Saturday, April 11, 2009


For as long as I can remember I have been a wonderer. Everything makes me wonder, everything makes me marvel at the ability of nature to renew itself and flourish in the face of many adversities. To be a wonderer, you have to notice things, not just the normal things but the seemingly insignificant things that others ignore. Wonderers not only notice the same things that others notice, but they also notice the little stuff, like a dandelion popping up, forcing its way through a crack in a sea of concrete on a bridge abutment on a scorching hot summer day without another dandelion in sight, surrounded by concrete. I wonder where it got the idea to try to “be” in such an unlikely and seemingly unfriendly environment.

I have often wondered why we swim through water but don’t think of it being the same thing to swim though air as if air was nothing and water was something. You think that there is nothing between you and a physical object on land, but you would never deny that there is something between you and an object under water, even though both water and air are composed of atoms and molecules. It is of course, your perceptions that cause one to seem thicker than the other. Then I start wondering about the discriminating nature of perception.

Curiosity makes you wonder about why something is as it appears to be. I think I knew from early on in my life that there was a deeper reality to life other than to simply observe and accept the reality that to others seems self evident. I’m not sure why, but I always sensed that there was something more to what I was experiencing than what I was experiencing. The most exasperating thing to me at the time was, that I didn’t know where to look for the knowledge that I knew was out there somewhere. Once I asked my minister a question and he told me that “the answer was one of God’s twelve great mysteries”, never to be known by mortal men. Somehow, I just knew that was hogwash, standard dogma fed to ignorant people like me, who followed others rather than set out on a path of their own to find and understand the answers. I decided it was time for me to begin a search for the answers to my questions; the only problem was that I didn’t know where to begin my search.

I had no real idea at the time where to begin my quest for knowledge, except that I knew that my minister certainly was not the place to begin. Shortly thereafter, a funny thing happened one day when I was rollerblading with friends in a park, when I met a lady that I had never met before. We talked and chatted as we skated and when skating was over and I was leaving, she asked if I liked to read? She said she had just finished a good book and wondered if I would like to read it. I said yes, I did, and my life changed, almost overnight.

At the time I had never heard of the word “synchronicity”, but now I know that was not my first experience with this phenomenon of things happening to me that I couldn’t explain and they just kept happening, but it was the first one that I noticed. I have subsequently learned that one great difference in people who are growing in their spiritual awareness are those who “pay attention”. How this happens is not the purpose of this article, other than to assure you that there are realities rising up from unknown, unseen sources, unseen beings of intellect beyond anything you can imagine, supporting and encouraging sources of enlightenment and their sole purpose is to teach others evolving through their respective worlds. In a true sense, they are helpers, you can call them guardian angels if you prefer, and names are not important, but knowledge is.

Maybe some of you reading this column have experienced that frustrating feeling of knowing something else exists, of sensing deeper spiritual truths, but feeling that you will never receive the help you so desperately seek because no one is there that knows these truths and no one who is capable or even interested in helping you learn and understand. I don’t want to get sidetracked by spiritual or religious dogma here, but there are teachers, real teachers existing in exactly the same context that you would expect from a teacher, but teachers not residing in this world. These teachers were of this world at one time, but they have long since finished with development here and evolved beyond the earth system, but still retaining a strong attraction and fascination for the warm blush of dawns and dusks, the mists and glint of sunlight reflecting off of snow covered peaks. These evolved earth beings inhabit their own systems now, but speaking in terms that all can understand, they choose to teach, just as your own teachers elect to teach at their own level of expertise.

These earth teachers/entities are especially sympathetic to earth reality since they evolved through it at one time in their own past, so their past experience with earth cultures, histories, perceptive abilities of its peoples and the basic laws of physical reality are extremely helpful in adding to their teaching abilities. It is difficult for me to describe these entities because of the limitation of words, but they are not people in the normal way you would think of physical people, but they are personalities, they have form (not physical form) just as you do, but a bodily form that does not need to conform to the same physical limitations that yours do. They are identities in every sense of the word and their worlds are far more advanced than earth. They are very active individuals, extremely motivated, and they study and train to be educators in countless systems where their past experience provides knowledge of the civilizations where they will teach, just as your teachers usually practice their skills in countries where they will be understood, they practice their skills in worlds where they will be understood and where their past history in that world gives them a leg up, so to speak. They are multi dimensional in that respect.

These “other world” educator personalities disseminate knowledge to those who are ready and able to receive it and understand it and their abilities are not all equal, but all are far more advanced than anything you can imagine. As you travel great distances from country to country around your world in your physical bodies, these entities travel even greater psychological distances to reach your world and deliver their messages to those who seek understanding and enlightenment. They contact those who seek knowledge and bypass those who simply are not ready, and there are many who are not ready. Their knowledge and messages have been delivered many times in your past over the centuries and they will be delivered again and again. Some of the most advanced of these entities, you have known for whom and what they really are, some you have not. Some of these personalities return time and time again in physical bodies when the time is right and when the needs of entire civilizations have reached some critical juncture and psychically reach out to these personalities. Some of the teachers become well known in their times for other achievements but remain obscure and are never universally known as the spiritual teachers that they are.

The reason I write these articles trying to give answers, is that I know what it is like to wonder, to be curious and to have a hopeless feeling that there is no real source of “TRUE INNER KNOWLEDGE” other than that which you have been force fed by clergy, scientist and teachers that you know, and what they do know is misleading and wrong information that has been handed down over the centuries from one clueless person to another. No inner knowledge is meant to be a hidden secret, but some will always be elusive to the reasoning human brain. The mind is another thing and the use of your intuitive senses will often lead you to answers that are beyond the present abilities of the human brain to understand. If you depend only on physical facts to teach you about inner truths, your search will be fruitless because facts only will bear out what you think they will.

Here’s the bottom line, when you begin your journey to discover your truths, you will be led on a path to understand as your abilities evolve, you will almost miraculously find that the information that you seek, finds its way to you. You must want it, desire it and when that happens, you create what I call a psychic whirlpool, attracting what you seek to you. Knowledge is not floating around the universe willy nilly, but is psychologically attached to the consciousness that desires it, accepts and understands it, and it is waiting to be attracted by other consciousness, added to, refined, personalized and passed on to others. These entity/educators disseminate their knowledge in different ways, sometimes contacting their student in a trance state, sometimes giving information in the dream state and sometimes in flashes of intuition or spontaneous illuminations.

I am not exactly sure of my place within this entire consciousness gestalt and I am not sure who gives me the knowledge that I pass along to you to the best of my abilities, but I long ago learned that when I think about a difficult concept for a few days, the information almost magically comes to me, so I assume it is given to me in the dreaming state. I wanted to write this short column to ASSURE YOU, there is knowledge that will be given to you when you are ready. When your desire reaches a certain pitch, when you fervently want to know, your teacher will arrive and they will know when the time is right. You are not alone in your pursuit and as there are many potential students, there are many teachers waiting in the wings. When the student is ready, the teacher will definitely arrive. I have said that all teachers are not of the same abilities, but if you learn to trust in your intuition, you will be able to evaluate the validity of the information given. You cannot always rely on your intellect alone to ascertain the value of spiritual knowledge, but intuition, by its very nature, cannot lie, so that is where you should put your trust. In other words, if it doesn’t feel right to the heart, it probably isn’t.


Anonymous said...

I have found your blog few days ago. Your articles have surprised me, due to your clarity and depth. In your writings I have found a lot of likeness with some of my experiences. Thanks to You I am refining some of my knowledge and learning new and valuable knowledge. Many years ago, I discovered that if I was devoted hotly to study a topic, it arrived to me a lot of new and useful information that enriched my knowledge a lot about that topic. They seemed incredibly casual facts, but I concluded understanding that in fact they were causal. Thanks to that way of obtaining kowledge y have been able to be very capable in my profession. Now I am coming closer to a stage of my life in which I want to increase my inne growth. Another time, Thank You! Emilio José Fleckenstein from Argentina

sune said...

I cannot thank you enough in words as words cannot express the depth I feel..
THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART..for all those words that feels so good in my HEART..

W. Allan said...

Awww Shucks!