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The question as it was posed: In reading your articles, you refer to the soul and entity, but you also refer to teachers. My question is this; are the teachers the same as your soul or entity or they something or someone entirely different. I am not clear on this, I am sure I have a soul but how do I know if I have a teacher? Anonymous

I can see that anonymous has been paying attention and it tells me that I have not done a very good job in explaining these matters. We cannot fully explain the reality of the Soul or Entity and teachers without an understanding of your relationship to and within your Soul, your Entity and any teachers you may or may not have. I have said and alluded to many times that everything or everyone, every person, soul or entity exists as part of something else, and of course that infers that you are also not only a part of your soul or entity, but a part of your environment, your world and universe.
What I mean, so there is no confusion, unseen, unknown connections exist both physically and spiritually between you and your natural environment as well as your soul or entity. I must also make clear that your homes, your buildings, monuments, tables, chairs and other household accoutrements are also as natural to your species as the forest is to the birds and animals.
There are unknown tentacles or strands of consciousness existing between you and all perceivable objects in your universe. You create their appearance and psychic connections extend out from your nervous system into the air surrounding you, unperceived psychic chemical properties are projected from the body through the skin creating the resulting physically perceived objects or events to coalesce from atoms, molecules and cells. All physical objects and events are results of inner patterns filled in by the inherent energy driven by consciousness.
For all practical purposes, you are totally independent of your soul/entity with free choice to pursue your own goals and aspirations within certain limitations which do not need to be discussed here. You are a portion of your soul, but free to roam the universe if you choose, experiencing new and completely unique times and places like no one else can, and in that respect you perceive for your soul. I want to clear something up that I may not have done before. You have a soul, many of such souls intertwined with and aligned with physical personalities make up the total identity, the oversoul and a group of oversouls make up the entity.
Entities are likewise part of more advanced entities and this goes on ad infinitum up to and including the initial Prime Source, All That Is. Connections exist between the most exalted and the least and there are no limitations except those that are self imposed. Relationships that exist between the soul and personality exist even though the you each going on with your daily pursuits hardly being aware of each other, and in fact, any kind of meaningful communications between the soul and it's personalities is virtually impossible on a conscious level.
It goes without saying that you cannot experience or perceive other worlds, other beings, souls or entities more advanced than you unless you yourself have evolved to that degree of understanding. In that respect, you must remember that All That Is has been evolving for untold billions of earth years, so you have some catching up to do. Truth be told, you will never understand the reality of even the newest, less developed entities since their reality is unfathomable to one not as accomplished.
But you can do much better if you try by spreading your wings, stepping out of the stone age of false beliefs and worn out, disintegrating belief systems and taking responsibility for the growth of your consciousness and searching for true Knowledge. You can wait and do nothing, repeating the same rusty dogma and you will evolve despite your ignorance, or you can apply your mind and learn what is available to you within your given abilities to understand.
Knowledge is available even though many people believe that they will never know the answers to some of the most elusive spiritual questions and will leave this life as ignorant as they came into it. Answers ARE available to those who search and desire understanding, and in this format we endeavor to relate some of those answers, attempting to explain concepts that are at the very precipice at the edge of comprehension of the human brain, explanations that can be somewhat understood to those who persevere and demand to know that which is not readily known.
You are part of your entity or soul and he, she, it is your closest touchstone to (God), All That Is. You are a splinter personality of your soul, a self aware fragment given life to act in its and your behalf in the physical reality system you call Earth and others, where the soul cannot go. You have latent within your being, all of the attributes and abilities of your soul, held in abeyance for your future expansion through evolution. You are not less than your soul except in the degree of differentiation and knowledge readily available to your consciousness. As your self awareness increases, so your awareness of things that now totally escape you will become natural.
In a way that I struggle to explain, you are all of these other parts as well as being yourself. Your other aspects are alive now in this time and other time periods in your world and in other probable worlds, inhabiting other planes, but they are as simply as I can explain, as much a part of you as your dream self, they are just less accessible at this time. They will become more accessible as you mature and your consciousness grows in comprehension and expands to include more data. Usually, you cannot know about something unless you believe that it exists.
You can contribute to this expansion of your consciousness by paying attention to the nuances of your life, watching for the unexplained occurrences, following hunches, noticing sudden urges to try something new, looking for something where nothing seems to exist and by trying to understand the meanings hidden within your dreams.
You can go to libraries or search on-line for sources of knowledge and you will be surprised how much information is out there waiting to be known. Knowledge is not inert, it wants to be known, and when you want to know, you create something akin to a psychic whirlpool that will attract that knowledge to you. In a sense you become a knowledge magnet and over time you will jettison those false and misleading beliefs that you now harbor so jealously, finding instead real truths instead of fraudulent and non-confirming dogmas.
You have a soul, your soul is part of an oversoul which is comprised of a group of souls. A group of souls forms the entity and groups of entities reside within the scope of more advanced (godlike) entities. Entities are involved in their own pursuits, quite unlike yours of course, with challenges of their own. Your existence within the presence of your soul and its existence within the presence of it's entity goes unnoticed by you and your entity hardly gives it a second thought. You and other personalities like you support the entity and the entity supports you, making your existence possible, but the entity never dominates or tries to influence decisions of the personality.
In explaining the relationship that exists between personalities and the entity, I am tempted to use the word “umbrella” since it very well explains the protective but not restrictive nature of the entity. Personalities can leave entities for another more suitable for expansions of its abilities. There are no restrictions and there is no attempt to coerce the personality by the entity. The relationship exists, but remains in the psychic background.
It goes without saying, that as the personality or identity evolves and advances in its sophistication and Knowledge it becomes more aware of these now unknown psychic connections, and as these relationships become known they are beneficial in many ways, especially in the passing down of Knowledge through the multitudinous layers of dimensions, planes and universes. You, the reader of this article, are an incipient entity/soul if you choose that path in the future. (A very distant future, I may add).
Entities inhabit other dimensions far more advanced than yours, yet the connections endure. Entities and souls do have bodies, though they are not physically materialized as is yours. Entities have their own proclivities, interests and leanings. Entities identify with the male/female sexual orientation, not having a physical body as you think of it and not operating in a sexual nature, but they do have characteristic male/female traits, such as assertive and passive, the source of Anima and Animus traits spoken of by psychologists. That is the reason the male/female traits were adopted in your Earth system. (Of course reproduction had something to do with it too).
Some entities in pursuing their interests choose to be educators/teachers. Some choose other areas of development. Your entity could be your teacher, but that is not likely. Usually a teacher who you have had long standing relationships with over the centuries in many lives, chooses to be your teacher for the practical reasons. It is easier for them to communicate with someone that they have close feelings for and because of those close friendships and emotional ties, to act as your teacher will be easier, finding you across time and space, coming to you in the dream state or otherwise.
Lessons are given to the student in the dream state, meditative states, through automatic writing, trance states or hypnosis. The entity knows when the student is prepared and capable of assimilating the difficult concepts to be delivered. Emotional ties between entity and student are essential and are sought out by the teacher. As more accomplished personalities reach certain states of development, choices are made as to future lines of endeavor, some choosing to become entities, some will become teachers, some following artistic leanings.
The whole affair can be compared to the psychic “Pyramid Gestalt” that I have explained before and is not unlike the traditional corporate structure existing in many of your top companies today. Personalities occupying the most space at the bottom of the pyramid and All That is, God at the top of the pyramid.
To answer one part of the question, not all advanced personalities become entities, that is very advanced identities choosing to create and manipulate many personalities in a multitude of worlds and systems of reality, a pursuit which requires a great deal of knowledge of many alien worlds and planes of existence throughout the physical and non-physical universe, a pursuit I may add with much responsibility.
 All teachers, then are not entities in the true sense of the word, but titles in these cases become meaningless, since there is no real separation between an entity and a teacher. A teacher will not usually have just one student at one time and will be involved with many students in a variety of worlds, but always worlds where it has personally been involved that system in its past. Your teacher in this world, will obviously have been born into the Earth system many times in order to throughly understand it's rules of the game, it's parameters for existence on this plane, otherwise it would be ill prepared to be your teacher.
Spiritual teachers will not make contact with potential earth-bound students until they are ready, having prepared the way, and keeping this in mind the old adage makes a lot of sense;

When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive!


Anonymous said...

Dear William,
//Personalities can leave entities for another more suitable for expansions of its abilities.//

Why should the Personality leave the Entity when it is very much part of IT.

I have also read somewhere that at times Souls leave or withdraw itself from the Personality/Ego when the later's behavior becomes intolerable/inhuman and hence this particular ego literally becomes Soul-less.

Is it possible for you to throw some light on the above concepts.

W. Allan said...

Entities are simply very advanced and evolved souls. Entities, as with souls, develop certain interests and leanings, certain proclivities and unique characteristics, just as you do. If the the interests of the personality differs substantially from its entity, it is free to leave and connect with another entity more in line with it's own interests to further its own development, or go it alone if it chooses. This would not be the usual journey chosen however.
Souls or entities are beyond what would be considered Earth-like behavior characteristics, so an entity or soul would never sever contact with one of its personalities. To the Entity or Soul, there is really no difference between bad or good experience.
I know this would be hard to understand, but the Soul views all experience as good, since in the eyes of the Soul, lessons are learned from all experience. In an extreme version of this concept, killing someone, is supposed to teach you not to kill.
There is no true reality of sin and punishment. Outside of the Earth Physical System, consecutive time does not exist, and all actions are simultaneous.
It is you who chooses to experience your reality in slow motion, one event in front of another. In the expansive present, the sin and the punishment would then, be happening at the same time, so you can see, that wouldn't make any sense.
I realize that I am asking you to accept some pretty esoteric ideas here, but better now than later. I am also aware that it is almost impossible to imagine a system where all actions are simultaneous, when you are presently involved in a time based system.
The idea of right and wrong actions only make sense when you believe that you only have one life to live, but to the soul, there is no death of its personalities, only a transition from one dimension to another.
There could not be a personality without a soul, but there could be a soul whose personality chooses other fields of interests and moves to another soul or entity. The entity would not interfere, since the relationship is symbiotic in nature.
You realize, I hope that there is really no line of demarkation between soul and entity, there is just a degree of or higher state of development with the entity.
I hope this helps.