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 There is much to learn and until you begin to get a feeling about who God is or what He is, much will remain a mystery about (All That Is) (God), the true nature of the universe, alien worlds, unseen dimensions and the beings that inhabit them. All religions originate and worship their own gods. You create your gods as your gods create you. I know that is a confusing statement, but consider this; the god of the Muslims is not the same god of the Jews, and the god of the Jews is not the god of the Christians, and so on, and so on. Without doubt, the god of the Africans is black. The god of the Jews is white and the god of American Christians is both. Each culture's conception of their God is in line with their spiritual leanings and beliefs of the times, and as times change, so do the gods change.
The gods change as beliefs change as with the Christians, their god changed over the centuries from an angry, avenging god, ready to take up arms to deliver the Jews out of bondage to a more compassionate god more in line with the coming of the compassionate and forgiving Christ. There is one God (All That Is) and that God has never spoken to anyone directly (Sorry Oral). That's reference to good old Oral Roberts;

Oral Roberts' a Pentecostal Televangelist whose fundraising was quite controversial. In January 1987, during a fundraising drive, Roberts announced to a television audience that unless he raised $8 million by that March, God said he would "call him home." He raised 9.1 million through contributions.
Now his son Richard Roberts is up to daddy's old tricks; Richard Roberts told students at Oral Roberts University that he did not want to resign as president of the scandal-plagued evangelical school, but that he did so because God insisted. Apparently, God talks to Richard too.

Now, I hope most of you are sophisticated enough to recognize a hustle when you see one and I mention these instances here in order to explain why God does not really talk to anyone, and most of you know it. Unfortunately there are still countless others who do not and if you interpret the Bible literally, you are in for great disappointment. The old masters, great Renaissance Artists such as Michelangelo, of unquestionable skills painted God in heroic human form usually descending from heaven with His characteristic scale and lightening bolt, the scale to judge you and lightening bolt to smite you into smithereens if you so much as ever looked at someone of the opposite sex with desire in your coveting little hearts. These symbolic masterpieces served the purposes of the times, but the times have changed and you are no longer children needing those kind of mythological images to understand the true nature of God.
All religions serve a worthwhile purpose, in the beginning of civilizations and societies, but organized religion was never meant to meant to become a lifelong platform for its misconceptions and false teachings, but to evolve through and out of, to rise beyond believing in the stereotypical gods descending from the heavens to do battle with satan and a world full of angels struggling against devils. Of course, many religions, churches and clergy do wonderful works in the name of God and do assist in the needs of societies, but it wasn't supposed to be forever. You were meant to see the flaws, the distortions and false beliefs perpetuated by the churches of today and learn that the only source of the one true God is found within you in the depths of the human psyche, and only you can make that discovery. Let's move on.
God is not human, no matter who you are, where you are, what religion you are and what your holy texts tell you. I do want to make clear one thing up front, we are talking here of God (All That Is) in a human form, talking with lips and mouth uttering intelligible sounds in whatever the language of the listener, engaging him in meaningful messages or conversation. It just doesn't happen, never has, and most of you know it. Religion, even organized religion, if nothing more, at times has provided some valuable insights of the hint of life existing after death.
The only problem is that the kind of “life after death” scenario envisioned by most religions, kneeling at God's feet, chanting “I love You's” for eternity or dissolved into God in some kind of eternal mindless Nirvana is enough to scare a person to death. (smiling) I do not intend to get into a long drawn out article here explaining what God is, but you can read my articles on the God Concept if you are curious. Actually, for this article, it is sufficient for me to explain what God isn't than what He is.
To condense this for you, God is the creating and organizing energy essence presence that was All That Is in the beginning and endures in the present. He, She, It has no specific sexual identification, but is all sexes, all races and in fact, simply as I can put it, “Is All”. God has no human form, but can be found within all human forms, human, animal and plant, all flora and fauna. This God of yours is not a talking God, and indeed, is not conversational in the true sense of the word, yet He speaks through the universe through His creations. God is much more today than He was yesterday, and with each passing micro-second, God increases Himself exponentially.
God is universal comprehension, the source of all known knowledge, but is still capable of growth and expansion with each cosmic breath. God radiates energy and exudes universes complete with probable populations and probable actions happening simultaneously, going where no human has ever gone or ever will go. God cannot ever be conceptualized by the human mind, but it is possible in times of revelation or spontaneous illumination, to emotionally get a feel for some aspects of the overall God reality. I wanted first to explain why anyone who says that they talk to God could very well be telling the truth, and this privilege is available to all, but those who claim that God talks to them, is delusional or dreaming. (Sorry Oral, but by now you have probably learned how silly and misleading your false beliefs were.)
I am sure that by now you have noticed that some so called clergy and self proclaimed prophets, mainly but not exclusively televangelists, have learned how to manipulate their followers, usually by scaring the living B-Jesus out of them with threats of eternal damnation, making them believe that they have an inside track and that God speaks to them personally and that they have a direct line to God. Usually that inside track to God leads to heavenly conversations about God's imminent need for money. (Yours). By the way, there is nothing more despicable than bilking dedicated believers out of their life savings in the name of God, and frankly, I cannot for the life of me see why God needs so much money.
There is however, for lack of a better word, a spiritual hierarchy that exists in the inner universe that connects innumerable layers of Entities, existing in their own reality systems, from the newer personalities, to the more knowledgeable Souls to the most ancient and advanced Entities to “All That Is” Between these more advanced ancient Entities, Souls and identities, knowledge is sifted down from the God of your religious texts to the Earthly personality (You), and through that cosmic grapevine of consciousness, certain contacts can be made and the wisdom and knowledge of All That Is can somewhat be made known to you, but it does not come automatically and it does not come easily, except on certain occasions.
God (All That Is) does not talk, even to the most advanced Entities and they cannot speak to God. You must understand that the Entity, is not in the same place as God, and the word place is misleading since we are not talking about locations in the way you might suppose. But God or the (Prime Source Energy) exists in its own psychological reality which is light years beyond even the most advanced of the Entities or Souls. God's reality and the reality of the most sophisticated Entities is not personality oriented as you know it, and is beyond anything you or I would understand. They are not motivated by even similar desires, emotions, loves or hates as is the human species, so their existence is unutterable and beyond understanding and explanation.
Those Entities of God Herself speaks to no one or no thing, but some semblance of communication can be made between yourself, your Soul/Entity since your soul being very evolved, still is not one of the more advanced Entities of which I have referred to as being godlike. In a sense, your Soul is a beginner Soul and has miles to travel before reaching those exalted heights of those more advanced Entities and All That Is. Spiritual knowledge is passed down through echelons of entities in this Pyramid of consciousness from the lofty to the lowly through what I will call inner knowingness and that knowingness becomes increasingly available to the conscious mind as the personality develops spiritually. (Note; I did not say religiously).
The general rule is; consciousness becomes more aware of that which is not known over a series of lifetimes. This unknown Knowledge IS available directly from the soul, but you must learn to listen for the voices that speak without lips and through your feelings and emotions. The more you learn to TRUST your feelings and emotions and not the words of charlatans, the more Knowledge will come to you. You will be amazed how much you actually know as your inner trust matures.

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