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I received this comment by HG and found it very interesting since I was planning on discussing some of these matters in an upcoming article, so we will do it here instead. First, let me thank HG for her insightful comments, and let me reassure her that she is doing exactly what she should do to progress and evolve. I will answer in the order that she asked the questions, her comments and questions will be in italics.

I've been looking for a "spiritual/truthful explanation" that could include the existence of other different kinds of entities and other planes and dimensions, aside from the typical "angels" and "spirit guides" I've heard about.

There is much that I cannot tell you since I am evolving as you are evolving, and there is much that I don't know, at least not yet. There are some things that I do know and these I explain to the best of my abilities in these articles. Evolution is something you can't help, you just do it whether you try or not. The rule is that consciousness is always in a state of becoming and that change infers a steady progression, a sometimes wavering trend of increasing awareness.
I will not go into spirit guides at this time as I had planned the next article along those lines, but I must say that I have to laugh when I read articles about scientists asking the question “Are we alone in the universe?” Let me try and keep this local by saying that there are some planes or dimensions that occupy the same space as your world, but they cannot be perceived and they do not interfere with each other. Transparent moves through transparent and there is no contradiction.
A plane is a specific isolated reality system that offers the necessary ingredients for the enrichment, enhancement and development of the particular kind of beings that inhabit that system. Yours is one, but there are others that share your planet. More than one plane can share a planet, and that is common throughout the universe. I must remind you that the basic reality that underlies all realities is mental. Your earth is one of those that is an outward manifestation of physical matter in a physical universe which arises out of an unstated inner universe.
When you want to know about other alien beings and alien civilizations, you normally want to know about other human-like beings.There are living creatures even on your own planet earth that have their own plane, one being the “deep earth worms” recently discovered living in the rock crevices over a mile deep in mines in Australia, but these are not the ones that peak your interest. In a more random view, since even the atom possesses an elementary type of consciousness, you could say there is nothing in the universe that is not alive, so it is not so far-fetched to view the world as a living organism, which incidentally, many do, and they would be correct.
Angels, as you think of them are pure myth, with some factual truths and they do have some historical basis, entities are another story. I have tried to explain entities/souls throughout these articles, sometimes not too well, I fear. But let me put it this way, very simply, everything is part of something else, fragments of something greater than itself. In an expanded way, you/we are all fragments of All That Is. But in a more personal way, you are a fragment of your entity, just as your dream self is a fragment of you, created by you in a quite similar way that you were created by your entity. The vast differences that separate you and your dream self are minor compared to the psychological distances that separate you and your entity. A part of you, the inner self part has contact with the entity when you sleep, on a level even deeper than your sub-conscious awareness. Your entity is concerned with you about as much as you are concerned with your dream self, not too much. I will be talking in depth about spirit guides in my next article, so won't go into it here.

I've also been looking for an explanation of parallel universes and alter-selves. A funny thought just occurred to me, if our hair color is based on shades of brown, could a different parallel universe's inhabitants have hair that was based on shades of blue? (rannnnndom idea haha) Or what if here, the United States is called "America" but in some other universe it is called "Columbia"? And what if the school material that my alter-self is learning is different based on the environment over there? And what if in some parallel dimensions the time there is shifted over by a day or two? Could that be possible?

Everything that is possible is probable, meaning that it could happen. There are some limitations to that statement, and far too many to go into here but as far as hair color, the same elements that make up the earth, are distributed throughout the universe and since the body is made up of minerals of the earth, contributing to your physical appearance, if those necessary minerals that infuse hair with a brown coloration here, are present in different quantities there, then a blue tinge of color would be a possibility.
On some planets, these elements are just not available in necessary quantities for entities to form a valid reality system that would satisfy their purposes, but if there were, it might include beings that you would consider alien. There are no other “human like” beings in your solar system, but there are in your galaxy. There are other types of life in your solar system, but not what you would call intelligent beings of the human kind. Other aspects of you, probable selves, exist in many probable, parallel worlds, in your earthly neighborhood, and in one their skin has a blue tinge.
As far as “time” is concerned, time as you know it is not a universal attribute of alien systems. In fact, even on your planet, time as you think of it is only experienced by the human species. Animals, fish, birds and so forth, have no idea of time and were it forced on them, they would be totally confused. Time is also illusion, but it is necessary in physical systems of reality.
Because of your physical bodies, with your particular sensory apparatus such as eyes, ears and fingers to name a few, require time for sensed impulses to travel from the nerve endings concerned with that particular sense, travel the nerve pathways, jump the synapses and finally get to the brain, which then interprets the information given to it by the nerves and paints a picture of reality that you can understand. That process equals time. It follows, that other reality systems that are not physically materialized, in somewhat the same manner as your dream self is not physically materialized, do not require time, since the sensual experience is immediate. To them all experience is in an expanded present, with no independent past or future. That is precisely why you can experience a full days activities in a few dream minutes. You still pay homage to time, but it's effects are minimized to a great extent.

It's funny that you address us as "you" as if you are not one of us anymore. It's interesting...I'm so jealous that you got to experience all this knowledge for that's why I have a question. I'm not sure if you already addressed this yet as I have been excitedly skimming your entries, and really was eager to ask this.

This is a great question and one that I like to touch on from time to time since many people do not catch the different use of tense in my articles. A lot of this has to do with “Trust” in the source of the material. Some comes directly from me and as simply as I can put it, some comes from other sources that I cannot fully explain. I would say that I simply do not have the knowledge to write some of these articles, but the material is given to me in what I can best be described as automatic writing or something akin to that. It is my feeling that this given knowledge comes to me through a spiritual teacher, and I don't really like the term “Spiritual” but it will have to do for now.
In these articles, I write it as it is given to me and the “YOU” stuff refers to me and you as it is given. When I write something directly from me, something that originates with me, as I did in my first articles many years ago, I wrote from a more personal (I) perspective. The YOU inferences are a rather new thing with me beginning a few years ago. It is my feeling that the material is given by a teacher in my sleep, I then simply trust, and write it as it comes to mind, and I find this hard to explain, since I am never really sure how the material will be written until I begin to write an article, but I trust that I will write it in the way it was meant to be given with my own personal slant and inferences.

Soooo, how do we "grow and evolve psychically?" Do we really have to wait for different lifetimes and the slow process of evolution? I mean, I've never experienced any strange/exciting internal situations as some people have (like astral traveling, true psychic abilities, super creativity, not even deja vu!). I'm an extremely average college girl, except for one external event that triggered everything that I'm searching for right now.

Well my dear HG, unbeknownst to you, you are doing exactly what you should be doing to evolve your awareness and in turn, evolve your spiritual self and you don't have to wait for different lifetimes. I can't put a time frame on it, but the moment you become curious and begin to wonder about the things that you are now wondering about, you are evolving. Evolution is usually considered in terms of millennial time, but it also occurs on a day to day basis. I can tell you this simple truth; when you wonder and question things as they seem to be, when you want to look inside, when you begin to notice your intimate connection to nature, you are evolving. When what you have been taught begins to not strike an affirming chord in your heart, you are on your way. There are answers available, and most of my readers are in the same boat as you, they demand to know what they Know is out there. They are learning, I too am learning, but remember, you must walk before you can run.

But all my searching amounts to is that I find things to read through books or online information, but how can I experience this "magical-ness" for myself? Is it done through meditation and stuff like that? How did you learn about all this? How do I know if my "soul" is ready, when I really really really want to be ready?

You must learn to pay attention. Especially pay attention to your dreams, notice your hunches, your urges, your intuition. Everyone has psychic abilities, though some have not learned how to use or to notice the use of them on a conscious level. In a sense, you already know much of what is written here, in that respect, I am simply one who is here to remind you of what you already know. The full vast knowledge of the soul/entity is available to each of its personalities (you). You are not cut off from the Knowledge of your soul.
You were not born yesterday, and you in particular, by the very nature of your questions, show that you are not a new personality on earth for the first “go around”. You have a history that you brought into this life and you didn't start with a blank slate. No person in their first incarnation would think to ask the questions you ask, so pat yourself on the back and get back to learning. Each person must follow their own path, and you can trust me on this; You are ready, the time to start is now!

So sorry for the very long comment! And thank you for taking the time to answer!

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