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Dying is a part of living, inherent in the first breath you take and the last. But it's not all that bad once you get used to it, and that's what we will be talking about in this article. Over the centuries there has been much fear and confusion about the death experience and we have discussed some aspects of that before, but will need to touch on some of the pertinent points before pressing onward. Everybody dies, every living thing dies and with that in mind, every cell in your body dies and more frequently than you would probably like to think about. There is truly a new you living and breathing today and you didn't even notice the difference, cell death and replacement so innocuous that it goes unnoticed. In a way you could say that it's a small extinctions and a small reincarnation at the cellular level.
The you that you are today is not the same you that existed a ten years ago. There is not one speck of flesh or blood in your body today that is the same as it was ten years ago, yet you didn't even notice the subtle but relentless transition. Death is inherent in all living matter and the reasons behind that are more a function of psychological intent and needs of the entity than a peculiarity of the nature of matter itself.
As you know, the physical body is made of the same earth elements that the Pyramids are made of, yet the Pyramids have existed for thousands of years and even the longest lives ever recorded on Earth are in the mere hundreds of years in comparison. Of course this also has something to do with the kind of consciousness that makes up a living creature or a pyramid and there is a vast difference in the two. And yes, there is kind of muted consciousness in the components of a pyramid.
There are many kinds of consciousness, but as far a your earth system is concerned and as far as we will take this, there are two kinds of consciousness that can be considered as entity originated and impregnated “living consciousness” (You and others like you), (plants and animals being another thing entirely which we haven't discussed yet), and personality originated, what you would call “non living matter” (Physical objects and events) and those are created unknowingly by you. Of course, what you classify as non-living matter is a matter of choice and classification because in a larger sense, there really is nothing that is not conscious, so you could say that it is conscious but from your viewpoint, it is not really living according to your limited definition.
The consciousness that you consider non-living matter is formed into objects and events in your earth system and depending of many factors, exists for a very long time in human terms. This can evoke a kind of jealousy when you think about your certain death at some future date and realize that at best you will live a hundred years while the Pyramids, the Empire State Building and perhaps even the house you grew up in, will be standing long after you are gone. That doesn't seem fair, does it?
OK, so lets move on. The Entity/Soul creates YOU (the living matter) and YOU create objects and events (the non-living matter), along with a little help from your inner self, your Entity and All That Is, the creative vitality of the universe that is beneath all perceivable phenomena, physical or non-physical, seen or unseen, visible or invisible. I have discussed the reasons why living matter deteriorates in what seems to be a pretty short time if you are the “living matter” and you can find those reasons in other articles that I have written here, so no need to go into that now, other than to say that the reasons lie within the interests of the Entity/ Soul, its progression and yours. Non-living mater, rocks, mountains, buildings, bridges and such, are not bound by the same time limitations as living matter.
Death is a progression, not a regression, an important difference that is not well understood in your world, it is a triumph of release from a body that is slowly disintegrating about you, (accidental deaths are another thing). Death is not a defeat of the flesh but a discarding of one form for another, a reunion with a form that really never left you, but has been intertwined with your physical image while you were alive since your birth. Death is a progression or a return to a form in a dimension that is a more natural dimension to you than the one you are leaving. Death is a realization that more can be accomplished by dying than living and that further living within your present context would be a frustration of purpose. The Soul/Entity is eminently aware of this, you (ego) may not be.
The inner self, the sub-consensus and the entity see the greater life beyond physical death, but the ego does not, so as it senses it's coming death, it seems to be an impending extinction, and it does not usually take it very well and will fight to defend its survival. That is why so many people will struggle so desperately to live even when it may mean living in a comatose state.
Earth is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there!
It's a statement that you have heard before in one version or another, but in this case, very appropriate. Earth is good, and a wonderful place to live, and to live, and to live, again and again, but after a few or more lives, you are meant to learn all you need to learn to move into more challenging, environments, worlds that are far more advanced and expansive, where beauty and fulfillment are beyond anything you can now imagine. It only gets better, and better and better. Inferring that there is no end to it all and Earth is a beginning training system for progression and expansion of your consciousness so you can enter these other more advanced systems. But to go there you must die many times, learn from the dying and learn from the rebirth and new life experience.
As an analogy, and you know how I love analogies, imagine being in your house, but in this case a special kind of house. Obviously, while you are in your house, you cannot enter another house without first  leaving your present home. In this case, your house has a special feature, when you leave the house, the door locks behind you and cannot be opened again. You will live another life, but you cannot begin another life without leaving your present body behind, and that is a pretty daunting thought to some people who are steeped in sin and punishment dogma.
I have told you before, if you are a regular reader of the articles, you have died before, probably many times. How do I know that? I know that because newer personalities, in their first lives, simply would not have any interest in these subjects and would not understand what they were reading. When you reach a certain point in the evolution and expansion of your consciousness, you are ready to leave the Earth System for other adventures in more complex and challenging systems.

Continues in next article.

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