Friday, May 29, 2009


This is a question I have often been asked and I must say it’s pretty much a universal belief that God has some specific plan for your life. I have an acquaintance who pretty much anticipates the Holy Spirit to make the important decisions in her life for her. I will wait and see what the Holy Spirit brings me. How short sighted, but I am smart enough not to get caught up in that discussion, simply because she has no real idea of what God is, or what the Holy Spirit is, but being caught up in her lack of understanding, she has no idea of the actual motivations of All That Is.

Most of my readers know by now that I prefer to use the name All That Is instead of the term God, simply because the term God invokes so many distorted religious based ideas about what and who God really is. Many of you still envision God as this some kind of super being in human form, (looking suspiciously like Charlton Heston, with a long flowing white beard) residing somewhere UP, heaven maybe? Or up there on a cloud somewhere? certainly not DOWN. Oh, by the way, up is always bright and white, while down is always dark and foreboding, conducive to evil acts.. Many of you equate up with good, while holding down in contempt. Good being up and bad being down, up invoking good images of saints, angels in white robes sitting on clouds playing harps, prophets and of course God. Down, invoking just the opposite images of devils, Satan, evil, darkness and Oral Roberts favorite, the lake of fire. (The lake of fire, usually invoking enough fear in fervent followers to extract larger donations). In some very real ways, that is why some of you still attach darkness as bad and people with dark skin, as somehow less and therefore less acceptable. Fortunately, you are evolving out of that distorted belief, at least in some sections of the U.S. and the world in general.

The reason some ask the question is never the same, but “What does God have planned for my life”, is simply a matter of ignorance of newer personalities in your system, you all know the answer. God actually has nothing planned for you. By now you know that God is not human by any stretch of the imagination, but God (All That Is) has experienced the human form and human perspectives, long ago in your earth terms, but All That Is has passed through ALL perspectives, all universes and all worlds in its multi-dimensional experience. There is nothing that exists that God has not had his finger in, but on the other hand, God does not have to be directly concerned with his creations or their life choices but He is still intimately aware of every act by every minute consciousness from the most to the least of his creations. God obviously does not have human form, nor does she have human motivations. I used the differing pronouns to emphasize that God is not male or female, but is both in essence only, sex would make little sense for the Entity who does not have to act in physical reality to produce offspring. In a very real way, all of Earth’s people, the animals, the flora and the fauna are God’s distant descendants and the exponential expansion of life on earth was the result of his one “FIRST IDEA”.

You should understand that the prime motivation which is the impetus and catalyst for all experience and expansion in all dimensions, is the inner law of “creativity”. It was for God in the beginning and it is still for you. If there was only one, (and of course there is not only one), criteria for life in any and all forms, anywhere, any time, it is the quality of “creativity”, without which no universe would have ever been created. I know that what I am now going to suggest will be considered heresy by some, but you need to get a feel for the true nature of the inner reality of the Original Prime Source, God. All That Is has no intention of planning anything for anybody, so if you are waiting patiently for him to tell you what to do, forget it. It’s not happening in this lifetime. Get on with it, do what you are supposed to be doing, making your own life choices, creating your personal reality, learning from what you create and then doing it again, making adjustments and refinements and doing it better the next time. Life should be easy, and if it isn’t, you’re doing it wrong.

God knows even when he does not try to know, he knows. God feels even when he does not try to feel, but so do you, since knowing and feeling are pretty much automatic as are all emotions. In an abstract way, you could say that God operates automatically as a divine process rather than as a human type being or even as a personality as you know personalities. It is very true that not one bird will fall without God being aware of that event and this fact alone would be far more astounding to you if you had any idea of the limitless scope of creativity of All That Is. You operate in one small world in one small universe while God operates in a multi-dimensional reality containing countless worlds and universes and countless birds that may fall.

The requirement for creativity as a basis for all existence totally negates the idea that God has plans for every personality now living and if God had your life planned out for you in advance, then what would be your purpose in this life; to become a slave to God’s will? I think not. Pre-destination as you think of it does not exist. God has better things to do than sit on a cloud contemplating what he wants for your life. I have said before and will again, your soul/entity is your closest contact with God and you are an emissary of your soul. If you had any idea of the vast intellect, evolved maturity and purpose even of your soul, you would indeed be in awe and wonder how God could be more. But it IS.

There does exist a plan for your life, but you in concert with your soul/entity created the plan, before you were born, you wrote the script of the play of your life, and the play has purpose and intent and furthers your entities development as it furthers yours simultaneously. The entity cannot directly materialize ALL of itself in the physical system so it creates it’s personalities, that is you and others like you, and then with your full consent, creates scenarios for varied and challenging life experiences that you will actualize in your life, problems to deal with, to encounter, to solve and to triumph over. Of course, as soon as the (rough outline) of your life is written, you cause yourself to forget that you wrote the play in the first place.

I repeat myself once again. Your life is like a movie or a Broadway play, and even before you are born in the flesh, you choose your future life’s challenges, in addition to writing the script, you choose your fellow actors, then you jump in feet first or maybe I should say, emerge head first, and begin the first act, but not before you give yourself a good case of amnesia, causing yourself to forget that you yourself wrote the play. Obviously, if you were consciously aware that you wrote the script, you would know the outcome and would not take the experience seriously so the consequences must be critical and dire to be effective. There is something else that needs to be said; it is a very long script that you wrote, and there are rest periods between acts and opportunities for you to change roles and focus, but still with similar goals in mind, and when the play is over and the curtain falls, you will not need to return to the same stage again.

What I am saying is that YOU have plans for your life that you decided on long ago, and left alone the plans will unfold as you planned. God has no plans for your life, and although God has no lips with which to speak, if he could speak, he would undoubtably say, “I don’t care what you do, but just do something”. A life is never wasted, but if a life could be wasted, it would be because you chose to passively stand by and watch, too paralyzed with fear to experience all there is to know and learn.

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Anonymous said...

Is GOD in present time? Is time/space created by GOD?

W. Allan said...

God, as you prefer to call Him,,,,,,,,does not exist as a personality and not in the physical universe, though he created it. He is and exists in a dimension of expanded present where past, present and future do have no meaning.
Time and space were created by the human species long after the original universe was created. Time and space are the result of human perceptions and are illusions. Even animals do not experience time and space as humans do. There are reasons for this, but too involved to go into here. The unfolding of the initial physical universe took place out of the inner universe and the expanded present. It emerged from subjectivity into objectivity,

Anonymous said...

How could time and space be created by the humans since we have a short life and cannot travel far? Simply, how could earth be created by humans?
Please explain "physical universe", "initial physical universe", "inner universe", "original universe", "subjectivity into objectivity".

W. Allan said...

You ask many questions that could actually take a lifetime for me to answer and you to understand, not because of your ignorance, but because of the difficulty in explaining very difficult concepts.

You dream short dreams in your sleep, dreams that may take place in minutes at best. But in those dreams you can experience entire days, weeks or months of experience without missing any important event.
You could for instance experience your entire high school years in a dream of ten minutes dream time.
You could walk a mile to school in a dream in a matter of a few minutes and not miss anything along the way.
That should give you some idea how time and space are illusion. Physical time and space do not exist in the dream state, but you cannot say that they do not exist, for you experience them,
The inner universe experiences no real time or space, but exists and expands in the same way that an idea does. The distance you see as you look into the cosmos is also illusion, for what you are looking at could be equated to a cosmic mind that intrudes into the physical universe.
In the physical system, the illusions are real enough but they are simply the results of your particular, specialized perceptive mechanisms. You perceive the moon as solid, and astronauts can walk on it, but remember, in your dreams, you can fly too, and a dream moon would also appear as solid to your dreaming self.
To many alien beings, the physical universe does not exist.