Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am fortunate from my somewhat unique position firmly ensconced in this world system, to be able to offer some unique perspectives about timely, current events, relating them to universal knowledge and hopefully offer inner reasons for seemingly disconnected exterior events. I will make this column short because much of the background material will not be easily understood at this time, so I won’t go into it in any great detail, but I was moved to comment on the recent phenomena of a most unlikely heroine “Susan Boyle” , her recent appearance on Britain’s Got Talent TV show and subsequent rise to overnight world wide stardom, unlike any other in recent memory.

I chose to comment on this event from a perspective not usually understood, from the inside out, so to speak. You are all familiar with your own flavor of hero's and heroines, but rarely does anyone rise to the forefront of your attention like she did. Now, what happened “by” Susan Boyle on this TV show was always a probability in her future, influenced, shaped and motivated by other events throughout her life, nudging her in the direction of manifestation of this event and her subsequent world wide acclaim. I purposely use the term “by” rather than “to”, to remind you that nothing really ever happens to you that you do not have a hand in its creation, followed by your perception and experiencing of what you created. So, unconsciously, Susan Boyle co-operated on many levels unconsciously to create her auspicious appearance and accolades, but “you and all of Western culture” had an intimate part in this unlikely event”.

Have you ever noticed that hero's/heroines seem to arrive when they are needed most. Have you ever wondered why? This event has deeper ramifications than meets the eye and there are reasons that it happened in the way it did and at this particular time. This unassuming lady, rather plain and frumpy by today’s standards would never have seemed to be a likely candidate for stardom, but on the other hand, neither did many of your other heros. I refer to her as a heroine, because hero’s or heroine’s always seem to emerge to the forefront of your reality when they are needed the most. This is no more an accident than the original emergence of the physical universe was an accident. I don’t know if anyone else noticed that Susan Boyle seemed not to be the least intimidated by the prospect of performing before millions of people, but actually said that she was going to blow the audience away, and she did exactly that. Stupidly brazen? I think not, you see, inwardly she sensed her destiny in a very real way, knowing that failure was not an option, for she was performing not only for herself, but to reinforce the hopes, desires and aspirations of entire cultures.

The time was right, the stage set, the world languishing in wars, famines, insurgencies, depressions, kidnapings, murders, highjackings, repossessions of thousands of homes and bankruptcies surging around the world. There could not have been a more opportune time for her to arrive, and the heroine certainly arrived in grand fashion. You all seek out your hero's subconsciously as a result of your personal needs and the needs of humanity in general, and when the combined energies of entire civilizations are focused on those needs, someone will step in, psychologically speaking, stepping forward and accepting the responsibility and answering the call. Human kind will always call up a hero when the climate is ripe for change or enlightenment, and a hero will emerge to change the exterior landscape.

You, in a very real way, reinforce their emergence on the world stage, their inner self senses the worlds needs, they are then bolstered by the abundance of inner energy given to them by the populations, they absorb that energy and it reinforces them and their seemingly bigger than life (inspired) roles and missions. This is the way it is with hero's and heroines and you were there to see it and absorb the vast inner energies that for short time overcame all of your worlds problems. Susan Boyle for one brief moment, (reminds me of Camelot), changed the focus of the world and made it better, and that is the way with heros. Susan Boyle sang not only for herself, but she sang for a world in need of grander things, for in her performance, she, for a time, made everyone hero's.

Of course, it was not just any old song. She chose an appropriately titled (“I dreamed a dream”) from "Les Miserables", for you are all dreamers, and from your dreams, your realities arise into the physical world. I don’t know how many noticed, but as the audience snickered with disbelief, Susan Boyle stood her ground with a confident defiance and proceeded to do what she had come to do, blow them away.

All consciousness knows deep in the recesses of its inner knowledge, that there are hints of inspiration, love, caring, and ultimate victory, sometimes even in despair and death, the spirit triumphs and ultimately, the universe leans in your direction. Usually buried beneath the difficulties and tribulations of life, your hero's/heroines will always speak or in this case sing, not only for themselves, but also for all of the human race. They will reinforce a new message, rising to the occasion to help clear away the debris, if even for a short time you will get a fleeting glimpse of the possibilities of co-operation between all living beings and for that time you too are lifted up to become more than you knew you were before. They, these heroines, are literally made more through the unconscious psychic reinforcement of all contemporaries of the time, and they are to remind you that what they are, you can also be. They serve as inspiration and reminders for everyone and point to latent abilities inherent in all of mankind.

There have been countless other hero's/heroines in your past history that have also accepted their role, some affecting all of humanity, shining a new light on elegant possibilities and refinements to come, some of them you know, far greater than Susan Boyle and some that literally changed whole civilizations for the better for ages. Some have and will return again and again, in other words, some have specialized in bringing a brilliant light to earth reality when it is most needed, and some may not be recognized for who are what they really are.

Susan’s star may shine briefly or for years, but for one brief shining moment, there was not a dry eye in the audience, millions viewing the performance, both live and through replay, and I dare say, everyone who saw her performance on Saturday April 11, 2009, have been lifted up considerably and are more today than they were before this rare event.

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