yourself, they would notice you immediately.

Some alien reality systems exist on planes that are associated with planets and some are not associated with any physical home. Some exist where there is no planet. Some exist in dimensions where the spectrums of “physicalness” are of different thickness and density, some where matter is far denser and heavier than yours and some more transparent. There are spectrums of matter as there are spectrums of sound and color.

Some dimensions exist in your universe and some in universes strange to you. Some aliens exist on the same planet as you, in their own unique systems that you do not perceive. You are not aware of them of course, but you don't have the Earth to yourselves if you must know the truth. Other civilizations, operating on different wave frequencies than yours, share the available “planet energy” that you too utilize in creating your environment. So there is no confusion in what I am saying, more than one separate, individual, unique and solid civilization utilizes the available Earth components and there is no conflict of time or space. Of course, they consider the Earthy stuff their planet and like you, they are totally ignorant of the sharing of their space. In other words, the same raw ingredients are there, given, but each alien to each other, and their civilization creates their own environments, unique to each system. Your mountains are NOT their mountains.

Remember, all reality and ultimately, all alien civilizations are mental and consciousness always comes first, then establishing the living reality systems. In an overly simplistic analogy, and you must admit, I am good at those, all systems began with consciousness dreaming the possibilities of self expression in a new way, then over eons emerged from the dreamlike state, solidified the system from the inside out. Atoms are utilized in ways that are unknown to science today, forming yours and systems quite unlike your physical one in concert with yours. This is not such an outrageous statement when you realize that the atom that helps form the table in you kitchen, could also be forming a car in another totally different dimension and not just one. You can only perceive the atom in its “present” stage as it enters and leaves your system, but it exists in other systems simultaneously, creating other just as valid objects and events that can only be perceived by the inhabitants of those systems.

There is something else you should think about and that revolves around a question I will pose to you, and that is; What is actually Alive and What is not?

You have a tendency to want to classify things, putting them in their own classification, which of course, you devise yourselves. I feel reasonably sure that you will include in “alive being” such things as animals, birds, fish, spiders, bacteria, but when you get down to the microscopic world, things get a bit muddled. Do you consider a cell alive? Do you consider an atom alive. They both have mobility, and I will vouch for the fact that they both have consciousness. They are both to some extent “self aware”. They do not possess “intellect” as you do, but neither do most of the animals. Cells reproduce as do polar bears. Are the plants alive? Of course you would agree to that, but would you agree that “coral” is alive. It moves, very, very slowly, it grows and gives birth to other coral, so you would probably agree that coral is alive, right?

Is consciousness an indicator of life? If so, then everything is alive in its own way, since all energy is conscious to some extent and energy permeates the universe. Some say that the Earth has its own consciousness and they would be dead right in that assumption. Then does the universe have its own consciousness, well of course it does, and this may surprise you, but the stuff that separates the stuff that you know in the universe, meaning the planets, stars, nebula, comets and all other matter or non-matter, (space that is), is also consciousness.

The physical matter of the universe is “consciousness manifest” and the space in between in “consciousness un-manifest”. In other words, some is consciousness made material and some is not, but both are equally as valid and one without the other and the universe would not exist as it does. There is no space, no place, no nook nor cranny and no hypothetical point in the universe that is not intimately in touch with All That Is. There is no point in the universe that is not conscious in some way. In a very real way, you are immersed in a sea of consciousness and you cannot escape that fact. The good news is that all consciousness leans toward the good and cooperates in working toward the ultimate benefit of all other conscious identities, even though in your world it may not seem so at times.

You and I have to arbitrarily choose where to draw the line between what we accept as living and non-living. When you come to the conclusion as I have that everything is alive and flush with intent to BE, then you can get a glimpse of the co-operative nature of nature, the ultimate goodness within all being and the presence of All That Is that pervades everything. Can it seem so unusual that there are literally countless universes, planes and dimensions of development that are home to countless alien beings, some beyond your understanding and mine, but still just as valid within their own field of activity.

So its a good thing that scientists have finally cracked open the door and accepted the fact that you may not be the only example of universal life development and other beings may actually exist outside of your present scope of attention. (Really big sarcastic grin).

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