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I have just read your article on “Soul mates” and found it very interesting. I have been in several shallow relationships in the last few years, but have never experienced  anything that I would call serious and never one that included real love. I am 56 y.o. is it possible that I could still meet my soul mate? Anonymous.

I am glad you liked the article explaining soul mates. It is true that there are other aspects of your “Total You” identity living in the world that you also inhabit. I will try not to elaborate on soul mates too much here since we have talked about that before, but I do want to explain to other readers that in the most basic terms all realities are mental, mental projected into physical actualization for a specific length of time, then returning to the psychological universe after the Earth journey is done.
Your total whole identity consists of others like yourself, all part of you, all living at this time, given life by your soul to experience a variety of experiences in different bodies living in different cultures, in different lands, speaking different languages and of course of different ages, sexes and races. This arrangement affords the soul the most growth potential and a wider range of experience rather than if all of these other portions of you were living in one city, in one state, in one country at one time.
Occasionally, being of the same root stock and sharing similar heritage, some of these “people” will be inexorably drawn together in the same area because of similar interests and attractions. In other words, all things being equal, you will be attracted to your other “Simultaneous Selves-Soul Mates” more-so than other people close to you. There are strong psychological ties that will remain hidden but powerful, and they will draw some of these identities together as comrades in similar interests, clubs, wars, crusades, political parties, religions and such. Any one of your closest friends may indeed be a true soul mate.
If you should meet one of your opposite sex soul mates, the latent qualities that will bind you together could make for an outstanding love relationship. In a way, and I am smiling while typing this, but it would almost be like psychological incest. But since there is no genetic mixing going on here, don't worry, in terms that would delight many evangelical zealots, you will not be sent to the eternal lake of fire.
Now to answer Anonymous question. I gave the previous recap to emphasize what I will say from here on; I am not talking about soul mates in this answer, however they do exist and chances are that you already have met one or more of them.
Before you were born, you made plans for this present life. As I have said before, you chose the general circumstances in which this life would take place before you first cell was even contemplated. You chose your parents and they chose you, your choice being paramount, theirs being more of an acquiescence of convenience. By that I mean that there was an agreement between your future parents and the future you that would be beneficial for both, but your desires to enter into a family structure with them was the driving energy for this new grouping.
At this time, you and they were existing in another “in-between dimension” where the recent dead are living in a different kind of non-physical existence where much preliminary work is being done planning future lives and experiences. At this time, and please understand, I use the word time discriminately here since time does not really exist in the way you experience it in the physical system, but it will have to do for now. So, in this in-between dimension, you also reconnect with family who have passed and people you have known in other lives, who are also in the in-between time of choosing the circumstances for their next life.
You will be once again renewing friendships with past husbands and wives from previous lives, who incidentally, you may be more drawn to than your most recent partner. You could hypothetically speaking, once again meet one who captured your heart in ancient Babylonia, or who enchanted you in Elizabethan England centuries ago. They are no more dead than you are at this time of decision making and I can assure you that you will be amazed that being dead can be so intensely alive and vibrant without a physical body.
This is as I said a time of planning for your future life experience and since you are in this dimension, it means that you have not yet attained sufficient knowledge and experience required to evolve out of the Earth System. So you will reconnect and consort with old friends and old lovers alike, and I do mean old, and quite possibly make decisions to meet in the next imminent lifetime that you both could share, coming together if not in a family context, then in some pre-arranged time and place, possibly to renew an old lingering love that longed to be reenergized and experienced once again in the world of atoms and molecules, sunrises and sunsets.
I have tried to make clear in other articles that like attracts like and old friendships, lovers and compatriots, will follow each other from lifetime to lifetime till the end of time, and since time is an illusion, good relationships are forever. There may be lapses in these relationships involving hundreds of years, or perhaps only months, as each party pursues their own personal interests, but you will follow those you love through the centuries and though you may lose touch with them, you will see them again.
You will see those in your families who you had strong feelings for over and over again. These relationships are never lost. Families will come together lifetime after lifetime, each member taking a different role to compensate for emotional and life experience not gained in the first grouping. The father may choose to join in the new family as the daughter to the son who will be reborn as the new father. Families may be bound together time and time again. On the other hand, there may be those in your family with whom your association did not take, did not ring a bell, who you did not develop any strong bond with, and they will go their own way as will you. There will be others who you have very strong ties with, family or not and indeed you will be bound to some non-family personalities more-so than you now consider close family.
For that reason, you will make future plans at this time to once again reunite with old friends and lovers, whether husbands, wives, kings or concubines, the ties cannot be severed even by the passing of centuries. These reconnections with old loved ones may be postponed until later in life when the pressing issues of youth have somewhat subsided, when the need to struggle for survival in the early years is past and more time is available for the renewed relationship to mature and deepen. That is precisely why so many mature people meet a new companion later in life.
There may indeed be someone who may seem like a new acquaintance that you have met, but will actually be someone from a previous life appearing as agreed upon at the appointed time and place. They will be inexorably drawn to each other though oceans may separate them. Do not discount this attraction that over the centuries that will draw two together, even though they in the true sense of the word, may not be, technically speaking, actual soul mates.
Time and location or country of origin are no barrier in these magical reunions, since these long enduring attractions between two people transcend distance and the normal concept of serial time. If you have recently met someone new and find an unusually strong attraction to them, it may just be that you have ignored the laws of the physical world and found an old acquaintance, an old paramour. Strong emotions, feelings and love can literally reach across the universe, so do not discount what may seem to be an accidental meeting, it could have been arranged hundreds, thousands of years ago.


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Beautifully said; I personally have experienced this. A past life connection. I actually had flashing memories of things with this man while i was with him. His voice hit a spot of beyond recognition so familiar but couldnt put my finger on it. He in turn said the same about me. His family was the same as mine and it was too weird for the both of us. We also had a telepathic connection to where he would literally say what i was thinking and i would do the same to him. The flash i had was back in roman days somewhere in rome. Weird? omg was it. I never had flashes ever or a deja vu but this was something else. Thank you for your article it's mind blowing!