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Ok, excuse me for that, but by now you know that God has nothing to do with it. The God energy of course is responsible for all weather phenomenons, good or bad from your perspective, but All That Is, is no more responsible for a hurricane than He is for a world war, and they are both destructive mass events. There is a reason why many people die in events that they seem to have no control over, so it’s not an accident that many people die in mass disasters and I hope to explain how no one person has ever been a participant in a mass disaster unless they chose to do so for a variety of reasons. They will participate to the extent that their reasons and needs are met through their participation.

I realize that this is going to be difficult for me to explain to your satisfaction, but I am willing to give it the old college try. I am sure you would not be offended if for the sake of explanation, I took the liberty of equating your emotions and feelings in a time of anger or rage with an inner storm of the human psyche, but that would affect only your own immediate personal environment and would surely have no bearing on events happening half a world away. Or would it?

What if, just what if those so intimate personal feelings were expressed as a field of emotional energy emanating outward from your inner conscious self, your emotions and feelings, added to and mixing with others, aligning their polarity, thereby increasing in psychological strength, attracting, collecting other like fields, building in intensity to a point that they could actually affect the inner psychic environment to the extent that they begin emerging into the physical world of fact in vast sweeps of emotional energy driving natural forces such as storms, hurricanes and tornadoes and affecting the mass psyche of world populations. Now, weather happens, and it is understood that the earth needs change and through the physical changes brought about by hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions, beneficial changes occur that are needed for constant renewal and continuation of the natural world.

No one would think for a minute that anything was strange when someone says “This rainy, overcast, cloudy weather is depressing me” or “It’s a beautiful sunny day and I feel great” and so it is common knowledge that the weather affects our daily life, alters your moods and feelings. So why then is it not understood that it works both ways, that your moods and feelings, en masse, affect the weather. Your moods, feelings and emotions cause inner emotional storms and a very personal sense, if the natural flow of your inner energy is disrupted, twisted, blocked or diverted, and then it will be displayed on the exterior landscape of your physical body, usually in the form of illness. I have discussed this many times in past material on illness. If for the moment you can accept this, then I ask you to contemplate the same thing happening on a world scale. The mass feelings, of despair, hopelessness and misery represent gathering storms of inner discontent that will have to emerge into actuality in a physical representation of that mass inner emotional state.

I feel sure everyone understands that stress can cause illness. If one person’s inner turmoil and discord is projected outward on the physical body as illness, then it should not be too hard to extrapolate that the same laws apply to mass turmoil, mass disruptions of the natural flow of the inner energy of entire populations must also be projected outward onto the physical body of the earth. Consciousness always seeks to exteriorize itself and be known in the physical world. That was the intent from the beginning. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are natural emanations of consciousness and seek expression at their own level of actuality. What that means is that feelings and emotions have their own reality and although they are neutral and have no ill intent, they do affect the physical landscape of the earth in unpredictable ways. Now, that same kind of phenomenon occurs outside of the realm of weather and other disasters are also inner portrayals of distorted, or in some cases, total misrepresentations of feeling and emotions, sent outward in other forms or mass projections such as wars, famine, pestilence and disease. Despair spreads more rapidly than a virus and in a sense; despair and hopelessness are more infectious than any bacteria and can spread through a population faster than the speed of light.

This is not some accidental freak of nature and just as an illness is an outward symptom of inner personal dysfunction or misdirection of energy, an epidemic is the outward symptom of inner mass dysfunction. We know from history that in time of disasters, there are some who are killed and some who survive quite unscathed. Some are mentally inoculated against these seemingly random disasters and misfortunes and find no need to participate on a lethal level.

For reasons too numerous to go into at this time, their mental state is such that they have nothing to gain by being involved with such a negative event. In other words, what I am saying, and I’m sure I am going to hear about this, but in other words, their mental state is in a healthy state of equilibrium and in the midst of destruction, death and disappointment, they will remain aloof, and in many cases, they are the ones who will be there to provide assistance and help to others who are caught up in the event unknowingly to the ego self.

As in the case of plagues, wars and other natural disasters of past eras, many people operated in the midst of pervasive, grave illness and were unaffected by any virus or bacteria. Many survived close up, the ravages of floods and volcano eruptions, but they were conveniently spared. They were not physically inoculated of course, but in a larger sense, they were psychologically inoculated, they possessed a psychic immunity. Of course, the reasons are well known to the inner self, why anyone participates in disasters of which I speak and why some chose well advance to visit granny Jones in some other area of the world at just the precise right time.

People in masse, who find no redeeming values in life, will choose to leave life, and what better way than by making a statement with their own life, that conditions need to change for the populations concerned. Entire populations that are discontent with their present government, that don’t have enough to eat, that are kept in bondage, populations whose children die in childbirth, have no say in the events concerning free choice to improve their conditions, will act out their displeasure by choosing to make a grand presentation of their displeasure by speaking out with their lives, waging one final battle with the elements, or with a tyrannical despot on some battlefield. Those who choose to leave this world making such a statement, of course, choose their own battlefield that best fits their last act on earth.

Now, I realize this may be hard to believe, but you have all read about cases of people leaving the area before an earthquake hits, or accidentally missing a plane flight, to learn later that the plane crashed with no survivors. What I say here seems drastic, maybe too drastic for some to believe, but remember this, the ego has its own reasons and motivations for someone to court disaster head on, but the inner self knows that life is eternal, and the loss of one life although a personal spiritual inconvenience, it is by no means the loss of the identity, and the inner self is already aware of the new life to come. That new life will be better grounded and better suited, already prepared in advance for new experience by its willing participation in its past death.

Now imagine if you will another hypothetical circumstance, where an individual, sensing an oncoming hurricane or flood, has the option of evacuating or staying and meeting the disaster head on so to speak, confronting nature on its terms in the most drastic of ways. Imagine staying, facing personally up close, the physical and psychic battle that ensues, and the absolute elation, the exaltation, exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment that arises if that person survives, triumphs over the elements, and in a most certain, unexpected way, begins a new life with a completely new outlook as the result, symbolically flooding away past problems in the actual flood or blowing away past difficulties as in a fierce storm or hurricane. Symbolism comes very much into play here, if you haven’t already noticed.

You all do this yourself to a lesser degree, making a statement about something you don’t like, lets say, by causing yourself either inconvenience, loss of respect or property, and in come cases, sabotaging a love affair or other relationship to prove a point or to punish someone else who cares about you by punishing yourself, or setting up a scenario whereby survival resets the life’s whole meaning

I will close in saying that unhappiness and lack of necessary satisfactions, lack of love of life will cause one to seek death defying circumstances with no guarantee of physical survival. I won’t get into copying and pasting here, but what I am inferring is that it is not too difficult to understand that you “generally” will find that most major disasters that cause high mortality will occur in countries where “Happiness and Fulfillment” are rare if non-existent. You will find disasters in Western countries, but few will choose to participate. You will find many more disasters in Eastern and Mid-Eastern and Sub-African countries, and MANY will choose to participate. It would be entirely too easy to say “Why did God do this to them”? “Why does God punish them since they have so little”?

Of course, as I said before, God has nothing to do with it. Disasters, whether natural or human conceived, are the result of great intermixing energies, mass psychic clouds and fields of emotions or lack thereof, thoughts of unhappiness, pangs of perpetual hunger and feelings of desperation and the need for the human race to experience success, happiness with a full belly, to rejoice in their children, not to bury them and all of this under the banner of value fulfillment. When it seem that this is and will be unavailable, psychic storms will gather and create the necessary circumstances for a timely and symbolic statement to be made that will not go unnoticed by the surviving populations of the world.

Considering the 1900’s as the recent past and an era with which most of you are at least remotely familiar, you might want to consider doing a Google or Yahoo search on mass disasters or natural disasters. You will find that most that where great loss of life occurs happen in China, Africa, Asia and the Mid East and South America. You will then surely tell me that those are areas of the world where floods, storms, typhoons and eruptions occur most frequently, and I will tell you that the reason they occur most frequently there, is because they are created there and when social, political, religious realities and persecutions change and moderate to accommodate the populations, the disasters will also moderate. Generally, you will find that the Western world experiences disasters, but usually with little loss of life. Few choose to take part. This is not a coincidence!

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