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I could have just as easily named this article “How to Create your Happiness Garden”, but I know I am competing here with the “prosperity evangelicals” so I will state my disclaimer here; I have no agenda other than to help you understand the true nature of reality and live a healthy, prosperous life. You can be prosperous in health, in happiness, in love, in wealth, in spiritual fulfillment, and the list goes on, but the process remains the same. From the perspective of your soul/entity there is no difference and valuable lessons are learned from both prosperity and misfortune. It shouldn’t be too hard to see that failure simply shows you how not to do something well, so failure is just materialized proof of the misuse and distortions of energy in the creative process.

Prosperity, abundance, affluence are ways financial success is materialized in the world of three dimensional physical matter. They are indicators of the correct utilization of energy, but even though you may have success in one area of your life, there is no guarantee that they will always bring success in other directions. In other words, you could have a good understanding for creating wealth, but experience repeated illness, have a foul temperament and be totally dysfunctional in your emotional development and personal relationships. We will discuss here, the prosperity end of the spectrum of experience and try to explain through analogies, methods to use that will work, followed, create prosperity and wealth in many areas of your life. When I talk of prosperity then, please understand that I am referring to ALL AREAS of your life, which is what you are really striving for anyway.

I have discussed similar creative experience before as I am sure you know, but here I want to tell you through the “Prosperity Garden” analogy, how you should think about this, and please remember, all reality is MENTAL first. then made PHYSICAL. The mental aspect always comes first, and NO physical object, event or person could exist for you to experience, if the PHYSICAL was not given actuality through idea, thought, suggestion and expectation. The thought always comes first, the experiencing of the concrete results of that thought is a secondary result, a proof in atoms and molecules of the success or failure or your ability to utilize the unlimited energy of the universe, channeling it into physical matter and then perceiving and experiencing it.

I want to use a “Garden” analogy here to try and make some important points regarding the creation of what you will consider a successful life. You can create a prosperity garden by preparing the soil, planting the proper seeds, thought seeds, nourishing them, tending them and reaping the fruits of your labors. If you have done your job well, you will reap the benefits in rock solid, concrete, irrefutable results of success in many or all areas of your life.

First, in creating your “Prosperity Garden” you will need to plant your “Thought Seeds” in fertile ground, and in our little analogy, the fertile ground is your bedrock belief system, your overall mental and emotional health. You cannot grow abundant crops if you plant seeds in a desolate landscape, and if you are an emotional basket case and have an unhealthy mental state, the seeds will bear less than satisfactory fruits. Of course, recognizing the discord in the mental state is not that easy, since most people consider themselves perfectly normal even though to others, they may seem “out of synch” or mentally unbalanced.

Now, this is important. You will create reality to one extent or another, but if your life is in turmoil, and if life is a constant struggle, then you are doing something wrong, or shall we say, you are doing things that are not beneficial to your well being. Creation of your reality will happen in your life whether or not you are aware of your intimate part in that creative process, but if you do not begin to purposely consider that what you are reaping today is the result of what you planted yesterday, then you are at a distinct disadvantage in your pursuit of happiness. Of course, the seeds that you planted yesterday were your thoughts, that finally come to fruition “Now Today”.

You tend to think that when you succeed or fail at something today, that it was an immediate response to present conditions and present actions, and that is not the case by any means. What happens to you today has been a long time in the making by your inner self, even though it may have totally escaped your egotistical awareness, it is the immediate emergence of past thoughts and beliefs gathering themselves, coagulating, firming up and emerging into your present at an opportune time. If that opportune time does not occur in physical terms, then that particular present event has not achieved enough impetus and will remain probable and never materialize. In other words, you can to a great extent, change what seems to be inevitable present events even up to the last minute by altering your prevailing thought patterns.

In creating a prosperity garden, you will need to prepare the ground by examining your thought patterns, your beliefs, and plucking out the weeds, metaphorically speaking, the unhealthy mental edifices that have hindered your progress in the past. Remember, your present is simply the result of past thoughts, beliefs and imagination, so what you think today, you will experience tomorrow.

You can do this “weeding out” by visualizing yourself in a field, actually bending over, pulling out and destroying the weeds, the old distortions, unhealthy beliefs that have brought you nothing in the past but the reality that you are trying to change today. You are then, preparing the way for the insertion of new, healthy seeds. (thoughts). Now, to be sure, the universe does not discriminate based on your human evaluations of what is good or bad since your moral judgements are arbitrary, but it does lean toward the creation of events in your life that are beneficial to your spiritual growth and development.

You will plant (insert) your new seeds (thoughts about what you want) into the prepared field of your belief system by thinking of what you want in your life in the future, visualizing it realistically, and most importantly, “Expecting it to happen”. Remember, physical actualisation takes some time, it does not happen immediately, but it is important that you do not overdue the visualization thing. You will be visualizing actually planting seeds in a real field, but the seeds that you are planting will be seeds of thoughts, and a thought is just as real as any seed.

Visualization works best when it is done for only about fifteen minutes a day, then forgetting about it. An intense thought, backed by strong desire and expectation can enter your field of perception, (become real in your life), in a short time. The concrete effects of your prosperity gardening begin happening immediately with your first thought, one single thought immediately propelling itself outward, beginning the process of becoming physical and usable in your reality system. In this case, the seed begins to sprout immediately. It will not break through (emerge from the ground) into physical matter for some time, maybe as long as several weeks, maybe more depending on the intensity behind the initial thought.

If your thought does not carry enough weight, not enough desire, and you really do not expect it to happen, it will still materialize in some form, somewhere. It must emerge somewhere since it has been created and cannot be withdrawn. Thoughts that are too weak to emerge in your system will emerge in another, perhaps not requiring as much energy for some other kind of materialization. So it is very important to understand that it is up to you, nobody else, to “expect” what you think about to come to pass, and it shall.

Your point of power is now.
The future is a fertile field waiting to be planted
with the seeds of your thoughts today.
What you plant today, you will reap tomorrow.
Plant wisely and you can live in abundance.

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