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 That certain point being that you finally realize that what you are experiencing is the result of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions solidified into earth objects and events that you then experience. You are initiated into earthly life by your entity/soul for the important reason, to learn the creation and manipulation of matter into objects and events, and to learn how to do it in a responsible way, to the benefit of yourself and your contemporaries.
Here is the good news, after you have evolved out of the three dimensional physical Earth system, you will have grown up, so to speak, and many other choices will be available to you for future lives. The use of the word “lives” here can be misleading, since as you move away from physical systems into non-physical systems, you will not experience death, since death is only inherent in matter based worlds.
You could choose to be born again into a more advanced physical system, in which case will still be involved with reincarnation and probabilities” but death will be understood for what it really is, an opportunity for change of form. As a rule of thumb, but not exclusively, death must come to all matter and someday even the Pyramids will be gone, but you will not, since primarily you are not a physical being, but a psychological identity temporarily in human garb and you will someday assume and change forms, with some discrimination and forethought, as today you put on a suit or a dress. Translation; you will choose what you look like in the after death dimension.
When physical matter is dispensed with on death, you will enter a new non physical environment where what was your physical body will seem the same to you, but will be different in one great respect, that is will be far less limited but possessing abilities that now you can only compare with your abilities in your dreams. Your dream form is close to what you will have most of the time in the dimension you will find yourself in immediately after death. You will be able to fly, moving from place to place instantly as you imagine yourself there. By then you will then realize the one great difference is that there really is NO PLACE TO GO, in earth terms, since all places are illusions hallucinated by you and your compatriots psychically and then you go there, but don't let the dismay you since they are as real, or even more so than the earth reality that you just left since it too was illusion, albeit a pretty elaborate one at that.
This will take some practice even though it is a trait that you have already learned in your dream self's nightly excursions, but you will have to get used to the immense power of your thoughts that become real instantly. And this my friends, is why I have been so insistent about talking about “creating matter responsibly” because the new kind of matter you will be working with, materializes instantly and this can be problematic as you can imagine. When you think of something now, it takes time to materialize, but in your new after death environment, this materialization will be instantaneous.
Most of you are familiar with the McDonald’s phrase, “Have it your way” and that will especially be true and require some discrimination on your part becoming familiar with a new power you have discovered. You will truly have it your way, creating not only your form, but your environment, as you do now, but then you will know you are doing it where now you do not, mostly because of the time lag between thought inception and materialization in the physical system.
After death you will find yourself going through a process that you know very well since you will be creating and following your own close held beliefs about what happens when you die. In a sense everyone dies their own concept of death. You create your reality whether you are in a body or not, so when you are out of your body, if you believe in a religious scenario with saints and angels, sin, punishments and devils, then that is what you will experience.
If you believe in the long tunnel myth with a white light at the end signifying Christ, the you will have a Christ experience, a Christ of your own making, a self hallucinated Christ. If you believe in meeting Mohammed or Buddha, then you will likewise experience that, not realizing that you are creating what you are experiencing. For those religious believers among you, Christ is real and so are the other religious icons of your historical past, but Christ, Mohammed, Buddha and the others will be unavailable to welcome you, as they will be so otherwise occupied in distant dimensions beyond your comprehension, that you will have to make do with an illusion to enhance your death experience.
There is then no difference whether you are in a body or not in a body, living or dead, you still create what you experience, you get what you believe and expect, and that is a universal rule in all worlds and universes. This means that someone who is less indoctrinated and stigmatized by religious dogma will have an easier and less confusing transition than someone with a more restricted belief system. Conversely, what this means is that if you believe that satan is waiting to carry you away to the lake of fire for your past indiscretions, then that is what you will experience, at least until you have been told what I am telling you here, that you are experiencing the results of your beliefs and not a reality.
You will reconnect with family and friends long since deceased, unless of course, they have already gone on their way to other realities. You may recognize old friends from previous lives that you have a more enduring relationship with than your immediate past family. If the time period is not overly long between the death of partners in marriage, then, assuming there was love between them, you will meet again, but bear in mind that you may also be reconnecting with many such past loves that you have had relationships with in various lifetimes centuries ago, and since you attract to you that which you have strong emotions about, you will also revisit situations with those who you consider enemies, as long as the misunderstandings have not been worked out previously. Whatever or whoever you retain strong feelings about will follow you to the corners of the earth until the misunderstandings have been settled.
Finally, there is something here that is not very well understood even by those who believe in reincarnation, and even though this may sound strange, it may have little practical value to you at this time other than as a point of clarification. Most think that the present personality reincarnates, one lifetime into the next, over and over again, but that is not the case at all. You should understand that what you consider “the personality”, the egotistical you that you know so well, is not your total true “Identity”, which is a composite of many such “personality aspects”, some made physical and some which are not.
Your present physically oriented ego personality that you call yourself, (Bob, Jane, Brad or Barbara) is simply the present physically expressed portion of your Soul, but a minor part to be sure. When you die, your present personality does NOT reincarnate, but steps aside before the birth of the new fetus, to go on its own way in other realities which need not be discussed here.
The Newly Formed Personality that enters the fetus is not simply a recycling of the old personality over and over again as a carbon copy. The newly reincarnated personality is just that, entirely new, but the knowledge of the past life is interwoven into the new genetic structure, so there is no loss of memory of the history of past lives. That memory is retained. A new EGO is formed for the new life venture. So, in the course of a typical cycle of reincarnation, there will be a group of completely different and unique personalities, all part of the SAME IDENTITY, the whole self, the soul or the entity. (Which are all the same thing.)
Brains die, minds don't. Upon death, the mind assumes and holds all information upon the physical death of the previous brain. The brain is the mind in physical clothing while you are in human form. When you are not in human form, the brain is not needed.
Another thing that is interesting, not really that relevant to this article, but interesting indeed, and that is that there is sometimes a certain reluctance for the new personality, containing trace memories of past lives where development may have been quite advanced, to realize that it will be “forgetting” that advancement and entering this new life in complete innocence of past intellectual accomplishments, and will have to begin the journey all over again. As a note; in the next life the advancement and maturity growth of the child will be much accelerated because of these trace memories imbedded within the cellular structure of the fetus.

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