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The many aspects of your life, its trials and tribulations, its successes and its failures, its exaltations and its sorrows are all of your making, so first of all, lets agree that there is no judgmental, humanistic appearing God who is sitting on a cloud watching over you with a critical eye to determine whether or not to answer your prayers or if She should punish you for so much as a lustful look at the opposite sex or other egregious sins. There is no one else you can thank for your successes than yourself, and conversely speaking, there is no one else to blame for your failures and sin only exists for those who believe in sin. If you want to thank someone else for assisting you in your endeavors, then do so, but remember, they could not have assisted you had you not created that joint reality.

Your inner self, the “knowing self” does its job well, accurately expressing your inner state into an outer representation of that inner state. That is what it is intended to do, act as the projectionist of inner states of being onto the exterior stage of physical manifestation for all to see. If your life is a mess outwardly, you can rest assured that your inner state is also a mess. As a rough rule of thumb, if your outer reality is satisfactory, peace, tranquility and abundance are yours without too much of a struggle, then you have found a psychological equilibrium which allows you to maintain a healthy balance in your life and it will show. In a very real sense, your exterior, ego oriented life is a symptom of an inner state. You are entitled to a life of abundance, but that does not mean it is automatic, and you can just as well manifest a life of lacks and discontent. In that respect the inner self in neutral, it simply creates what it perceives as necessary through the ego.

Its somewhat like gardening, in that you and only YOU are responsible for creating every aspect of your life from the seeds that you plant.The seeds that you sew are of course your thoughts. What you plant today in thought, you will reap tomorrow in objects and events, the seeds you see, are neutral, plant unhealthy seeds (thoughts) and trouble will sprout up around you. Plant healthy seeds, thoughts intended to bring happiness, contentment and abundance will predominate. You must tend your thought garden, by reinforcing it with positive rather than negative thoughts, and here there is something that you MUST understand, and it is the least understood aspect of true nature of reality.

THOUGHTS ARE REAL! You tend to associate thoughts with a nebulous, wispy type of nothingness, and I dare say, most of you would consider a thought as something that is thunk, then evaporates into the psychic atmosphere. I must admit, from your viewpoint this does seem to happen, but what I am trying to do here is to convince you that nothing is something, something quite as real as a rock, or a tree. Every thought, no matter how intense, no matter how directed, no matter the duration, every simple minute thought exists and it exists eternally. A thought with enough impetus, enough strength of purpose, enough duration, will manifest as physical matter in y our system or something else, somewhere else. A slight passing thought, will not materialize in the world of concrete objects and events, but will manifest in its own level of reality becoming something somewhere. What I am saying here, so there is no confusion, that your smallest thought, say of a “table” may not become a solid table in your system, but will, perhaps combining with other weak thoughts, manifest as clouds in another dimension. No energy is ever wasted and all thoughts are energy.

A table, by the way is an “Object Event”. The thought creates the conditions, the psychic atmosphere, the environment whereby the table will be assembled in one way or another.

Why do I mention these things? Because I want you to understand the importance of your slightest thoughts. Your first inkling of an idea, a thought coming to mind, begins the process of materialization of your thought into some reality, so be cognizant of what you think. There is NO thought that is thunk, that does not become something. What you think, you create and what you create may or may not materialize into your life but it will materialize somewhere. Either way, it will affect your life, coloring other aspects of your immediate environment and everyday events.

There is a way to point yourself in the direction that you want to go, but there are some very important rules that you must become aware of and utilize. You can become a very important part of the creative process in forming your life events and tailoring them to your liking or just adapt to what others create for you. There is no such thing as pre-destination, unless you understand pre-destination to mean that “what you think about you will get”. That, my friends, is the only kind of meaningful pre-destination and you are the pre-destinator. OK,,,I know there is no such word, but it does fit, don’t you think?

What you need to understand is the importance of even your slightest thought, especially when that thought is negative. The first teensy, tiny, infinitesimal, negative thought can be lethal to your happiness if it is allowed to continue and given enough importance in your life. It is inconvenient not to think positive, beneficial thoughts, but it is downright dangerous to think negative thoughts, not understanding their cumulative effect and the power they can exert over your life.

Here then is the secret in “DEFAULT THINKING” to improve your life immeasurably and within a reasonable amount of time. (Results should become apparent within a few weeks) First, remember that you cannot force reality to materialize by the force of your personality alone, and in fact, the more you try to force an outcome, the more you inhibit it. The process is natural and automatic and works best without conscious motivation. You must however, understand and believe that even the most innocuous thought is propelled by the creative force of the universe, and even though, you may think fleeting thoughts insignificant, this is not so. You must then, rid yourself of negative thoughts, and this is not as hard to do as it may sound. You must train yourself to close out a negative thought at its first inception, ejecting it from your conscious and sub-conscious attention. How do you do this is the question, and here is the answer.

I have done this myself and I can tell you here and now, that the resulting changes in your life can be quite amazing in a relative short time. You must create a default thought and learn to automatically substitute this “DEFAULT THOUGHT” of something you care about, something you want, something you deserve, for the negative thought. I suggest that you pick something that brings you pleasure and happiness. Pick your default thought carefully, make it something that has real meaning to you, perhaps the thought of a favorite grand child, a wife that you love, a 50 ft. Hatteras Cruiser, a New Lexus Convertible, you opening your mail box and finding it full of checks instead of bills. Your default thought must be something that is easy and natural for you, something that you can visualize, something pleasant, not disruptive and negative, something that you can recall in detail on a moments notice and use it to replace the negative thought in its infancy. This is important too; the more real, intense and emotional the default thought, the quicker it will begin to change your life.

Your job is to learn to catch yourself in the early process of formulating a negative thought and insert your default thought in its place. Do this every time you begin to get a feeling of negativity, every time you begin to think about some negative aspect of your life. Drop the negative thought and insert your default thought and you will be depriving the incipient negative event of the necessary energy to manifest in your life. That which you withhold energy from will dissipate and cannot materialize. That which you concentrate on, you give energy to, and it will actualize in your life.

It is extremely important that you understand this; a negative thought is malignant, it lingers in the unconscious, attracting other negative thoughts, accreting slowly into your reality in a devastating way, and this is no overstatement. You can very easily teach yourself not to think or hold negative thoughts, and no one would argue the benefits of that skill even though you may not totally trust these words.

It is important to remember, the human race is the only species on your planet that worries and worry never made anything better, in fact worry makes everything worse. Worrying about a mail box full of bills will never stop the bills from coming, but if you institute “default thinking” you will change the whole landscape and set up a more positive environment to receive good things in your life rather than bad things. In a short period of time, usually within weeks, you will notice a big change. What is actually happening, is that you are setting up a positive track for new doors to open, to provide the necessary solutions to your financial, health or personal psychological problems. You are preparing the way for positivity over negativity.

It doesn’t make any difference the nature of your POSITIVE DEFAULT THOUGHT even though you might think it unattainable by you at the time, it will help grease the gears of the creative power of the universe (consciousness), and the only limitations are the self inflicted limitations that you sometimes unknowingly inflict on yourselves. Unrestricted consciousness knows no limitations, so you must un-restrict yours, remembering in the inner universe of probabilities, all possibilities exist, and only you can influence the selection of the one that will become “real” in your life. What you don’t believe is possible will be closed out of your reality. What you do believe is possible, exists in probability and is available to be materialized in your future.

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