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There is one rule that is truly universal and reaches into the deepest corners of the universe, affecting both the micro and the macro aspects of consciousness whatever degree. That one rule is simply; “you get what you concentrate on”. I have discussed this in some detail before, but have not explained in any detail why so many people fail to get what “they” want. So I want to discuss not how to get what you want so much as why in many cases you don’t get what you want. Now here’s part of the problem, what you think about most of the time, almost magically materializes in your life, so be careful what you think about.

I want to make clear that all realities including your physical system are mental in origin and they all begin with thought, idea and imagination, forged, in your case, into earth stuff like magma, rock, water, clouds, environments and living things of all persuasions and events both from micro to macro that affect the whole world. If thoughts were impossible, no world or universe would have ever emerged from the realm of idea. I emphasize this because I want you to get a feel for the concept that if a thought was the original impetus that sparked the first breakthrough into physical matter, then you will also begin to understand that if you can change your thinking, you can change your life and reality.

This creative process that converts thought energy into reality happens smoothly and naturally without your conscious knowledge of what you are actually doing. Being a natural process, it is not arbitrary or judgmental and simply following certain laws of which you are not yet aware, creates the reality that you then perceive, experience and hopefully enjoy. Unfortunately, being non-judgmental it has a tendency to surprise you when things happen to you that you don’t enjoy, or in other terms, when something does not happen that you wanted. This is not an arbitrary process, and the inner self, that does that actual work of materializing idea into physical matter, doesn’t choose one possibility over another for actualization. In a sense, it simply follows orders received from the conscious “ego self” that surveys the physical landscape, ascertains what is needed and unconsciously sends this mental directives to the inner self. What the ego wants, given enough desire, duration and expectation, the ego gets, within certain limitations.

Of course, you realize that there is really no division between the inner self and the outer “ego self”, and I use the terms inner and outer for convenience in understanding these inner processes, but they are both a part of the whole self. So, when this process is understood and utilized in a constructive way in your everyday life, you will find that you will experience less bad events and more of what you want. Many people will tell you this is poppycock, in that they have wanted to be millionaires for years and it hasn’t happened yet. And here is precisely why they have not got what they wanted. As I said, the process is not arbitrary and like anything else, the more you understand the game and practice it, the better you will get at it. In other words, if you aren’t getting what you want in your life, you’re doing it wrong.

There are some exceptions and I will outline some of them here:

1. You cannot actualize an event in your life that includes someone else, unless of course, they want the same thing. You can only create your own reality and others create theirs. If two or more people are creating the same reality, want the same thing, then that is another thing, just as mass actualization of events is the reason we have wars and other events with mass participation.

2. You cannot actualize an event in your life that you are unprepared for in terms of physical ability, training or education. You will find it impossible to become a brain surgeon, without going through required rigorous training in medical school and internship. You will not become an Olympic champion swimmer without extensive physical training. Of course, if these pre-requisites are met, these restrictions will change.

3. You cannot actualize an event in your life that is outside of the normal conditions and limitations of earth reality. If a limb is severed, you will never grow another limb. If you were born with a handicap such as blindness, or as a quadriplegic, you will never affect a change of that affliction in this lifetime. You will never be able to fly without the aid of some mechanical assistance, in other words, you are unlikely to grow wings and negate the law of gravity. Your physical body will not survive death, your identity, of course, will remain intact and you will acquire another body.

Now that you know what CANNOT happen, let me finalize by telling you why most people don’t get what they want in life.

I have told you before in other articles, and in the beginning of this article that you get what you concentrate on. The important word here is “concentrate”, but there is another just as important at that is you get what you “expect” to get. Reality is built up from within and it begins with your first thought. That thought is as real as a rock, and even though it has not, and may never break though into a physical event or object that you can perceive, it is still real and will eventually actualize within its given limitations somewhere.

If that first thought is one that originated because of a deep desire with emotional impetus, it then is on its way to becoming a part of physical reality. If that thought is then, repeated again and again, (that’s where duration comes into play), reinforced with physical action to facilitate actualization it is more likely to occur physically. If the desire is sustained by concentration over a period of time, and if you really “expect” what you want to materialize in your life, it then will, following the laws of physical materialization, begin to enter your field of perception and you should begin to experience what you want in your life. In a very real way, you will begin attracting what you need into your field of perception. In the beginning, this has much to do with the attraction of non physical units of consciousness and their propensity to gather others of like attraction, but this is not the place to discuss the intricacies of these processes other than to say that there is an attraction and gathering effect that finally results in conscious energy leaping the psychological fence separating non-physical (invisible) particles into physical (visible) properties in the realm of earth components.

As an example, back to the people who say that they wanted to be millionaires, here’s the problem, if you ask anyone if they ever really wanted something in their life, they will of course tell you yes, but they failed to get it, and point out to you that this does not work. The real reason, aside from the exceptions given here, that people don’t get what they want is that they fail to put in enough effort, they don’t want what they want enough and they are not persistent.

They may occasionally think about what they want, but that is not enough, remember, the operational word here is CONCENTRATE. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other internet pioneers didn’t become rich and famous, by occasionally playing with electronic components. They lived, ate and slept computers from dawn to dusk until the first computer spit out its first salutation. You do not have to concentrate from dawn to dusk, but you must understand the vast difference in “occasional passive thought” and “continuous driven desire”, and the difference is vast indeed.

You do the same thing now unconsciously, but your mission in this lifetime or in the next is to learn to do “consciously” what you now do unconsciously. Unconsciously in your awake state and asleep in the dream state, you are on a regular basis dealing with and sampling future events that you may want to happen in your life. Whether or not you bring them to the forefront of your conscious mind depends on many factors which are not relevant here, other than to say that you are a co-creator of your reality whether or not your realize it. I am not here to teach you these things, but to remind you of knowledge that has been at your disposal probably for longer than you would like to know. That is why, occasionally you will catch yourself thinking; “I knew that” when reading this column. When this happens, you did!

Finally the secret to consciously getting what you want is a matter of intensity, degree and duration. You may be doing everything right, but just with not enough emotional desire, just with not enough duration, just with not enough expectation. Remember it doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens.

Don’t just want it, desire it!

Don’t just think about it occasionally; think about it occasionally with anticipation and feeling.

Don’t just hope for it, expect it!

And remember, an idea is an incipient object or event in the incubator of the mind waiting for birth.

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