Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Why is it that the rich get rich and the poor get poorer?

How many times have you heard someone ask that question? To many it certainly seems to be true, and for reasons I will mention here, it is not far off the mark. Generally speaking, the rich do indeed get richer and the poor get poorer, more than the other way around. Why do the rich get richer, because it’s what they do and the poor are just doing the same, what they know how to do. Both groups harboring divergent interests and beliefs have one thing in common and that is that they are both operating within learned behavior patterns and learned skills acquired of one life or a series of lifetimes.

They are doing what they know how to do. The rich have learned how to accumulate wealth and are unconsciously going about the only thing they know how to do, get richer. The poor have learned how to be poor, and they are doing what they have learned to do, be poor. Neither expects anything different and “Expectations are the driving force behind all realities.

You should understand that in this respect, without the personal sentiment that you have toward events that seem to happen to you, from the perspective of the universe, both are neutral, and being rich is no better or worse than being poor. Behind the reality of “Rich or Poor” there are always underlying reasons for that condition. So we are faced with the question, why would someone choose to be poor rather than rich? And as Lowell Thomas always said, here is the rest of the story.

You chose to live an “Earth” life, actually lives. You chose to be born on “Earth” for reasons probably not consciously known to you at this time, but known or unknown, the purpose of your existence is known to your inner self. Technically, there is no actual limit to the number of lives you will live on the physical plane, but there are practical limitations for the development of all consciousness and there is always movement ahead, a progression eventually into more advanced systems. This movement ahead is of course, called evolution, and do to its ahead nature, it is not called de-evolution.

You are in a sense, on a reconnaissance mission for your soul/entity. You are in the physical system because you are a beginner personality, reconnoitering and experiencing the Earth reality through a series of lives at the behest of the soul. The Soul is not a finished product, you see, so it seeks knowledge of many different systems, including earth. Earth is a beginning, kindergarten kind of system as systems go, but a very unique, demanding and beneficial experience for emerging consciousness as it learns the responsibility associated with the creation and manipulation of energy into physical matter.

You are learning the basics of creation in one of the most challenging environments, and you are not only learning for yourself, but also for your soul/entity. Your soul is not a completed thing, it too is learning and evolving, but where your experience is now intently focused in one reality system, the soul experiences though multiple personalities in multiple systems simultaneously.

You think you are a certain age, so if I ask you, how old you are, you reply 27, or 45 or 76 and you think your total experience is limited to those allotted years in this life. You think that you were born into this life with a blank slate of knowledge. Those years are simply the age of the physical body that you now conveniently use in this life, but that physical body is not YOU. The real you, the true identity, the psychic personality that you really are, is much, much older, has lived before and will live again. In light of that, you will delve into challenges and problems to solve in this life that taken from a “one life” perspective, may not make much sense to you.

Why would one person be born into a rich family and live a life of luxury when another is born into a life of poverty, living on the streets in squalor? If you really think about it, the only real logical reason is that one life is not the end of the road and beneficial experience is garnered from a series of lives, one reflecting on another, knowledge learned in one life passed on, lying latent in the genes, but still available to those who seek.

You would think from that statement, that each succeeding life would get better and better, easier and easier, but that is not always the case, although it is pretty much the norm, there are no rules that dictate your progression or regression as you navigate through the challenges of consecutive lives. You must always keep in mind, that your “ego oriented” goals may not be the same as your “soul/entity goals. It’s kind of like the “What would Jesus do?” thing, in that your soul has longer term considerations regarding your progress and it would not be unusual for someone who was quite evolved and intellectually well developed, to accept a lifetime of severe mental or physical challenges if it would round out a personality that was deficient in certain areas necessary for progression to other more evolved systems..

What I am saying here is that you can’t judge a persons financial position in this lifetime solely on his or her present situation. Some people are born into this life with a pre-disposition to wealth, pleasure and relative ease and enjoyment, and it sometimes has to do more with what they experienced in a previous life than what they have done in this life. Generally, and this is only a generality, because there are so many influencing considerations here, but usually, because of previous life learned skills and talents, each succeeding lifetime gets easier as one gets a better handle on the usage and manipulation of the life-force energy available to it. Another consideration is simply this, if a personality has experienced a previous life of extreme hardship, he may opt for a following life of ease, devoid of problems and challenges. This person could be perceived as living a life of privilege, sometimes seen as undeserved to those around him.

The last thing I want to mention here, is this; that when you learn any skill or talent, it will be never be forgotten, it will be latent, and woven into the chromosomes of the physical body in the next lifetime and permanently recorded in precise coded electrical intensities and impulses in the physical brain and the non-physical mind forever, although it may not be consciously recalled. There will then be a pre-disposition toward usage of those skills in the future. If, for instance, in one lifetime, you were a talented pianist, then in future lives there may be a fondness for piano performances, a longing to study music or actually take piano lessons, a carry-over from a previous life . This would also hold true with previous lifetime acumen and skills along financial lines. In other words, it may seem to others that an individual is almost tapping into other-worldly information to achieve fame and fortune when indeed, they were.

What you learn, will be with you always, and looking from the outside in, it may seem that some people are clairvoyant or just lucky in accumulating riches, when in fact, the are using skills honed in other lives. Remember, overall, there is nothing inherently wrong with money or riches and the knack of making money is no more right or wrong than the art of painting a masterpiece or running a four minute mile, and the value judgement must always be considered in light of what one does with their talent. Once you acquire the skill of making money or any other skill, you will never lose it, so those who seem to get richer and richer, are simply doing what comes naturally, it’s what they do, but it may have taken them several lifetimes to hone their skills.

Getting what you want, be it riches and wealth, love or the possession of physical objects, depends on your ability to utilize the available energy of the universe to create and manipulate objects and events in your life, and in this respect, it would behoove you to read some of our material on the creation of reality. Think about it, desire it and expect it and it will come. This then, is the secret of the successful, creative self and some have learned this lesson better than others. We will be addressing this subject again soon, because it is all important in helping you to create a better life for yourself, and that is my only real goal.

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Anonymous said...

So how can someone who is poor become rich? (apart from winning an extravagant sum of money from the lottery or bank robbery?)

Since you keep on saying that the rich has inherently acquired the talent for acquiring money, therefore allowing them to get richer as though its a natural innate talent to them, from their previuos life, whats to become of the poor? How does the cycle end?

W. Allan said...

Dear Anonymous,
That is a very interesting observation and one that is hard to understand or to explain, but let me try, especially in a few lines. Think about this: You get what you concentrate on! That is the most important rule, and as a result, countless civilizations come to fruition in your universe and others. The problem is in breaking out of your present state of being. If you are poor, you are poor because your attention is so intently focused on the "poverty conditions' in which you are immersed in the present time. Being so closely involved in those conditions, it is sometimes almost impossible to break their hold on your attention. You must change your focus away from the poverty since concentrating on it just reinforces those conditions, and when you are starving, jobless or homeless, this is hard to do. In order to emerge from lacks and poverty, you must concentrate on abundance, in light of the inherent difficulty.