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I have written of this before, but as you are learning, so am I also learning, and I am learning in a big way. All knowledge comes from or came from someone else. There is NO knowledge just floating around willy-nilly in the universe available for the taking. All knowledge is attached to the consciousness that originated or learned the knowledge independently or from others. The knowledge that you learn here is mine, it comes to me from others, but it is now also yours because the very act of reading these articles, changes them and tints them with your own perspectives.

There is no universal repository of knowledge, no Hall of Akashic Records where all of the knowledge of all souls is kept. It is said that the records of every person that has ever lived and every act that is ever acted is recorded there, but this is not so. Every act that has ever been acted, every birth of flower, insect, animal or human, every thought, every idea and every imagined event are all indelibly recorded, but they exist not in a hall of records but as electrical structures, intensities, coiled, embedded and attached to other such intensities, and they are eternal. You, and everyone who ever was, ever is and ever will be, exists as a unique electrical intensity in an unbelievably complex electrical universe that underlies and is the backbone of the physical universe, but your existence is not recorded in some spiritual repository of records because it just doesn’t exist.

There is much that is given to me that I can tell you in our articles, there is more to be known, some that I know, but is not easily retrievable by me yet. It is sometimes difficult for me to find appropriate words to express some of these concepts that are totally foreign to a physical system of reality, therefore not easily decipherable and understood by the evolving human brain. To some they would seem nonsensical from your viewpoint, as they once were to me. There are some, what I can best describe as short, brief, intense, flashes of universal truths that I will occasionally share with you. In most cases they will relate to the material discussed in the accompanying article. You might call them a short synopsis of the accompanying article, personal insights, illuminations that may be helpful in remembering something about the material that you would otherwise not find easy to recall. I hope they are helpful to you, maybe even inspirational, and if you do find any one of them helpful, print it out and put it somewhere you can read it often. I personally prefer inside of a kitchen cabinet door. Remember, what you are frequently reminded of, you will recall, and what you recall, you will think about and what you think about you will eventually come to you.

I like to occasionally clear the air about exactly where my information that you read here comes from, but unfortunately, I am not sure exactly where it comes from, but I do know generally, so I will share that with you. First let me tell you that one of the main purposes of “ABG” is to inform you about your own multidimensional personality, and to assure you that there is much, much more to you than you probably realize. I want you to understand that every person has access to knowledge that he doesn’t know he has, and to explain the source of that knowledge, with the final objective being to teach you to trust yourself rather than some religious zealot or fanatical guru. They are usually charlatans, preying on the weak minded and most susceptible among you.

All of this was never meant to be a mystery, it just seems that way since you are just awakening, and you want to know. There are some who stumble upon this site who are not ready to learn or recognize the real truths, since they require some effort and most of all curiosity. For them, I would heartedly recommend Richard Roberts, Ted Haggard and Jimmy Swaggart and their dogma of sin and punishment, eternal hellfire and other pretty scary stuff. Here’s a hint on how to identify real spiritual truths; It’s ALL GOOD NEWS when you learn how to look beneath the surface.

If it feels right in your gut, it usually is, but you won’t know how to decipher these feelings or knowledge unless you learn about your backup team, the other aspects of your OWN SELF, your SOUL, your ENTITY, your GOD, and those identities beyond yours and my understanding. Others are observing your failures and successes and help is always at hand for those who seek it, that help being more available to those who know about its existence and learn to trust that it will be given. You are not in this alone and help is available. You are on a quest for knowledge and fulfillment, and you must understand that there ARE answers to your questions available.

Don’t automatically trust what I say, but put these words to the ultimate test in the only reliable “truth meter”, your own intuitive feelings and emotions. If you learn to trust your own self, knowing that you have a higher source for answers, then you will quit relying upon others for direction. What seems right to YOUR intuitions will usually trump the intellect and be closer to the truth than the words give by others wearing suits, uniforms, scrubs or frocks.

In that sense, the guru lies within yourself, but you must learn to trust YOURSELF. People can lie, and often do, for their motivations are suspect and ruled by the need to extract money from your bank account or control you mentally, inducing you to follow their questionable dictates for their own pusposes. You must learn that when something sounds WRONG, it usually is, so why would you follow the advice of others when inwardly you know it is wrong. Fear, and fear in the guise of sin, damnation and eternal punishment has tempered and restricted your actions for centuries. They were created by ancient tribes and leaders who used them to control populations through fear and intimidation. Your heritage is ancient, but mankind was never meant to hang on to primitive rituals and beliefs.

I have said it before, but it warrants repetition, there is NO sin, there is NO damnation, there is NO eternal lake of fire, and there is NO such thing as spiritual punishment. For those who believe in them, they do have a reality of some import, but in thought form only since their existence lies in you, they have no reality in themselves, but are your creations. When you cease concentrating on fear, they cannot exist and will dissipate and disappear. The irony is that some people just won’t accept happiness, fulfillment and joy unless there is a price to pay to a judgmental god who will mete out his punishments based on some pretty ridiculous assumptions.

Here is where my information and knowledge comes from and this is also your source of everything you need according to your ability to understand. Nothing will be given to you that your brain cannot grasp, but the good news is that as your brain grows in its ability to understand obscure concepts, so will they be given to you. You must want, you must desire and you must ask for the knowledge that you seek, but given time, it will come to you.
The answers to your questions can come from a variety sources:

OTHER SELVES; You are a multi dimensional personality and so at one time your “whole identity” was fractured, split or fragmented into many parts of the whole into individual personalities. (We have not yet discussed your probable selves to any degree). These individual personalities, of which you are one, exist in different probable world systems, experiencing different lives, different experiences and in some cases, experiencing the same events but differently, but from different world perspectives. Even though these other aspects of YOU, exist psychologically speaking worlds apart, there is a deep inner psychic connection that can be bridged in the dream state, and in that state you can learn from each other. It is also the source of much of what you call De-ja Vu experiences. What one self knows, other selves have access to.

IDENTITY: Your identity is the total composite of your probable selves, of which you are an integral part. You have access to knowledge of your probable selves in other dimensions, and you hold commerce with them occasionally in the dream state. You have most likely met one or more of your other probable selves. As a short explanation, consider this analogy. You are traversing a long road and you come to a fork in the road, actually an intersection of four other roads. You cannot decide which road to take, you would like to know what lies down each road, when you discover that you have the ability to split yourself into five different aspects of yourself.

You do so and send all five of your personality aspects down the different roads. In this analogy, the different roads lead to different dimensions and different times, but communication is maintained through the dream state and to some extent, each of you share in the experiences of the other selves telepathically. At the very instant that you make a decision to take one of the roads, there is a splitting of the self into multiple personalities, and each will take one fork of the road, so no experience is ever missed or unexplored. There are then, some Roads Less Traveled, but there are No Roads Not Traveled.

You are, as some of you may have expected, evolving toward a reunification of all aspects of your personality into the ONE WHOLE SELF as an entity in some distant future. This is a stretch for most, but these probable selves are all you now, but living different lives in different universes and different worlds, some much like your own. Some have called these probable selves, parallel selves. These probable worlds are also physical to some extent, if not exactly physically materialized like yours. Since we have thoroughly confused you, here is something more to think about.

Reincarnated selves are simply probable selves viewed through the time perspective, and all probable selves and reincarnated selves are alive now. They are all YOU, though existing as individual personalities NOW, they may be Bob, Sally, Michael, or Janice, and time may force you to comprehend them as dead and gone, but time is an illusion and all lives, past lives, present lives and lives that from your perspective would be future lives and being lived now. What you will become exists now, only separated by your ability to perceive beyond the psychological deception of time. Some of your answers will then come in the dream state or in intuitive flashes from probable or reincarnated selves coming to your assistance.

SOUL / ENTITY; Your soul or entity is by no means an inactive bystander in your life and is privy to your every action, since it was the entity and you that came to agreement on your excursion into the Earth System at this time and place. You exist as an entrance point of the soul at ONE set of very precise coordinates of time and space as no other exists exactly like you. At one point in a past that you do not remember, you decided, with the consent of the entity, on an earthly existence. You chose the game and you set the rules, goals and challenges, and now you are working them out. The agreement of course, must be forgotten by you, otherwise the lessons learned would not be real, and the consequences for mistakes, must sometimes be lethal, in your terms if they are to have any real effect. You have support of the soul and entity, but it is so far psychically removed from you at this time that even psychic communication is problematical at best. Nevertheless, help can and will be given if it serves the overall purposes of the mission of your life, and that mission is known by the entity. You can “sometimes” receive direct, spontaneous answers from your entity in time of need.

THE TEACHERS; There are teachers, very evolved psychic personalities whose vocation is to establish communications with and tutor evolving personalities in various systems. There are entire, rather advanced systems in comparison to yours, where most of the inhabitants specialize in teaching, they are educators, dedicated to inter-dimensional education of evolving worlds when the inhabitants become capable of learning at a somewhat higher level. Of course, in all systems, there are some who are more advanced and more ready to accept what to them would seem to be mystical truths, more so inclined than some of the newer personalities just entering the system. Usually, these educators teach in systems that they are familiar with, that they themselves have evolved through long ago, territory familiar to them that still holds fond memories. Since all systems are different and have different parameters or rules for existence, their images are constructed entirely different than yours, even though they may still utilize atomic structure.

These inter-dimensional teachers must be familiar with the life form patterns and structures endemic to that particular system of reality. They must also be proficient in multi dimensional travel. I must clear up one thing here, that these teacher personalities are not physically materialized or they would not be capable of this kind of universal travel. Bottom line is that the only real means of travel is through the mobility of consciousness.

ALL REALITIES HAVE A MENTAL ORIGIN so all meaningful travel to other systems will be mental excursions through psychological space and not physical space. There are literally countless teachers, so they are not meted out on a first come basis or to special persons, but are drawn to those who WANT and LONG FOR knowledge. The one overriding characteristic is the desire, strong desire to know and learn. Someone, for instance who is not too rigid, too steeped in dogmatic religious or cultism belief systems, someone who is open to learning, someone who is mentally flexible and above all, someone who is vehement in their pursuit to finding answers. These teachers will be the source of most of the knowledge that you seek. They will find you wherever you are in this vast universe when you are ready.

It is very true to say: When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive, but not before.

My information and knowledge if you will, comes from teachers outside of this dimension, given to me in the dream state and sometimes in spontaneous flashes of intuitional knowledge about something I am contemplating. This knowledge seems to sometimes come to me at the most inopportune times when least expected, but I have leaned that when I seek information on a specific subject, when I desire it, it will come to me. I have also learned that I cannot demand or force answers, but can rely on the fact that they will be given in due time. One of the hardest things to do is learn to trust your own feelings and intuitions, and when you do that, you will be able to sort out the “real message” from the static. It is what I try to do in this column, I hope with some facility, so some of your answers will come from personalities still within the physical system like myself and from these articles, so do not hesitate to ask questions.

These advanced, evolved teachers or guides exist between the entity level and you, but unlike the entity, are more available, closer psychologically speaking, actually seeking out those who are ready to grow and advance. This may sound strange, but to them, as your grow in your spiritual acuity and awareness, as your desire to know increases, so does the brilliance of your consciousness show itself in the universe, these evolved teachers will notice you as you stand apart from other less brilliant beacons.

Some of these very evolved, mature entities, unearthly teachers, take on Earthly roles during certain periods of the evolution of social systems, when entire populations are affected by beyond normal events. These heroic personalities take on superhuman characteristics, they are volunteers so to speak, very evolved identities with extraordinary abilities, sent to help when help is most needed. They return again and again when needed, when the social fabric of the system is near psychological collapse, to usher in a new paradigm, a new pattern for the evolutions of entire civilizations.. You are familiar with some of them in religious legends.

Remember this, to other entities, teachers and spiritual guides, your earth is invisible, but its presence is known by the light of its underlying consciousness. These teachers can also be entities, but entities dedicated to education instead of other pursuits. They are evolved beyond anything you or I can imagine, and to you and I, they would seem to be gods, but in rather diluted way, you also share the attributes of the gods, in that you create worlds that you do not perceive and you live forever. I do not mean to attribute divinity to anyone here, but your heritage is truly of divine origin, and you share in this divinity as a portion of All That Is.

The message is this, spiritual knowledge comes from a variety of sources, and in a very real way, it is a bleed through from other systems. Your job, and it is difficult to be sure, is to learn to notice these other dimensional messages and not dismiss them as fantasies and over imaginative thoughts. People who will make progress along these lines are those who “Pay Attention”.

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Karel said...

I used to wish I had guides like others seem to , or power animals to talk to but in spite of asking, I dont. I am a genuine seeker but knowledge does not come to me via a guide as such, however I have always been open to truth and do get flashes of inspiration and knowledge these are often verified by sychronistic events.My belief is that we are all from the oneness of all so these guides must be ourselves and my flashes of knowledge come from my God conciousness, the god in me, or me in god, whatever it is and wherever it comes from is not as important as being aware of the knowledge. The Knowledge, the truth is the thought of pure conciousness that we have been given access to. Anyway maybe I am missing something maybe some great Indian chief will appear to me and set me straight.

W. Allan said...

You are thinking and curious, and that is all that is required. The knowledge you seek will come. Synchronicity is a result that you are supposed to be paying attention to. If you are waiting for an Indian chief to set you straight, I would recommend the "Chief Seattle" speech to the Americans taking the Indians lands. The speech may not be historically correct, but it is surely inspired.

Karel said...

Wow - That speech was amazing. I am a kiwi living in Western Australia and haven't really had any experience with the Indians of your country, but I have been in places that Maori hold sacred and the air was heavy with presence.The Maori also believe the spirits of their ancesters guide them.
I am not waiting on any guide,if they appear thats fine but its fine if they don't.
Talking of synchronicity,have you written your thoughts on that?

W. Allan said...

I have written some on synchronicity, but not sure in what article. I can offer this suggestion. Don't wait for a teacher to come knocking on your door saying "Good Day" I am Him!
But look for synchronicity in the subtle nuances that most others ignore. When you know and know you know, you are on the right track. Don't trust what others tell you, but what you KNOW you know in spite of what others may tell you. Don't trust what you read here, but trust what you "feel about" what you read here. Learning to trust in your own inner intuitive feelings will always lead you in the right direction.

Karel said...

Thanks, I do that and my inner witness is what I go by now. I read your articles at random as they stimulate me into thinking about things.Most of what you write rings true for me. I share alot of the views as you, eg the Nasca Lines, (I watched a few documentaries on these and not one of them offered that obvious explanation).Often what I 'know' and I guess you too,sounds nuts to others.But I feel there is more of an openess now than there was a few years ago
It is another beautiful day here in paradise - I hope you have a great one.

W. Allan said...

There are many who will not understand the true reality what I write about, but some do, and that is what is important. Everyone is where they should be, it's just that some are more advanced than others. Welcome to the world of the "more advanced".

Karel said...

Im a couple of steps behind you in some ways, but catching up fast. That is not said in a competitive note, its just an awareness of spiritual unfolding as understanding increases.True knowledge is the treasure that we find if we look - often the world piles so much rubble on top, and then adds a false landscape it is sort of an archaelogical dig but when you find that treasure its Eureka!

Karel said...

Truth is also sometimes hiding blatantly in plain sight like the story of The Emperors New Clothes, and it is only the bold who declare it for what it really is.