Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 I have been threatening to discuss time and space for a few years now, but I wanted to wait until we had talked about many other aspects of reality, which will make it easier for me to explain something that cannot really be explained adequately with words and understood with the human brain. Some of this can be somewhat understood by those of you who have become more familiar with your inner senses, especially the intuitional sense. There are some things that can be emotionally felt that can never be dealt with by the human intellect.
Everyone is quite familiar with the outer senses which you use with some facility, but the inner senses are a horse of another color. There are inner senses that somewhat parallel the outer senses or I should say the outer senses arise out of the inner senses. The outer senses are temporary and quite handy for creating and perceiving physical reality, but physical reality is a camouflage appearance that is only apparent for a limited amount of time and is useless in helping you negotiate the inner universe that is the only true reality and is the prime source of all worlds, universes and you.
Time and space are illusions, real illusions that are necessary as long as you are in a physical body in a physical world, but as you know from your dreams, time and space hold little sway in the dream universe where time and space are basically nullified and a weeks events can be fully experienced in a matter of dream minutes and that weeks full of dream events will not cost you a weeks amount of physical time and so you do not age during that week of time that the dream encompasses.
Since you do not age a corresponding time that you seem to spend as your dreaming self, then it follows that if you could spend your whole life in your dream body in your dream world, you would exist eternally in that form, and that is the case for the dream self, although that for would necessarily change. There would be changes of form as there are changes of form now, the difference being that NOW you cannot follow those changes of form even though they occur quite naturally. Death is one example.
The space or distance that you travel in a dream, the locations that you visit, do not exist in the physical world, and if you searched for a specific dream location the world over, you could not find it though you traveled extensively. If the dream location that you experience in your dream exists somewhere, where is that location if not in your world?
You lie in bed at night and when you drop off in sleep your dream self awakens and goes on about his business, and when you awaken, your dream self sleeps and the dream universe disappears, but it only disappears from your attention. It does not end, though in your waking state you are not aware of your dreaming self's continued existence. Your dream self and the dream world or universe is not some willy nilly idle sleeping thoughts that somehow evaporate when you wake up. The dream world is as real as yours, and in some very important ways, more freedoms exist in the dream world than are available to your in your Earth reality.
I use dream analogy simply because it is the closest thing I can find that gives some approximation to the prime, basic inner universe out of which everything emerged a very long time ago. You can see how difficult this is to explain since I have to use “time oriented” words to explain that time does not really exist in the expanded present of the inner universe. From that you can also deduce that if time doesn't exist as you think it does, then past, present and future have no validity in the inner universe, and that is so. There, past, present and future exist together in what I can only describe as a “really big collection of everything that has ever existed, does now exist and ever will exist in an expanded present.
It is only your limited scope of understanding that at this time limits how much psychic data your brain can handle, and that is not very much. Your particular type of consciousness, temporarily materialized in a physical body is limited as to how much data, or what expanse of reality it can objectify at once, so it zeroes in one tiny aspect of reality, materializes it into the physical world as an object or event, then through extreme, vivid concentration, explores, dissects and experiences it to its satisfaction. It's like thinking that one slice of the pie is actually the whole pie.
It can somewhat be compared with exploring the pie and confusing one small slice with the whole pie. When it is done experiencing that tiny bit of physical reality that you call the present, it discards it and materializes another slice of the pie. You call this discarded slice of the pie, the past. You call the new slice, the present.
This process involves ignoring the rest of the pie in lieu of concentration in one precise, explicit slice of the pie or area of reality at a time. This process of one thing happening before another is what gives you the illusion of continuity in the physical world. In the inner universe, which is the only real universe, continuity, past, present, future and cause and effect have no real meaning. In the inner universe, everything happens simultaneously, the cause occurs at the same time as the effect and crime and punishment are meaningless since the punishment exists simultaneously with the crime.
You may wonder, as I am sure you will, if everything already exists, then surely everything must be done, already experienced, with nothing left to create., a world mired in stagnation, but that is not the case.
All That Is is never done and new experience is always happening, but in a way that is hard to grasp while you are in a physical body and mired deeply in the ideas of cause and effect and continuity of experience stretched out before you from the present into the future. In the physical world the idea of growth and expansion requires the taking up of more and more time and space. The inner reality of this is that in the inner universe, physical growth is experienced as value fulfillment, a psychological value of increasing satisfactions of becoming more psychically. An idea grows but does not take up more space in doing so.
The physical universe also grows, but it does not expand in the way that science now thinks it does. What is viewed as physical expansion into unknown distant space is actually a distortion of the universe expanding as a divine idea and in truth, there is no real space to expand into. But that is not our focus in this article, so I will get back to my original train of thought.
You should know about these things because as many of you have discovered, following your traditional religious and scientific doctrines, worn out myths and superstitions, you will eventually come up against a brick wall of comprehension where you KNOW that more exists, but you will be unable to put your finger on it. You will know, but you will not know exactly what you don't know, and worse, you will not know where to look for what you do not know.
That is why many of our readers are here, because they sense that the information, the knowledge given here does not originate in this dimension and answers questions that they demand answers for. The others will travel the road to arrive here too, will not understand anything they read here, but for now they are exactly where they should be at this time.
And I must say that time and space are quite handy concepts in the physical system, but what you learn now will be of great benefit to you on your journey through this life, the transition time and other lives as well. That is why understanding what we discuss here will save you much disorientation and apprehension when the transition time comes. Death, by the way, is one of your most misunderstood concepts.
Many of you want to know why you haven't experienced telepathy, clairvoyance or levitation. Many of you want to visit other planets and meet aliens face to face. You want to fly into space on a space vehicle to other galaxies, not really knowing what other galaxies really are and where they are. You want the unexplained, explained, and that is what I am attempting to do here, but there is much I can't explain until you are able to understand. As many know, words are very limiting, and I sometimes struggle with concepts that defy human logic. (Like the non-existence of time and space).
Telepathy is the natural, universal method of communication, not words, so if you expect to meet a Romulan or a Cardasian, don't expect them shake your hand and say “Take Me To Your Leader”, or to speak in perfect English, in fact, don't expect them to speak at all. Their communications will be unmistakable, and you will understand them, since you use telepathy constantly below your awareness and unconsciously you are quite accomplished unbeknownst to you.
If you did not constantly use telepathy, there would be no common denominator holding your objects together in some recognizable form. In other words One Single Table viewed by many people would be viewed as many different tables, which they actually are, but through the use of telepathy, the differences are conveniently smoothed out so all can agree and use the mutually agreed upon table.
You cannot understand things that you don't believe in and conversely speaking, those who do not believe in paranormal events, ESP or other unexplained phenomenon will usually never experience them. These now unusual occurrences will become more usual as you evolve and progress in your knowledge and understanding. The trend is to greater development of the consciousness and the only limits are “self imposed” limits. The unknown gradually becomes known.
I cannot fully explain this statement at this time, but some of you will emotionally grasp the concept nevertheless. You were around, in one form or another, at the beginning of the world that you know. Your self awareness was not yet stated, but you existed in no uncertain terms. That is why I say that you were not born yesterday and that is why, sometimes in reading this material, you will feel a big YES when you read something that rings your bell, meaning that embedded deep in your mental genes ancient knowledge is rising to the surface. Every consciousness, and that means every living consciousness alive now, and any that has ever lived in the past and will live in the future, existed in the beginning. There is no new consciousness.
The knowledge of the true nature of time and space is also invaluable in helping you understand such things as remote viewing, out of body travel, dream travel, astral projections and much more. I know this may leave you hanging, but I will elaborate as we go along. There is a similarity between space travel in a space vehicle and out of body projections of various kinds.
There really is no where to go, since space is an illusion and all places are one place. There is an old saying that I am sure you have heard, that the entire universe could fit on the head of a pin, and depending on your perspective, that is accurate. Remember that everything has its mental roots and the universe is no different.
That means that when you dream a location, it exists though it seems continents away, it actually exists in the same space as your bedroom where you sleep, yet from another perspective, its expanse is infinite. In the same way alien beings are flying in their space vehicles through the center of your earth, and they don't even perceive it, since true space is in inner dimensions of psychological depth, not miles across the distortion of space occurring in the illusion of time and rock solid impenetrable planets.

Next Article; Travel through time and space in vehicles and in spirit.


Sunyata said...

Very interesting read. I'm on a journey to enlightenment and this didn't really strike any particular notes for me, but it was a great read that leaves me very very excited to discover the illusory nature of linear time.

W. Allan said...

Linear time is slow motion perception, given ample time to examine and explore each moment and event in its fullest way possible. Other reality systems explore all probable events at one time (simultaneously) instead of in a linear fashion. Linear time is a method of categorizing events in your system according to past, present and future, in the order that they are experienced.
In other systems, events are classified according to emotional intensity and not in chronological order. The event that makes the most significant impression on you would be the first recalled, not the most recent as in your system.
Hang in there.