Friday, March 20, 2009


Many of you watched a television movie a few nights ago starring Dustin Hoffman and it reminded some of you of the days when they were children and how they sensed the magic that existed in their world before they grew up and lost the wonderful connection with the natural world that is enjoyed only by children. It portrayed how a strange little man, Mr. Magorium had created a toy store where toys and children interacted in a magical way and how an adult learned those innocent beliefs and kept his dream alive after his death.

Meanwhile, in Europe, scientists are experimenting with the large Hadron Collider near Geneva Switzerland, a long underground circular tube, designed and built for accelerating and colliding opposing beams of protons, hoping to verify the existence of the Higgs boson and a new family of small particles hypothesized by the theory of supersymmetry relating to the spin of these particles. Now, I am not a scientist by any means but I do recognize the importance of scientific investigation in your system, but an over reliance of physical facts will only give you proof of physical manifestation of objects and events in a world of appearances. The creation of new sophisticated instruments to search for smaller and smaller particles will always yield smaller and smaller particles. It cannot be otherwise, and eventually scientists will come to the inevitable conclusion that they are discovering smaller and smaller particles precisely because they are creating them. Remember, you get what you concentrate on, and sub atomic particles are no exception. There is no end to the innerness of reality.

As you delve deeper and deeper into the insideness of things, you are simply exploring the insideness of the outside, and this will usually result in frustration if you are seeking what scientists refer to as the “God Particle”. Science will never discover the God Particle by investigation of the exterior world of physical fact alone, simply because the point of emergence of particular matter, the event horizon where thought, desire, imagination and expectation flows through this point of emergence into physical form, is a magical kind of happening and the logical reasoning brain, simply is not equipped to apply intuitional knowing.

The intellect is a reliable tool only to a certain extent, but to be understood, physical reality must be examined from the other side, where the intuition is given full reign. To get any true idea of that emergence one must look to the insideness of the inside, not the outside. The process of course is the closest thing to the definition of magic (any strong influence of mystical power) and it happens continuously as your world and all of its effects are created instantly, continuously and spontaneously.

All of this becomes extremely difficult if you do not understand that an idea is as real as a rock. A thought is as real and factual as a mountain; it all depends on where you stand and from what perspective you are observing the phenomenon. An initial imaginative, inspired thought brought about the creation and emergence of the physical universe into fact. We are not talking here of something emerging from nothing into something, but from something in one dimension of actuality breaking through into another dimension of a different kind of actuality. If you were ensconced in the invisible to you, (inner system) of basic reality or in any other non-physical system, you would never think for a moment that it was dream like in structure, but of course, from your physical perspective, it would seem so.

What I am saying is in the simplest terms, that the best way to explore the inside of consciousness is to not close out entirely the recognition of magic in your everyday world. Every human being, animal, fish or flower born into your physical system senses in the deepest recesses of its consciousness, (and they all have consciousness), the belief in the magic of their own existence and the existence of every other living thing on the planet.

The animals, flowers and trees retain that awareness of their connection to the natural world and its magical properties as they grow, but no scientific study will explain how a flower knows to change its directional orientation to always turn its face to the sun as it is moved to different locations in your home. Humans have a tougher time retaining that intimate knowledge as they mature because of the pressures of society’s mass beliefs and fascination with manufactured objects. No calculations of an enormous super computer will ever tell you how animals sense an earthquake before it happens and leave the area.

No colliding protons will ever help explain how someone missed their taxi, arrived at the airport late and missed their flight that later crashed and killed all aboard. The more you learn to trust and use your intuition in a good healthy balance with your intellect, the more you will achieve a state of psychological equilibrium and the entire personality will benefit.

When you were a child, you inherently knew that you created your reality as you created knights and rushed out to slay the evil dragons. You pretended you were gunfighters, meeting at the OK corral in the dusty streets of some imagined western town for the final showdown. You experimented as you took the parts of the slayer and the victim, and enjoyed the realization of being the survivor and the dead. You understood that you created your favorite illness, sneezes, coughing or a runny nose conveniently when you didn’t want to go to school on test day. You inwardly knew how to cure the illness when you were ready to return. Of course, mommy took you to the doctor, bought you some nice pills and believed that the pills cured little Tommy, even though no pill ever cured anyone of anything unless they consciously believed that the pill would effect the desired cure. A pill cannot cure a cause, it can only cure a symptom and the symptom is simply an outer symbol of an inner blockage of the free flow of creative energy.

There is always a certain magic in the air around children, until the time in their lives when they begin to realize that creative pretending and the overzealous use of their imagination no longer brings about the affirming praise from mommy that it used to and indeed, sometimes children are reprimanded for fantasizing and told to quit pretending as they grow older. The magic fades as they grow into adolescence and other concerns take the forefront in their lives. In a very real sense, children find no redeeming affirmation in the everyday world rewarding fantasy, imagination and pretending, so they “unlearn it”.

The point being that life itself is the most magical occurrence in your world or any other. No clumps of matter or pools of chemicals, no matter how large or small colliding, mixing, even blasted with electrical charges could ever result in one scintilla of consciousness and without consciousness, not one speck of “living matter” could have appeared or evolved in the physical world that you know. As a “matter of fact”, the matter could not exist in the first place if consciousness had not created it first. I have said it before, but it bears repeating, consciousness evolves matter, matter does not evolve consciousness and consciousness always comes first.

The magic began even before you took your first breath outside of the womb. You began accepting your own personal responsibility in the psychic maintenance of the natural world that you would soon be thrust into. You began to show awareness and acceptance of your personal future environment even before your physical eyes opened for the first time. That knowledge was inherent in your psychic heritage even before physical conception. Of course, every physical consciousness also participates in this psychic creation and maintenance of your world, and this includes all species, all flora and fauna. The creation and maintenance of the environment is a co-operative mass effort exercised by all living things.

There is magic in the simple act of seeing without ever being taught to see. There is magic in the birth process that could never be taught and no female of any species could think themselves through the birth process and produce offspring. Physical birth itself is the final result of innumerable calculations, and processes that would dwarf the memory of the most sophisticated super computer and science will never create life, that is true conscious life, because self aware identity centered consciousness does not come from physical elements or chemicals, but from inner psychic impetus at the behest of the soul/entity. Could you even scratch your nose if you had to “think” every co-operative action of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerve impulses traveling through your arm and fingers required to accomplish even this one simple act?

There is then, a magical characteristic underlying the entire fabric of your reality and that includes the farthest reaches of your universe. You, your world, your universe are cloaked in a larger and greater underpinning and by its very nature; this invisible foundation must be greater than its physically expressed counterpart. What I am saying is that, as wonderful a creation as your universe is, it is a mere shadow of a greater and grander basic inner universe from which it emerged and still emerges today

By inference then, your earth is a physically expressed idea of an invisible inner world and you are a physical expression of your invisible soul/entity/whole self. Your soul, or entity, because of the power of its vast mental reality cannot fully express itself in your or any physical system, so it does the next best thing, it fragments a portion of itself, projects it into the desired world of appearances (earth in your case), for a period of time, granting it total freedom of choice forever, to experience whatever it chooses to experience. This fragment self identity (you), is meant to grow and become as it chooses and as you may have already suspected, this (you fragment), carries ALL of the inherent characteristics of the soul itself and you are indeed an incipient future soul/entity. The vast power of soul/entity is not even suspected and from your perspective, this soul, this inner whole self, this entity’s scope and power of action would display all of the characteristics that you usually assign to your God. God of course is much more.

Miracles are happening all around you every day of your lives and the greatest miracle is the gift of life itself. Is this not magic?

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Oh, My God...Your explanation is like listening to GOD..Thank you...thank you..thank you..I am speechless..wordless to express my gratitude..
Thank you..!!